Avoiding bad Fortune


I read our treble-winning captain, Tom Boyd, in the Herald advising Celtic to retain players who want away or decline to sign new contracts, until after their Champions League qualification ties, an idea we discussed some time ago.  Tellingly he added, “They will see when they go down south it’s not always as bright down there as they think it will be”, perhaps a reference to his time in the Chelsea defence.

There is unlikely to be much difference in value achieved between selling before or after the qualifiers, so as long as the players stay on-side with Neil Lennon and the club, there will be no reason to sell before then.

Recruiting is a different matter.  Celtic will want players in as soon as possible but with all in-demand talent, selling clubs have little reason to cash-in before the business end of August.  For me, there are some on the list we are currently linked with (I’m trying to avoid stepping onto the speculation train as long as possible) who I’ll be happy to see sign elsewhere.  Half the battle in transfer windows is to avoid the bad Fortune of splurging money on players who don’t work out.

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    I’m forever harping on about the paucity of ex-Celts who have improved their CV by trying pastures new.



    Yesterday I posted a wee suggestion for Gary Hooper to think about-namely that I doubt he will buck the trend if he leaves and would be better off staying.



    Still,his choice….

  2. GCT


    Sorry to hear of your news mate,


    The Celtic Support including CQNers are one family, were all here if and when you need someone to converse with, family is family, that’s what we do.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone.





    Ever since I got this bloody iPhone!



    The fact that it came wi a carrier pigeon as an accessory should have been a clue …..





    How goes it,buddy?



    Has the missus let you off the naughty step yet?



    All these guys talking about the LAS VEGAS convention will be springing some memories,I expect.

  5. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Paul67 – I think that the club recouped about £2.5million from the sale of Fortune.Still a lose of around £1.5million though.



    I don’t like the scatter-gun approach that Celtic used during the Strachan years and Neil Lennon to a lesser extent.



    I would rather that the club signed one very good player for £5million than buy five tubes for £1million each.



    It can be a risky policy as we all know,the Marc Antoine Fortune being a good example,the last time the club has spent decent money on one player.

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul 67. We are all different and I think anyone who wants to leave we should sell for the correct money a.s.a.p. if they are playing in the qualifyers there heart will not be in it if they are moving on also there is a risk of injury. Tom Mc I am with you all the way fella give it everything you have mate. H.H.

  7. Hi Paul67,



    Totally agree, Tom Boyd was a great unassuming Celtic Captain and very underrated player in MHO.



    We need to keep that squad together we have many important games between now and mid August. We have been linked with a few decent looking players but none for me is a must have, the window can wait.



    CLQ can’t.



    Having that squad at peak level for Liverpool in Dublin would also be nice.



    Never tire of deflating the aul’ best League in the World.



    Hail! Hail!

  8. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Never mind is the Baldie thing a goer. Are Mixu and Lassood a going??

  9. F/B Rumours…



    TRANSFER NEWS/RUMOURS…. Reports in Portugal say Celtic have agreed a £1.7m deal to bring striker, Amido Balde to Glasgow on a 4 year deal. Derby County have had a £750’000 bid for Johnny Russell accepted by Dundee Utd & the move is now up to the player, who may wait for Celtic to make an offer. Daryl Murphy has agreed a two year deal with Ipswich Town. Rami Gershon’s agent confirms Celtic won’t be signing the defender permanently. Sunderland are hoping to beat Norwich, Hull City, QPR, Fulham & Southampton to the signing of Gary Hooper. Arsenal remain highly interested in Victor Wanyama but no bid has been made.

  10. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    Miku will go back to his club, Lassad is a Celtic player and I think he should be given an injury free season to see what he’s got, he looked a skillful player to me and scored some tidy wee goals..



    Jon Daly will not be appearing in the Hoops!!

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Does anyone have footage of Balde the striker we are supposed to have bought ? I thought after big Bobo the SM would steer away from a player of that name. H.H.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Amido Balde is 1.9368220012m tall [approx.]



    He first became aware of Celtic when his mother almost choked on a portion of toucinho do ceu, luckily hoopslegend Anthony Stokes, who was in Guimaraes for the Cortejo do Linho, was on hand to perform the Heimlich manouevre.



    While waiting for the ambulance to arrive the bhold Anto took everyone’s mind off things by regaling the Balde family with his tales of life at Scotland’s biggest and best club.

  13. Afternoon all



    Bad news re GCT. Thoughts and prayers with you sir





  14. South Of Tunis on




    Previous thread . —-Graham Parker



    Each to their own..



    Memories of him playing solo /acoustic stuff in a bar in Finsbury Park . Memories of him and a band playing places like The Hope and Anchor and boozers on the Harrow Road. . Occasionally used to meet up with pals on Friday nights /Saturday nights in such places —– my ears usually preferred the music to come from Kokomo / Roogalator / the Count Bishops / Bees Make Honey . Ducks Deluxe.. Graham Parker outlasted them all -so what do I know.? Could have been worse , could have been Slack Alice.

  15. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Paul67 – I disagree with your assertion that there’s unlikely to be much difference in selling before or after the qualifiers. Just look at the situation with Arsenal/Wanyama – they are unlikely to want him if he plays for us in the CL qualifiers, thus reducing his potential value. Even worse, we could have him at the club and not play him if negotiations are ongoing – isn’t this what happened with Aiden?

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    s p



    J D is now contaminated after pulling that plague ridden rag on!! H H Cant resist a wee dig can you?? lol <:o)

  17. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Remember that the club once signed Eyal Berkovic for a fee of £5.75million.



    Stinking attitude and a waste of money,but by Jesus he had talent,a great footballing brain.

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