Automatic CL qualification a year’s extrapolation away


Buoyed by two seasons with two clubs competing in the Europa League group stage, Scotland have reached 15th in the Uefa coefficient table.  If they hold off close challenges from Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Switzerland, this will be enough to deliver two Champions League qualification spots for season 2021-22.

This is of no more than passing interest to perennial champions, the 10th and 11th spots are where it gets really interesting.  Champions of the 10th and above place country get automatic entry into the Champions League group stage.  If the previous season’s CL winners have already qualified from their domestic league, as is usually the case, the 11th place country’s champions get direct entry into the group stage.

Ukraine and Turkey currently occupy 10th and 11th spots, with Austria, Denmark and Czech Repulic also ahead of Scotland, but for the next three seasons, Scotland will lose fewer points than each of those countries.  By contrast, we are ahead of all five countries last season and this.

Extrapolation is the scourge of the hopeful and we should not necessarily assume Celtic and Newco will continue to gather coefficient points at the same steady pace.  But, if we were to extrapolate, this season’s performances for Scotland and the five countries immediately above us, we would overtake Ukraine, Turkey, Denmark and Czech Republic by this time next year, leaving Salzburg-inspired Austria in 10th and Scotland 11th.

The Champions League qualification competition is difficult but it is doubly difficult through the non-champions route (only two places are available this way), so I’m not too worried about splitting the Scottish TV pot with another club.  The importance of nine and ten-in-a-row does not need to be stated, but a £40m bonus could sweeten the 11th successive title, should we get there.

Coming our way soon will be a fifth European spot, so points currently divided by four will likely be divided by five in season 2021-22.  Let’s hope the American money arriving in Aberdeen shortly can up their game in Europe.

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  1. Thanksgiving dinner down in PA meant I missed the game live.


    Thank God for CQN live updates.


    I watched the goals when I got home late last night.


    All three were well taken, and the most pleasing aspect is that two came from players who aren’t regulars this season.


    Neil has built a deep and dependable squad of players who can complement each other, and can easily fit into the team formation.


    I am now relishing a feast of goals in December and the double thrashing of the Govan gobshites.


    It’s the hope that kills them.


    OTT. Onwards to Ten

  2. Obviously you didn’t go for N’tcham Jim. I went N’cham, Christie, Ajer. I know not many will go Ajer but I thought he had a fine game.

  3. 100 minutes to go before the latest poll closes – . The sloppiest I’ve been so far with this one so better now open and log the first of the 53 emails that are waiting for me. But keep those votes coming, posters, lurkers, first timers…..

  4. Corkie.


    The magic of football.


    I thought Ajer, asleep at Rennes goal. I gave Ntcham a vote, though.


    Hot Smoked.


    Big Fras in my 3, also.

  5. Gene on 29th November 2019 8:19 pm






    You were missed last night – just as well you’ve a good excuse 😀




    Good excuse?? Celebrating the genocide of an indigenous people (plus eating boring turkey).

  6. Gene


    Paisley on the Delaware


    I was allowed a wee bit turkey to break my veggie diet.


    Aw the breast.

  7. The Huddle


    The indigenous, well the ones who are left, are doing good business in the Pocono casinos.


    It’s the Plains ones who have suffered.


    And I don’t mean the inhabitants of the wee green oasis in the midst of an orange swamp in North Lanarkshire.

  8. Jobo’s top three really interests me and the differing opinions watching the same game, think this is also first I haven’t included Broony



    1. Christie


    2. Ncham


    3. Morgan



    Thought Lewis had a really decent game, scored, should have had a penalty, link up play excellent and kept the Rennes back four busy

  9. ‘GG on 29th November 2019 8:33 pm




    Still no excuse for the turkey, an you break your veggie diet for that, don’t you wish it was a steak :O)

  10. Oh and the slice of turkey was a wee highlight in midst of the carrots, Brussels, (excuse me), spinach, cranberry, broccoli, cauliflower and some German stuff I didn’t recognize.


    It was windy on the way back on the interstate.

  11. …and after logging the first 22 emails I’m pleased to report that every one of our starting 11 has received at least 1 vote! And yet we come on her and expect everyone to agree with each other???? ;-)



    Results will be nearer 11pm tonight…

  12. The Huddle


    I don’t miss steak at all. I had to cut red meat down, and gradually we just stopped it and the wife would make boeuf bougignon for an Easter and Christmas treat.


    We even stopped that altogether now.


    My cholesterol has improved, my arthritis inflammations have lessened, my wight is lower and my general health has mystified the doctors who were ready to write me off a year ago.

  13. G.G. the goal highlights were missed last night …



    Awful lot of wattle on here tonight😩😵😜

  14. I went for Christie, McGregor and Morgan. Taylor was a close 4th. Thought Ntcham played ok but just a bit too hesitant at times in final third for me. I’ve already pencilled Frimpong in for Sunday so only two spaces for the lads to play for :))

  15. It’s sunny calm and cool, outside. Time for my wee afternoon walk, before the sun disappears.


    No chance of watching full game in time for CQNPOTY.


    So apologies to Jobo.

  16. ‘GG on 29th November 2019 8:46 pm




    That’s good to hear, you’ll be delighting us with your abuse of the x key for many more seasons 👍🍀




    Saw your post on SC.



    It would take a very clever man or men to commit that amount of fraud at Celtic.



    Do we have such such men at Celtic?

  18. ` every one of our starting 11 has received at least 1 vote! `


    In response to last night`s game, that does not surprise me at all .





    At one stage in the game, I said ,` Ntcham has warmed up .Now watch him go.` but i didn`t think he actually did. Some exquisite touches, of course but too many poor passes for my liking from such an undoubted talent.


    That`ll do for me for this evening. I`ll check Jobo`s poll in the morning.


    It has been good CQN stuff but that doesn`t mean I have forgotten the The Board and Res 12.

  19. Guys the pick of 3 is all about opinions, we might not all agree, but we know I’m right.





    D. :)

  20. Corkcelt and HOt Smoked – I though Ntcham done ok, but he lost the ball a lot/stray passes.



    But hey what do I knowable I said it’s all about opinions.






    D. :)

  21. I think we are getting a bit blase about young Ajer.



    Remember this is not the Bhoys natural position.



    He still has plenty of improvement in him.



    Every centre half will have the odd mistake…VVD included.



    This Bhoy is a star in the making IMO.



    Hail Hail.

  22. Philbhoy,


    Sometimes when see what I regard as an extremely silly post I feel like swearing that facility is not available on this channel.


    Smiled at your post but taking it seriously I think we have no shortage of clever men, but for the most part they are Business Men. They run the Club in an efficient manner but that is sometimes at odds with the passion of Supporters.


    I imagine we are not unique as a Club in that regard. I am pish at posting links but there is a very interesting article in the Evening Standard where an anaylist at Canaccord Nigel Parson evaluates Celtic. Reckons we are undervalued at is suggesting we are wide open too a PSG type Investor.


    This is something I have long believed in, I have little doubt if big bucks came in Desmond wouldn’t be averse to selling all or some of his stake.


    To be honest I believe it is inevitable something like that will happen.


    We have the Stadium, the Support & a Worldwide Brand, big fish in a small pond with the right Investment we would be Champions League Group Stage every year.


    Investing in Football Clubs is very much in vogue at present,

  23. I wouldn’t be getting too excited just yet about automatic CL qualification. A Sevco living within their means will find Europe more challenging next season.



    As ever, it’s ourselves alone. We’re more than capable.

  24. Celtic playing in a Scottish league will never attract a PSG or Chelsea level of investment.



    I always remember Bill miller, the yank who was linked with Sevco right at the start who pulled out because the return was not there for a Club playing in Scotland. He said as much and he was right.

  25. An Dun


    I remember that Miller withdrew his bid after being able to have a closer look at the accounts in the infamous internet data room.


    I’m sure a wee search will verify that he needed urgent respiratory care when he was able to fully see the wreck of the staunch but unsteady club. ;-))

  26. Just seen the Daily Record has a piece about the analyst I was talking about & his evaluation of Celtic. As I know you are all avid readers of same I won’t post a link.

  27. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***





    We win our Europa League group with a game to spare – what a fantastic achievement. And our fine overall team performance is reflected in the fact that all 11 starters plus 1 of the substitutes received at least 1 vote. It’s all about (couldn’t be more diverse) opinions right enough!


    Thank you to the 53 who voted. The votes for the 14 players who took to the field are as follows (my own choices are asterisked) –


    Forster*: 26


    Bauer – 1


    Jullien: 7


    Ajer*: 4


    Taylor: 3


    Brown: 7


    McGregor: 12


    Christie: 35


    Ntcham*: 31


    Morgan: 20


    Forrest: 3


    Johnston: 3


    Bitton: 0


    Griffiths: 0


    Unused subs – Gordon, Sinclair, Rogic, Robertson


    Therefore, the players receiving points for the Rennes game are –


    Christie – 5 points


    Ntcham – 4 points


    Forster – 3 points


    Morgan – 2 points


    McGregor – 1 point



    Meaning that the aggregate total points are now as follows –


    Brown – 37 points


    Edouard – 32 points


    Christie – 27 points


    Forrest – 26 points


    Elyounoussi – 22 points


    Frimpong – 22 points


    Jullien – 20 points


    McGregor – 16 points


    Bolingoli-Mbombo – 13 points


    Forster – 12 points


    Bauer – 11 points


    Ntcham – 9 points


    Elhamed – 8 points


    Hayes – 7 points


    Ajer – 6 points


    Bitton – 3 points


    Bayo – 3 points


    Taylor – 3 points


    Morgan – 2 points


    Rogic – 1 point





    The Player Of The Month award is based purely on the total votes given to each player during that month’s games. As a reminder, in September the award was won by James Forrest with Jullien and Christie coming 2nd and 3rd. In October the winner was Scott Brown with Edouard and Elyounoussi being close behind. In November, we played just the 5 games. In 3rd place with 94 votes is Elyounoussi and just ahead in 2nd place with 98 votes is Frimpong. But the runaway Player Of The Month for November, holding onto his crown with 149 votes is CAPTAIN SCOTT BROWN.


    And so we move onto December where we are scheduled to play 8 matches. We begin with Sunday’s High Noon kick off in Dingwall. I don’t expect us to win by quite as many as our 6-0 home tie against Ross County earlier in the season.


    Hail Hail


    PS – Oops, nearly forgot. The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that whilst 53 folk voted, the total votes amount to 158. That’s because some kind soul decided that yours truly was deserving of their 3rd vote! OK, so he happens to be related to me, but hey ho!! 😉

  28. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Watched the highlights of the game again. Magic Johnson’s goal is brilliant – very similar to the sort of goal that Messi scores on a regular basis.

  29. Fred C. Dobbs on 29th November 2019 9:15 pm



    I think we are getting a bit blase about young Ajer.



    Remember this is not the Bhoys natural position.



    He still has plenty of improvement in him.



    Every centre half will have the odd mistake…VVD included.



    This Bhoy is a star in the making IMO.



    Hail Hail.








    We have an absolute Belter in Kris, he is playing the left side of a new position and he will get caught out, less and less IMO.



    He is a Mega Celtic player already for me.



    So many cracking players coming back from loans and really progressing.



    I can only really see Hibs (now they got a decent Manager – if he sorts the dressing room) and possibly Motherwell having the ability to take points off the newco after December when the fixtures ease.



    So it looks like it will be down to Lennys Bhoys to take as many points as possible in these Derby games.



    I’m confident we will sail through December well. ;))

  30. Tim Malone Will Tell on 29th November 2019 11:15 pm



    Watched the highlights of the game again. Magic Johnson’s goal is brilliant – very similar to the sort of goal that Messi scores on a regular basis.




    Yep, that little faint is a Messi trademark

  31. Jobo. Think you & me are among the few to appreciate Ajer. Makes the odd mistake but never hides & gives his all. A midfielder being played out of position. Love the ghuy.

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