Astonishingly good financials underpin on-field success


“Astonishingly good”, does not even begin to tell the story. Celtic’s financial record for the year to 30 June 2017 is a work Michelangelo would be proud of. Income topped £90m for the first time. Your eye may have been drawn to the leap from the previous years’ turnover, £52m, a figure achieved without Champions League football, but that only tells part of the tale.

Turnover had never previously reached £80m, peaking just shy of £76m the season we beat Barcelona, sold 125 Anniversary merchandise, and earned north of £5m for reaching the Champions League knockout stage.

Champions League income was most significant contributor, but there has been considerably going on. Commercial income rocketed. You saw Dafabet step forward, with Magners finding new real estate on the shoulders of the strip. These front-and-back of the shirt deals were not only innovative, they funded the risk Celtic were prepared to take in signing Brendan Rodgers as manager.

With Brendan’s contract funded, Celtic brought their chips to the table. £13.8m was invested in the playing squad, a figure we would consider eye-watering at any previous point in our history. Progres to the group stages of European football is never guaranteed, but the building blocks were in place to ensure we had a sporting chance.

The consequence of all this is Invincibleness. We didn’t deliver the country’s first undefeated treble because we have some magic potion, it happened because we are significantly better run and more resourceful than all domestic competitors. No team has ever enjoyed this degree of comparative advantage in the history of sporting endeavour in Scotland.

At year-end our net cash position (bank balance minus loans) was £17.9m It is easy to consider this as a reserve, but it’s not. Our reserve is our available borrowing facility (as it always has been). The cash balance will be used to build infrastructure, keep the stadium safe and appropriate, and deliver a stronger team on the park (and for those thinking money in must be spent in the next available window, it just doesn’t).

Back in the old days, I would benchmark our accounts against Rangers, whom we were engaged in a football arms-war with. We’ll do that with Newco when their figures are available, as it will only tell you the reasons behind what you are seeing. Newco’s turnover for the previous year (lower league football), was £22m. We will turnover a magnitude of three times as much as they do. It is as appropriate to compare us to Kilmarnock.

I get to see a wee bit of the stresses and strains of what it takes to produce a successful football club in a challenging environment – and we operate in a very challenging environment. The commercial deals we have delivered are incredible. Ticket sales have been just as remarkable.

We have a great deal to do if we are to match last season’s domestic success in the current campaign, but all other things being equal, turnover will be up again this season. A win on Wednesday night and £100m just might be within reach.

Well done to all of you.


To get you in the mood for tomorrow we thought we’d re-post the launch edition of the CQN Podcast – A Celtic State of Mind, for you to enjoy. If you missed it the first time around you are in for a real treat.

You’ll love Paul Gallagher’s Celtic stories and will enjoy his digs at Sevco Rangers, specifically his forcefully stated views on the same club myth.

Paul is featured in the second half of the podcast if you want to jump forward…

The CQN Podcast is presented by Paul Dykes with Kevin Graham and you can catch up on all the subsequent podcasts on Celtic Quick News.


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  1. Ah mean…….


    Celtic supporters will pay £49 for a ticket for today’s game.


    They’ll go to the Broomloan stand, where they’ll chant,…..


    “Your not Rangers anymore !”……after paying £49 for an old firm match ticket !


    Ah mean, Celtic supporters who patted themselves on the back, during the jelly n ice cream fuelled, street parties on here, after they crowd funded a “statement” into a hun news paper, claiming that Rangers FC died, are now financially rubber stamping what they claimed was a lie !!!


    Ah mean, Scooby Doo! pyjamas dizny even scratch the surface of, how devoid of an identity these Celtic supporters, who sit at the back ae the bus and sing about being rebels, really are !!!


    Ah mean, do yeez think that the dodgy sharks of the establishment canny see through yeez ?


    Ah mean, how much more clear can yeez make it that, to effect the process of, systematic cheating…..yeez are powderpuff.


    Ah mean, the PLC sold yeez a pup wi their £49 trap…….and, yeez queued roon the building to buy it !!!


    The game, the game is over…..the rebels have gone…..wee fly man McCann chased them awe and, anybody else who rebelled since 1994, has been flung under a bus, like NFL, or, has been manouvered to the door, like MO’N.


    Maybe justice has decided that, those who get fat whilst laughing at pub teams getting skelped, don’t deserve justice ?


    Who knows?


    Another malcontented post for deletion CSC



  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    KEVJUNGLE on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2017 5:12 AM



    Another malcontented post for deletion CSC








    of yer heid.



    Celtic FC open to all.

  3. Good morning CQN from an overcast and cool East Devon.


    Please Celtic give the stinking Huns a doing today.




    I hope there’s a lot of happy Hooooopsters on here tonight,see ya tomorrow.



    Train to catch,not usually my strong point!!!

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    IANBHOY929 on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2017 6:58 AM


    Good morning CQN from an overcast and cool East Devon.



    Please Celtic give the stinking Huns a doing today.












    I find myself in profound agreement with those sentiments.


    My boy and I afternooning with a dose of Charles and the chaps.



    Drink taken m`lud.CSC

  6. BMCUW



    Morning buddy.



    It’s with the return journey you usually have a problem with remember! Be careful!



    Won’t be able to watch the game today as it’s ‘her indoors’ birthday and she wants to go out for lunch. Most inconsiderate if you ask me! A couple of trips to the toilet called for I think!




  7. Good morning CQN from a damp morning in St.Andrews


    Can’t wait for kickoff come on you Bhoys in green Glasgows green and white


    Iam here to see the Celtic I just can’t get enough



    Hail Hail



    Have a great day be safe if you are going to the midden








    You’re spot on about the return journey.



    Six and a half bliddy hours due to various engineering works!!!



    Still,that’s the morra. As long as I’m back in time for my nightshift.



    Get the Timmy singalong going in Troon later,bud. Or are you heading to The Market?

  9. Good morning, all.



    Wee word of warning for anyone thinking on betting us to run out by 3, 4, 5 goals today. Surely Brendan, being the very clever guy that he is, will try to go 2 up and then just conserve our energy for Wednesday by playing keep ball for the last hour?


    Hope he has a moment of madness and tells the players to push hard and relentless for the full 90 minutes.


    Today’s prediction – a maximum of 1 minute added time!! (haven’t they suffered enough?)





    I missed the last bit of your post. Her indoors is definitely a “she who must be obeyed!”



    Dae whit yer telt or it will be John Martyn all over again!






    Mrs TALLYBHOY!!!!!

  11. Betting a score draw double today along with the West Ham v Spurs game.


    I’ll be at gym until the madness has finished, just hoping the lhad gets back safely.

  12. Animals are at their most dangerous when wounded and cornered.



    Need to be very very good today

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Animals are at their most dangerous when wounded and cornered.




    Need to be very very good today





    Great analogy.



    Dead right.



    Say ” hello ” to Rab .

  14. Now a good morning from a bright and sunny ☀️


    Morning in St.Andrews



    Less than 4 hours to go come on



    Hail Hail





    Hopefully my Dad will find somewhere to watch the game today.



    He’s in somewhere foreign,but I reckon he’ll have sniffed out a venue before he even checked in to the hotel!

  16. BMCUW



    I’m still in Italy.



    Daughter coming out tomorrow for 3 days courtesy of Ryanair.



    That’s if the basturts don’t cancel the flight!



    Seeya at the hoot.



    Don’t worry me and yer dad and others will make sure you get on the right train!




  17. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON. what time is the game on over there. hail hail. doesnt matter know youll still be cheering the bhoys .

  18. “56”…..and Counting !


    To all Celtic Bhoys and Ghirls heading to the tumbledown Lego Land today…Please keep yourself safe.


    I wonder how many of our players and/or staff will get assaulted today ?



    Make no mistake, if The Hoops are in front towards the last 15 minutes or so, their support will be demanding Celtic blood be spilt…and their “Players” will dare not follow those demands, I just hope our Bhoys ” Keep the Heid” ?



  19. 50 shades of green on

    Got the team wrang the scorers wrang but the score right the other night, will settle for that again today against the delusional today.



    Team 4231.



    Cragie the shut out king G.



    Big Mick Rabona


    Jozo the hunskelper




    Wee KT.



    Ollie n Broonie





    Tom R








    4 nil us Sinky paddy Moussa n Griff.




  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Why is it so difficult to join rangersmedia these days?



    Thought I’d quickly join up wit my ne “10 in a row” moniker and throw a few into the bigoted trollps before breakfast.



    Alas, according to my last email my account is awaiting approval. We could be 4 up before I get to play with the zombies.



    Boooooooo hun moderators boooooooooo

  21. Too many Tims predicting 4-0, 5-0 etc,,,


    Arrogance is not a trait that sits well with our club. Would we be expecting those scorelines at Tynecastle or Pittodrie? I have been to Ipox many times as favourites and been handed a lesson in how to fight like f@ck for a draw or anything.


    The Orcs are angry and have nothing to lose. We will have to play well to get anything against the institutions set out against us. HH





    Thought you were home,obviously. Nice wee Happy Family Day,hope E remembers what you look like.



    As for the hoot train,darenae miss that-or my kid sis will drive up,boot ma baws and throw me in the boot.



    For a week!










    I stopped betting on Celtic a long time ago,but…



    It’s called reading the form.



    It’s not arrogant to place a bet based on that.

  24. And this has been a Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Tony Donner 67 party……and I was shooting fur 11.30…..body clock betrayal ;-))




  25. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    The Ascot was a lounge bar above the Newmarket (opposite the Red Lion), but I think it’s gone now. You’re right about the Eagle and Carlton. The one near the railway station is likely the Victoria Hotel (the Vic), but I can’t confirm their opening times. Used to have live bands on Saturday nights many moons ago….happy memories!




  26. Jobo 7.35am



    I will match your predicted 1min of injury time with probably only around 7500 fans still in the stadium for this assumed injury time :-)



    Early Celtic team news……








    Enjoy watching the hoops fellow Celtic fans

  27. BMCUWP 6.58am



    Getting the train is the easy part remembering to get the train home is the obstacle :-)



    Enjoy your day with your pal and his bhoy

  28. Pog, lol – you’ve been ACGR’d! Glad you’re sorted with Skyislandfill. Loved the wee image thing too. Take care, here’s hoping for a good day and a truly fine outcome at lunchtime. Off to the gym now for a wee R&R sesh with the 4xSs (spa, steam, sauna n swim).



  29. Hump thum 0 – 1…………



    That’s good enough……………



    The Big Game is wednesday. Today’s just scoddish showbiz.




  30. Kevj….what’s an *old firm* ticket…’s what the Plc think the market can swallow…. .grow up…..scooby dooby do ;-))




  31. Loved big Chris Sutton as a player and usually enjoy his outspokeness as a pundit, but is he brave enough to call out Sevco supporters on their chants? Indeed, would Paddy Power offer odds on which soccer pundit will be the first to to do so? Will Sky Sports turn down the chants referring to paedophilia? Will the MSM cry out against the chants about homosexuality? Will Nil by Mouth, or whoever, condemn the racist abuse of Scotty? Odds anyone?

  32. I’ll take a scrappy 1:0 win today as it really does not matter much in the long run, provided all our players remain fit for the real big and important task of getting at least a draw in Brussels.



    Mind you, I’d take a 6:0 win too if the same factors were guaranteed.



    What I won’t be satisfied with is the desire to humiliate them getting in the way of the important midweek tie. I am happy to see keep:ball and game management if we are ahead and trying to dampen the fire rather than risk needless injury. There will be battling enough needed in order for us to get ahead. Ibrox has always been a hard place to win no matter how mediocre the outfit in blue was.

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