At least one club will be supported through and through


I can’t tell you how many statements I’ve read from those trying to bring down Newco Rangers (bonne chance) but not one comes near to approaching the key question: what can they offer the the men and women who own shares in Newco to convince them to accommodate their future aspirations?

Threats, intimidation and blackmail are all possible incentives, but no one has actually put a case forward which would compensate the investment made by the shareholders who, let’s remember, own all club assets.

An enormous assumption appears to have been made that hedge funds and various Easdales will capitulate and simply walk away and sign their paid-for assets over to a group who are regularly abusive towards them.  It’s like 2012 all over again, when parts of the world assumed HMRC would capitulate and agree to a CVA for Oldco, despite all genuine evidence (i.e. published policy) indicating otherwise.

Game Theorists would have a ball with this scenario.  Shareholders are being offered a choice, hand over your assets to a hostile opponent or attempt to continue with a vastly reduced business.  The former option should not be taken seriously.

Question is, where does this particular game end?  It’ll not be in an outcome satisfactory to many of those dreaming of ‘competing with Celtic’ anytime soon.

This mind-set should be familiar.  It’s the same one which blamed Celtic, or small-minded small clubs, the SPL and/or SFA, blamed anyone, in fact, apart from those who endorsed years of overspend at Rangers, for their eventual demise.

Walking headlong into unsustainable debt is no different than walking headlong into a conflict with hedge funds who would sell your valued acre for landfill rather than be held to ransom.

I’ll renew my season tickets tonight (still annoyed I didn’t do so in time for the free ticket draw).  Whatever happens in the wider scheme of Scottish football, one club will be supported ‘through and through’.

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  1. Greenpinata



    13:29 on 24 April, 2014



    Let us give thanks to “Super Salary” for if it was any other manager with the 2nd largest “budget” in Scottish football they could be dangerous.



    Greenpinta, totally agree. In moments of weakness I have nightmares about what a McCall or a Butcher could have done for Thems in their newfound disguise. “Rangers” men through and through, willing and able to operate successfully on a budget a fraction of the one Fat Salary has had. Thank God that Agent Green had to have Fat Salary on board to dupe the dupables into parting with their readies.

  2. Comedy gold on BBC.



    You got to hand it to the Easdale man, “I would say that in 140 years, the club’s gone into administration once; I don’t think it would survive a second one.”



    I’ve got news. It didn’t survive the first one, it was liquidated.




  3. Will be renewing ST this weekend. 26th year on the bounce, since I was a student and worked all summer to afford ST and could go to games even when skint.


    2 sons will also be renewing, well I’ll be renewing for them. Excellent value for youngsters.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    End of last blog.


    I think a hun called me a hun.




    How low can I go?







    13:39 on


    24 April, 2014


    Sotto voce,mate.


    They`ll pick on you.

  5. How can Dave ” Ra Saviour” King set up a company linked to a club that he was previously involved with, it’s that no against them finance roools??

  6. bawsman



    13:41 on 24 April, 2014


    tonydonnelly67…………..Go home mate, your village misses you.





    You got anything original, like the rest,predictable,sais it all really .

  7. greendreamz



    13:39 on 24 April, 2014



    ‘The Irishman who put down the Indian Mutiny of 1857 was………………….born in Lisburn.










    Father’s name Sandy Nicholson, mother’s name Clara Hogg.



    For some reason the phrase ‘blood of our blood, bone of our bone’ comes to mind. I can’t think why.

  8. TonyDonnelly is all 6’s and 7’s again. Full of never ending excrement. And it really does smell awful.



    Paul67 maybe if the PLC were genuine and honest with the fanbase and treated us all with respect, did not attempt to turn sections, associations, affiliations of support against othere sections of the support via secret meetings, did not collude whilst pretending not to with Police Scotland to make life difficult for sections of it’s own fan base for too long, did not ban supporters until the full judicial process had been concluded, did not pretend the Huns did not die and afford them the pretence that they still exist as the same entity after that died club shafted all of the Scottish game never mind us then the club would in return receive a full vocal genuine support.



    This works both ways.



    MWD says Aye.

  9. Paul67: “Question is, where does this particular game end? It’ll not be in an outcome satisfactory to many of those dreaming of ‘competing with Celtic’ anytime soon.”



    It leaves them going the AFC Wimbledon / FC United route after the owners sell off the assets. Assuming they can organize themselves. (Something that would be a wee challenge.) Perhaps using Hampden as their new home, as Ibrox will have become a Tesco. Then, of course, the football authorities will attempt to parachute Rangers 3.0 into a shockingly high level of the league structure …

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Double article.


    Must be an honest mistake.





    “what can they offer the the men and women”



    Hee Hee



  11. “Again, I would say that in 140 years, the club’s gone into administration once; I don’t think it would survive a second one.



    “So, I would ask [that] every loyal Rangers fan, and I pick my words correctly in saying loyal Rangers fan, supports the club at this time and gives it a chance.



    “We don’t want to go back to the dark days of administration. Everything’s a possibility and at the moment we’ve got to look on a positive as a board, taking it forward.




    I’ve just consulted the Quintessential British Dictionary and the word “liquidation” appears to have scribbled over wae a permanent inkie……………….

  12. macjay:



    The choice to engage them is yours and yours alone. I love ignoring the haters, I love dropping wee hints to the haters that I love ignoring them.



    It’s so easy and I can get on with the more meaningful things in life like plucking my ingrowing toenails.

  13. Am surprised that the Lyin’ King, as a serially sentenced convict, is being allowed to “establish” a company in Scotland.




  14. Tony Donnelly



    You continue to speak on Res12 from a position of wilful ignorance and so are best ignored.

  15. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    well its just as well the easdale fullah (is that a wig by the way?) has chosen his words carefully otherwise he could have appeared as a bit of a buffoon



    I hope the review tomorrow has also chosen its words carefully too, cos I luv a laff


    Even the loyal MSM must be squirming when these guys speak



    Aye Ready? Aye Right!

  16. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    13:37 on


    24 April, 2014



    Na still here


    Signed a long term lease with good lady in front of


    Fr Gallagher :))))

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    Our cat died. It was run over. It was quite sad. The children were particularly upset.



    I really don’t think it could survive another death.

  18. auldheid



    13:59 on 24 April, 2014


    Tony Donnelly



    You continue to speak on Res12 from a position of wilful ignorance and so are best ignored.




    Then ignore me then ya chancer.

  19. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Anyone know the connection with the debenture Murray minto gimme yer seat back stand and the Albion car park, soon to be easdale bus park.



    The ease ales played a blinder on this one, here’s a wee loan but if you canny pay it back I’ll take yer wee car park…. And the MSM and the orcs swallowed the interest free loan nonsense. You get nothing for nothing these day (unless you name is green or whyte that is)



    Get it roun yees

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Doug and dinsdale piranha say situation is ‘fragile’



    A bit like the ole human knee cap.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:27 on


    24 April, 2014



    A cracker.


    100% Tims.


    The only thing that matters.

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