Atletico, Malaga, “breathtaking hypocrisy”



I was pleased Hearts won last night as all season I’ve been telling people we will win the league by double figures. Dropping the ball on Wednesday night put that in jeopardy but the gap is back to 12 points ahead of the visit of Motherwell on Sunday.

Ronny is likely to deploy more first choice players for his final game as Celtic manager against a Motherwell team who staged a remarkable recovery after a dreadful 2015, which would have seem them relegated if it weren’t for the huge gap between Premiership and Championship.

It looked like farewell from Emilio on Wednesday but you have to expect a few more will possibly make their final competitive appearances in the hoops this weekend.

I see a “Five-in-a-row but Peter Lawwell just cannot win” article in The Scotsman. Aye, fair enough, but the article ploughs into the Resolution 12 guys, and accuses other Celtic fans of “breathtaking hypocrisy”.

It appears to imply Financial Fair Play rules are not applied elsewhere in Europe (citing Atletico Madrid), so there should be no issues with the rules not applying to Rangers in 2011. I don’t follow Spanish club licencing too closely, but you will remember Malaga being banned by Uefa for having “overdue payables” to the Spanish tax authorities.

The rules ARE applied, clubs are banned from European competition for overdue payables.

I’ve been in touch with both the Res 12 guys and Celtic on this matter this morning (they continue to work together on a daily basis). It’s fair to say both robustly rejected the tone in the article.  I don’t know how this matter will end, but it will not be decided at Hampden, or in a newspaper office – cards marked one more time.

Zlatan on ending his stay at PSG, “I came like a king, I leave like a legend”. And then some.

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    Some of you may remember,a few weeks,back,that KITALBA made a heart-rending plea on behalf of some orphans where he currently lives in Azebaijan




    Below is an update-sorry I can’t include the photos.







    Here are a few photographs that were taken at the Bina Orphanage, Azerbaijan, Saturday past. The six girls I am standing with are the committee responsible for raising emergency funds to keep the place ticking over; and at best that is all it is doing.





    The attached photos are of the sewage sump which you can see is starting to seep or weep, I couldn’t tell which. They need AZN300-about £140 per month just to pump it out but they can’t always afford the cash. The only solution is to make the sump bigger. Not an easy, or cheap task. The sump seeps into the kids play area. Raw sewerage coats the ground. It really is revolting.




    Following our visit to the orphanage last Saturday, it became painfully apparent that the staff there catered for the 44 children in their care with the most primitive (or none) appliances. This orphanage is located adjacent to the airport at Bina. A small isolated village that lies outside of the city limits and hence does not attract privileged patronage.




    The orphanage is virtually self-funded except for a government subsidy of AZN 2000-about £900 per month.




    44 kids/AZN2000. No i-phones there then.



    They do not have a working fridge. 44 kids/0 (zero) fridge



    44 kids/4 gas rings.



    They have 1 (one) toilet. 44 kids/1 (one) toilet.



    44 kids/0 (zero) kettle.



    44 kids/0 (zero) microwave.



    44 kids/0 (zero) washing machine.



    44 kids/air con that does not work and the temperature can reach 42c.




    Come what may, come hell or high water, I will get this orphanage what it needs. It will be easier on me with a wee bit of help. Every penny I can get will be spent on goods for the orphanage.




    Such is life as we don’t know it and their life isn’t drowning in smiles each and every day of their existence.




    I’ll write something for CQN as soon as I can,but it is not toys and cloths I need… it is funds. I’ve now ran out of disposable money and am down to my credit cards and using them.




    I hope we can make this work.











    KITALBA’s original plan was for us to collect and send over toys,clothes,etc to make the lives of these kids more bearable. There have been a number of obstacles in this,mainly the cost of shipping/transport,and the reluctance of the authorities to accept such. Margaret from The Anglo-Azerbaijan Society has been of immense help in this regard.




    Accordingly,the plan is to set up a JustGiving page,perhaps with an additional for a small monthly subscription. We’ll be working on this over the next few days. I will also be hectoring a fair few people I know who aren’t CQNers,and hope that when everything is set up,some of you will do the same.




    KITALBA has a heart of gold,but he cannot do this alone.


    As podiums go,I’m proud of that one.



    Please read it,let me know your thoughts or offer ideas by contacting me at




  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    PL in a “im great, everything is rosy in the garden, im the best Celtic Supporter in the world” newspaper exclusive. Is anyone surprised.



    If only he had the social conscience of “true” Celtic supporters, like Kitalba et al

  4. time for change on

    Paul67 quick note on yesterdays article re Efe….he’s played all season with Craig Gordon who doesn’t come out for cross balls.



    Hopefully the manager situation gets sorted sooner rather than later and we can move forward, I personally would add a goalkeeper to our list of players required.



    Still waiting on my renewal form (darling daughters arrived yesterday)



    Roll on Sunday.




  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    winning captains on 13th May 2016 9:18 am






    Preaching to the converted on that one.



    The Record are out of favour do the logic appears to give something to their rivals.



    An own goal of Willie Gardner proportions.






    I was at Willie Gardner’s debut game for Celtic and he scored two own goals.



    You being cryptic and all that, and telling us that there is another own goal to come? :-)







  6. Good article Paul and the Clumpany. Someone give Zlatan a call, I am sure he could be our new King.



    Hail Hail.

  7. “If you feel you must continue the crusade, get to the front door on match days and make your views clear. Otherwise, your protests are ultimately futile.”



    Traditionalist88, If you don’t believe you’ve been telling people how to complain to Celtic then we’ll have to agree to disagree.



    Geordie, very true.



    Beatbhoy re The Silencers, you are very sharp!

  8. ..




    Bobby Said..




    The point I made clumsily was that we watched our team,supported our team. Thick and thin,aired our grievances in the pub or on the supporters bus.




    Personally Bobby..l believe we still have the Same amount of Negative Fans as Years ago through the Good and Bad..




    But i Believe Reading it on a Blog Day In Day Out for Months..Years in Black and White bites into a Persons mindset..




    Many Posters on here have Turned 180 degrees since Rangers went into Oblivion..How can that be..From Jelly and Ice cream to Celtic are this and that mostly Negative..Posters stating they Will Never go back..”If”




    Shouting about Celtics Silence..Has Anyone ever thought maybe Celtic are Not as Squeaky Clean as some think..Hence the Wait and see Silence..Whatever..We just have to trust then Unless we have proof to the Contrary..




    Summa of SilenceCSC

  9. traditionalist88 on




    Thanks for clarification. I was just pointing out that it requires a bit of a leap of faith to assume that because there is negativity on a blog usually considered as a happy clappers environment, that the negative posts are therefore automatically correct. That would be pre-judging the issue. I agree about the extent of the malaise. But the attendance at the recent fixtures vs Aberdeen and Hearts is evidence that the gaps in the stadium at other times this season are more to do with the weather, the opposition etc etc rather than relating to governance issues, Res 12 and so on. Lets hope we have clarity on ALL the ongoing issues on and off the park shortly.



    Dharma Bam



    I have suggested they maybe even just consider a change of strategy – of course, they are free to do as they please ;) However, there is a standoff which is no closer to being resolved. Even a little trust in the Resolutioners would be a start…




  10. Mats Nilloc (The History Man) on

    Will there always be a ‘Rangers’, in one form, or, another, in Scottish football?



    The answer is of course yes, anyone saying otherwise is being disingenuous, or stupid.



    So we must deal with this and concentrate our efforts on always being better and bigger than them.



    This does not mean to say that we ‘give up the ghost’ on all the unresolved issues that surrounding their cheating and complicity with the SFA, but we must move on and not let these things define and divide us and Celtic FC.



    Let’s hope we can put the mischief-making against Peter Lawwell and the board behind us. Of course mistakes and judgement errors have been made, when has it ever been different in any football club?



    We are in the fortunate position that, due to the honest and professional running of the club, we are in a good position to learn from our mistakes and build again. Forza Celtic

  11. Paul67,



    Andrew Smith in the scotsman tabloid even refers to them as fans, when the salient point is that they are shareholders.


    More spin than a politician.





    Looks like picking the brains of those with experience of JustGiving,etc.



    Also might need to know how the money being used outside of the U.K. affects the tax-free element of donations. Esp as Kit is not UK domiciled.



    Margaret at the Anglo-Azerbaijan Society will have those answers,I expect. Or find them.



    As always,HT,your help and that of anyone else will be greatly appreciated. KITALBA is one of us,so we WILL make it happen.



    Help? Aye,plenty of it.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The wee weasel is now happily chewin’ his way through the strings in ole Liberace’s piano.



    How strange, the change, from major to minor…


    You know,the best help that everyone could do-apart from answering KITALBA ‘s cri de couer wi the usual generosity-is to forward the information to as many people as possible.



    Once it’s all set up,we’ve never done this before!

  15. leftclicktic on

    We could ask to make it an official CQN appeal even just to get it up and running.


    Maybe someone could write an article or even ask magazine to post kits appeal.

  16. JC2,



    I’m sure we could add a few more!



    It’s strange funny how the web adress of that article lists it in the Hootsmon’s Celtic content; apart from the first example of six involving someone who played against Celtic, what does it have to do with us? Thought it would be more relevant under Dundee United.



    The weasel has been confirmed as eating Ian Brown’s vocal cords also, and then having died of malnutrition.

  17. ——



    Dontbrattbakkinanger on 13th May 2016 11:46 am




    Call me ole fashioned but what ‘sucks the life out of the ole bhlog is stupid, interminable arguments about multi faceted and complex problems, but which the protagonists feel they have a unique insight into, and which they must share with us , usually using the same technique as an ole Hilti gun fixin’ a nail in an ole breeze block.



    These arguments are like an ole cheap Woolworth’s lightbulb, they generate more heat than light and eventually ole Godwin is brought on in a futile attempt to shift the unmoveable.



    I wonder why they don’t use their Worldclass intellectual abilities to do something more useful, like fixin’ the wee Large Hadron Collider after the weasel chewed through the flex.





    Dontbrattbakkinangeron 13th May 2016 12:51 pm



    The wee weasel is now happily chewin’ his way through the strings in ole Liberace’s piano.



    How strange, the change, from major to minor…






    Humble Grasshopper….



    You Once Showed Promise…



    Now, When Ye’ve Finished Hivin’ Yer Wee ‘EPIPHANY”…..



    Be So Kind As Tae Jump Oan The Next Available EasyJet..




    [5kg Haund-Luggage Only! Ed ]




    An’ Get That F*****’ Cable SORTED !












  18. Busy morning this morning.



    I havent read back so apologies if I repeat anything.






    So here we have Lawwell using the Scotsman to berate Celtic supporters. Who said that Celtic dont use the MSM. Not only is Lawwell using Smith to bleat about us celtic supporters having the temerity to complain about the boards disasterous performance but then wantonly attacks those fighting for justice in a terrible attempt to undermine res 12. Quite apart from the sinister use of media to blacken our name (just part of an institutionally racist society) lawwell will have signed off this article.



    So Lawwell while pretending to back res 12 is using the media to undermine it.



    Wow indeed.



    Dont believe me? Well then, if as Paul67 states that Celtic continue to work with the res12 guys and rejected the tone of the article why dont celtic come out and say so? This is their chance – the media, under Lawwells name have decried res12, wrongly in Lawwells view it seems – so why not correct them?



    That correction will never come because this comes from Lawwell himself. To the res12 guys – why dont you demand it of Celtic?



    Quite frankly, with every passing day, Lawwell portrays his true self. Bullying, lying, intimidating, underhand and all to cover up his absolute failure.



    And you want more evidence of the paucity of ambition and strategy – what about this crap:



    “It is the implementation of their strategy, not the strategy itself, that has developed serious fault lines. Lawwell doesn’t duck the fact that the plates moving under his club don’t do so as smoothly as once they did. As it stands, after two Champions League qualifying failures, Celtic are a club that spends six times that of Aberdeen to win a handful more league games… and not a whole lot else”



    So there you are – why should we spend six times what aberdeen do to win a few more games than them? You want more evidence that celtics strategy is to just stay ahead of the opposition – well there it is. Sure its disguised under Smiths words – but Lawwell signed them off.



    Celtic are an absolute walking disaster. The board are a disaster. Lawwell? Words fail me.

  19. Silver City 1888 on

    huge gap between Premiership and Championship.”


    Never miss a chance to stick the boot in.

  20. Whatever part of my club that depends on rangers* I’m willing to lose



    This was true in 2012 and is today in 2016 we stand alone

  21. traditionalist88 on

    It has been said, that there are those that believe the weasel survived chewin through the cables at the ole LHC! You’d think nobody could be that stupid, but…

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    RSPCA called to P.Lawwell’s house, to rescue a wee weasel that had been posted through the fusebox of the ole heated driveway.



    .. the usual malcontents are helpin’ the Polis with their enquiries…

  23. timaloy29 sleeps on the heated driveway on

    Luton Town are a bloody disgrace!



    Don’t get me started on Athletico Madrid and Malaga!



    These are the big issues facing our club! Why is nobody else outraged!?

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