Attitude for Tynecastle


I watched Hearts batter Pat Fenlon’s Hibs into submission at Easter Road last month.  They are not a good team but they have elbows and commitment, often the key resources in a football game.  With our interest in the League Cup and Europe curtailed, and the league title a sure thing, it is enormously important that we remain in the Scottish Cup into the New Year.

Attitude is the most important attribute for Celtic this weekend.

Things you don’t expect to do when you start blogging: I took four calls from journos yesterday asking if I knew a Celtic fan prepared to go on record as an IRA supporter!  I don’t, for the record, not one, so no one else should bother checking.  Lack of support for that organisation and, where support exists, an awareness that representing yourself as such, is not inconsequential, will explain the dearth.  Just as it’s not inconsequential when you represent your club.  I can’t see many inviting the consequences.

I also got a call yesterday and a faxed copy of a contemporary Celtic View (yes, a fax) from a fan who was beside Jock Stein when he went into the crowd at Annfield that day in 1972.  It was all very cordial, of course, no one argued with Jock.

Jock was at the height of his powers.  Five years from the European Cup win, two from his last final and four months since losing a European Cup semi-final on penalties, he had yet to lose a league as Celtic manager.  His comment in the View, “The Wreckers are chanting about things that have nothing to do with football” was respected, Celtic fans went back to football matters.  But this was 1972.  News from Ireland was despairing.  Rangers fans (and according to newspaper reports, Hearts fans) were chanting “UDA” without censure, Celtic fans eventually retorted.

This is all sooo last century, apart from the consequences, of course.

Sharp focus for Sunday…
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    11:51 on 29 November, 2013





    Thanks for reposting that as I would have surely missed it.






    Great post and echo’s some of my own twitter comments on Wednseday night.


    The one which seemed to cause the most consternation was stating that not one person had mentioned William Wallace also beiong a part of that banner display, and wondering why that was?



    People just simply don’t want to see the point of the banner, and are singing along to the tune of the GB “making this political”. I suppose it is political when you and your muckers are being dragged from bed and lifted in the middle of the night because someone somewhere found a song you sang once at a football match offensive, and the Scottish Government decided that offending a bigot just isn’t on, cause the bigot might get upset, and hey, we could do with evening up some of these arrest figures anyway.



    The fact that the songs can only upset a bigot is neither here nor there.


    Free Nelson Mandella indeed.



    The GB have split our support since the Poppy Banner. Rightly or wrongly, they have created a division. Some love them, some think they are above their station. Too me, it was the board who split the support on the subject though. If we’re to beleive that teh GB knew what they were doing on Tuesday night and had calculated the response to the display, are we also supposed to beleive that teh board didn’t know what they were getting into by allowing the Poppy on the jersey 3 years running and expected no response?



    I think the GB are great, and as Kev said above before going “off oot”, they’re better to watch than some of the stuff we’ve watched on the pitch this season.


    I don’t quite get the bit where they’re above themselves, or think they’re better than the support.



    If you don’t like them, don’t join in with them, or allow one small section of the ground to be the ones who are driving the conversation.



    Or better still, when young lads are being lifted out their beds for singing songs that we’ve all sung, maybe the rest of the support should back “Our Own” instead of turning on them and looking down our noses at them.



    They wouldn’t need to produce banners to keep us talking about their kith and kin being banged up, if we weren’t so easily distracted by a new board member at the Bigot Dome, worrying about what a suit in UEFA might say about us, what an opposition player might say about how great we are, or god forbid, we might miss PL making a joke about the huns.



    Big deal we got fined, take it off Pistol Pete’s bonus cause I’m not sure he deserves it anyway. Not his fault he’s paid the salary, but his bonus could cover the Living wage if they really wanted to discuss it.



    Some of our support needs to dry their eyes with regards to a UEFA sanction. I don’t care what UEFA think, when young mens lives are being ruined. The Celtic Board should be strong enough to stand against any of these sanctions, and should be standing up for our fans.



    I’ve had enough of them apparently holding their tongues and waiting for others to shoot themselves in the foot, cause the only ones being hurt are young lads who we should be watching out for instead of allowing them to be thrown to the wolves of the Scottish police force and the SMSM.



    Think I’ve gone on enough now, but would like others to remember that we’ve all messed up in the past. The least we can expect though is our own family to stand behind us.


    Some in our support love the “more than a club” ethos, but don’t actually know what that is supposed to mean.



    Stand up for the Green Brigade, they’re one of us!





    Green and Grey Brigade CSC

  2. Alasdair MacLean on




    Mouse problems.



    By the way, Sevco think their name is on the Scottish Cup 2014.

  3. Scottish Cup Record v Heart of Midlothian





    06/04/1901 FINAL IBROX L 3-4, McOustra, Quinn, McMahon 17,000 Celtic’s 7th SCF



    15/02/1902 QF AWAY D 1-1 Quinn (4) 23,000


    22/02/1902 QFR HOME W 2-1 McMahon 2 25,000



    24/02/1906 HOME L 1-2 McMenemy (30) 50,000



    20/04/1907 FINAL HAMPDEN W 3-0 Somers 2, Orr (pen) 50,000 – Celtic’s 10th SCF, 5th win and first Double



    30/03/1912 SEMI IBROX W 3-0 McMenemy 2, Brown 43,000



    08/03/1913 QF HOME L 0-1 65,000



    05/03/1921 QF HOME L 1-2 Gallacher (24) 37,000



    20/02/1926 AWAY W 4-0 McInally 2 (23, 49), McGrory (57), Connolly (80) 50,500



    18/03/1933 SEMI HAMPDEN d 0-0 87,000


    22/03/1933 SEMI R HAMPDEN W 2-1 McGrory (40), A Thomson (75) 63,756 HT 1-0; 4.15pm



    18/02/1939 AWAY D 2-2 Delaney (2), McDonald (4) 49,572


    22/02/1939 HOME R W 2-1 Divers 2 (42, 115) 80,840



    24/02/1951 AWAY W 2-1 J Weir (13), McPhail (36) 47,000 HT 2-1



    21/04/1956 FINAL HAMPDEN L 1-3 Haughney (53) 132,842 HT 0-1



    17/02/1962 AWAY W 4-3 Divers 2 (12, 79), Chalmers (75), Crerand (86 pen) 35,045 HT 1-1



    06/03/1963 HOME W 3-1 Murdoch (36), McNamee (55), Hughes (73) 38,000 HT 1-1



    05/03/1966 QF AWAY D 3-3 Auld (24), McBride (48), Chalmers (54) 45,965 HT 1-2


    09/03/1966 QFR HOME W 3-1 Johnstone (9), Murdoch (32), Chalmers (50) 72,000 HT 2-0



    18/03/1972 QF HOME D 1-1 Deans (31) 47,500 HT 1-0


    27/03/1972 QFR AWAY W 1-0 Macari (35) 40,029 *



    12/03/1983 QF HOME W 4-1 MacLeod (12), McGarvey (53), Nicholas 2 (67, 81) 25,458 HT 1-0



    21/02/1987 AWAY L 0-1 28,891 HT 0-0 – Celtic’s only Scottish Cup defeat by Hearts at Tynecastle



    09/04/1988 SF HAMPDEN W 2-1 McGhee (87), Walker (89) 65,886 HT 0-0



    18/03/1989 QF HOME W 2-1 McGhee (18), Aitken (36 pen) 46,348 HT 2-0, – Mick McCarthy was ordered off



    11/03/2001 QF HOME W 1-0 Larsson (40) 34,672



    07/02/2004 AWAY W 3-0 Petrov 2 (3, 33), Larsson (90) 15,372



    10/04/2005 SEMI HAMPDEN W 2-1 Sutton (3), Bellamy (49) 38,505 HT 1-0



    15/04/2012 SEMI HAMPDEN L 1-2 Hooper (87) 36,609 HT 0-0







    P 29 W 17 D 5 L 7 F 57 A 35









    * One of my heightened football pleasures is when we win replayed ties away from home when our opponents think they have gained the advantage


    THE GREEN MAN 1251



    From previous….



    Absolutely correct,mate. Worth a repost,IMO.

  5. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5 on

    Alasdair MacLean




    12:51 on 29 November, 2013




    That lot think a lot of things most of it is full flight from reality :)).

  6. .





    12:42 on


    29 November, 2013





    I hate the SFA and UEFA and their pretence to operate fairly and legitimately and feel sorry for anyone who is being short changed because of it.






    In 65′ Jock Stein had a Choice..



    Fight the SFA/Establishment with Words..Evidence..Protest Bla Bla Bla..Etc..



    Or Build a Team..And Support that Team..And Score More Goals than the Team that Opposes You..



    Simple really..



    Can You Imagine 60,000 Jock Stein Celtic Supporters..



    Rebel without a Religion..








    I have good reason to remember that loss in 87.



    Robertson scored,IIRC.



    I was working in South Shields at the time.



    Not my favourite weekend,but heyho.

  8. Alasdair MacLean on




    Much as I wouldn’t want to deprive a new team of creating a “first”, I have too strong a liking for Falkirk at the moment to wish anything other than a resounding Falkirk win tomorrow lunchtime.

  9. Big Peter…if you are tuning in….if you are so keen on banning people, start with that sevco tribute act, ban them….don’t even think about banning Celtic fans


    Ban sevco…they are the worst bigots on earth…..surely that’s enough justification.


    Another one of your cracking quips…something along the lines of….


    “Rangers are deid….and as a consequence, we are banning those sevco bigots from Paradise, because The Green Man, has had enough of them, and wants them gone”


    Cheers Peter, make it happen:)




  10. Three dead bodies turn up at a mortuary all with very big smiles on their faces and the police call on the coroner to investigate.



    “First body,” says the coroner, “Pierre Dubois, Frenchman, 60, died of heart failure while making love to his 20-year old mistress. Hence the smile,’ says the Coroner.



    “Second body is Gregory Campbell, Scotsman, 25, won £50,000 on the lottery. Spent it all on whisky.


    Died of alcohol poisoning, hence the smile.” he says.



    The Police Inspector asked, ‘”So what about this third body?'”



    “Ah,” says the coroner, “this is the most unusual one. Paddy Murphy, Irish, 30, struck by lightning.”



    “Why the broad grin, then?” inquires the Inspector.


    “He thought he was having his picture taken”.

  11. Afternoon CQN , hopefully we will see a reaction to the disappointment of Tuesdays loss , always good to win through at Tynecastle. It is not likely to be a match for the purists , 90 mins of full on commitment will be required. Oh and we have Mr Collum officiating so that will add to the evening up process.



    Outside of the cup we should be looking to play the team that is going to take part in the Champions League Qualifiers in July 2014 in as many league games as possible.


    1. So lets play Biton, Rogic, Pukki, Balde and Boerrigter etc over the next 10-15 games we need to see if these guys can show they are worthy of a 1st team place.


    2. Anyone out of contract should be sold in January rather than be allowed to go for free in June.


    3. Any of the players going to the world cup should be given a break in March/April as they will not get much of a break over the summer.



    Time to plan ahead to allow us to get through the qualifiers better than this years

  12. All posted after Paul’s new article.








    the green man



    12:51 on 29 November, 2013


    Personally…I think its sad when people are offended by the truth


    There is no doubt that Scoddland is a bitter wee country…..John Knox would be proud


    Its ok to be a Nationalist…..as long as you are a Scoddish Nationalist, but Irish…er well, that’s a different story isn’t it.


    I think its a good thing to be honest, but to deny the truth is despicable imo


    There is hypocrisy at work on a massive scale…..Bigot Fest at ipox is fine….tell the truth on a banner….all hell breaks loose.


    No need for it at all….Leave the GB alone









    12:54 on 29 November, 2013


    weeminger @ 1241



    Quite a few of the ultra groups here in Italy are highly politicised – ranging from the ‘ultra’ left to the ‘ultra’ right.



    Some of them are also, quite openly, racist. Lazio for example, and Verona to give just two examples.



    The football authorities here take a dim view of any overtly racist banners or chanting – often it is directed at the supporters of southern Italian clubs, Napoli eg, by fan groups of certain northern clubs. Juventus and Inter have both been ‘punished’ by having sections of their grounds closed recently for just such infringements.



    There appears to be a somewhat different attitude to overtly political manifestations at matches, however, by the authorities.









    12:58 on 29 November, 2013


    Awe Naw,





    Definitely no – although I did work as a nursing assistant many moons ago, whiel I was at school (must have been following in my mother footsteps at the time, until my old boy knocked some sense into me – he knew I wasn’t cut out for that much hard work).



    I’m a Subsea Engineer up here in Aberdeen. Well taken it a bit further than that but essentially that is what I do. Set up on my own here so growing a business as best I can. Decided to give it a go almost 3 years ago, the day my youngest was born I opened the doors and have some good guys working around me now to help me out.



    I was talking about our mutual friend on Tuesday night, old Steve Pablophanque.


    Me and the Fu99ie Dew were proudly looking at our Old timers CQN badges and speaking about Steve driving up to Aberdeen when looking for work. He brought badges with him for Myself and Curly I think. Got a pint with him and a bit of craic during his brief drive through the deen, and off he went.



    Cork and Holland I think after that, before the worst happened.



    Sorry, just thought I’d let you know as I know you became quite close to him as he travelled to meet up with as many of us CQNrs as he could.



    Away back to work mucker, but feel free to drop me a mail. My username at gmail.com



    Hope you and yours are keeping well anyway.





    OldTimer CQNr CSC



    dharma bam \o/ stands up for neil lennon



    13:00 on 29 November, 2013


    will BMCUWP continue his run of last Posts?!






    13:00 on 29 November, 2013





    I’ve been nightshift of late yourself and your fellow moonhowlers keep me entertained and awake most nights.



    Wish my team could on the park, we are not barca and with our budget we can’t expect to be.


    The pitty patty sideway passing isn’t for me… I don’t meen pump the ball up the park either.



    Find a middle ground and utilise with what quality we have, spend that bit extra for more quality…wee Ferguson helped finance our sixty thousand seater, it would be full on more than cl games if the board realise…football is a business in entertainment…not just a business.



    Good to here from you and will make a point to get out and about for a few when your next up.HH



    i’m neil lennon (tamrabam)



    13:00 on 29 November, 2013


    bobby Murdoch CUW repost of sandman post


    was well worthy of a read



    Glad to see that the GB have brought this issue to the fore and allowed fans to get their views across. In general it looks like there is a turning of opinion in favour of speaking up, possibly as a growing reaction to the clubs failure to speak out, the failure of the SFA to speak, the ongoing MSM disgrace that shames that shames this country far far far more than this banner could ever do



    Generally speaking, many UK youngsters today couldn’t tell you the first thing about current affairs even though in UK there is high youth unemployment, pay as you go universities, work with wages below minimum level and so on. In previous generations the youth might have made their point a lot more fervour. In a world where our youngsters often know more about celebrity big brother than they do about George Orwell its good to see the GB voice some opinions and provoke some reaction and who knows maybe a few of the folks who rushed to condemn them may have altered their opinion. Who knows eh?

  13. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Paul67 –



    “Things you don’t expect to do when you start blogging: I took four calls from journos yesterday asking if I knew a Celtic fan prepared to go on record as an IRA supporter! I don’t, for the record, not one, so no one else should bother checking.”



    Surely it would have been easier for them to identify and approach members of the IRA and ask them if they support Celtic? What do they get taught at Journo Skool?

  14. Falkirk have played 7 home games in this year’s Championship, winning 5 and losing 2. They are currently 4th in the 2nd tier of Scottish football. Most bookies are offering odds above 3/1 for them to win tomorrow’s lunchtime cup extravaganza. Ladbrokes have us at 1/3 to win on Sunday afternoon!



    Back to workin’ and lurkin’…

  15. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    12:50 on 29 November, 2013



    100% correct HH

  16. What the GB did was a very clever piece of news management and so this century, in the 1970’s they could have carried the message to the streets without being thrown into jail.

  17. Summa



    You’re right – we have not conversed.



    Sorry I picked up wrong of the stick.



    I know quite a few of our supporters who have chucked it recently but none of them did so because of the fans – quite the opposite in most cases. Some might eventually come back but others are B&Q fodder for the rest of their days.



    If resolution 12 had gone down the tubes, I was ready to chuck it and still might if the adjournment turns out to be a ruse to kick it into the long grass.



    One thing’s for certain, the Celtic family is not a happy one right now.

  18. Is Lizzie a Celtic fan ? Seem to remember her attending an IRA garden of remembrance in Dublin recently.

  19. Falkirk knocked a govan team out of a cup a few seasons back.


    One young Mark Millar scored the winning goal


    One Mark Millar is back at Falkirk again ( hope Dun utd let him play )





    I was nearly finished composing my reply to your 1300 post,previous,when the battery gave out. C’est la vie.









    A minus silver and a bronze on the same day isnae bad.



    Roughly what Rebecca Addlington got at the last Olympics. IIRC.






    See ya in The Jungle!

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