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After full time on Saturday Celtic fly east to play Shakhter Karagandy in Kazakhstan, which is five hours ahead of UK time, but fortunately kick off on Tuesday is 9pm local time, 4pm in the UK, so the team will not have to adjust body clocks.  Such a long flight immediately after a game is not without risk, though.

Muscles need to stretch and move freely after exertion.  Players will need an exercise routine for the plane to mitigate the risk of the kind of strain injuries we see so often.  Get a schedule for them to walk up and down the plane every hour.

I expect Celtic will have a scout at the Astana Arena for Friday’s game between Astana and Shakhter Karagandy but it might not be too revealing.  The Shakhter coach and first team squad didn’t even attend the game prior to their last Champions League qualifier against Albanians, Korce.  They were locked away in preparation as the second team were deployed for the league game.

It’s back to the Astana Arena, with its plastic pitch and closable roof, which is 135 miles from Karagandy, for the visit of Celtic, who will be hoping the pitch is a better standard than the one they played on in Sweden last week.  Neil Lennon could perhaps put a call into his former team-mate, Aiden McGeady, who played on the surface for Ireland 11 months ago (Ireland won the World Cup qualifier after being a goal down with a minute of normal time left).

Longmuir to Rangers International

It was a clear five months ago we ran the story, Longmuir and the Newco job, saying “Speculation that Mr Longmuir is taking care of current business until he is ready to move to Newco is becoming hard to ignore”.  Back then CQN suggested that if Longmuir “loses his ability to be a dealmaker” there might not be much he could offer such a high-flying football team.

If the SPFL are surprised, they shouldn’t be. Anything other information Mr Doncaster wants I’ll be happy to help.

The March article linked above also speculates that Newco could go into administration this season, lose players and suffer a points penalty, resulting in relegation. Don’t know how I missed the target so badly with that one……

Charlotte Fakes revelations from last night will have been news to no one here, but they will embarrass more than a few elsewhere.  What the Scottish football authorities must now consider are actions, and guidance and advice to Scottish Football League clubs during the last year.

“Have we actually offered him a job”?  There’s one chief exec who is delivering £500k of comedy value per annum. Here’s a phrase which might come in helpful soon, “It’s too late, we’ve no money, you can’t deliver what we wanted and you’re useless”.

Has anyone suggested that being owned by a Hedge Fund is like a new signing?  Positions are being adopted for the bun fight ahead.  It will not be pretty.

Have you signed up for the 1254125 Great Scottish Run yet?  For serious runners there is a 10k or Half Marathon to choose from, but there are shorter distances, from 1 mile, for the less-athletic and for kids.  With the soul of our game being chased by so many unappealing influences this is a great way to anchor Celtic back where the story started.

Get involved, guidance tips here.

Anyone else who presents a Daily Record transfer story to me as fact is getting a right dirty look.

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Malone Bhoy


    11:36 on


    15 August, 2013


    Teemu Pukki (born 29 March 1990) is a Finnish footballer who plays as a forward for the German Bundesliga club Schalke 04 and the Finnish national team. At the weekends he’s a swimming instructor. And he fought in Vietnam and he’s a former Mr Universe and he taught Elvis Presley how to play karate.



    hope he never teaches yon karate to Elvis tribute acts or wee stokesy could be in trouble .:-):-)

  2. Father to son… ‘ When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.’


    Now,.. Run along & talk with your wee pals.



    Son to father… UH ???

  3. An tearman. Yes indeed he does fit our model for a striker


    1. He is cheap


    2. He doesn’t score goals

  4. Celtic Underground ‏@celticrumours 27s


    Hearing Independent person to assess health & safety of lateral movement in GB section. Section to remain open.

  5. Sydney Tim



    You should be grateful for signings or news thereof like this, else we would not know you were alive and well.



    Football is in spite of corruption still a game of chance.



    Put certainty in its place or rather the illusion of certainty and we would have nothing to blog about.



    Backwards certainty ( Fletcher) or forwards certainty ( Finbogasson) its not the player we want. Its assurance and certainty.



    Mind you after throwing the dice at Elsborg I can see why. Thon was STRESS viewing.



    Now Iniesta – that would be our valium.

  6. Goldstar. No idea. We never find oot do we :)



    We buy players for cash who have no goal scoring record and expect them to start err well mmm scoring and guess whit they keep their record up with us flushing more cash doon drain



    If you want to buy a player with a record of scoring goals there is mair chance he will score goals



    That’s why you pay extra :))

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    SydneyTim. We will just have to wait and see if there is any truth in the rumour the MSM have had us linked to lots of strikers and we havnt signed any of them.I will wait until we get an official announcement from Celtic before I believe we have signed a new striker.I think we may well wait until we see if we qualify for the CL before we sign anyone else.H.H.

  8. As has already been posted here, BT Sport 1&2 now FREE on Virgin HD. Channels 549 & 550. Also, ESPN & HD now re-instated on channels 529 &530!







  9. As we move from Finborgason to Doyle to Pukki, does this represent plan a, b, c???



    Where do we end up? An SPL striker? A Cliftonville striker? A loan?



    This is a joke. Should’ve had at least a striker in long ago. Eveey day, we are losing preparation and training time for any new players and for the rest of the squad.



    If the fans’ dedication is not reciprocated by the board, we will have SPL attendances under 30k this season, in spite of official figures.



    HH to the GB

  10. I read quite an interesting article in As that says Teemu Pukki was highly thought of in Seville but asked for a move because he did not enjoy the heat at all. They had been tracking him for some time, apparently using a database that logs all the details of players who make a breakthrough into any top division in Europe by the age of 18.



    Then, his performances at a youth tournament in Lisbon convinced the chief scout at Seville to sign him. This means the technical team at Seville were convinced of the lad had a high enough technical ability for their first team, which at that time, 2008, had just won the UEFA Cup twice under Juande Ramos (2006 and 2007).



    When they let him go to cooler climes (Helsinki), Seville made sure to get a 40% sell-on close, which kicked in when Schalke signed the boy. As says that Teemu Pukki played a storming game against Schalke in a Europa League qualifier, scoring a hat-trick, after which Schalke thought he was well worth an investment of €1.8 million.



    The other interesting thing, for me anyway, that the article mentions is that Pukki was always very grateful to the people who had brought him to a big club (Seville). Technical director, Víctor Orta, was the man who made the long trip north to sign Pukki from his first club in Kotka. When Pukki made his first-team debut, Orta was the man he gave his shirt to. When he made his international debut for Finland in 2009, he saved that shirt and took it back to Seville as a present for Monchi, ex-player and sporting director. Monchi is the guy who is reputed to have the magic touch of signing guys underneath most other clubs’ radars and bringing them through the Seville ranks (people quote Julio Baptista, Adriano Correia, Dani Alves, Seydou Keita, Christian Poulsen, Sebastien Squillaci, Gary Medel, Sergio Ramos and José Antonio Reyes as examples of this).



    I like a boy who says thank you.

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