Automatic CL qualification a year’s extrapolation away


Buoyed by two seasons with two clubs competing in the Europa League group stage, Scotland have reached 15th in the Uefa coefficient table.  If they hold off close challenges from Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Switzerland, this will be enough to deliver two Champions League qualification spots for season 2021-22.

This is of no more than passing interest to perennial champions, the 10th and 11th spots are where it gets really interesting.  Champions of the 10th and above place country get automatic entry into the Champions League group stage.  If the previous season’s CL winners have already qualified from their domestic league, as is usually the case, the 11th place country’s champions get direct entry into the group stage.

Ukraine and Turkey currently occupy 10th and 11th spots, with Austria, Denmark and Czech Repulic also ahead of Scotland, but for the next three seasons, Scotland will lose fewer points than each of those countries.  By contrast, we are ahead of all five countries last season and this.

Extrapolation is the scourge of the hopeful and we should not necessarily assume Celtic and Newco will continue to gather coefficient points at the same steady pace.  But, if we were to extrapolate, this season’s performances for Scotland and the five countries immediately above us, we would overtake Ukraine, Turkey, Denmark and Czech Republic by this time next year, leaving Salzburg-inspired Austria in 10th and Scotland 11th.

The Champions League qualification competition is difficult but it is doubly difficult through the non-champions route (only two places are available this way), so I’m not too worried about splitting the Scottish TV pot with another club.  The importance of nine and ten-in-a-row does not need to be stated, but a £40m bonus could sweeten the 11th successive title, should we get there.

Coming our way soon will be a fifth European spot, so points currently divided by four will likely be divided by five in season 2021-22.  Let’s hope the American money arriving in Aberdeen shortly can up their game in Europe.

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  1. Hot Smoked.



    That article is on a whole other Level and must have cost a fair bit!




  2. prestonpans bhoys on




    Thanks for that, we were discussing both games at Ibrox that season two goals up from shuggy and lost 3:2. The 3:1 game as you pointed out was outrageous

  3. Bhoylo 83.


    Neil said, he had a niggle and would keep a close eye on it for the weekend ( or words to that effect )


    My guess is that he won’t start tomorrow, no inside info, just a guess.

  4. P.B. 6.18.


    That’s what I get for trying to do, a few things at the same time. :-)




    What a bleak season, me and Smashingmilkbottles attended most games together that season.


    We were 14/15 but some of the names you mentioned earlier, still make me shudder.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on




    I’ll give you more names. Roll on 1979 and I offer you……….Vic Davidson, yes we signed him again. Came on at Easter Rd never heard so many WTF’s in my life

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Fritzsong, Alfie was ruled out all of the 1977/78 season due to the injury he suffered in our first game of that season.



    He began the start of the following season very well before his injury curse hit again.



    The winter of 1978 into 1979 was a very bad one , we never played any games for about 8 weeks. Our first game played once the weather improved was against Aberdeen. Alfie Conn scored a scrappy goal to win the match which proved crucial in us winning the league.



    That 3 1 game at in 1978 was J P R Gordon at his worst. Colin Jackson leaned heavily on Joe Craig as he was about to header into the goal. McLoy then played the by kick out to Greig while he was still in the box. The only players not arguing about the penalty were Frank Munro and Peter Latchford. Greig eventually scored from the kick out but nearly missed.



    It took Jock Stein and Neil Mochan coming onto the pitch to persuade our players to continue.

  7. all ref the choccy interview.



    very funny comment,



    The Sporting Lisbon game, attendance was 39000.


    but the capacity was near 70000, and there was probably 100000 there, place was packed out.


    39000 aye right.



    whatever could he mean ?

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I think Conn ended up our top scorer in 78-79. With nineteen or something. Was my first year at Uni, hardly missed a game that season.


    Lotsofguinness CSC.



  9. F.B.


    Aye F.B. thanks for that. :-)


    I’m not that old. :-)


    Dallas could buy and sell me from that era, he is very knowledgeable.


    Anyway, how are you?

  10. Just found out that I am in Blackpool on the 29th December, can anyone recommend a Celtic friendly bar for the Glasgow derby.

  11. JNP 7.38pm



    Dallas tells me more about every game I attended … in fact sometimes I don’t even believe I was there :-)

  12. JNP 7.48pm



    A couple of good Celtic fans that sit in my vicinity (Dallas & AoW are a bit further down the classroom) when it comes to Celtic “nostalgia” it’s Dallas time, there was something on Twitter (not guilty) about the Wim season … stopping the cheatin BoS 10… Dallas pointed out it was Vidar Riseth and that’s just one of the modern conundrums :-)

  13. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry and Jimmy , thank you for compliments. Tontine tim is the main man for great Celtic knowledge , his is unrivalled on here.



    Tomorrow will be a tough test for us as all our league games are . It would be good if Griiff can get a longer run out against County and then Hamilton on Wednesday.

  14. Dallas.


    Hey J.


    I’m wondering if Leigh will start tomorrow and Neil maybe had that on his mind, when he restricted his game time on Thursday.

  15. Dallas 8.27pm



    Tontine Tim got fed up with the bickering or whatever… alas a great read and terrific insight into games & players I knew heehaw about



    CQN is in my opinion a terrific site, I value P67 but definitely don’t hang on his every word …



    As for ReS12, I think we are lucky on CQN to have Canalamar, Auldheid, BRT&H to have us well informed, like many others I would know zero about ReS12 I wasn’t on this site … this is why I think there was so much “anger” … BUT surely P67 as a Celtic fan can have his own opinion and I’d like 99% of punters who follow Celtic are happy with the team doing terrific … right or wrong ? Who knows … but for me the Res 12 bhoys have made sure this will never happen again… the SFA will now think twice if the next time a euro licence should be granted :-) so even though some might feel they have lost I think they might have been more successful than they think



    Glass always half full :-)

  16. GFTB.


    Paul’s ball, his game.


    I don’t understand though, how it went from Persistence beats Resistance etc, etc, and the blog being galvanised, to being a subject that he chooses to give little airtime too, now.

  17. My 11 Spartans for mañana are as follows:



    Fraser Forster



    Frimpong. Julien. KA. Taylor



    Broonie. Cal Mac



    Jamsie. Ntcham Ryan Christie











    Mikey J


    Tom Rogic





    All probably wrong but


    That’s what I would start



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  18. F.B.


    Yes, I’m fine, buddy.


    Did your Dad go on Thursday?


    If so, brilliant, it was a right cold one.

  19. I think Celtic will 100% go for Cosgrove in January….. His scoring record is phenomenal… Big dude, not slow, a wee touch or arrogance and never panics in front of goal.


    This time bitter McInnes won’t be telling Stuart Milne to refuse any Celtic bid or he’s walking as he did with McKenna.



    Aberdeen want rid of McInnes ( I hear).



    Milne and the Americans are praying Hearts make a move for him and if they do they will immediately move for the Motherwell manager.



    Obviously we need to 1st win the fame tomorrow but it would be goid to win bt a few.



    Hearts have absolutely no fekin chance tomorrow and the new huns won’t even need the ref…. This is the worst Hertz team and manager I’ve ever seen so it’s imperative we win by 4+.



    We need the other teams to be good.



    Lastly…. Best present Celtic could give us would be new or permanent deals for Edouard, Forster and Ajer and Elyanoussi.




  20. Father Jack 8.44pm



    I didn’t know that .. so why not Mahe that a resolution that is current and not one that the board could bat away ?



    JNP 8.50pm



    I get that as well… canny type for P67 but honestly apart from the Timternet,. rightly or wrongly ReS12 is not an issue to the majority of Celtic fans … I “think” the board have played a blinder and our out the feelers and realised this is an issue they can bin as the majority don’t care ….. And a “strongish” Sevco helps Celtic … by the way on the football park outwith the skullduggery I think the Huns doing well is making us better …. don’t need a tin hat it’s only words on a blog :-)

  21. GFTB.


    You are correct, our fan base is very fragmented on Res 12, which, no doubt, the PLC are delighted about.

  22. NorrieM – do we know if El Hammed is nearing fitness.


    If so him at RB and Fringpong a LB, if not Bauer at RB and Fringpong at LB



    D. :)

  23. JNP 9.07pm



    I don’t think the support is fragmented at all .. I think the wee tiny tiny percent online is … since I joined CQN I have not had one conversation outwith the blog about Res12… guys in the pub, punters who follow Celtic everywhere, family & friends don’t even bother with it (am not saying that’s right or wrong) I have even heard “why are you so surprised the SFA have always helped them” maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome but the vast majority of Celtic fans don’t care … it is sad but true … again maybe we should be delighted that in spite of the cheating … we reside in terrific times … as for putting Res12 to Uefa ??? … ffs that mob are hardly the moral guardians of football …

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, I gather Paddy’s game was off today?



    Griif is goung to be even more important to us up to the winter break and beyond.



    If he has fully recovered from the mental concerns he had and resultant physical fitness issues, he will still be a vital player for us.

  25. GFTB,



    While I do wish Res 12 had had a better result, I fear you are right about the vast majority of Celtic supporters not being interested. Even at the AGM, imo, there was far more concern expressed about the antics of the Green Brigade.



    On the day after, I was in conversation with two guys, one was a lifelong supporter, raised in the Calton, the other was Irish and generally Celtic inclined. The Irishman raised the question of Res 12. He had heard of it for the first time that morning in the Herald. Of course, the media reported it after Peter Lawell said that UEFA weren’t interested. The chap from the Calton didn’t show the least interest.

  26. GFTB.


    I agree that plenty don’t care, but I’ve heard many a conversation about it and at the AGM on Wed, the majority who attended voted in favour.


    When I say fragmented, I don’t mean in a black/white manner.


    I mean, the fan base goes from caring a lot to not caring at all, to loads somewhere in between.


    Those, for example, who refuse to fund SFA run matches.


    Those who no longer purchase merchandise.


    Any way, that’s me for the night.



  27. Just a thought, it might be prudent to give the young O’Connell lad (Lee I think) some game time between tomorrow and Wednesday, if Bolingoli is going to be fit. He got good reviews for his recent performances for Ireland.

  28. Dallas.


    Yes, they were supposed to be play The Roch, away.


    The only score I heard was Auchinleck beat Rossvale, 2.1 in the Scottish.


    Night all.

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