At least one club will be supported through and through


I can’t tell you how many statements I’ve read from those trying to bring down Newco Rangers (bonne chance) but not one comes near to approaching the key question: what can they offer the the men and women who own shares in Newco to convince them to accommodate their future aspirations?

Threats, intimidation and blackmail are all possible incentives, but no one has actually put a case forward which would compensate the investment made by the shareholders who, let’s remember, own all club assets.

An enormous assumption appears to have been made that hedge funds and various Easdales will capitulate and simply walk away and sign their paid-for assets over to a group who are regularly abusive towards them.  It’s like 2012 all over again, when parts of the world assumed HMRC would capitulate and agree to a CVA for Oldco, despite all genuine evidence (i.e. published policy) indicating otherwise.

Game Theorists would have a ball with this scenario.  Shareholders are being offered a choice, hand over your assets to a hostile opponent or attempt to continue with a vastly reduced business.  The former option should not be taken seriously.

Question is, where does this particular game end?  It’ll not be in an outcome satisfactory to many of those dreaming of ‘competing with Celtic’ anytime soon.

This mind-set should be familiar.  It’s the same one which blamed Celtic, or small-minded small clubs, the SPL and/or SFA, blamed anyone, in fact, apart from those who endorsed years of overspend at Rangers, for their eventual demise.

Walking headlong into unsustainable debt is no different than walking headlong into a conflict with hedge funds who would sell your valued acre for landfill rather than be held to ransom.

I’ll renew my season tickets tonight (still annoyed I didn’t do so in time for the free ticket draw).  Whatever happens in the wider scheme of Scottish football, one club will be supported ‘through and through’.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    up_over_goal 14:20 on 24 April, 2014






    “King to force liquidation, Ogilvie to ensure a smooth ‘transition’?”



    King can’t force anything. He’s on the outside peering through a steamy window while the party is in full swing.



    The best option for King is to set up a completely different club, (like FC United without the virtuous characteristics) but he is not likely to so because he doesn’t have the money.

  2. Auldheid….fullness of time?






    We can build schools in Malawi


    We can collect 5 tonnes of food for the needy


    We can hound Regan and Ogilvie to the ends of the earth



    Can we look out for our own?



    Can we find out why Celtic ban innocent fans on the say-so of political policemen while they repeatedly fail to prove any of them guilty of something ?

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon 14:07


    Daily Record Sport‏@Record_Sport·1 hr


    Stewart Regan on R*ng*rs 120 day review: No contact with Graham Wallace, review is a club matter. Unaware if club has submitted accounts.




    @Record_Sport What? Accounts for 2nd biggest budget in Scottish football were due 31/3/14 and SFA chief exec doesn’t know?





    I’m taking a guess that he would know if they HAD been submitted……?

  4. macjay1:



    Do you know the words I hate most in life…



    when a mate asks “can I borrow that?”



    You can’t answer no, but in not doing so, you just know you’ll never see your book, or tape, or video, or CD, or wife, again.

  5. Proudbhoy



    Here ye go.



    mighty tim supporting wee Oscar



    18:18 on 23 April, 2014



    Evening all. Just thought I would say that I will not be renewing the 4 ST from my house. The main reason being that as posted about 7 weeks ago my son who has had a st for best part of 20 years was arrested at the ICT game. Now having been with his lawyer today the scenario at the moment is he has not been charged yet and although he was held for 7 hours at the police station was released without charge but they would send it to the PF to decide if he should be charged. To this day no charge has been made yet. However Celtic FC have called him a few days ago and have since sent him a letter to say that he has been banned from attending all home and away games with immediate effect. So there you have it your guilty until proved innocent in the eyes of Celtic FC.




    Did his son inform Celtic there had been no charges laid? Has the PF got back to him, have the Inverness police got back to him, has he asked Celtic why he has been banned, who sent the letter, and they called him on the phone? Doesent sound right to me, to many questions and no answers, strange one, my self I would get it sorted on my own, as I said earlier keep it away from the board haters in here they will high jack it and use it as an agenda, my opinion of course, but good luck any way,

  6. Steinreignedsupreme



    King can’t force anything. He’s on the outside peering through a steamy window while the party is in full swing.



    If he and the escrowsevconians starve the club of season tickets, what then?

  7. Sandy Easdales statement is interesting, especially in the light of a new PR man’s involvement in the advent of the 120 day business review being announced.



    The hope among the Ibroxian fans must surely be the chap hasn’t started because if Mr Easdale is the vanguard for the assault to save the Club if doesn’t look good for them.



    However there was a couple of pieces of info he did get over, these were repeated through the statement – classic PR. They were in the form of dog whistles to the fanbase – one, the need for Loyalty of the loyal supporters to remain loyal – getting the message through to the base contingent.



    The second a wee bit more clever – Rangers can’t survive a second administration.



    Now a Club in Sevco Rangers current predicament might well find solace in the protection and rebuilding opporchancity that an administration could provide them. Why is Mr Easdale blowing this prospect out of the water.



    Every right thinking person who knows about the goings on at Ibrox over the last few seasons knows the Club was liquidated. That includes their smarter less belligerent though”loyal” fans.



    Now surviving administration is problematical but not impossible. What Rangers done was an immense feat, years of backroom planning and surreptitious meeting ensured that Rangers appeared to survive a liquidation, altogether much more impressive.



    I believe Mr Easdale is saying to the smarter element of potential Season Ticket holders, don’t expect we’ll get away with it again.



    As I say, if the double dog whistle the best they’ve got the ice cream and jelly will be flowing soon IMO.

  8. Auldheid:



    What I meant by my last post was, if Celtic believe they were in anyway defrauded, then why are they not pursuing it through the courts?



    How long before they do pursue it through the courts?



    After all, don’t they have a duty to their shareholders to do so?

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    14:37 on


    24 April, 2014



    Polonius to Laertes


    “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”


    The older I get,the more I appreciate Shakespeare.Probably because now I`m beginning to understand it.



    Sudden panic.I haven`t borrowed anything from you.Have I ?

  10. kitalba



    14:33 on 24 April, 2014





    Rather than offer TD information that would aid his understanding, any chance you (or any on else) could enlighten the blog, in public, in meaningful words?





    I don’t need any aid to understand anything here my friend, I’m well up to speed with what is going on, and know a lot more than the CHANCERS in here, so don’t be bothering yourself about me mate, I’m fine and sorted, I told them all six months ago what would happen, and it still is, like the mob from the south west, they are in the Egyptian river…… de Nile .

  11. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    “Have the Inverness police got back to him?”












    Aye Tony ye came oot heid first…but obviously nobody caught ye!! :-)

  12. Just read this review of our Seville book on Amazon by a girl called Suzie – whoever you are thanks!



    “What distinguishes this book from most of the sports book fields is, first of all, the quality of the production and the quantity of colour pictures but, more importantly this is a work which collects all the disparate tales of Celtic fans who went to Seville in great numbers to support their team in a match that they lost. This is not so much about the football but about the experiences, funny, sad, poignant and proud which mixed together give a wider piece of Social History than any single author could bring.



    This is the definitive source book for future historians to document this important time in Celtic’s history and the feelings that the fans had before, during, and after the event.



    It is a high quality production and it will make you laugh and cry. Ultimately, you will feel proud of this group of people.”



    Anyone looking for a copy email david@CQNMagazine.com and I’ll sort.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    twists n turns


    14:46 on


    24 April, 2014


    You really shouldn’t drink on an empty head……




    Maybe it was something you ate.

  14. TD67


    The next time you plan to go to Celtic Park make sure you phone ahead and tell them you havent been charged with any offence.


    Or maybe everyone should have to do that or does it only apply to MTs bhoy

  15. HT


    I just read the post, and asked some questions that’s all, the post wasent to specific and left a few doors open, if you don’t ask you’ll never know, I hardly ever assume, but if I do, I will say I am, no big deal, or like Huns are we not supposed to ask questions?, is that a trust thing?

  16. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Many of the questions you asked were in fact answered in MT’s original post or in follow up posts.



    I genuinely admire your love of Celtic, it’s not in any doubt. However, your blind loyalty and your lack of empathy with your fellow Tims drives me absolutely mental!!!



    Ye, ye I know it’s only your opinion :-)

  17. Good afternoon all



    Same old, same old on here today. I’m really pleased to have renewed my st yesterday. I will say, the money was burning a hole in my current account. :-)))



    Weefra HH supporting and praying for Wee Oscar.

  18. Kitalba



    Whilst the SFA may be culpable of failing to followi due process they in turn could claim to have been misled by Rangers and no point chasing them for compensation.



    I think there is also some UEFA guidance on clubs taking national associations to court that make it highly unlikely.



    Finally at the time the licence was granted the SFA are in the clear. It is at the subsequent monitoring point they appear vulnerable but it is not clear if ejection at that point was automatic and I do not see that argument being reached although a case could be made.

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    up_over_goal 14:38 on 24 April, 2014



    “If he and the escrowsevconians starve the club of season tickets, what then?”



    I doubt they will get more than a couple of thousand people signing up for this hare-brained scheme. It is unworkable and has not been thought out properly, if at all, because if any logic had been applied it wouldn’t be happening.



    But, let’s surmise it does force Sevco into liquidation.



    They don’t owe money to the banks, they have no substantial debts to outside creditors. Unlike Rangers Football Club PLC, Sevco does have a holding company and the new football club is in debt to the holding company – The Rangers International Football Club, I think. Is that irony?



    But the bottom line is you don’t play hardball with people who have no emotional ties with the entity, in this case a football club less than two years old. Hedge funds are only interested in making profits. If the money dries up at the turnstyles they will look for alternative means of making cash from what they have. Either King makes them a lucrative offer for their shares or they sell off the assets, in this case a football stadium and a training facility.



    The people running Sevco hold all the aces and are in total control of the game.

  20. kingsnake @13.50 hrs.



    You make an intriguing point ref AFC Wimbledon.



    We talked the other day in semi jest about “Oldco”, “Newco” and even “Newerco” playing a fundraising game.



    Maybe not so far fetched after all.



    MK Dons played Wimbledon AFC in the FA cup. It was billed as a grudge match as both claimed the status as the rightful custodian of the club ( Or do I mean company / team ) .



    Anyway, As well as being a hard fought game on the pitch it was as hard fought in the stands.







  21. HT


    Well! I didn’t see the original post so how am I supposed to know? So my lack of empathy doesent come I to it, and I’m getting kinda sick of your finger pointing at me with that old chestnut, I say what I say, I asked questions, as I said the article left a few doors open, and why? Well well, you never posted the original, beggars belief, honestly.

  22. Paul67 – genuine support, that is a queer statement to make, what does that mean?



    If you are a bit of a malcontent does than not make that supporter genuine?



    Many, many, many, faithful fans are not renewing because of much of the reasons posted very eloquently by MWD!



    It seams there is a total and utter disconnect between the club and a very large portion of the fan base statements like “genuine support” come across as crass and insulting I may have picked your meaning up wrongly but it just seams to embody the way the club is treating the support.







  23. !! Bada Bing!!



    From the RUF response to Easdale’s comments.



    ” These comments directly contradict those of the CEO, Graham Wallace, who is on record as saying that a second administration is not a possibility.”



    At least one of them gets it.

  24. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    You try to explain, you even put wee smilies to make an attempt at humour and to lighten the post. I believe they call it bridge building.



    Oh and then there’s an admission that he didn’t read the original post (even though he’s just copied and pasted it!!)



    Cuckoo I tell ye :-)

  25. tonydonnelly67:



    My old man, before he went to give God a talking to, told me never to say never and never make judgements from atop the throne of ignorance. My old man found a rock in a field and sold it as the Blarney Stone. He even made me pay to kiss it.



    I’m not offering you aid of any kind, I don’t think you need it from the meek likes of me.


    I’m much more pissed off with my club lying to me and ejecting fans on hearsay, and baring fans on hearsay, and stigmatising died in the wool fans on hearsay, and sanitising the support whilst kissing the pluked asses of corrupties. I’m pissed off with my club lying and playing God on one hand, when on the other a thieving bunch of deceitful gits are welcomed back into paradise under the commercial umbrella of “we are obliged to promote it in the promoters words” in my words total bullshit and just one more lie to add to a pile that is soon going to become a traffic hazard to orbiting satellites. Bet Pinocchio wishes he was born a board Tim.



    I have no doubt you have great affection and passion for our club, don’t be so a fool as to doubt that my affection and passion is not yours equal, and don’t doubt that my words of concern and disdain are because of my affection and passion, not in spite of them. I love my club just the way it is, I hope the kids of my grand children get to enjoy our club just as I have done my whole life. I support Celtic not Glasgow Hibs PLC.

  26. cliftonville celt from belfast praying for Oscar the wee legend on

    Tickets on sale for Cliftonville game on Saturday from 6.30 tonight at the Reds Shop and 8.30 at the social club – same again on Friday if there are any left.

  27. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Scottish football facts:



    Only two clubs have played their entire histories in the top division of Scottish football.



    Celtic and Rangers.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on




    15:11 on 24 April, 2014



    !! Bada Bing!!



    From the RUF response to Easdale’s comments.



    ” These comments directly contradict those of the CEO, Graham Wallace, who is on record as saying that a second administration is not a possibility.”



    At least one of them gets it.



    Aye but not in the same way we mean it ! :))

  29. Frank Ryan's Whiskey " Independance for Shetland Now" on



    13:39 on


    24 April, 2014


    The Irishman who put down the Indian Mutiny of 1857 was………………….born in Lisburn.







    I would strongly contend that he didn’t consider himself as being Irish, a bit like old Arthur Wellesley and your country needs you Horatio Herbert Kitchener all ‘Anglo Irish’ No doubt all would have had you tied to a gun carriage and lashed for daring to refer to them as being Irish. A wee bit akin to the the ‘blood of our blood’ refering to themselves as ‘Ulster Scots’ rather than being called Irish.


    Now a rare exception of a British General actually wanting to be Irish – Eric Dorman Smith changed his name to O’Dorman Gowan. Allegedly offerd his estate to the IRA to train on!!

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