Baird’s Bar, Paul McStay and Anton. Brendan is home


If charm brought European success, Brendan Rodgers would have left Celtic Park with the Champions League trophy yesterday. After speaking to the media he sat down with a small number of fans and immediately bound himself to the group by quoting the vernacular of the Celtic Park of his youth.

He spoke about it all. Paul McStay was his favourite all time Celtic player, “when we were in trouble you always looked to Paul to do something”. There was a special place for Anton Rogan, “flying down the wing” but it was Tommy Burns who made the most durable impression on Brendan.

“He went to Mass every morning before training [at Reading]. Family and people were important to him. He told me all about managing Celtic”.

There was a glint in the eye when he recalled stops in Baird’s Bar on trips to Glasgow before heading to Celtic Park, and of recounting his trips for weeks afterwards. The thought crossed my mind that this was a guy who had just picked up keys to kingdom he dreamed of ruling.

There was a short sentence: “I was 39 when I went to Liverpool”. He didn’t need to elaborate. The Liverpool job came when Brendan was still young enough to be play. He’s sure he is a better manager now than then, although he was a pretty impressive manager to be able to land the Liverpool job when he was still a pup.

Several of you have noted that the pickup in season ticket sales will pay the reported multi-million pound salary Brendan will earn. That will pale into insignificance compared to the money his family spent in the Superstore yesterday. They are a very proud family.

He wants his teams to defend aggressively. The responsibility to develop players remains, but he noted that it takes the right experienced players to properly bring on young talent. Oh, and no one needed to tell him the importance of the last week in August.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper advert fundraiser, the money is now in and fundraising closed.  The Guardian and Tribune De Geneve have been paid, and the balance will go to Mary’s Meals.

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Think you are right Paul. Some of his comments to the media when he was at Liverpool were the type an inexperienced manager would make. He will have learned from that.


    Good to hear him talking about developing young players. One or two old heads in to complement that.

  2. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Down at TO renewing my season ticket 80-100 in the queue. I’m feeling the buzz of excitement for next season.



    Hail! Hail!

  3. Let’s see if any sevco fan arrested on the pitch for fighting tries to use the old “I was only defending my players” defence.




  4. thetimreaper on

    Brilliant afternoon at Celtic Park yesterday, a very well organised event, well done Celtic! Enjoyed the presser as well, short, sweet and on point. Seems like he’s wise to what he’s up against and will aim to please none of them. It’s all good!

  5. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Sir David Murray’s new village on Edinburgh green belt ‘approved’



    SIR David Murray’s plans to create a new £1 billion village on greenbelt land at the edge of Edinburgh have been given the go-ahead despite objections from planners.



    The controversial blueprint for the so-called Garden District would see 1,350 homes built in the first phase of the development sited beyong the City Bypass in west Edinburgh.



    Developer Murray Estates – owned by former Rangers chairman Sir David Murray – previously said the ambitious scheme would create a “world class extension to the nation’s capital”.



    RUnder the plans, at least 3500 homes could be built – a move that would significantly help to reconcile the capital’s housing crisis with more than ten per cent of the 30,000 homes required over the next decade.



    The plans were given the green light by Edinburgh councillors against the advice of the city’s planning department which recommended rejecting the proposals which breached several environmental policies.



    Conditions attached to the decision to drive through the plans included more detailed analysis on flood prevention, traffic and public transport.



    The development will also see the creation of a new school, community hub and shopping centre, sports facilities and green space.



    There was only one objection from Green councillor Steve Burgess but the decision will be ratified – or potentially rejected – at a full Edinburgh Council meeting. It may also be subject to scrutiny by the Scottish Government because of its scale.



    Planning convener Ian Perry said: “If we agree this then we need to look at the conditions to this report and go through them one by one.”



    Conditions included tree protection reports and provisions for pedestrian, car and public transport access.



    SNP councillor Alex Lunn said: “It will open up considerable green space. I think we have to welcome it.”



    Read more: It was right Rangers were punished – football has to be fair, says Ronald de Boer



    Another condition is ending production at an adjacent poultry farm.




    A planning report said that “there is an effective housing land supply – this means that the land is not required for housing” and because of this “the proposal contravenes policies on Green Belt and Special Landscape Areas as well as the overarching policies in respect of housing land supply as there is no requirement to release the land for housing”.



    It added: “The proposal is not supported by the adopted Altered Rural West Edinburgh Local Plan in that it contravenes policies on Green Belt and Prime Agricultural Land.”



    Labour councillor Eric Milligan said the time was right to make the decision as the site had been under consideration for many years.



    The council has previously said that the plans have merit but the planning report that was considered on Monday afternoon firmly recommended the application be rejected.



    Murray Estates claims the site will open up green space equivalent to double the size of Princes Street Gardens.



    Sir David Murray’s firm previously clashed with planners and even made a formal complaint to the council about the planning report resulting in several amendments.



    They have now created a version of the report including their own comments on its key points – lambasting planners for taking a one-sided view of the proposals.

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    From last article



    Compliance Officer looking at possible breach of the rules.



    Supposing Hibs made clerical registration error or some other rule infringement.


    What would be the outcome?


    A q, or a reversal of the result? Or both?


    Any sporting advantage gained?



    Would that then mean….ach, you know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    BlantyreKev on 24th May 2016 10:49 am


    Hibs ban from Europe would not mean that Sevco would get in. Hibs won the cup and it was decided many years ago that the runners up would not get a European place if the winners were already in Europe. The extra place would got to the next placed Premiership team. Likewise if the winners are barred, then the next place Premiership team would get their place.


    However if the Cup was to be stripped from them after a “breach of football regulations” that would invalidate the result and by default the European place awarded to the cup winners would be awarded to the other finalists of the voided qualifying game. Hmmmm.




    It’s the old one of starting out with the outcome and working back to find a way of getting there.


    Although if they tried to pull a stunt like that I reckon they would have 41 resignation letters on their desk.

  8. Celtic enter qualifying for the CL at the second round. Their co-efficient of 40.460 will guarantee seeded status throughout the qualification process.



    There are 34 teams in the second qualifying round, with teams placed in three groups of six seeds and six non-seeds. These groups include the first qualifying round ties, with the co-efficient of the seeded team from Q1 used to determine what side of the pot they land in.



    Possible opponents to look out for are Swedish champions IFK Norrkoping, Ferencvaros of Hungary and Dundalk, from Ireland.



    If we progress to round three, we we go into the ‘Champions’ side of the draw for the remainder of the qualification process. Round three features 20 league champions, and the proceeding Play-Off Round has ten champion teams. Seedings are used for both of these rounds.



    Potential opponents in round three include FK Astana (Kazakhstan), Rosenborg (Norway) and Red Star Belgrade (Serbia), while the play-offs could see us against the likes of FC Copenhagen (Denmark), Legia Warsaw (Poland) or Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia).



    Key Dates (games played on either Tuesday or Wednesday):



    Monday, June 20 – Draw for Q1 and Q2



    July 12/13 – Q2 first leg



    Friday, July 15 – Draw for Q3



    July 19/20 – Q2 second leg



    July 26/27 – Q3 first leg



    August 2/3 – Q3 second leg



    Friday, August 5 – Draw for Play-Off



    August 16/17 – P/O first leg



    August 23/24 – P/O second leg



    Thursday, August 25 – Draw for Group Stage

  9. Paul67 –



    I was both very surprised and very delighted that there were no questions from the assembled hacks trying to reference our newly promoted neighbours. Was there any warnings given prior to the presser and do you think this might signify any change in attitude from them?

  10. There is no way on God’s Green (and White) earth that Hibs can be stripped of their SC win.



    They won it fair n square on the pitch.



    The worst case scenario is a ban from EL and SC participation next season. Both highly unlikely.



    A hefty fine is the most likely outcome.




  11. time for change on

    Well pleased with the appointment of our new manager and how the news was broken.



    Only one comment on any investigation by SFA…”balance of probability” if no evidence is available.



    Rumour Jim White to do interview with SFA re Res 12 (that’ll be cutting edge then). Well don on adverts and good luck to Marys Meals.




  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Id say that sevco statement was offensive to say the least.


    Surely Police Scotland will be looking to find whoever(Jabba or Tinfoil heed) is responsible:)


    There’s a clue for the sleeper.


    That statement was like something out of the National Front era.


    Written by an absolute menace to society.


    The ghost of John Knox:)


    Morons from outer space.




  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Southside 12:19


    They were supposedly on the pitch to protect their players. Any photos of them ushering their players off the pitch in safety…..???

  14. Interesting to see how the financials pan out for next season?


    What numbers will now be used to map out our plans.



    The 2015/16 football numbers will be poor — not sure what the cash situation will be like but it will look pretty negative and only player sales will have saved the day.



    Need to look at the cash we have in the bank and what we still have to receive from the 3 big sales to Southampton — will we be able to spend £15 mill on players this summer without going into debt?



    Probably if we as buyers allow as much latitude as we as sellers allowed to our customers.


    Consequently £15mill — £5 mill up front plus 2 further 6 monthly instalments — plus the proceeds of any sales should be not an issue now that the growth agenda has been dusted down and actually implemented.



    All very Ted Rodgers to me — look what we could have won …



    … if DD had not been in absent landlord mode and PL had not been a second rate property bean counter with a bonus addiction.



    However we are where we are.


    Next steps is getting into the CL and spending the money wisely.


    That is not in an agent sort of manner to one particular agent.



    Hopefully we can work towards a sustainable medium term plan to maximise the potential of the club. Ironically Saturday’s “street theatre” might actually get us noticed. Pretty good game by two limited but well coached teams that actually provided 94 minutes of entertainment. Compare and contrast with the FA cup final that was pretty pedestrian when there were 22 players on the park.



    We have a product — just a case that the SFA are hopeless at trying to sell it.



    Scottish football is much more than the “OF” — that is the lie that has held us back for 20/30 years. I really do get a bad case of the “dry boak” when I hear the Sky muppet chunter on about “derby day in Glasgow”.

  15. see the guy who kicked Hibs fan in the head as he lay on the ground has been identified as a denizen from Ballymena, it figures.


    ON an unrelated matter just got a text headed scoop for CQN which stated that Celtic would be playing Inter Milan on the 13th August at Thomond Park Limerick.


    Welcome aboard,Brendan.



    Fond as I am of our previous managers from your neck of the woods,I hope your stay will be longer and even more successful.




  17. Good question Jobo



    I couldn’t believe how few questions from the broadcast media and lack of imagination in the ones that were asked. Charles Paterson of Sky and Chris McLaughlin of the BBC dominated and managed to ask about Jose Mourinho and the power of hindsight.



    Nothing at all from STV. Unreal, biggest media focused event in years and they were posted missing. I saw Richard Wilson of the BBC sitting there too. Nothing.



    Peter Adam Smith likes these events, but unlike the kit launch, if flares and sevco were off the agenda probably pointless and hence the no show.



    Wonder if the heads were elsewhere.



    Celtic played an absolute blinder. Live broadcast, fan media engagement with Brendan, Celtic TV first exclusive, and the girl who anchored (Summer Harl?) did brilliantly well. Really tough gig live and unscripted, she was really professional. She’ll go on to bigger media for sure and well deserved.





    It’s astonishing,isn’t it?



    Taxpayer-funded Lloyds allowed Murray to asset-strip his former business during its liquidation,leaving nothing of value and huge debts.



    And hardly a word said about it.

  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Glass 2/3



    Most of their players were off the park sharpish….so most of it is a pack of lies.


    Although, the sevco keeper and Lee Wallace copped a bit of agression, thats out of order.


    But i wouldnt say they were assaulted from what ive seen.


    Didnt remeber so much fuss when Neil Lennon got assaulted live on TV at Tynecastle though.



    All Celtic bloggers should show the pics from the hun picnic in Manchester.


    Remind them of the antics of their thug, bigot fans.


    Barrage them with their misdeeds…..there are plenty to choose from.





  20. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Summer done very well, lots of padding out required as she waited on BR’s arrival onto the park, and she was very professional.



    Had a wee chuckle when she said … “We’re coming to you, extremely live ..” !!!

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    No transfer rumours, whats going on:)


    Its awful quiet out there.


    Can we give sevco another few massive boots in the haw maws?


    Be good to sign someone of real authority(hint), now that sevco are about to unveil a cracking 34 yr old:)


    Come Brendan…..make them sick with fear.


    Im wallowing very happily in their pain and distress:)


    They fear Brendan…..woooooo, scary for sevconia:)




  22. BMCW @ 12.48



    It would be interesting to understand the ownership history of that parcel of land.


    Any interaction between MIM and SDM’s family business, especially after 2007 would be worth a watching as he seems to have made a remarkable comeback from the train wreck he left behind.



    Compare and contrast the questions being asked about BHS and its dividend policy / pension fund problems and the way SDM has now managed to build himself a second career without any element of public scrutiny or explanation.



    He really is some operator — I wonder how many brown envelopes his sister sold him?

  23. Not posted in ages,



    On the rangers statements(s)



    Very poorly put together wording with not one iota of intelligence or savvy.It says so much more about the custodians of that club than it does anyone else. Astounded at the content.It just shows the naivety of King and his cohorts.


    We criticise our board rightly or wrongly from time time but this shows what a 3rd rate operation they are.


    I have no worries for the forseeable future.



    Good times….enjoy.



    HH and welcome Brendan

  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    One for you internet profs out there.


    A Wall of Shame….web page of their bigot animal fans on the rampage….Moscow to Manchester


    Loads of pics and vids online of their antics.


    Would get plenty of hits.


    Go get em bhoys:)




  25. I see that Malala Yousafzai , the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize will be appearing at the Clyde auditorium to speak about her life and experiences on August 10th at 7-30pm.


    Would be an interesting evening I’d think.

  26. Resolution 12 being mentioned by Sky……Hmmm




    New Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers is hoping to pack out the stadium again and bring Champions League football back to the club.



    The former Liverpool and Swansea manager signed a 12-month rolling contract with his boyhood heroes on Monday.



    And the 43-year-old is aiming to consolidate Celtic’s position as top club in Scotland after replacing Ronny Deila as manager



    Crowds have fallen away at Celtic Park despite the Hoops stretching their sequence of Scottish Premiership titles to five-in-a-row, with some fans unhappy at the style of football on show and a group of shareholders unsatisfied with the lack of progress into Resolution 12, in which Celtic are seeking answers from the SFA over possible lost revenue from UEFA competition in 2011.











    Aye,it would indeed. Operation Hornet has gone quiet too,so looks like he’s worked a flanker.



    If ever someone deserved a comeuppance it it is him.

  28. Just had a wee sit down with some Sevcovians this morning. For some reason they took yesterday off. Maybe they were going to CP? maybe they were looking for a hat?



    Anyway, these types have been known to take part in a bit of pavement dancing in stone island in their “younger” days and they were in Row A of the main stand on saturday. Both said it was the maddest thing they have ever seen. Right square goes all over the shop and a lot of guys knocked clean out. They spoke of seats being launched at celebrating hibs fans and the sevcoites on the pitch doing what any other fan would have done in the face of such provocation. They also defended the guy lifting the kid as saving him from danger.



    They didn’t take part. Both have retired after the Portland Bill Seaside Squad chased them about Arbroath one Saturday evening when they were enjoying the journey showing small towns that they were the people.

  29. saltires en sevilla on







    It all feels good.



    Overall not a subscriber to the ‘ celtic men’ as manager view. 1. can potentially lead to overload on emotion on key decisions. 2. Considerably thins the field of suitable candidates.



    However, there is nothing to beat the sense of belonging and togetherness that this appointment brings. Just listening to Brendan recalling his Celtic memories and watching the fiery twinkle in his eyes. The man with, a wee bit of added steel, will be perfect for the job right now.



    Superb appointment and looking forward to much happier times.

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