Background on the SPFL and Sky negotiations


I see reports that the SPFL are looking to compensate for the TV contract for this season not being fulfilled by reducing the next five-year deal by £300k per season.  It is worth putting some perspective on where the SPFL finds itself before assessing the merits of their approach.

The SPFL failed to perform to the existing contract, which specified a number of games to be broadcast at set times and dates, with backup dates available where re-arranged fixtures were necessary.  These dates were all to be complete by 31 May, games played after this date would be outside Sky’s agreed (and premium) slots, and, as the Premier League in England have found out, would still constitute a failure to perform the contract.

Sky sold sponsorship and advertising on the back of this contract, which they themselves were unable to perform.  Not only are subsequent payments in these contracts (SPFL with Sky and Sky with their advertisers) no longer due, an earlier payment that was made against a contract that was not performed can be subject to reclaim.

I am sure Sky’s legals were clear, end of season games deciding the title, relegation and European places, generate above average viewership and advertising revenue.  They also provide video for future promotion of their sports product.

If this went to court, Sky would need to demonstrate a loss before forcing a repayment of monies, but their core metrics would support at least some compensation.  These metrics are likely to have featured when Neil Doncaster first discussed the matter with Sky back in March.  Control was always with the broadcaster; finding a solution that did not bankrupt the league was the primary objective.

A £300k rebate for five years represents a 1% discount on the reported figure Sky will pay the SPFL.  In the circumstances, this would be astonishing.  The deal is yet to be concluded, but if and when it is, it will be informative to see how reporting angles split on the story.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well I’ve got satellite tv but what happens to bhoys who don’t or do not have cable either😱

  2. FourStone, Why the Oh Dear,


    What did you expect. There is a World Emergency going on.


    Ultimately each individual Season Ticket Holder has a decision to make whether to renew or not.


    What is it worth to have privileged access to a game on your Telly,


    Each individual to their own but I’d have no problem paying 20 quid for a game, but as ever it’s an individual choice.


    Everybody’s Individual circumstances are different as well, it’s far from ideal but it’s a wee step forward in my opinion.

  3. Having read the Club’s statement, it looks like the virtual tickets will be restricted to STHs. Lawwell refers to STHs having access several times but no one else.



    This may be down to Sky or it may be Clubs shoring up ST uptake.

  4. I see that the T-shirt displays by Jadon Sancho and others in the bundesliga in support of George Floyd, have been cleared by Budesliga spokesmen and the DFB (German Football Board).



    They said no proceedings would take place against the four players “because of their solidarity and anti-racism statements”.



    It added: “The panel also intends to maintain this line in the event of renewed anti-racism campaigns to mark the violent death of George Floyd on the coming match days.”



    Fifa’s rules state that players must not display political statements but president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday: “For the avoidance of doubt, in a Fifa competition the recent demonstrations of players in Bundesliga matches would deserve an applause and not a punishment.”




    I wholly agree with their sentiments but I can’t help wondering if we can get our deducted fines, for flying Palestinian symbols, paid back.



    Or do Arab lives not matter.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Under the circumstances this seems a ‘win/win’ for all.



    Hats off to Sky’s commercial department. If only their hunned-up broadcasters could be as professional.

  6. whitedoghunch on

    is the monies coming into Scottish football, which is available to all clubs


    being weighted to save/ purchase any club(s) in particular

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Big W- apologise, I thought the virtual ST would be available to all,they say it will be valuable income to clubs,? How?




    My guess is they could go to games and easily adhere to SD.








    Dont know how saying 26k could SD at 2M. How do they decide which games U get to but miss the next ?



    & shouting & singing through a mask ?. That’ll be funny

  9. saint stivs



    Lot of young Celtic supporters working together there, suggests to me they may have been Glasgow bhoys, could it be Shawfield, or the ol Rangers end at Parkhead?



    nb there is a building in the background which does not look familiar

  10. ‘GG, as you probably know, Every American football game is broadcast live regionally. However, the game has to be a 100% sell-out or it get’s blacked out. What happens, for MN Vikings anyway, is that the TV company scheduled for the game buys up any remaining tickets, to ensure they can broadcast the game. They are often donated to kids and/or charities. For the Vikings it is very rarely an issue as they are sold out every home game.

  11. i bet this hasn’t just been negotiated post ‘dossier-gate’. PL mentions the SPFL Board in his thanks.



    So was SPFL board member Robertson aware of all this in progress while still hunting Doncaster and his fellow board members.



    No wonder he has gone quiet and is letting the DoF do the talking this week

  12. I suspect the huns may actually charge their STH again for the streaming service…it would not surprise me.

  13. We should look at broadcasting fans singing songs from games when the empty stadium games are going.


    That would be interesting how sevco would deal with their songs from …..ahem…..minorities 😂

  14. Is money coming in from Mr Philanthropist guy dependent of Smallhuns staying up?




  15. Brother’s pal is STH at cheatsville.


    They’re getting emptied at every turn.


    Money taken in full for next season ,without any correspondence.Lucky for him there was enough,just,in the account they helped themselves to.To rub salt in,helped themselves to an extra £40 so as you can attend home Euro games.Getting emptied.

  16. BOAVISTA2003 on 3RD JUNE 2020 6:49 PM



    Heard they need to register and pay £40 to get £25 voucher.


    Not sure how true…HH

  17. Bada



    Clearly at the end of a negotiation Sky have done what they can to protect their interests, so allowing 200k Celts to be watching PPV home games may not be what they want if they want us all focussed on their platform after the emergency has gone.



    It’s a pity and more fan-focussed solution would have been to open it up wider and allow for more revenue generated per game.

  18. BOAVISTA2003



    They charge their STHs a further £40 for the privilege of selling them euro tickets ?



    That’s utterly shameless.

  19. I don’t do sky.(I don’t do telly)


    I loathe the cult of the football pundit


    I detest the phoneins and all joining in the so called debate.


    To see Celtic at any level I go and watch them.


    Next season I expect due to distancing I will be at 1 in 4/5 games as all the rest I can only watch sky which I won’t be doing



    I am weary of sky and it’s hundits.They were participants along with the cheating hun during Alfredo Morelos ‘lost in translation ‘nonsense


    They have done everything to counter what sur div and his 100 pence sale led that defecated club to it’s end.



    Solve world debt- a penny for every time the oldfrim gets a mention by sky.



    sky are huns and in true Murdoch tradition are better taping and resetting murder victims phone messages or raiding the poor parents bins for a story…cos that’s all that is a worry to them..the story and how they control their perverse narrative.




  20. an tearmann



    I guess I’ll have to rely on the Saudi Arabian government to see the Celtic,



  21. Pricing for the virtual ticket would be quite tricky. Normal season tickets holders pay circa upwards of £500. A non holder wouldn’t pay that for a virtual ticket. Yet if the tickets were priced lower, then the season book holders would have a gripe for paying more.

  22. ziggydoc1



    It’s no the normal season ticket holders I’m worried about…


    It’s aw the ithers….

  23. Health experts estimate are suggesting we could have limited numbers inside the ground late this year and full houses early next year so next year’s season ticket is a mixture of free view to telly, possible lottery to attedn limited games and the usual benefits of the season book (tangible and intangible).



    There’s not going to a science behind this for some. We’re also in unique circumstances – pricing for the pandemic.

  24. I don’t think Celtic have thought this out properly. Many households have more than one ST holder, in fact my mate has 2 ST’s and has had for years. Many fans will be caught between a rock and a hard place as many won’t want to give up their ST for fear of losing their seat for future seasons and many will not want to pay out (as a household) several times for one version of the same product. The Club will need to look at ST’s at the same address paying one full fee and the rest on some type of retainer (say £50) to secure their seat.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ziggy- the way I read it,if you have a ST ,the virtual ST is free? I think Sky are trying to create a new market here,so non ST holders of all clubs can buy one.

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