Axing the Act one vote at a time


I was at primary school during the 1979 devolution referendum.  It’s fair to say many in the Celtic community were suspicious of the SNP due to the hostile attitudes some of the party leadership had to the Irish diaspora in their midst.

Fresh blood brought change to the SNP in the 1980s, there were even overtures to Irish nationalism.  Alex Salmond cemented these changes, broadened the appeal of the party towards new and multi-generation immigrants, and asserted the SNP’s multi-faith credentials.  He also became close friends with disgraced Cardinal O’Brien (which is no reflection on Mr Salmond).

At the height of his political powers Salmond appears to have overreached.  Something would be done about men shouting at football games.  From now on only certain flavours of nationalism would be favoured, acceptable, perhaps even legal.  MSP Christine Graham let the Scottish Parliament know, the problem was that Celtic fans were not acting illegally, so the law had to change.

The Axe the Act candidate in today’s Glasgow City Council, Govan, by-election, Thomas Rannachan has brought the consequences of Salmond’s largess to his door.  The SNP are defending the seat but one year out from the battle Salmond really needs to win, his shoddy attack on football fans is set to undermine him.  As an independent Rannachan may not win, but he has put the First Minister on the back foot.

George Ryan’s funeral will take place at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow, at 10:00 on Monday. All are welcome.

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  1. Kit



    That was precisely my point. I was stating to uog that, as with Tony Watt, you can either play them until their bad habits catch up with them- a non-professional approach in my eyes.



    Or you can try to make them the best they can be to theirs and our long term benefit- the professional way.




    UOG, I see Neil as having made a valiant effort to accommodate the talents of McCourt and Watt (Ibrahim too). He is not averse to challenging himself with talented players with problems, but failing to persuade a daftie to stop being daft does not make you a failure.



    Only a failure to recognise and intervene would do that.



    We still have players like Commons, Sammi, Efe, Van Dik and Izzy who are far from orthodox clones. Behind them we have the guile of Rogic and the trickery of McGeoch, Paul George and young Paul McManus.

  2. Setting Free the Bears



    You are Mean Spirited and Spiteful as ever



    Your stock in trade is..



    Name Calling and Peppering yer Correspondence wi ..



    Silly Insulting remarks.



    Ah hiv Done or said Nothing tae You that Deserve this constant..



    Strafing..of Ma Character..



    Please Desist.



    Wull Ye ever Learn, kid?



    Na.. Don’t think so..



    Fur ye are so limited in yer Ability tae contribute.. that ye



    Hivtae keep oan



    Writing yer Insults tae Innocent Folk.. who dinna even Know ye or



    Want tae correspond wi.’






  3. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on



    I honestly wasn’y inferring the SNP were Nazis


    I genuinely did not know that is where that quote came from(Martin Niemöller)



    I have my opinions on the SNP and their focus storm troopers and I dont trust Salmond but i will not go as far as Nazis……….. YET

  4. up-over-goal,



    I can’t agree with you. Belgium is one of the best places to develop young players. Tony Watt is obviously seen by Celtic as a special talent. I just hope he doesn’t squander that talent. He has been given a chance to learn from the best, imo. I just hope we can develop our coaches to teach our other young lhads the right habits. I have said repeatedly on here that Scottish football for far too long has promoted fitness and running to the detriment of skill. But there is no point in going to the other extreme. Young lhads who are gifted, like Tony Watt, have a responsibility to train properly.

  5. Kojo



    “You are Mean Spirited and Spiteful as ever



    Your stock in trade is..



    Name Calling and Peppering yer Correspondence wi ..



    Silly Insulting remarks.’



    Did you not just call the SNP Communist?



    And now yir greeting cos somebody said bad things to you?



    You should try reading your stuff some time and, if you took out your insults, there’d be precious little left.



    You do not get to award yourself a sticker for good behaviour.



    At least, wait till TSD gives you one :-)

  6. gallowgate mad squad



    I agree entirely. I’m starting to find the frequent use of this ongoing offensive behaviour mess [as a stick to beat the snp] more offensive than the act itself.




  7. Setting Free the Bears



    Ah did call the S.N.P. a “Bunch of Communists”



    That wiznae an Insult.. That wiz a FACT.



    Ah listen tae their Stuff..and Marx’s Fingerprints is Awe over it.






    The S.N.P are a bunch of Communists.



    And Scotland wull find that oot.. Too Late.



    and Like awe Communists..



    The S.N.P. are Anti-God..and the Family.



    Catholic Schools wull soon be a Thing of the Past.



    Communists don’t want any Interference.



    The Elimination of Catholic Eduction will be there Number wan Target..











  8. gallowgate mad squad on

    Fav celtic goals_



    1- Didier Agathe v Ajax


    2- Mo Johnstone v St Mirren


    3- Chris Sutton v Ajax


    4- Lubo at Ibrox


    5- henke 6-2



    fav players



    1- Paul mcStay


    2- danny McGrain


    3- Henke


    4- Chris Sutton


    5- sammi



    So many to choose from

  9. bankiebhoy1



    Apparently they didn’t go forth and multiply :-)



    That seemingly allowed the Scotalnders to lay claim to the oil in the Shetlanders Basin

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    So Tom British gives cardihun bad press. Thats cardihuns punishment from MIH for walking away. They cant crucify him as it would all come out in the wash. So just a wee spank oan the erse from another west brit.



    Reallly looking forward to some face to face action with a few west brits the morra.




  11. Setting Free the Bears






    Don’t Look Noo.



    But yer Jealousy is Showing



    Ah dinna Need tae call folk Names , like You dae..In order



    tae find something tae write aboot..



    You Dae..



    Ah dinnae Need tae Attack fellow Corresponents Character


    tae mak ma Points



    You Dae..



    Grow up..



    and Confine yer Comments and Observations tae the Subject at Hand.



    Like an Adult..



    Instead of always inserting Personal Insults and Petty Snipes.





    Still Laughin

  12. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    I was going to vote no(TO DEVOLUTION) as I saw no point of Scottish Parliament,the day before the vote that twerp Donald Findlay was on tv urging people to vote no,so I changed my vote to yes,and apart from the smoking ban I now regret that decision,the only reason for devolution was to suppress the SNP who mainly took votes from Labour making it harder to


    defeat the tory scum in the uk ,nothing and I mean nothing will make me vote yes next year




    Some of the pro devo lot mostly SNP canvassers shouted abuse at me when I told them I was voting no they have no class and are just racist scum bit like the tartan army

  13. Kojo.


    I think you are having an off day. 0:-) First of all, you dismiss the Greek Enigma. Next up the SNP are all Communists and finally, you suggest that SFTB is very limited in the content of his posts! I agree he was patronising in his dismissal of your views but, generally speaking, his posts are extremely measured and indicative of an insightful mind. I genuinely hope your seemingly bad mood is nothing to do with any ill health.



  14. My Dear,Dear,Dear Friend…Kojo..



    Legend Of The Vegas Strip…



    Last Of The ‘Rat Pack’…



    The Man Who Won Jack Ruby’s Night Club From Him In A Game Of Crap Poker..



    The Night Before Lee Harvey Oswald Was Shot…..






    You Missed ALL The Fun The Ither Night..



    When Your Principal Tormentor Was ‘Skelpt For Talking B*ll”….



    And Then Some…..



    (You Had To Be There..!)



    Oh What Larks….!



    A Wiz Hauf Expecting ‘Soapbox Dick Byrne….



    Tae Appear Oan This Sainted Blog…..



    Tae ‘Defend His Honour’ Wi’ Yon Big Miley Cyrus Sponge Finger…..



    Still….Laughin’ Like Heidi-Oan-The-Nitrous…



    Yer Pal…..Who Thinks Ye’re SWELL…



    Up The HOOPS !

  15. gallogate mad squad, you have it all wrong, what Scotland needs ids a good solid union with the english so we can share what’s left of the oil reserves no point and keeping it all for Scotland, what would we do with it? in the same way that it is easier to have all the regional offices of say passport, IRS, post office ect based in england as there are cheap flights and buses if the need ever arises, if we had independence we would have all of that kind of stuff up here and all that would do is create jobs which it seems no one really wants.


    here’s to another 400 years of being told what to do by someone who doesn’t really give a Sh$7 about Scotland, maybe we will get another section of motorway from London to keep us quiet for a while.

  16. Jungle Jim



    It is possible that You do Not Agree with Ma Point



    The wan where … Ah Believe that The S.N.P. are a Bunch of Communists



    But, to Prpose that Ah am Hiving a “Bad Day”, because that You


    Disagree wi Ma Point of View,re the S.N.P.


    as you hiv jist Observed..



    Disnae Compute..



    Sure , Ye and Ah disagree oan this ..



    and also My Refusal tae go along with the Crowd ,in their belief that Sammi, is an Indispensable weapon in oor Armoury.



    But, Ah am at a Loss tae see how those Two disagreements between us..



    Should Lead you tae Think that Ah wiz hiving… a “Bad Day’



    As a Matter of Fact, Ah believe that Ah am hiving a Very Good Day..



    All Ah have done , oan here ..



    Is tae Hiv given Ma Opinion.



    If Stating a Contrary Opinion,oan here ..



    Is tae mean that the Contrary Opinion Maker. is…. Hiving a “Bad Day”as you hiv





    Then it must Follow ,using those Parameters..






    If Ah happened tae go Along with Whtever YOUR Opinions wid hiv bin oan these subjects at hand..






    By your own Lights..



    Ah wid Be Hiving A “Good Day”






    Disnae Mak a Lick of Sense .. tae Me!





    Still, Laughin

  17. Cologne is Green and White.



    The Köln Altstadt is filling up with Ireland supporters in anticipation of tomorrow evening´s game here against Germany.



    The singing (and drinking) in full flow, looking forward to a couple of lively evenings in the city.



    Already heard a chorus of “Just Cant Get Enough”, wonder where they got that one from.




  18. My dear,dear,dear, Friend. The Singing Detective..






    Great tae Greet..




    Yep.. Here is whit it’s Amounts tae..



    Whit Diz?



    Why ..



    It Appears that..



    Anybuddy, who Happens tae voice a Contrary Opinion, in Disagreement tae which Whit amounts, tae the “Party Line”..which is noo In Vogue…oan this Sainted spot oan the Blogosphere..



    Is Told …



    Be quiet. and Shut up and Sup The Pablum, which is Being served oan Here..



    And Learn tae Enjoy it..






    Fur if ye dinnae toe the Party Line,like a Guid wee Fellah



    Then Ye wull Be Subjected tae a Battery of Prickly Missives..



    Directed at You..



    Tae Mak ye see the Error of Yer Ways!



    Ah am Getting this Right,pal??



    Sure Ah am..



    Well If the Party Apparatchik’s oan here, believe fur a Minute that they kin mak me


    Toe the Party Line. they they ur in fur a Big Disappointment..



    Nice Chatting ,Pal..






  19. Parkheadcumsalford



    Interesting take, and I hope you’re right. My comments weren’t directed at Neil Lennon, but at members of our support who seem to just ‘know’ that Watt doesn’t have the right attitude. As I said, I can only go on the evidence of my own eyes, and while Watt’s form tailed off a bit towards the end of last season, his overall play was very good for Celtic. Here’s hoping he can improve under TinTin’s critical eye.



    setting free the bears



    All those players you mention were not coached as youths at Celtic. The only players with ‘guile’ in that squad are Commons and Stokes, and they did not hone that quality at Lennoxtown. I generally like to talk up our players, but your over-estimation (imo) of some of our squad players’ talents does tempt me to the dark side.

  20. Dave King = ” a glib and shameless liar” according to a SA judge


    Should fit in very well at the bigotdome!




  21. Gallowgate mad squad



    My post had nothing to do with the SNP/Independence it was more to do with the fact that at the moment the pe

  22. My Dear Kojo….



    The Eager CQNers……



    Never Did Get The Benefit Of Your ‘Professional’ Opinion….



    Oan This Bafflin’ Case….



    Perhaps Ye Missed The Original Post..?







    Dear….Oh Dear….Kojo !



    Ah Thought Oor Frien’…..



    Hid Gotten Over His Unfortunate Tendency…..



    To Indulge In ‘Skatological Language’….



    When It Wis Brought Tae His Attention Oan This Blog….



    Many Months Past……



    Unfortunately….We Hiv A RECIDIVIST Oan Oor Haunds…..



    One Who Has All The Hallmarks…..



    Of Havin’ Had A Prolonged And Difficult Potty-Trainin’ Phase……



    Which Hiz Left Him Wi’ A Lingering Sense Of Insecurity……




    And Deep Scars To The Psyche…..



    On A Related Matter…..



    A Reckon He Was A Definite Candidate For The Bottom-Bunk ONLY……



    For At Least Into Early Adolescence…?



    As An Honours ‘Cum Laude’ Graduate In Psychology…..




    From The Maist Prestigious McGill University Of Canada…..



    Do You Share Ma Perspicacious Assessment Of This Vexing Case…?



    Viva KevJungle !



    Big (ThumbsUp) Tae John O’Neil..!

  23. Gallowgate mad squad



    My post had nothing to do with the SNP/Independence it was more to do with the fact that at the moment the people in charge are going after soft targets..

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    A quick sketch…



    Amongst the lowest life expectancy for both men and women in all of Europe – comparable with former Eastern bloc states Bulgaria and Romania



    Amongst the highest rates of child poverty in Europe – 20% of the kids live in poverty.



    A mediocre and declining standard of Education relative to OECD nations – Latvia, Slovakia, Finland and other small nations are way ahead.



    Second lowest rate of Business investment in R&D in Europe – only Cyprus in all of Europe invests less on Innovation.



    Can you see what it is yet?



    It’s contemporary Scotland.



    I’m not for a minute suggesting that a Yes vote in the referendum is going to change any of the above any time soon, but what is quite clear is that for the majority of people in Scotland, Health, Education, Social Inclusion and Employment are important matters, helping to define what is perceived as a social-democratic consensus.



    Despite these matters being important, we’re not doing very well.



    Something’s got to change in our approach, our outlook and our ownership of these issues before anything meaningful progress can be achieved.



    Whether that’s Independence or not I don’t know. But it is clear that we’re in a period of sustained relative decline, relative that is to the rest of the world.



    Maybe we just like being crap, so long as we can still blame the Tories, or whoever. What could be worse than living (and dying) in such a crap place with no one to blame but ourselves and the weather.

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