Automatic CL qualification a year’s extrapolation away


Buoyed by two seasons with two clubs competing in the Europa League group stage, Scotland have reached 15th in the Uefa coefficient table.  If they hold off close challenges from Cyprus, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Switzerland, this will be enough to deliver two Champions League qualification spots for season 2021-22.

This is of no more than passing interest to perennial champions, the 10th and 11th spots are where it gets really interesting.  Champions of the 10th and above place country get automatic entry into the Champions League group stage.  If the previous season’s CL winners have already qualified from their domestic league, as is usually the case, the 11th place country’s champions get direct entry into the group stage.

Ukraine and Turkey currently occupy 10th and 11th spots, with Austria, Denmark and Czech Repulic also ahead of Scotland, but for the next three seasons, Scotland will lose fewer points than each of those countries.  By contrast, we are ahead of all five countries last season and this.

Extrapolation is the scourge of the hopeful and we should not necessarily assume Celtic and Newco will continue to gather coefficient points at the same steady pace.  But, if we were to extrapolate, this season’s performances for Scotland and the five countries immediately above us, we would overtake Ukraine, Turkey, Denmark and Czech Republic by this time next year, leaving Salzburg-inspired Austria in 10th and Scotland 11th.

The Champions League qualification competition is difficult but it is doubly difficult through the non-champions route (only two places are available this way), so I’m not too worried about splitting the Scottish TV pot with another club.  The importance of nine and ten-in-a-row does not need to be stated, but a £40m bonus could sweeten the 11th successive title, should we get there.

Coming our way soon will be a fifth European spot, so points currently divided by four will likely be divided by five in season 2021-22.  Let’s hope the American money arriving in Aberdeen shortly can up their game in Europe.

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  1. Oot for breakfast and it was snowing lightly when I left the Garngad..



    Any word if the game is on?



    D :)

  2. D66 9.25am



    I think if the game was in doubt a decision would be made by now, we are all freezing but this is probably summery for the bhoys in Dingwall



    Enjoy your breakfast :-)

  3. Looking for news on the game today, I found this – “The Staggies Bar will be open from 10.00am serving breakfast rolls and alcohol.”


    What a wonderfully hospitable club this really is, in fact, Surely it is a club like no other. 😉👍

  4. Back to Basics


    Very illuminating article re OL. Thank you for posting that, very interesting indeed.



  5. COYBIG, big appreciation for our travelling support on this freezing morning. Hope the Bhoys can give us a(nother) good performance and result today.



  6. T+






    Good morning pal, hope your in good spirits , i imagine you will be , it is the weekend after all :))))



    The next time you chat with MIKE IN TORONTO ( badly missed by me on this site ) let him know there’s a show here on STV based on him and his lifestyle ” RAKE”



    The actor isn’t as handsome or charismatic as MIKE , but who is :))



    Enjoy the game bigyin COYBIG .

  7. BBC:


    `Juventus are monitoring the form of Finland midfielder Glen Kamara with a view to making a move for the 24-year-old, but Rangers’ insistence on holding out for a fee of £8m is likely to be a stumbling block. (Mail On Sunday, print edition)`



    `Likely` :-)))))

  8. Marspapa


    Forwarded your post to Mike (by text) – in case he’s not lurking. Not seen anything of him for a couple of seasons due to his principles.


    He’s usually on Sentinel Celts, I think.


    Anyhoo, hope you are well pal and we enjoy another 3 points today.👍


    HH ☘🇨🇦

  9. Today’s official starting line up v Ross County ……


    Forster; Frimpong, Jullien, Ajer, Taylor; Brown, McGregor; Forrest, Rogic, Christie, Morgan


    Subs: Gordon, Bauer, Bitton,Robertson , Griffiths, Johnston, Sinclair

  10. Embramike


    Thaks for that.


    Does that mean Forrest and Morgan on the wings and Christie up front?






    Taylor suppling any left wing threat and Christie in the Midfield area?





    Frimpong, Jullien, Ajer, Taylor;


    ,Brown McGregor


    Forrest,Christie, Rogic



  11. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 1ST DECEMBER 2019 10:44 AM



    Cheers pal.


    3 points , good performance, and a few goals would be the icing on the cake.

  12. Wrap up well Celts


    A tough days work ahead


    Professional all the way Celtic


    Express and enjoy your work








    Aye , his big brothers especially Ollie every now and then let him know he’s pushing it .


    They are an absolute joy .



    Enjoy the game the game today , let me know when you have time for a couple of beers.. ..( a couple )

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