Back to back trebles! Goodness


This time next week it will be easy to convince me one of our biggest games of the remainder of the season will take place at Ibrox in a couple of days.  Though a reversal at Ibrox would hurt, based on so many good times we have had there recently, tomorrow’s Scottish Cup game against Morton is considerably more important.

The league title is coming home for the seventh successive season and we are three cup games away from being the first Scottish club to win back to back trebles.  In these days of plenty, I know you get used to winning things, but, goodness, back to back trebles!

The measure of this objective cannot be overstated.  Morton is our biggest in March.  Let’s have no mistakes, this time.

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  1. Lose next week and we could go to Fir Park on the 18th level on points. Another reason, along with getting players back from injury and getting suspension out of the way, that Dundee game should have been this midweek not April 4th.





    Back to back trebles at the top of your wish list?



    You shoulda said,bud. I’d have tried harder to get you along to a hootenanny.

  3. Paul67



    Completely agree, bearing in mind we get Sevco again at CP after the split?



    Do they swindle their way out of that like they have with the rest of the fixture imbalance


    of BIg Hoose games.




  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on




    Many supporters park just off Duke St and up and around Maukinfauld Rd. None of these areas are in good condition (traffic and pedestrian) and it will lead to many fans not being able to get parked and cause real congestion on all the approaches to the Stadium.



    Unless the cooncil get the gritters and snowploughs out to clear up it will be pretty grim tomorrow!





  5. BRTH 9.57



    Good reading, thanks



    Re the miss reporting by the BBC and other establishment news outlets on British wrongdoing in Ireland , I think Albert Maysles summed it up perfectly …




    ‘ Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance ‘

  6. Would rather have played the Dundee game next midweek but happy enough play it when we will have more players back from injury. Probably not worth the risk of playing it days before a big game.

  7. VFR



    ” The crowd will probably be 20,000 to 30,000 ”



    I would be very surprised given the current conditions + Live on TV.




  8. Paul67



    Completely agree, away game is just another three points



    Any chance ‘the Computer’ will place Sevco and Bobby Madden at Celtic Park after the split?



    Haven’t they suffered enough CSC

  9. GARY67



    Thanks Gary, trying to plan out the weekend before we get snowed in here:))



    The trams here have wee snow ploughs on the front the day!!




  10. GARY67 on 2ND MARCH 2018 11:21 AM


    Lose next week and we could go to Fir Park on the 18th level





    You’ve already got us down for a defeat then. Worst case we would have two games in hand. Best case we don’t lose at Ibrox. Calm down.

  11. Paul67


    I am surprised that a good guy like yourself continues to make statements like this: ” The league title is coming home for the seventh successive season “.


    Currently , it is not. We are in an excellent position and are hot favourites but time to celebrate if and when it happens.



  12. DAVID17


    Where did I say I thought we’d lose. Merely stating a fact, we could go into a game in a fortnight level on points. We could also be 9 points clear with 2 games in hand.

  13. 19/02/2018, 13:28:47: Alex Hill: England v Ireland March 17 St Patrick’s Day Twickenham



    This may be of interest to one of you. A friend of mine has two tickets in a corporate box for England v Ireland 17th Mar. He paid £300 each, but he didn’t realise when he bought them months ago that it was going to be the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place.



    It’s at Marylebone Registry Office, at 4.30pm. The bride’s name is Nicole — she’s 5’4″, about 8 stone, quite pretty, has her own income and is a really good cook.

  14. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    GARY67 on 2ND MARCH 2018 11:21 AM



    It’s just as likely we could be going to Fir Park anywhere between 5 and 9 points ahead with a game in hand (at home against Dundee).



    They fail to beat us and they fail to beat Kilmarnock (only 1 point from 6 against both teams) who are the form team at the moment then we will be well ahead of them yet again.



    IMHO, that’s a far more likely scenario than them taking 6 from 6 in their next 2 league games!









    Nothing wrong with Paul’s assertion. The opposite is being sown in the Laptop Loyal ?



    Read the posts and thoughts of your fellow Celtic supporters. Some just need to put their fears back in the box.

  16. Hot Smoked



    I agree. If and it’s a big if the game goes ahead I would be surprised if the crowd exceeds 20,000.



    Great for watching on the box maybe, but not so good for attendees.



    The seasons are completely unpredictable now and we have to adapt. How about doing away with the winter break and having the season running circa 11 months with a dedicated summer break.




  17. We’re perfectly capable of being beat at Ibrox. We were capable of being beat by Killie and Hearts.



    Disappointed to see the Dundee game rescheduled for the 4th of April. I was hoping we could fit it in earlier and get the likes of Compper and Roberts minutes





    Sorry,mate. Prior arrangements.



    Off to get blootered wi my mate in deepest Essex,and wind up the locals as Ireland gub the English again on the last day.



    I’ve got a t-shirt commemorating England’s famous Grand Slam in 2011. £2 on eBay after they,erm,didnae beat Ireland that day either. I was gonna wear it on March 17,but the Guinness stains would show up on it.



    I’m sure Nicole will find the Papa of her dreams.

  19. JJ From last article.



    Haven’t read ‘ Happy ‘ personally but if you like that genre I would recommend Ekhart Tolle’s power of now if you haven’t already read it.


    Great read with fascinating insights into the internal processes we all experience.

  20. How dare a mere 20,30,000 supporters brave the brunt of storm emma and the beast from the east for others to enjoy on the couch of another good SKY profit.



    SKY destroys football CSC

  21. BRTH: Great post about Bobby Sands ‘ diary and the conflict in Ireland.



    There were a couple of programmes on BBC NI recently which I thought were quite interesting:



    One dealt with british soldiers describing their time on patrol (can’t remember the name of programme)



    The other called True North dealt with the gay community during the conflict.



    Both should be available on the BBC Iplayer.



    From a reading point of view, Labour in Irish History by James Connolly and Northern Ireland: The Orange State by Michael Farrell are invaluable in understanding Ireland’s recent history imho.

  22. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    I have 2 spare tickets for tomorrows game in the Standing Section.



    I’m still suffering from damaged knee ligaments and had hoped to make it but the slide to and from Celtic Park tomorrow would most likely set me back!



    Anyone interested, they can be picked up in the East End today or tomorrow.





  23. I know it’s wrong to take things for granted. but come on. Stop panicking! If you must, go to the bookies and get on the huns at zillions to one.


    We do need to put them back in their box on 11th.

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The fact that tomorrow’s game is being televised, means that extra efforts will be made for it to go ahead.



    As for the Dundee game.


    Celtic wanted it next week. presumably, at least in part, to serve Lustig’s suspension.


    However, Dundee and, perhaps, tjhe SPFL would have to agree.



    What were the chances of getting agreement?



    At this stage, it is about getting players back to fitness for the run in, so the fewer games we play, the more rest time the fit players get.



    It’ll be time enough to count the points, when the dealing’s done!#krogers

  25. Copied from last thread



    Quick update on Our Mate Mick!



    I have spoken to him this morning (Just by text as he’s a bit too groggy to speak) as he is just home after his 1st skin graft operation.



    Skin was taken from his left thigh for his arm, so his leg is as sore as his arm for now at least, but he is happy to be at home resting for a few days, before going back to hospital to check dressings etc.



    For anyone who knows Mick, you won’t be surprised to hear his sense of humour is as good as ever, he took my joke about the left leg not being up to a nakamura free kick anymore, as well as you would expect.



    He and Caroline had posted on Facebook earlier this week to say a massive thank you again for all the support they have received from around the world, they are truly humbled and extremely grateful.



    So on their behalf Thank You to all, for any help however small and especially to all CQN’rs for the OURMateMick campaign and the score predictor etc.



    Hail Hail



  26. The “diaries” are grand reading.


    But, that shouldn’t then lead you to stand inside a football stadium, in Scoatlind, where you stand and sing songs about the armed struggle.


    The armed struggle is over!


    It was a “live” issue in the days of the Jungle. Brother Walfrid would have wanted the folk who remain in the six counties, to do so, in peace. Jesus would have wanted that, so to, would Bobby Sands and, MACANBHEATHA, and, so to, should you.


    The brexit palaver, is, imho, the cooked up excuse, by the British and Sinn Fein, to facilitate the referendum for a united Ireland.


    Ah mean, it was said, back in the day, if republicans….


    Put the guns away √


    There was to be two decades of peace √


    The unionist majority would fall below 50 % √


    Then, with those boxes ticked, Sinn Fein would be given permission to hold a referendum on Irish unity.


    Gerry Adams and, Martin McGuinness have been a, strategically masterful duo.


    Just how ironic it would be, if, Mr Adams was trying to sensitively, from behind the scenes with his old pal, Jeremy Corbyn, trying to alleviate the fears of unionists in the six counties, whilst, back in Glasgow, Celtic supporters were still trying to wage the armed struggle, trying to express their rebelliousness, whilst supporting a PLC board who tricked these same pseudo rebels into rubber stamping, the Sevco / Rainjurs Same Club £49 Lie ?


    Its enough to make yer heart go – “Did Celtic “really” die when the fenian rebellious Jungle was flattened ?”


    Maybe waan day they’ll get it…..


    Maybe waan day!


    Mr McNeill, have a grand day, thank you.


    Mr Gemmell, thank you. RIP.




    How times have changed.



    During the war,fnaar fnaar,we had Fanny By Gaslight. Mind,it only came out once,it’s repeated all over the place on a regular basis. Much like our own Fanny by Cyberspace.

  28. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    From the last thread …….



    I think it is fair to say that the years of “The Troubles” caused much heartache for many families “On The Mainland” but they were nothing in comparison to the hardship and heartache suffered by the people — all the people – who were in the sx counties and the border counties.



    When considering any discussion about those times I am always drawn to the words of Paul Doran’s beautiful song, Natives, as sung by Christy Moore:



    The scars of the past are slow to disappear


    The cries of the dead are always in our ears


    Only the very safe can talk about wrong and right


    Of those who are forced to choose, some will choose to fight


    For all of our languages, we can’t communicate.



    Only the very safe can talk about wrong and right, and of those who are forced to choose, some will chose to fight.



    God forbid that we should ever again live in a society where people are forced to chose – although I accept that people are still forced to choose on an economic and social basis each and every day and the current treatment of the poor in society and by Government is a disgrace.



    It is often forgotten, or maybe it was never truly recognised, that the instance of suicides by young men of Irish extraction on “The Mainland” during the 70’s and 80’s was huge. It was far higher than among any other ethnic minority. Young men were all confused about their identity were they Irish or British or Scottish or English?



    Many were brought up not to think about Ireland and the troubles but couldn’t escape the same because of their accent or their surname with many being bullied, persecuted and discriminated against because of their Irishness.



    Some would say that TV was brave in commissioning shows such as Love thy Neighbour or even Till Death us do Part to highlight racism but none were brave enough to tackle Irish racism and instead we got endless TV shows with loads of thick paddy jokes.



    Equally, in the home there was conflict and misunderstanding.



    I have a friend with an Irish born father and a very Irish name who was brought up in Wakefield. My friend had a huge passion for avantgarde popular music and fashion. At one point he came home with a huge, long RAF coat which was fashionable at the time. He thought nothing of it but his father went completely spare and virtually disowned him for what he saw was part of a British Military Uniform.



    Irish discrimination increased hugely after Guildford and Birmingham and, in a sense, many people who had been silent suddenly started to speak up when that discrimination against them and their became more vocal and more mainstream.



    Yet only the very safe can talk about wrong and right.



    In our house, the events of Bloody Sunday were a topic of regular discussion. How could the Heath Government deny that the soldiers had shot the victims in cold blodd. The footage of Edward Daly and his blood stained white hankie was viewed over and over again. How could Lord Widgery describe the shooting of 13 civilians as “Bordering in the Wreckless”? If the death of 13 unarned civilians only “bordered” on the wreckless, what does it actually take to be fully wreckless and then just plain deliberate?



    The Paras had been deployed to teach the civil rights protestors a lesson on political instructions. The people were viewed as rioters and not protestors even before they had taken to the street.



    Of course the arrogance shown by the British Authorities drove the youth into the ranks of the local IRA and things escalated. It was a total disaster from start to finish.



    But, years later I recall an interview with a member of the Heath Government although I can’t remember who. The mentality that one the day in the cabinet was that they couldn’t dare admit that the soldiers had deliberately shot the peace marchers as that would have created an even greater drive to the Provisionals, caused an even greater lack of trust in Law and order and the so called peace keeping forces.



    Now, I don’t agree with covering up the truth or political expediency but there you have a situation where Government (whether it be a Government that you don’t like or not) is forced to choose. I believe they chose the wrong route on more than one occasion.



    Within a year the UK Government was clinging to power in the grip of the three day week and within two years we were headed into elections and hung parliaments.



    Whilst it couldn’t be ignored, Northern Ireland was a damn nuisance and many chose to fight to try and put the issues in Ireland to the very top of the political agenda as they believed that without “Military action” the six counties would be just forgotten about.



    And on the mainland the events were reported in such a way as to leave the impression that this was The British Army and Law and Order against the troublesome Republican Paddies which had a knock on effect on the people of Irish extraction living on mainland Britain.



    I have always seen the program linked below as fully exposing the idiocy and the conflicts of British Policy in Northern Ireland at the time.



    Not everyone in the program comes out of it with credit and many years later it is worth watching again.



    Ten years later I took myself for a walk in Belfast and watched as armoured cars, tanks and guns stood shoulder to shoulder with Boots the Chemist, Safeway supermarkets, Saxon shoe shops and endless people going to and about their business.



    It was scary and completely alien to see but I wanted to see what this was like.



    I came home thinking “Thank God I don’t live there” but at the same time thinking “How on earth do you put a stop to this?”



    Maybe a year further on, I also recall coming out of Termine station in Rome and seeig a huge piece of Graffiti which took up a whole wall.



    It read ” Viva Bobby Sands”



    Back home in Glasgow I found many people who didn’t really want to talk about the hunger strike or what it meant, why it happened, whether it was right or whether it would achieve anything.



    Whatever you say, say nothing.



    The scars of the past are slow to disappear


    The cries of the dead are always in our ears


    Only the very safe can talk about wrong and right


    Of those who are forced to choose, some will choose to fight


    For all of our languages, we can’t communicate.



    If you have a spare 50 minutes have a watch – it is very much worth it.







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