Back to black for Celtic


19 years after last having money in the bank, all we needed was ‘Armageddon’ to allow Celtic to return to the black.

Despite a drop in income from domestic football turnover increased an incredible 47.7% to £75.82m thanks to participation in the Champions League, leaving a balance of £3.76m in the bank (after season ticket money arrived in) on 30 June 2013.

The profit for last season of £9.74m more than made up for the loss of £7.37m made when competing with others who were subsequently found to be unwilling (not just unable) to pay their bills.

This summer’s transfers were split between the financial year just reported and the current period, with a £9.66m investment in football personnel and £5.19m recouped from player disposal (clearly the Wanyama sale was post-year-end.

These figures are retrospective and would have read hollow if the club didn’t reach the Champions League again this season.  With that status achieved we are now in a remarkably strong position to continue to scout, recruit, develop talent and improve the playing squad.

More detailed analysis tomorrow.

1254125 at The Great Scottish Run.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before. This is your club, remind the world of what really counts and get involved in 1254125.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

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  1. My post was Paul67ed.



    re. O’Neill & Lennon



    Neil Lennon could win his next 30 games in a row, and he still wouldn’t have accrued the same ratio of points per game as Martin O’Neill.



    Of course, we’ll never be able to compare them fairly – 2 different men operating in 2 different environments.



    I loved the way O’Neill instilled a winning mentality into his group of players, and I’m happy to say I was for the appointment of Lenny from the first.



    My opinion – Neil is different in that he seems to be more willing to take advice from his scouting staff, has a more open-minded approach to tactics, and is more hands on as a coach (perhaps not as much as Gordon Strachan was).



    Think it’s fair to say both have been a blessing for Celtic.

  2. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Have to say that the accounts look impressive. But the operating costs are way too high IMO bearing in mind our spend on player wages.



    Not the first time I’ve asked this,but where does all the money go for operating costs?

  3. Good to see some internal capacity building. I could tell the CRM was in need of attention a couple of years back.Makes a Membership Scheme covering all categories of supporters home and overseas more possible.Onwards and upwards!

  4. jude2005- talking to one of Strathclyde’s Finest in the pub last week,a purge on any motoring offence.A couple of guys in EK got done for cutting over a mini roundabout.

  5. Philbhoy.



    All good thanks, and you ?



    Here is a belter from their star poster.



    From the Earl of Leven, with over 82k posts.



    Due to CL and selling players they’re doing fine.



    Saying ‘fenian bas####s’ doesn’t change that.



    Nothing to do with us.




    Now that is what I call a hurting hun >}

  6. Che (Standing Beside Wee Oscar) on

    With those figures posted there’s no chance of SS Leaky Sevconia lodging their books anytime soon.

  7. Two quick points


    1 This underlines the difference in revenues and profits when CL football is involved and raises the profile of Canamalar’s AGM motion.


    2 Will other SPL clubs and fans take the point of view that we are the main beneficiary of Ranger’s liquidation and look for some payback?

  8. my simplisiticMr Micawber economics drive me to ask if we had exceptional expenses last year?


    Operating expenses of over £62m seem excessive v previous years and I thought we had got rid of top earners in the playing staff?


    Still in a very healthy state thanks to CL money and it becomes obvious why we have to get there 2 out of every 3 seasons. Without the money we cannot operate with or attract the players we need to get to that level , without the players we don`t get the money from thet level, a virtuous or vicious cycle it would appear to be.

  9. There’s actually in excess if £14m in the bank @ June against a term loan of £10.2m with the co-op on brill rate.There’s actually in excess if £14m in the bank @ June against a term loan of £10.2m with the co-op on brill rate.



    braw! cc D.Low

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    big georges fan club – hail, hail, wee oscar



    16:35 on 23 September, 2013


    Right – have set up a share account with Hargreaves Lansdown, and cobbled together 100 quid (sorry Mrs BGFC, or I will be when she finds out). Website says account active within a day.



    Can someone give a definitive answer with respect to the resolution – what is required – 100 shares OR 100 pounds worth of shares????



    Also, once I buy them later today or tomorrow, what do I do to give my proxy to Canalamar for the resolution?








    NewbieSkintButNOTApatheticCC (tell KK!!)

  11. Re the numbers… Obviously looking good, but would like to peruse the notes.



    Can someone please provide me with the details of a broker for share purchase??



    Onwards an upwards

  12. see Arsenal just announce a profit of £7m for last year and that includes the sale of van Persie and Song for a combined sum of £46m………..staggering numbers for a club that has qualified for the CL for 15 seasons and charges the most expensive match day prices in the bloated EPL. Planer Football ? Planet Fruit Loop more like.

  13. jmccormick


    16:53 on


    23 September, 2013



    Even worse when you consider that only £2m profit was from football and the other £5m came from property development.

  14. !!Bada Bing!!


    16:54 on


    23 September, 2013



    No, none of this summers transfer income is included.

  15. cliftonville celt from belfast praying for Oscar the wee legend on




    What shares do you buy ? There are 2 types coming up on that website ordinary shares and 6% ordinary shares ?




  16. !!Bada Bing!!


    16:35 on


    23 September, 2013


    jude2005- talking to one of Strathclyde’s Finest in the pub last week,a purge on any motoring offence.A couple of guys in EK got done for cutting over a mini roundabout.






    our office is on one of the Braehead roundabouts.


    day after day we can see the havoc caused by over zealous unmarked cars stopping people on their way to the shops.



    if theres ever a queue to get in here, you can bet its cos the polis have someone pulled over in the approach road.

  17. Is there any note bout the monies due to the other SPL sides due to our success in Europe? or does that go from Uefa direct to the fraud association for dispersement?

  18. up_over_goal



    16:32 on 23 September, 2013



    O’Neill had the pleasure of buying who he wanted when he wanted without ever having to balance the books with player sales and had larsson sadly Lenny doesn’t have that pleasure or a Larsson but could still take us to the last 16 and will win 3/4/5+ in a row, O’Neill was a good manager but is not the god he’s made out to be HH

  19. Just shows you when you’ve nothing to hide you can get the accounts out sharpish mean while over in govan the skulduggery continues ……. HH

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Do we bank with the ole Co-op?



    I thought the Co-op bank was goin’ down the ole swanee at a rate of knots.

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