Astra Giurgiu v Celtic, Live updates


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  1. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    I think I know what went wrong there.



    Ronny has to accept some Scottish ways surely?



    It was a cold foggy night out there. Foggy, misty, horrible and cold so at half time he should have made sure the boys had a bag of chips and a can of coke each like in the good old days.



    That would have pepped them up!

  2. A draw away from home in europe is a guid draw.


    I predicted 1-1 this morning on here so, I’ll take that


    every time. Well done Celts.


    King Kojo – brilliant to see you back, keep it lit amigo.



  3. Once again the same old story.How many times have Celtic teams played like this in Europe.They showed the line up when we lost to Timasoara ,absolutely packed with talent,yet still contrived to lose.Thats what we do,we contrive to throw games away.I could see a goal like that coming.


    Broony,Izzy,Johanse(first half)IMO were our best players.Mc Gregor.Wakaso,Scepovic,not at the races.Wakaso worked hard.We cant play these games with passengers.Problem is,they are all taking turns at this.


    Again,missed chances our downfall.

  4. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Ah well, did you all think it was going to be that easy,


    not the Celtic way,a big EURO night at Paradise beckons.


    I’m up for it.

  5. I would have taken a draw at the start to keep momentum………..that said to be so much in control,considering McGregor and Scepovic missing,was good.



    How does the Manager Start them, then persist with them……Ridiculous



    On 60 mins we could have made the subs he did make eventually when in the lead.



    Crazy decision making.

  6. 2 away draws, 2 home wins.


    Not too shabby for a team that is still learning as it gets to know the system, the coach and each other.



    I’d have taken that after the game against Legia.

  7. Cowieboy



    Nail on head!


    Ball retention very, very poor.


    Where was the marking at their goal?


    McGregor and co stood watching as he picked up the ball.


    Scepovic too much like Cascarino.


    Still, a draw away is good for us.

  8. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Can’t understand why, assuming we were going to just try and hang onto the 1-0 lead, that we did not bring on either Kayal or Biton to stifle the midfield. One of the areas we actually have some strength in depth too and yet we did not make use of it.

  9. the long wait is over on

    Overall position in the EL is okay but I believe that was a terrible result.



    Completely comfortable against one of the poorest teams I’ve ever seen in Europe and couldn’t score two or hold out for the win to guarantee progress.



    The mental strength of marshmallows.

  10. God forbid anyone at Shortie be in the least bit reassuring about Celtic progress.


    Resolutely, determinedly sceptical.

  11. A bit short of real quality at vital times but no complaints on endeavour.



    Not sure what value McGregor is adding overall but I’m not a football manager.

  12. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Bonner has been playing the MSM game for a couple of years now…shame

  13. glendalystonsils on

    Astra Giurgiu is Romanian for Kilmarnock. Travelling to play them in Giurgiu is like travelling to play Kilmarnock at Rugby Park, only further.

  14. That feels like a defeat to me. Salzburg seem to be flying, we are fragile, if they take a point off us and Zagreb win at home to Astra which I expect they will, we will be travelling to Zagreb looking for something out of the game.


    Ronny has a blind spot about McGregor it could prove very costly.

  15. Against one of the worst teams that we have played in Europe in the last 20 years -that is a very poor performance and result


    Yet again the manager looked as though he could neither stick not twist


    If he wants to see the game out the he needed to get Kayal and or Bitton on to shore up midfield


    If he wants to go for a second goal then Tonev should have replaced the very ineffective McGregor


    He did nothing apart from replace SS with LG


    Yet again we look very soft in midfield and powder puff up front


    Yet again we looked knackered after 70 minutes


    Qualification looks possible but far from guaranteed




  16. We are unbeaten in a Euro leaugue after 4 games.



    I think that is a Celtic record and a Scottish record



    Please challenge all stattos

  17. Reality is…we are in a decent position to qaulify….thats all we can ask…coz PL said this is a transitional season…1 win away from qualifing, win our game in hand .top of the league….

  18. Ray Singh-Carr



    20:07 on 6 November, 2014



    Can’t understand why, assuming we were going to just try and hang onto the 1-0 lead, that we did not bring on either Kayal or Biton to stifle the midfield. One of the areas we actually have some strength in depth too and yet we did not make use of it.



    Nail, on head, hit!




  19. PJ



    Brilliant news, here’s to yer tests, and thank ghod. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  20. They are pretty weak.


    Most decent teams would have been looking at winning 4-0 tonight.


    Question is ‘are we decent’


    Anyway, match at home to Salzburg increases in importance.


    Really looking to win that one on November 27th.


    Injuries and ineligibility etc might explain us tonight.


    But it doesn’t excuse us. Pretty poor if I’m being honest.

  21. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    This team and management are learning bugger all ….if the second half performance is yo be considered…..as bad as Warsaw …only Astra are crap

  22. neil canamalar



    Cheers kiddo. There is not one reason, now, I could find to fall out with another blogger. I’m too friggin old for that. Nice to see we can agree on something, we are Celtic supporters after all. Make that, most importantly. :-)))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  23. I would love to know Ronny’s thinking on Callum McGregor



    I see a lazy player, a player who won’t put in a tackle, a player with no speed, who has terrible technique for shooting, a player who offers nothing defensively, who leaves the full back exposed.



    In short a player who in my view should be nowhere near the squad, never mind the team.



    McGregors a liability, and we aren’t good enough to play with 10 men due to him being an empty shirt every week



    Sell him or loan him, but please please please stop playing him

  24. Good solid away performance in the first half, very up and down second half. Not one forward was confident enough to take them on until wee Lee came on.



    Most of the players look unfit with 20 min left.



    Scepovic needs more game time but above all a player to link up with, Callum and Charlie not good enough.



    8 points from 12 is a very good total considering the way we have played.



    If we go through a defensive mid and playmaker must surely be on Ronny’s shopping list.





  25. I will criticize the manager tonight for not bringing on Biton.A goal up,and we have seen it before this season.Hold onto the one goal,and we are through,now we have a fight on our hands.Not beyond the realms of possibility that Dinamo can beat Astra and us over there if they have to,and Salzburg beat us at Celtic Park.Should never have been in this position.I know people saying,2 wins 2 draws is good,but we have a lot to do,and no way certain of doing it.

  26. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    To be honest, the fog ruined that game ….it could not have been easy for any of the players from both teams…

  27. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on

    If I was in Glasgow I would be really looking forward to the next Euro match as there will be an added edge to it now.

  28. Can’t disagree about McGregor, very poor again, and putting Mathews on the left when he is so one footed, don’t get it. Kayal should have been on.



    That was like watching a Scottish Championship game in the 2nd half.

  29. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    McGregor had a lucky start to his celtic career. Long term he may be broonies replacement but he is never ever ever a winger. Tonev anyone?