Backlash Sunday


It is difficult to overstate the importance of Sunday’s cup final to Motherwell. They have won as many major trophies in the last 65 years as Celtic have won European Cups in the same period. What an opportunity they have.

Sunday might be just another final to you and me, or more importantly, to the Celtic players, but it is a date with destiny for all at Motherwell.

Right now, Celtic players will still be de-escalating emotions from Wednesday night. It is difficult to switch from one emotional peak straight into an equally intense state, but if we do not find our sharpness or thought and body, the Invincible trail will end this weekend.

I don’t think that will happen; there should be a backlash from Celtic. The open wounds from Wednesday will be used as fuel. The players have been slapped about by the hurt of defeat and will want to avoid a repeat on a national cup final. If Motherwell want to win, score a goal, or if they even want to pass the ball, they will have to operate at a level they have only attained for seconds this season.

The stakes are as high for both teams. Let’s hope the matter is decided without controversy.

Have a great and memorable day at Hampden.






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    Can anyone please give advice on best places for DISABLED PARKING near the Celtic End on Sunday?


    Bon voyage to my brother-in-law,Tony.



    Off to Brisbane for a few weeks,it’s summer over there!



    It’s also his wee Mammy’s birthday in a fortnight or so,so I’ll be wishing wee Beryl a Happy 90th shortly.

  3. I doubt you will get a better occasion to rid the mind of a doo-ing than the chance to win a medal. I think we’ll score 5-6




    Re previous post, spelling of psychos, you try it at 7 o’clock on a Friday night. Having my own HOOT in Jakarta




  5. OY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:11 PM










    I disagree,mate. We don’t have the players for a park the bus approach.






    I disagree.Its not that we dont have the players to park the bus,its that they are not being set up to do it.Against Barca,our greatest CL win,Lenny had a plan.He did not have the best of defenders,but he had a plan.Give them the ball as much as they like out wide,dont get drawn out.His words.They had 80 % possession and we won 2-1.We looked as if we had a fleet of buses that night,against a better team than PSG.We see it at Celtic Park regularly.11 man defence by inferior players,and regularly we struggle to break it down.All these results do is damage the name of our club.



    Anyway,on to Sunday.Armstrong,Paddy,and a hopefully more fired up Sinky to take the 1st silverware.

  6. This Europa League is going to be very tasty.Some very big hitters in it.Being seeded in no way means you will have an easier draw.We need a bit of luck.

  7. Running with the hare and chasing with the hounds on that post Paul? Nothing like a …see a told you….no matter what way the result goes eh? Anyway.



    I don’t think we have the personnel to park the bus, and hopefully never will, I would be a hypocrite to back it, I see enough of it in the SPFL every week to condone it, it’s boring annoying and the hype that managers from St Johnston and Dundee get for it as far as I’m concerned is way over the top.



    In a home and away aggragated game like in the stage of the Europa league, yes I see the discussion on that obviously, but a wee tweet here and there should be good enough, signing playing 4 central defender and 2 full backs? 7-1 psg? A few young guys played in that game don’t forget, did they learn anything from Wed. Night?



    Come Sunday at around 16:45/55 we will soon find out but I’m sure they will turn it on, there are a few in here who hope they don’t, just to justify the B S that they have been posting over the last 48 hrs. Let me tell you something right now, by that time Sunday they will be under the rocks they came from underneath on wed. Night, shower a ……RDS THAT THEY ARE. Iv wiped better of the heel of my shoe.

  8. Turkey Bhoy



    I agree with some of your points but the big difference between Barca and PSG is that Barca never attempted to cross the ball so you could let them have the ball on the wings.

  9. In my view I don’t think we can really say the result we achieved against Barcelona is justification for ‘parking the bus’. My recollection of the night is that we also rode our luck and most things went for us on the night. To be fair had they scored 5 I don’t think we could have complained.



    I am not trying to take anything away from the result or the performance as it was a wonderful Celtic night.



    Against PSG we didn’t play well but equally we carried no luck !




    If you two are meeting in the BV later today…can I ask if you would be happy to travel down to The Saltmarket instead into my local pub…which serves Beers etc at only £3.00 a pint on a Friday ?


    The whiskeys are cheaper. its only £2.60 a beer Mon-Thurs.


    The Bhoy who owns it is a good Celtic man, and the pub is spotless, and all at ground level…no stairs etc.



    Also, If I came to the BV…I cant drink their draught beer..it’s crap and its £3.80 a pint.


    At the last Hoot, thats why I was drinking bottles of Miller ( again at the rip off price of £3.80 ?) instead, and BLANTYRE TIM Slagged me off big time…accusing me of being some kind of Dale Winton figure cos ” and I quote)….what are you doing Jimmy drinking those half pints….your a Poof” !


    OLDTIM, I will text BT and see if he’s agreeable to come to my local after meeting you in BV….I hope that you both will do that as it would be good to catch up with you both again !




  11. TONYDONNELLY67 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:25 PM





    TONYBHOY….i’m fed up with you sitting on the feckin fence…gonna speak yer mind for a change ?




    HH Mate.

  12. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, not been in for ages.



    Just read the synopsis for craig Whyte’s book which is doing the rounds of the publishers and it should be a blockbuster. One for CQN Publishing maybe? Wee Craigy is a Celtic legend after all.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I think Motherwell will have a good go. They will know that they will have to score at least twice to win and they will fancy themselves to do that, particularly if they watched our defending the other night.


    You don’t have to be a world class striker to take advantage of a ball-watcher. Louis Moult is more than capable of doing that.


    Not as confident as I would like to be.



    Ive just texted BT with my suggestion…if yous are happy to come and meet me in my local…just jump a taxi from the BV and I’ll pay the taxi fare on arrival.


    i’m waiting for BT to phone me back.


    HH Mate.

  15. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    I thought cl teams who drop down to Europa were seeded


    But I’m sure that I’ve read that we won’t be


    Hoping of course that we do qualify



    Had the Hun won last week their managerial problems would have gone


    Are they still hoping for Murty to win 3 games in a row


    With defeat last week everyone telling us he never had a hope of being


    The chosen one


    Just like McInnes was never who they wanted now that he has come out and said no.

  16. We cannot even try to “Park the bus” domestically. We will never find out if we can or we cannot.



    To even attempt that style of play would empty the park. Never mind redevelopment of the main stand we would be back to shutting upper tiers.




  17. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Does one have typers Tourette’s if you feel compelled


    To type “de hands” after typing “defeat”



    Ahl go



    I’ll be in my local from 2.30 pm…cos Im still in the hoose just now…unshaven…unclean etc after a late breakfast.


    Hope to see you mate.



  19. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:21 PM


    This Europa League is going to be very tasty.Some very big hitters in it.Being seeded in no way means you will have an easier draw.We need a bit of luck.






    just an observation, it appears to me that many of the big hitters dont take this tournament seriously in the new year cycle of games if they are involved in chasing their respective league titles or a direct access champions league place.



    Those who do take it seriously are those who need to win it to get direct access to CL ie struggling to secure a top 4 spot in Spain or England. Sevilla , Man United, Altetico Madrid being examples.



    I dont think we will go all the way, given the quality of opposition. But a few rounds with a favourable draw would be nice.



    Oh and by the way, if we are in a second leg away from home, with a slender lead to protect, I want us to park the bus , a la Dukla Prague 67.

  20. Turkeybhoy



    Let’s just say Brendan did park the bus and Jozo and Dedryk still performed as they did and others made the mistakes they made, do you think it would have worked?



    Tactics might work but ultimately the players must all bring their A game to give them any chance of success at this level.

  21. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Absolutely no point in trying to compare our last game with our next


    PSG play to feet fast move pass


    Murderwell – well you know !!!!



    Moult wil be a physical challenge after that I don’t think they have a chance




  22. MMPD @ 12.51



    Re seeding for EL last 32



    My understanding is that the eight 3rd place CL teams will be split in two.


    4 with most points will be seeded along with 12 EL group winners.


    Other 4 CL teams will be unseeded along with EL runners-up.



    Celtic, at best, can only get 6 pts – with a massive neg goal difference.


    There are already 3 groups where 3rd place team already has 7 or more pts, and 3 groups where 3rd place team already has 6pts and vastly superior goal difference.


    So, unseeded it is – assuming we get there and don’t feck up (which I’m confident we won’t)




  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On the park the bus debate …..


    If we tried to – eventually we would concede


    It’s the same as SPL teams trying to park the bus with us


    More importantly Celtic play a style – the same style – in every game


    We will play the same way in Sundsy


    We have obviously succeeded in Scotland (invincible)


    The only teams in BRs time that have caused us a serious problem are Barcelona and PSG (you could argue Bayern Munich but we were unlucky at home)


    Park the bus is only for Bus Drivers


    And just for info – I used to be one – number 14 Putney to Hornsey Rise




  24. The 12 group winners of the europa league groups are seeded, currently –


    (villareal, kiev, braga, milan, atalanta, sherrif, steau, arsenal, red bull, osterend, lazio, zenit)




    joinedas seeds by the best 4 on points drop out 3rd places from the champions league.


    (CSKA Moscow 9, sporting lisbon 7, leipzig 7, spartak moscow 6)



    Unseeded –



    The 12 runners up currently –


    (slavia prague, partizan, ludogrets, aek, lyon, lokomotiv, Plizen, red star, marseille, bilbao, nice, sociedad)



    and the bottom 4 on points drop out 3rd places –


    (athletico 6, napoli 6, celtic 3, dortmund 2)

  25. Oscar Pistorus…I was WRONG….his sentence has MORE than Doubled…from only 6 years to…..13 years 5 months !



    See the good folk of ZIMBABWE…..They all must be Celtic supporters….they NEVER stop singing and dancing !


    have the Huns issued a statement yet ?




  26. I have to say, looking back at the 2 games v PSG I thought young Tony Ralston did a better job on Neymar(wee shite) than either lustig, Bitton or Boyata. At least he got a couple of digs in on him.

  27. M6BHOY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2017 7:52 AM


    COWIEBHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2017 9:44 PM



    I keep hammering this point – they (Uefa and the elite clubs) need us more than we need them. Why? Because without the rest of Europe’s champions participating, the CL is no longer a pan-European competition and would soon lose its appeal to TV companies and corporate sponsors.



    *I channel surfed between Braga and AC yesterday afternoon, lots of empty seats at both grounds. Ended up watching the NFL. WTF has happened tae Dallas, since Jerry Jones knelt down with his players its all been downhill for them. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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