Astonishingly good financials underpin on-field success


“Astonishingly good”, does not even begin to tell the story. Celtic’s financial record for the year to 30 June 2017 is a work Michelangelo would be proud of. Income topped £90m for the first time. Your eye may have been drawn to the leap from the previous years’ turnover, £52m, a figure achieved without Champions League football, but that only tells part of the tale.

Turnover had never previously reached £80m, peaking just shy of £76m the season we beat Barcelona, sold 125 Anniversary merchandise, and earned north of £5m for reaching the Champions League knockout stage.

Champions League income was most significant contributor, but there has been considerably going on. Commercial income rocketed. You saw Dafabet step forward, with Magners finding new real estate on the shoulders of the strip. These front-and-back of the shirt deals were not only innovative, they funded the risk Celtic were prepared to take in signing Brendan Rodgers as manager.

With Brendan’s contract funded, Celtic brought their chips to the table. £13.8m was invested in the playing squad, a figure we would consider eye-watering at any previous point in our history. Progres to the group stages of European football is never guaranteed, but the building blocks were in place to ensure we had a sporting chance.

The consequence of all this is Invincibleness. We didn’t deliver the country’s first undefeated treble because we have some magic potion, it happened because we are significantly better run and more resourceful than all domestic competitors. No team has ever enjoyed this degree of comparative advantage in the history of sporting endeavour in Scotland.

At year-end our net cash position (bank balance minus loans) was £17.9m It is easy to consider this as a reserve, but it’s not. Our reserve is our available borrowing facility (as it always has been). The cash balance will be used to build infrastructure, keep the stadium safe and appropriate, and deliver a stronger team on the park (and for those thinking money in must be spent in the next available window, it just doesn’t).

Back in the old days, I would benchmark our accounts against Rangers, whom we were engaged in a football arms-war with. We’ll do that with Newco when their figures are available, as it will only tell you the reasons behind what you are seeing. Newco’s turnover for the previous year (lower league football), was £22m. We will turnover a magnitude of three times as much as they do. It is as appropriate to compare us to Kilmarnock.

I get to see a wee bit of the stresses and strains of what it takes to produce a successful football club in a challenging environment – and we operate in a very challenging environment. The commercial deals we have delivered are incredible. Ticket sales have been just as remarkable.

We have a great deal to do if we are to match last season’s domestic success in the current campaign, but all other things being equal, turnover will be up again this season. A win on Wednesday night and £100m just might be within reach.

Well done to all of you.


To get you in the mood for tomorrow we thought we’d re-post the launch edition of the CQN Podcast – A Celtic State of Mind, for you to enjoy. If you missed it the first time around you are in for a real treat.

You’ll love Paul Gallagher’s Celtic stories and will enjoy his digs at Sevco Rangers, specifically his forcefully stated views on the same club myth.

Paul is featured in the second half of the podcast if you want to jump forward…

The CQN Podcast is presented by Paul Dykes with Kevin Graham and you can catch up on all the subsequent podcasts on Celtic Quick News.


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  1. G64- got a text from my bhoy , with alleged hun team


    Back 4 is Hodson, McCrorie,Cardoso , Tavernier….

  2. FIFA fan award nomination is specifically for the display against Farts back in May and you need to vote for it :



    Celtic 2-0 Hearts / Scottish Premiership / 21 May 2017



    Celtic’s final match of the league season coincided with the 50th anniversary of winning the European Cup in 1967 – the first British club to lift the trophy. The Celtic fans honoured the team, known as the “Lisbon Lions”, with a stunning full 360-degree card display around Celtic Park. The Hoops went on to win the match to secure an entire league season undefeated on their way to winning the Scottish Premiership – part one of their ‘invincible treble’.




    There’s a thread running on Scotsman paper asking if it’s deserved – you can imagine the responses from “supporters” of other “football clubs” (“Terrorist songs”, “Sectarian banners”…..”Green stuff…”).



    Personally I thought the Linfield blow-up dolls was our funniest display of the season. Maybe FIFA are as humourless as the Scottish media and football authorities…?

  3. I was wondering when we’d see an article on the stupendous knock them out the park results.


    We may not have a magic potion but I’m assured we are burning incense, swinging thuribles, lighting candles and chanting in foreign tongues deep in the bowels of the South Stand.


    Next door to the GCC tunnel.

  4. BB I actually hope the boy a decent game. We need to develop our young talent however I fear tomorrow could ruin him. Hh

  5. Gordon



    Lustig Jozo Boyata KT



    Brown Armstrong






    Forrest Griff Sinclair

  6. you know what i used to listen to these games on the radio .david francey the commentator a bag of nerves is this normal even now 40 years later it gets to me ive never admitted this but sevco makes me puke.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    What page of the “Man Management for Dummies” handbook does it say that it’s a good idea to go around telling everybody you have a player who is easily provoked?

  8. G64


    They are probably trying to inflate his value to 50 million.


    They and the mssm have no shame.


    I hope the young guy gets roasted like Calvin did to him in youth cup final.


    I watched that final and the number of times Atchison,Johnson and Miller did him for pace was in double figures.


    The hyperbole after a decent performance for half an hour against the spa’s bottom team was beyond parody.

  9. Timreaper


    I think Jozo will be wrapped in cotton in preparation for Anderlecht.


    Paddy will be preferred to James to baffle and befuddle their left flank for an hour.






    Ascot doesn’t ring a bell, but memory a tad hazy. I remember the Beastie well, and, I think the Eagle, plus the Carlton Hotel (?) on high street, and one down the other end towards the railway station on left hand side – I seem to recall that the latter opened at 10am (fishermen?) and had all day lock-ins! Those were the days.



  11. Without doubt Anderlecht is our big game. BR knows it and will ensure we have our strongest team available for Wednesday. As for tomorrow utilise our squad. Hh

  12. Totally agree, Anderlecht is our big game. Tomorrow is only for bragging rights.



    However for £49 our fans must be treated to a show.




  13. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2017 6:39 PM


    G64- got a text from my bhoy , with alleged hun team



    Back 4 is Hodson, McCrorie,Cardoso , Tavernier….







    trumpton f,c, ?

  14. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    It’s weird going into a game against poxco worrying more about wednesday versus anderlecht – wonder how br will motivate the players

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    CRC and Jobo




    All the best to your boy for his big day tomorrow



    Things will never be the same ;)))



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    So, he said to his new wife, “Honey, I’ll be right back.”



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    “I’m going to the bar, pretty face. I’m going to have a beer.”



    The wife said,”You want a beer, my love?” She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands from 12 different countries.



    The husband didn’t know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, “Yes, ly pop…but at the bar…you know…they have frozen glasses…”



    He didn’t get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, “You want a frozen glass, puppy face?” She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it.



    The husband, looking a bit pale, said, “Yes, tootsie roll, but at the bar they have those hors d’oeuvres that are really delicious… I won’t be long. I’ll be right back. I promise. OK?”



    You want hors d’oeuvres, poochi pooh? “She opened the oven and took out 5 dishes of different hors d’oeuvres: chicken wings, pigs in blankets, mushroom caps, pork strips, etc.



    “But my sweet honey… at the bar… you know… there’s swearing, dirty words and all that…”



    “You want dirty words, cutie pie?






    ……..and, they lived happily ever after. Isn’t that a sweet story?

  17. Our 4 certainties for tomorrow and Anderlecht are the goalie, KT, Broonie and Sincy which is why I wouldn’t start any of them tomorrow. Hh

  18. Nally81 wee update on Paul’s funeral. There will be a bus leaving Clober golf club in Milngavie at 11.00 am for anyone.










  19. i'vehadtochangemyname on



    it’s someone else’s fault


    there was an unexpected on field occurrence




    the board need to put money in


    we’re catching up






  20. So 17.6 million in bank that should pay for the hotel, museum and superstore not counting the coming years income and profit ffs celtic what about the airodrome, letting br down again hehe

  21. It doesn’t matter whether we go through the middle, down the sides, round the back or over the top they will have no answer to the Green and white machine tomorrow. Hh

  22. Gordon, Lustig, Jozo, Boyata, KT, Armstrong, Rogic, Ntcham, Brown, Sinclair, Dembele



    Jamsie and Roberts on when they are gasping for air on 60 mins.

  23. I think Brendan will start something like this, so would I :-)


    Whatever the team, we turn up and play, we win, we turn it on we humiliate them, Oh how that would make me so, so happy.






















    The Griff

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    But what would Brother Walfrid say about our astonishingly good financials




    What should it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul……perhaps




    Devils Advocate CSC





    Maybe he`d say how marvellous it is that the descendants of those who couldn`t afford to put food on the table 120 years ago now have enough money to watch Celtic playing as well .



    Progres CSC

  25. HOT SMOKED-5:08pm-me and my dad sit in seats that don’t get the sevco game,but last year I got offered a seat on the half way line for £49 and I took it,5:1 game:-)))))

  26. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Well it looks like Pedro has his excuse if it’s another rout


    I think Brendan will approach the game on it’s merits without the emotional hype that the LL have been peddling .


    From what I have seen of sevco 2012 this term ,they are a mid table outfit with no obvious shape to their play .


    To be honest ,I would rather we never had to play this mob ever again .


    Whatever is witnessed over at ibrokes tomorrow will have nothing to do with sport but everything to do with what’s wrong in our game

  27. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Alves out


    Wallace out


    Declan out


    Maybe pedro told them we will be going to war tomorrow ,watch the 3 of them pitching up as shipbiulders

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