Astana, Hedge Funds, Longmuir to Newco


After full time on Saturday Celtic fly east to play Shakhter Karagandy in Kazakhstan, which is five hours ahead of UK time, but fortunately kick off on Tuesday is 9pm local time, 4pm in the UK, so the team will not have to adjust body clocks.  Such a long flight immediately after a game is not without risk, though.

Muscles need to stretch and move freely after exertion.  Players will need an exercise routine for the plane to mitigate the risk of the kind of strain injuries we see so often.  Get a schedule for them to walk up and down the plane every hour.

I expect Celtic will have a scout at the Astana Arena for Friday’s game between Astana and Shakhter Karagandy but it might not be too revealing.  The Shakhter coach and first team squad didn’t even attend the game prior to their last Champions League qualifier against Albanians, Korce.  They were locked away in preparation as the second team were deployed for the league game.

It’s back to the Astana Arena, with its plastic pitch and closable roof, which is 135 miles from Karagandy, for the visit of Celtic, who will be hoping the pitch is a better standard than the one they played on in Sweden last week.  Neil Lennon could perhaps put a call into his former team-mate, Aiden McGeady, who played on the surface for Ireland 11 months ago (Ireland won the World Cup qualifier after being a goal down with a minute of normal time left).

Longmuir to Rangers International

It was a clear five months ago we ran the story, Longmuir and the Newco job, saying “Speculation that Mr Longmuir is taking care of current business until he is ready to move to Newco is becoming hard to ignore”.  Back then CQN suggested that if Longmuir “loses his ability to be a dealmaker” there might not be much he could offer such a high-flying football team.

If the SPFL are surprised, they shouldn’t be. Anything other information Mr Doncaster wants I’ll be happy to help.

The March article linked above also speculates that Newco could go into administration this season, lose players and suffer a points penalty, resulting in relegation. Don’t know how I missed the target so badly with that one……

Charlotte Fakes revelations from last night will have been news to no one here, but they will embarrass more than a few elsewhere.  What the Scottish football authorities must now consider are actions, and guidance and advice to Scottish Football League clubs during the last year.

“Have we actually offered him a job”?  There’s one chief exec who is delivering £500k of comedy value per annum. Here’s a phrase which might come in helpful soon, “It’s too late, we’ve no money, you can’t deliver what we wanted and you’re useless”.

Has anyone suggested that being owned by a Hedge Fund is like a new signing?  Positions are being adopted for the bun fight ahead.  It will not be pretty.

Have you signed up for the 1254125 Great Scottish Run yet?  For serious runners there is a 10k or Half Marathon to choose from, but there are shorter distances, from 1 mile, for the less-athletic and for kids.  With the soul of our game being chased by so many unappealing influences this is a great way to anchor Celtic back where the story started.

Get involved, guidance tips here.

Anyone else who presents a Daily Record transfer story to me as fact is getting a right dirty look.

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  1. David Low ‏@Heavidor 5m


    Rumours are a flowing! Sale and share leaseback of Murray Park with a rugby club, possibly West of Scotland RFC.

  2. Emerson Lake and Palmer were also very popular in Italy.



    Listening to them was as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist.



    Van der Graaf Generator were as enjoyable as being subjected to someone running their fingernails down a blackboard.



    Imo of course.







  3. A Stor Mo Chroi


    15:09 on


    14 August, 2013


    Ernie, I go to a Celtic v Aberdeen game, v Ross County game, v Partick Thistle game, v Rangers game, for one reason only, hopefully, hopefully, to see Celtic win.







    If any of those clubs went bust and came back as some other vehicle would you be excited.



    Or does that only apply to the huns?



    I think we know the answer.






    ‘Did you go to the Rangers games motived by xenophobic hate since by your own words there is no other purpose to the fixture.’






    There was a genuine football rivalry that went back a century, to the time both clubs were founded. That simply doesn’t apply to Sevco.



    You clearly think it’s the same club.



    No interregnum. A seamless, unbroken timeline. You’re wrong.

  4. A wee thought on Celtic’s silence.



    The Board’s first duty is to protect what it sees as the best interest of its shareholders.


    Can this be interpreted as only looking after shareholder’s financial interests and nothing else?

  5. A Stor Mo Choi,



    There’s analogy’s for everything in this world, and as i said, this was my analogy.



    Sure your not a politician? they are usually good at being economical with the truth.

  6. Twitter.



    Rumours are a flowing! Sale and share leaseback of Murray Park with a rugby club, possibly West of Scotland RFC.

  7. South Of Tunis on




    Van Der Graaf Generator .



    They were huge in Italy . A Number 1 45 / a Number 1 LP.



    Many of their gigs in Italy were disrupted by violence / rioting / tear gas etc . The politics of the gig was no different than the politics of the stadium..

  8. twists n turns



    15:12 on 14 August, 2013Gordybhoymy “tin hat on” selection this week is the bhoys 2-2. Ouch, I can feel the rage already :-)


    I done Aberdeen 1 Celtic 3 ,Finbogasson (2) and Sharp.

  9. I never enjoyed Rangers games much. A lot of anger, fear (I have been close to getting a couple of doings before), nerves and at times total devastation.



    I’m more of a hun-hater at times than a supporter. I felt the losses more than I did the wins.



    My grandad (who I sat with for 7 or 8 years) used to attend every Celtic home game apart from the Rangers games. He had seen some horrible sights on the trams when he was a younger man and vowed never to attend these games out of principle. So he boycotted them for decades.

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    Art of War



    Aye, wee Plum was good for somethings. Say no more. A bet you would know Parkhall fae Hardgate though, unlike this zoomer lol. Speak again soon.

  11. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    ernie lynch:



    The huns were our biggest rivals, city derby even, one of the worlds greatest derbies, (okay with baggage)it looks to me like you are trying to deflect you inherent bigotries onto me. Do me a favour mate, keep your pox and sectarian shite to yourself.

  12. Bada



    I hope you are correct my friend. I just think we have other things on our mind this weekend….and…the dandy dons have started strongly, so 2-2 it is. I don’t care if we drop points assuming we avoid injuries, and get through next weeks game with the tie still there to be won. We can sort the sheep out later.

  13. Alex O’Henley ‏@OHenleyAlex 3h


    Based on a conversation I had this morning I doubt #Celtic will enter a bidding war for Alfred Finnbogason.

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Tallybhoy/SOT – everyone’s a critic these days.



    Compared to ole Dick Byrne and the Embrocation VDGG sounded like the ole St Winifred’s school choir.



    VDGG/ELP/KingCrimson- too many notes, not enough choons!

  15. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    Mate I’m a simple man, my definition of honesty… there is no other truth.

  16. Watching Kazakhstan v Georgia. Kazakhs look strong. Plastic pitch looks like one of the better ones – similar to Spartak’s

  17. Bazza


    That time of year again – fantasy football!






    If you played last year, just redo your team for this year and you are able to renew yourself in the CQN league



    If you are new, 5 minute registration, set up your team and then use this code to join the league



    Code to join this league: 383718-99007



    Classic league, at the end of the season, person with the most number of points wins!



    Ill try to keep you all updated on CQN, was rubbish at it last year but will improve his year :)



    Got around 95 already so far so should be an exciting season




  18. !!Bada Bing!!



    I done Aberdeen 1 Celtic 3 ,Finbogasson (2) and Sharp.



    That was a laugh out loud moment just there -))))

  19. Will Celtic deny underdogs the chance to make history?


    by Elina Drezina on August 14, 2013





    While Shakhter Karagandy was rank-wise the weakest team among Champions route unseeded ones, the Kazakhs certainly cannot be underestimated. No one doubts the Scottish side is the better of these two teams, yet Shakhter has already showed an ability to withstand pressure by managing a surprise win in Belarus against BATE, followed by another victory at home. The things could had gone a different way had Krivets converted a penalty in the second game, yet the Kazakhs’ defense undoubtedly looked rock solid all the way. The games against Belorussians also highlighted Shakhter’s skill to capitalize on opponent’s mistakes – finding an unmarked player in the opposition’s penalty area or converting a chance after goalkeeper’s blunder.



    1935758 w2 Will Celtic deny underdogs the chance to make history?



    If the 2011 and 2012 local champions manage to beat Celtic, they will become the first Kazakh team ever to qualify for group stages of any European competition.



    Man to watch: Sergey Khizhnichenko



    Sergey is the club’s leading scorer this season both in Europe and Kazakh Superleague, but what’s more important – the 22 year-old forward scores when it matters the most. Khiznichenko was the lone scorer in Shakhter’s opening game againt BATE, and also delivered a late punch to Albanian side Skenderbeu, extending the lead to 3 goals in the closing minutes of the first game. Yet, when this convincing advantage vanished in Tirana after three fast goals by the hosts, Sergey stopped the bleeding with 38th minute goal, effectively destroying the Albanian club’s momentum. The Kazakh has been on trial with Feyenoord and is most feared by opposition’s defenders because of his speed.

  20. !!Bada Bing!!



    I done Aberdeen 1 Celtic 3 ,Finbogasson (2) and Sharp.






    More chance of:-



    Aberdeen 1 Celtic 3 (McGarvey (2) and Provan)

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    See if wee Alfie does ever fetch up in the ole Hoops he’d better be worth the ole aggravation.



    Anythin’ less than 600 goals a season and he’s a dud.

  22. Headline from Official website:



    “Heroes and Villans at #19 Legends Charity Match”



    Ah blame kafflik’ skools.

  23. South Of Tunis on




    Prog and Italy .



    A few years back , Mrs S of T told me that someone had told her that a guy from Taormina was moving to Argentina and was selling his vinyl cheap.. I got in touch with the guy and arranged to visit .



    I visited ——the guy was hoping to sell a huge number of LPs —— all of it , absolutely all of it was -Prog ——- Prog from Guatemala / Prog from Prague , Prog from Bolivia / Prog from Finland etc /etc. It took me hours to go through it all. I didn’t buy a thing

  24. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    Humour me, it is not the same club it is the same huns. The same colours, the same bigotries, the same songs, the same stadium, the same cheerleaders, the sham hand-shake, the same masonics, the same referees, the same media, the same authorities and the same counter bigots. Nothing has changed other than the length of the pedantic tape measure.



    You did neglect to inform the blog If bigotry and sectarianism motivated you to go to Celtic v Rangers games since you stated there is no point in going unless you are a bigot or sectarian supporter.



    So are you a nasty person mate or what?