Atletico, Malaga, “breathtaking hypocrisy”



I was pleased Hearts won last night as all season I’ve been telling people we will win the league by double figures. Dropping the ball on Wednesday night put that in jeopardy but the gap is back to 12 points ahead of the visit of Motherwell on Sunday.

Ronny is likely to deploy more first choice players for his final game as Celtic manager against a Motherwell team who staged a remarkable recovery after a dreadful 2015, which would have seem them relegated if it weren’t for the huge gap between Premiership and Championship.

It looked like farewell from Emilio on Wednesday but you have to expect a few more will possibly make their final competitive appearances in the hoops this weekend.

I see a “Five-in-a-row but Peter Lawwell just cannot win” article in The Scotsman. Aye, fair enough, but the article ploughs into the Resolution 12 guys, and accuses other Celtic fans of “breathtaking hypocrisy”.

It appears to imply Financial Fair Play rules are not applied elsewhere in Europe (citing Atletico Madrid), so there should be no issues with the rules not applying to Rangers in 2011. I don’t follow Spanish club licencing too closely, but you will remember Malaga being banned by Uefa for having “overdue payables” to the Spanish tax authorities.

The rules ARE applied, clubs are banned from European competition for overdue payables.

I’ve been in touch with both the Res 12 guys and Celtic on this matter this morning (they continue to work together on a daily basis). It’s fair to say both robustly rejected the tone in the article.  I don’t know how this matter will end, but it will not be decided at Hampden, or in a newspaper office – cards marked one more time.

Zlatan on ending his stay at PSG, “I came like a king, I leave like a legend”. And then some.

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  1. South Of Tunis on




    That ranks highly – as does Steppenwolf doing Born to Be Wild on the Rolf Harris Show.



    Think my all time personal fave is Raymond Baxter introducing Kraftwerk ( who played Autobahn live ) on Tomorrow’s World .

  2. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Evening Timland.



    Haven’t read back.


    What are we fighting about tonight?


    Who’s fell out?

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Fun Fun Fun. You revived a schoolbhoy memory. Became a big Kraftwerk fan that day. Cheers. :)

  4. kevinlasvegas on

    Great read there Paul67, Revolution 12? Wow I hope this is it, Last chance for some justice and fairness in Scotland. God Bless and protect all of you. Keep pushing,



    Paul you must go mad when you read some stuff on here. lol Drives me mental and i just post from time to time.



    Donation and shared. No doubt have a night of bun mates moaning about it. Magic!





  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    We have to be realistic about appointing a manager. If he is successful he will likely leave for a better league.


    It is therefore important to appoint a manager who can develop an infrastructure and identity, so the show can keep on running without any upheaval. Foreign clubs and managers have a better record of this than British ones.


    Within an hour of Neil Lennon leaving I put forward the name of Thomas Tuchel as a replacement.


    Think we’d be struggling to get him now :-).


    I would therefore be looking at someone like Phillip Cocu.

  6. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    You may well be correct but PL needs a manager who can sell season books .. Urgent over the important strategy

  7. tonydonnelly67 on 13th May 2016 5:53 pm




    BURGAS HOOPS on 13TH MAY 2016 5:34 PM





    Bit hard there TD on Auldhead dont you think?









    Auldhead has been a revelation on the blog, always reply’s with courtesy to all who ask him for an explanation or a bit more info.



    Just my opinion



    Bit hard? I doubt it, Auldheid like me is big enough and ugly enough to fight his corner, of that I have no doubt, if I’m wrong (which I very much doubt) he’s in for a rough ride soon.




    Only if Paul’s main blog is wrong and myself and fellow shareholders have been lied to. Is that what you are saying? The CEO and Company Lawyer of a PLC have been telling lies to shareholders?



    For if you are not wrong that is the implication.

  8. Cultsbhoy I think you confusing evidence with opinion, which of course you are quite entitled to hold. DD yeah the “ladies” we’re good craic, enjoyed the afternoon. H H Hebcelt

  9. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    James Connolly was brutally executed 100 year and


    a day ago,hope his team win tonight.

  10. glendalystonsils on



    Real Tims read the Record




    Not CSC




    While drinking their McEwans lager?

  11. Glasstwothirdsfull @ 6.24



    Only problem is that Tuchel was guaranteed CL football when he moved to Dortmund, just as Cocu is guaranteed CL football next season with PSV. Why come to Celtic where you have to play 3 qualifying rounds? However, like you I would prefer a European manager.

  12. It’s Friday……….. its



    ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘




    ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘






    ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘






    ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘




    ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘






    ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘

  13. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on



    evening all




    we are the champions




    Fat too positve ya ejjit, get wae the program:)

  14. tonydonnelly67 on 13th May 2016 5:28 pm




    AULDHEID on 13TH MAY 2016 4:56 PM





    tonydonnelly67 on 13th May 2016 3:45 pm







    Oh and you weren’t being played? You know and I know you where being played at that time, I said at the time what I thought your problem was, and that’s well documented and they know who they are, it should have been left with Celtic from the start, they where on it, you guys highlighted it and went bull headed with it, and that’s when the sheet hit the fan, on what’s going on now? I’ll keep my powder dry, and trust CFC, and I’ll do that any time before I trust Canamalar and Morrissy any time, you want to go over old ground Auldheid, fine by me, you got played and you know it, and your other mistake was showing the CT res 12, and you can deny that all you want, but that’s for another day, let res 12 go where it’s going, and we’ll see, looks to me like your pouting like a big Do ? Don’t blow your trumpet to early, the fat lady’s not in the building yet, in fact she hasent even left Hampden yet.




    As I said to you before TD before – your self imposed state of ignorance is your bliss.



    If Celtic were on it why was the Res adjourned? Why did they say it was not necessary and on seeing evidence it might be, change their minds?



    Why if they were playing us after adjournment did they stop and are now keen to see a resolution to the resolution as Paul has indicated?



    Or have they been telling shareholders lies all along?



    Careful with that answer.



    If you insist we were being played then so were the Celtic support.



    Is that what you are saying? PL played his club’s shareholders?



    Oh on the CT: we asked them for advice on tabling a resolution then advertising it. After the AGM of 2013 we were on our tod.

  15. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Newspaper Statement initiative today.



    Pleased to report that supporters of other clubs are getting in touch to ask if they can contribute and to congratulate the Res 12 boys on the work they have done.



    When Hearts fans are on our side you start to think that the tide is turning.



    I have also had some lovely feedback from the zombies, one gave me an idea for a t-shirt, calling me a Fenian Mentalist!



    Pity he missed out Unrepentant!

  16. TIME FOR CHANGE on 13TH MAY 2016 12:37 PM



    Paul67 quick note on yesterdays article re Efe….he’s played all season with Craig Gordon who doesn’t come out for cross balls.






    Are you implying Efe didn’t even realise we’d changed the goalie? :))



    Not doing him any favours with that…

  17. Zlatan on ending his stay at PSG, “I came like a king, I leave like a legend”. And then some.






    He’d be a better player if he wasn’t such an introvert…

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Two years ago Tuchel had just left Mainz. He went to Dortmund last year. Although it’s possible he had been given the nod that he would get the job if and when Klopp left.


    I reckon Cocu would be gett-able if given a decent budget and a free rein.


    As Cultsbhoy says though, if it’s all about season ticket sales then it may well be a bigger “name”. Not sure that’s a good plan long term.

  19. Evening Lhads



    I am in Majorca and looking for a tim pub in Palma any suggestions will be greatfully received.

  20. Glasstwothirdsfull



    Why would Cocu want to swap PSV for Celtic? Do you know how low an opinion they have of Scottish football in Holland? His long-term ambition is probably to manage Barca, another of his former clubs.

  21. TD67



    They must be some seats lawell sorts you with .. Ur his full time online body guard .

  22. Caught up with the Lawwell interviews. Nothing to see — move along. Arrogance and no humility. Between the lines he is negotiating his exit somewhere down the line. It’s business not personal with Lawwell and the day off his pay off is being prepared.



    The funny part was I am a Celtic fan as if that excuses the sorry state we are in. I hope he doesn’t read the blog as he may appoint TD67 as Celtic manager —- it’s ok if TD67 fails —- as he bleeds green and white.



    With other posters disappointed Paul67 does not address the failings of Lawwell. Lawwell has seriously damaged the club and Paul67 could articulate better than 99.9% of Celtic fans. I am tryIng to find the right word / phrase to explain why that is the case —- from one extreme to the other. Only he can answer and it would be good to hear why he doesn’t touch the elephant in the room. On the other hand Paul67 may believe that Lawwell is Celtics saviour.



    Thousands of Celtic fans see through Lawwell now. Lawwells mismanagement has put us at a distinct disadvantage for CL qualification which would represent £90M lost revenue due to his failings. If Lawwell thought Sevco defeat was painful — then he will be chased down London Road. Aiding and abetting this charlatan damage the club irrevocably is what is happening now. Any manager of note will not work for this control freak beancounter.



    Lawwell makes Efe look like Messi.

  23. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    winning captains on 13th May 2016 6:48 pm



    Thanks for fronting the initiative.



    Hope you’re reminding those zombies to add VAT to their contributions. You know how they tend to slink away when not accompanied through the honest door.

  24. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    What concerns me about a new manager appointment if the names we are being given are anywhere near correct is that they are virtualy the same names from 2 years ago.Now football has moved on in those two years surely there should be one or two at least fresh names on the list if there are not for me it means no one connected with Celtic are keeping themselves up to date on European football.The only way any business can continue to be a success is to keep up to date and know what is going on the market place they operate in. H.H.

  25. SPFL Now


    SPFL Now‏ @SPFLTransfer



    We have been told by a very prominent football agent that Neil Lennon will be the next Celtic manager.

  26. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    a smart suited man would be on the phones to the phone in right now saying









    as a thank you to our supporters, and in the spirit of how we were founded, we recognise that many want to see the match but just cant afford it, due to personal circumstances.



    for many it will be the first in their lifetime to see the occasion of 5 in a row,



    we want our fans to be there, we want them to remember it, we want the young celtic fans to say “i was there ”



    other clubs in the past tried a “pay what you can” initiative,



    we want to announce the same,



    from opening hours tomorrow, for one day only the ticket office and celtic shops will be resetting the prices to whatever you can pay, at a minimum of £1 to cover admin costs. The only catch, for an adult ticket, you must bring at least 1 child or as many as you want.



    we recognize also that many fans have bought tickets at current pricing, and we thank you all, but hope we all appreciate the generosity of this gesture in the spirit its intended, getting everyone to the park, to take part in a historic occasion.



    your in celtic




  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Yeah – him, Koeman and many others I’m sure. Long-term he may get there. Now?


    He may not want to come here. He may. Why not ask?

  28. McPhail Bhoy on

    Winning Captains


    any other way to contribute to the crowd funding for the newspaper ad. other than PayPal; they do my nut in with endless emails from them with any transaction , always hard to tell which are legitimate and which are spam.



  29. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Ok how does this grab you….?



    There is high degree of consistency between CQN leaders and the public utterances of Peter Lawwell…

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