At least one club will be supported through and through


I can’t tell you how many statements I’ve read from those trying to bring down Newco Rangers (bonne chance) but not one comes near to approaching the key question: what can they offer the the men and women who own shares in Newco to convince them to accommodate their future aspirations?

Threats, intimidation and blackmail are all possible incentives, but no one has actually put a case forward which would compensate the investment made by the shareholders who, let’s remember, own all club assets.

An enormous assumption appears to have been made that hedge funds and various Easdales will capitulate and simply walk away and sign their paid-for assets over to a group who are regularly abusive towards them.  It’s like 2012 all over again, when parts of the world assumed HMRC would capitulate and agree to a CVA for Oldco, despite all genuine evidence (i.e. published policy) indicating otherwise.

Game Theorists would have a ball with this scenario.  Shareholders are being offered a choice, hand over your assets to a hostile opponent or attempt to continue with a vastly reduced business.  The former option should not be taken seriously.

Question is, where does this particular game end?  It’ll not be in an outcome satisfactory to many of those dreaming of ‘competing with Celtic’ anytime soon.

This mind-set should be familiar.  It’s the same one which blamed Celtic, or small-minded small clubs, the SPL and/or SFA, blamed anyone, in fact, apart from those who endorsed years of overspend at Rangers, for their eventual demise.

Walking headlong into unsustainable debt is no different than walking headlong into a conflict with hedge funds who would sell your valued acre for landfill rather than be held to ransom.

I’ll renew my season tickets tonight (still annoyed I didn’t do so in time for the free ticket draw).  Whatever happens in the wider scheme of Scottish football, one club will be supported ‘through and through’.

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  1. quantum



    16:26 on 24 April, 2014



    où est l’argent pour Seville ?????



    Il est perdu……..toute a fait!





    Sacre Bleu!!

  2. JohnnyClash:



    Is it quand or lorsque, is it revenait, revient, or retourne? We should know.

  3. traditionalist88 on

    MWD 16.04


    ‘If i change my mind and say I’ll buy my season books do you think the Tic will give me the Stadium?’



    Compare and contrast this flippant nonsense with the genuine angst of mightytim.



    Maybe you just don’t want to come back?



    I did ask if you really felt the current issues merited FULL withdrawal of support, clearly you do.



    Rather than just giving up, what else are you doing about it?

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Just watched McCoist on SSNews…..



    Spoke about nothing for 3 mins …looked under pressure….good



    Interesting to see what comes out tomorrow

  5. moonbeams wd. rooting for wee oscar. voting ‘yes’ on the 18th of september. kano’s yer man.



    16:04 on 24 April, 2014





    If i change my mind and say I’ll buy my season books do you think the Tic will give me the Stadium?



    Cracking plan.



    MWD says YES

  6. tomtheleedstim on

    That hun statement in full – ” geez more of yer money or the puppy gets it”

  7. RobertTressell



    The idea of membership scheme has not been dropped just parked but if anything good comes from a drop in STs it will be that alternative ways of paying to support Celtic will need to be found.



    A model for that can be found in the Overeas Season Ticket which if it could be extended to provide video access via Celtic TV at the same cost to Irish based residents as a normal ST would do much to increase revenue from that part of the world.



    I got my OST renewal request in today. For 250 quid I get to watch all league matches over internet plus chance to attend 5 home matches when in UK. My seat when not used by me is offered. by Celtic Foundation to someone who cannot afford to pay to watch a game in person.



    I think it may be time to revisit that model to see if a case for extending the geographical reach to cover Ireland could be made either at same cost on the charitable basis or normal ST cost to give full control on attendance to the purchaser.



    Not sure when next Supporters Forum meeting is due but worth getting it on Agenda as Irish based supporters associations attended last one.

  8. If I buy a season ticket combien continents will Boerrrigter be able to drive over in his wee car?

  9. GerryBhoy:



    Mate, I have every book under the sun on the language (French about is one of the better sites on line, so is French with Vincent – audio) but I think I’ll be taking harp lessons from Peter before I master French.

  10. Easdale’s FFin’ statement:



    “I’m thinking along the lines of he speaks with forked tongue.”




    “Sounds a bit scripted to me”




    “I don’t think they are taking us seriously at all bears!”




    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!






    “Italy, Spain, South America or Eastern Europe he’d need a police escort to get within 50 feet of the stadium.”




    “Ive said this for a while. The board are lucky we arent Greek or Turkish.”



    And a Sevcomedian bemoans what might have been:



    “If we had won the Ramsdens………do you think we, as fans, would have had a different outlook than we do today?”

  11. Chuffed today as my departing 6th years bought me a brick at Celtic Park. I wonder how they knew I supported Celtic ? :)




  12. Afternoon all,



    I’ve not really been following the blog comments section this last few years, but, in the aftermath of the Easdale statement (the horrendous mangling of language in his statement as powerful evidence of the poverty at Ibrox as the content of the statement – do they not even have a secretary with a Higher english to their name) I felt it might be interesting to have a look.



    So, for context, the reason I don’t bother reading the comments too often isn’t because a third of posts are excellent, thought provoking and fun to engage with, or that another third are inoffensive and unremarkable, it’s that the remaining third are absurd calls to arms from very bored children or sociopathic pensioners.



    Page 1 of comments today seems to be addressing whether it’s good or bad to be following canalmars lead on the season ticket renewals. A redundant debate. The great beauty of the legislation (which lacks any appeal as legislation, indeed it’s clearly ugly and ill considered) is that it weeds out the most angry and narrow minded among us and if they group together and stop attending the games then it’s another move in the right direction for our club.


    That’s my egregious take on Canalmar* and his angry cohorts. Shove their nonsensical, ego driven, short sighted and self indulgent opinions. Once they’ve shoved them far enough our club might be able to relax and just be the most impressive club in the world… without ever having to apologise for our Canalmars or explain why we spend so much time ignoring the monumental achievements of our club to argue about the freedom to cause mild to extreme offense.



    Isn’t that it? Canalmar* wants to do what he wants, and justify it how he wants and hang the rest of us if what we want is for him to shut up, stop whining and embarrassing us all.



    These comments are not an invitation to debate, least of all with Canalmar* himself – whom I suspect is some kind of generic tabloid-bot program designed to generate stupid debate.



    *Where Canalmar is used in the preceding text it is representative of a point of view, rather than an actual individual, for whom only circumstancial evidence can prove his existence.

  13. Traditionalist88



    I’m not going to impart my personal circumstances to you nor should I need to. My reasons are posted on page 2 for you to read. At least those reasons that I wish to share are. But if I wanted to joke about giving up my season books to make myself feel better about doing so you bloody well better believe I would. And you would just have to suck it up and stick it were your thumb appears to be lodged.



    But thanks for you insight and wisdom.



    MWD now banging head against brick wall. Yes yes yes.

  14. Gerry, J’ai essayé de péter, mais à la place, j’ai chié. That’s French for you.

  15. traditionalist88 on




    I know it was about the huns.



    A weak diversionary tactic to avoid answering.




  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Supercoisty now panickin’ that ole galacto- diddy war chest for next season will be more Fiona Bruce than greenockian.

  17. BontyBhoy:



    Considering it has only taken you a few years to write that post let me be the first to say… Bravo.

  18. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Could this idea not be extended to people in Scotland who can’t attend every home match though?


    Record your spend in the club shops and on tickets etc to gain points to purchase European match tickets and cup semi’s and finals in the event that the Season ticket holders don’t take the full allocation?


    If the points system is clear and available to all on-line surely it will help the club in the long run. Attendances for home cup games would rise if it meant getting points towards a cup final ticket.


    I think the whole system needs overhauled because it is clear that season ticket sales will fall and there is a need to fill that void. Going to the odd match is all good and fine but with no reward for attending it leads to people feeling under valued and ultimately not bothering.


    I’m not for one minute saying season ticket holders shouldn’t get first shout but say Celtic get 3 home cup ties and a supporter decides to attend them all and the highest attendance at those games is 25k. In theory that supporter should get a ticket for the cup final. In practice they won’t because a season ticket holder will get a chance before them BUT that season ticket holder doesn’t attend any of those cup matches and will still get a ticket before the guy at the 3 games.


    That system to me is flawed slightly. In reality what happens in a lot of cases is the season ticket holder doesn’t attend gets a ticket for the final and yer man who has attended the 3 cup games but can’t afford a season ticket probably never comes back.


    He may have a family or may spend a lot of cash on Celtic products. He may want to make a contribution to Celtic in the form of a membership but can’t for a variety of reasons get a season ticket.


    The overseas season ticket sounds a great idea but I don’t understand why there is not a Scottish alternative. I would certainly like involved in such a scheme. Supporters like myself will be around Celtic for a very long time but for a variety of reasons may they be financial, family or work commitments or perhaps all 3 there is a period where we can’t contribute as a season ticket holder. I would never take a ticket I felt I didn;t deserve and have knocked back offers from family and friends on numerous occassions recently for cup finals and European games and said give it to the Bhoys who deserve to be there. What does frustrate me though is that my support for the club whether that be listening on the radio or watching on TV is not benefiting Celtic. I would be happy to donate £50 to the coffers through a membership scheme. I would also be happy to take out a junior membership for LB Junior so that when we are ready to get on the season ticket trail again I have a footprint and identity at Celtic that I am supporter and I am commited to the club.


    Even a token amount such as a tenner to have a wee card and some kind of feeling of being involved with little in return would do me. It’s feeling part of the club that matters.




  19. Papa John supports Wee Oscar on

    roy croppie


    Good on ye, wid bring ah Tear, tae Gless EE.


    Awerabest PJ

  20. I think I may have told this story before…but I just want to show again that I was indeed young once.



    On the question of the French word for Scotland’s national flower…….I did French and Spanish at Glasgow University in the second half of the seventies. The Spanish students were mainly a mixture of up for a laugh, drink too much, skidge* classes types (the blokes) and a bit too holy and disapproving of everything types (the lassies).



    The French department was full of serious, studious pseudo intellectuals (apart from those who also did Spanish and excellent CQN’er May67) who would hold cheese and wine evening where the cheeses would outnumber the wines and nobody would heckle the guest poetry readers. They called themselves the Chardon Club (brilliant, well naw really).



    What was brilliant was that they would chalk up on a blackboard in the foyer of the modern languages building all forthcoming events and sign off each one “Chardon Club”.



    This board was well positioned such that some not so grown up Spanish students on their way to their Spanish lectures found it quite easy to rub off the first letter of the first word in their sign off. Each time, someone would go and chalk in the missing “C” presumably thinking that the culprits would have satisfied themselves and this would be a one-off prank. Bhoy, were they wrong! Seven or eight times we (I mean the culprits) did this before the wee French jaggies hit on the idea of typing their announcements and pinning them on the notice board.



    On the off chance that anybody still holds a grudge, George Chalmers was the big boy that did it and ran away.



    *Greenock and Port Glasgow word for playing truant. (Not a term found to be in use in Gourock… as is also the case with the term “playing truant”).



    PS A chemise in Greenock, whether feminine or masculine, is usually designed to fit the heavy breestit

  21. traditionalist88 on

    Bontybhoy: ‘… with a Higher english to their name’



    The irony, eh. People in glass houses…



    ‘The great beauty of the legislation’



    Take the ‘h’ out your name, imposter.