Athletics doing the right thing


Celtic were near their silky smooth best against Hearts on Saturday. It looked like their fifth competitive game of the season, and Progres(s) on what we’ve seen in Europe. We now have two games in Glasgow – Kilmarnock on Tuesday and Partick Thistle on Friday, before Astana’s visit on 16 August.

Brendan Rodgers job will be to ensure the players’ fitness is near peak by then. The tiredness, which was apparent late in the game against Hearts, should be replaced by energy in the tank.

It must have been fingers in the ears time in various places across Scotland, as the World Athletics Championships dealt with the consequences of handing out prizes to those who didn’t compete within the rules years ago, while pondering what to do with those who were caught cheating, but remain at the top of their sport.

Athletics is trying desperately to move on. Jessica Ennis-Hill’s gold medal, awarded six years late, is a necessary step in the right direction. It’s not the same as winning on the track, not by a long shot (put), but athletes know their sport is intent on doing the right thing, no matter how long it takes.


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  1. Nice have signed a winger from Monaco today (Alain Saint-Maximin) , maybe the Paddy rumours are just that!!





    Nice would be in pot 4 if they eliminate Napoli due to their low co-efficient and we would be in 3 if we qualify as Napoli’s removal would promote us. So, we could meet them with or without Paddy for Celtic or for Nice.

  3. Think this will be a decent league this year with the top three teams being Hibs, Aberdeen and Celtic. The other teams will fight to make the split and avoid relegation.



    Good luck to those only interested in winning honestly and without corruption tainting it.


    Are you watching sfa




  4. 50 shades of green on

    David O



    Thought that might Ruffle a few feathers .



    By the way embody else think the wee Paddy things turning into a Marathon.



    That’ll be my 2 Dime bars worth for the day.




  5. 50 shades of green on

    It would be nice if wee Paddy signs for us instead of Nice, but it wont be nice for Nice if he did.



    Think I just heard my old English teachers heed explode.




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Would be interesting to hear the views of the Scottish sports media commentators in relation to the Ennis medal award.


    Would it all be about “moving on”? Maybe it’s all “too boring”?


    Maybe the Russian athlete used performance enhancing drugs, but didn’t gain a competitive advantage?


    Maybe athletics needs a strong Russia?


    Or maybe her cheating was fine because it made the heptathlon a more exciting event?


    Come on guys – let us know your thoughts!

  7. 50 shades of green



    Whispa it, but I’m a-freddo the Paddy move will never happen. I’d be Lion if I didn’t say that’s a disappointing prospect.

  8. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Hrvatski Jim.


    Thanks for that. I also thanked you on the last page too, just so you know how much i appreciate your time :-)



    Rhetorical question. I wonder how young Mr Roberts would feel being up against KT at Celtic Park. :-)

  9. In ither news…………….



    I doubt that the scoddish meeja will have any appetite to answer questions on the athletics thing…….











    That’s a f…..g disgrace





    Reply to TD from previous article



    Usual hun madness.

  11. Ennis received her medal because she was clean.



    The Tour de France didn’t award Armstrong’s titles to anyone else because the ones behind him had all been caught doping at one point in their careers. That whole era has been written off to drugs.



    The Rangers EBT (and DOS) years were not the years where cheating was rife throughout football it was limited to a single club. I know there’s no real value to us in the titles but we were the best team in the league in each of those seasons, the record books should be amended to reflect that. If an asterisk has to be put against those years it should be against Celtic’s name with the explanation that Celtic were awarded the titles after the disqualification of Rangers for cheating.



    There may be tactical reasons for not claiming the titles but by rights they’re ours.

  12. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    I think signing Paddy would be worth a Rolo the dice, but if it comes to the Crunchie, i suspect he’ll be lured by the Spanish Gold on offer elsewhere. I expect this’ll be a hot Topic for some time to come. ;-)

  13. Best wishes to ball of our children awaiting examination results tomorrow.



    I don’t know about you but my nerves are shot.

  14. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on



    Echo that. Long past that era for me, but i remember being a lot more nervous than either of my boys were.



    Good luck to all awaiting results, parents and young’uns….




    Bliddy nightmare!



    My good lady and I are off tomorrow to spend the day with my daughter.



    Lunch then dropping her off at an aunt’s for a couple of days.



    I will be going to the game and my wife gets a few of the girls in.



    Everyone wins (I hope!)

  16. I’d be kinder surprised if Paddy signs again,although it would be a boost.I think he’s been told to flake his timeout with this decision but now is crunchie time for him.Do we stick or twister?


    Wherever he ends up his twirls on the ball are bounty give the watching fans galaxies of turkish delight.And he’ll not be playing for buttons,more likely drinking from a golden cup.

  17. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on



    fingers crossed that you have a great day, and that your Daughter is as proud as you will both be of her.


    Great time to be a parent.

  18. I once bought a packet of nice biscuits in nice , they were nice but not as nice as the nice biscuits i didn’t buy in nice which was nice.

  19. Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on

    The killer for opponents domestically is looking at the Celtic bench… Knowing any f the subs would be the best player in any other team in the league.



    As much as I’d love Paddy to come.. He’s a luxury we may be able to afford but don’t desperately need. He may find himself watching us in CL then going to train with reserves the next day. We may even have better options if we qualify. I hope he doesn’t live to regret his choices.



    If we can get our Bhoys on form then I feel we have great flexibility to meet most challenges with the right balance of team spirit and internal competition.



    I mean.. Just look at the bench…!

  20. glendalystonsils on

    SOUKOUS on 7TH AUGUST 2017 12:50 PM


    On the subject of Nice.



    Can anyone tell me if Nice biscuits are pronounced nice or nice.



    They are pronounced ‘nice’ but they taste nice.-))

  21. BMCUW.


    Depending on your definition of a hun, you are probably correct, that horrible tweet about Jay etc was posted by a Hearts fan.


    Hail Hail.

  22. Nice biscuits must be pronounced Nice, because if they were pronounced nice they would be called “Sympa” in France…



    N’est-ce pas?

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