Balance returning, Magnificent effort


After a tenacious win in Paisley on Friday Celtic were back in the groove last night.  Passing was swift and accurate, movement – perpetual.  It was a quiet game for Kris Commons, which at an earlier time would have meant a game with few chances for Celtic, but the prodding of Johansen, Armstrong and Mackay-Steven ensured Thistle played much of the game trying to chase shadows.

The return from injury of two of our three right backs, Adam Matthews and Darnell Fisher, has given the team better balance, although Adam still looks to be finding his sharpness.

John Guidetti established his early season reputation against Thistle with a League Cup hat trick but that seemed like a lifetime ago last night.  The striker had the odd chance but the terror he inspired in defenders a few months ago has gone.

Enormous thanks to winning bidder for our Open Golf Championship Hospitality competition, which finished a moment ago raising £2050 for our School Kitchen project for Mary’s Meals in Malawi.  Thanks to Eden Mill Distillery and Brewery in St Andrews and all who participated.

It was a stunning effort and the money is now in place to complete the fourth CQN school kitchen!  Well done to all who played their part.

Celtic sponsor, Magners, who have helped from the beginning of this recent school kitchen project, have a competition to play at Lennoxtown and Celtic Park.  You can enter your 7-a-side team into the Magnificent 7s competition before 5pm Wednesday 15th.  It would be good to see CQN represented.  Qualifying round takes place at Lennoxtown on Sunday 26 April with the finals at Celtic Park.

Entries here via Facebook.

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  1. Shameless Repost from end of last article alert:





    Any of the ole golfing brigade on?



    US Master starts soon and I don’t know who to waste my dosh on this year.



    Wee bit out of touch with who’s playing well at the mo.



    Any tips floating about?




  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Steven McLean has been named as the referee for next week’s Scottish Cup semi final between Inverness and Celtic at Hampden





    “Adam still looks to be finding his sharpness” ?



    In all seriousness :-): This player is on how much cash a week ? For that sort of money he should be able to adjust and be back at “it” right away, surely.



    More like he is can join a long list of other malingers like that Jamesie Forrest.




  4. Paul



    Didn’t see the game last night so can’t really comment on John Guidetti, but a question in general, if given the option would you sign him up next year or look elsewhere?







  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BCW-I posted a few weeks ago(and got hounded for it),that i would punt Matthews,always injured,poor defensively and hasn’t ‘trained on’.

  6. Agent Green. Rickie Fowler at 33/1 will give you a run for your money.



    At least Rory doesn’t sound like G Mac.



    Celtic started so good last night.


    Must have thought it was the second half.


    Nice wee victory last night. Keeps the momentum going.



    Two more over ICT will go a long way to WITS being locked up!



    (Don’t do it,mate. Humble pie instead…)

  8. agent green i’ve got some e/w bets on Speith, Day and outsider Holmes for the Masters, no great golfing expert but i’m told by friends that these 3 have been in great form of late.

  9. West End of East End on

    Patrick27 – I wouldn’t sign him, he received the ball a few times and turned away from goal instead of working the keeper, some of his link up play was good but not a striker for me, so it’s a no….

  10. Patrick – I would. At the right price. Good player who perhaps needs a second season to get in the groove.



    We could live to regret his,leaving.



    Time will tell…..

  11. West End of East End on

    1ofthe70% – Not sure what game you were watching last night but I thought our pass & move play in the first half was probably the best I’ve seen this season.



    On Collum, I thought he should have given the free kick when Armstrong was brought down in the 1st half just outside the box and we should have had a 2nd pen in the 2nd half when the PT player batted the ball away with his hand.



    Got to admit, I didn’t want to see the PT player sent off for the penalty in the first half, I thought it was a good open game up till then and wanted it to stay 11 vs 11…

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I think Guidetti is trying too hard to be a team player,and passes when he should be shooting.All good strikers need a selfish streak.Still undecided on him ,but 2 lovely touches for penalty and SJ goal.

  13. Patrick27 12:50 on 9 April, 2015:



    Good afternoon my friend, trust you are well.



    Apologies for butting in. We are already looking at other options. One I would throw at you, Patrick Bamford, Chelsea Striker doing well this season on loan at Middlesbrough. Carrot of UCL??



    Also looking at a number of Left-Backs, Barry Douglas (playing in Poland)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  14. John Guidetti is the best striker we have by a mile in my opinion.



    It’s not really worked out for him, but wether he stays or goes, I reckon he’s gonna turn out to be a top player.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Collum is totally incompetent and i wouldn’t have him in charge of a school team game.He was Manna from heaven for Dallas & Co,due to his job description.They were very aware of the pro-hun officials in Scotland,so they used Collum as an equaliser of sorts.This resulted in him being fast tracked,and promoted well beyond his ability.Every week ,managers around the country are questioning his decisions.

  16. Bada Bing….. totally agree re Gollum and the SFA. He is a patsy. A token tim who happens to be a gash referee.




  17. Herbo 13:10 on 9 April, 2015:



    I too rate JG but I do not believe he fits in with Ronny’s system. If you played JG along with another Striker I reckon he would score a barrow-load of goals, just my opinion of course.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  18. Patrick27,


    sign him on our terms, if not don’t bother. He has the ability, but for some reason lacking confidence, hence the amount of times he passes off, if that returns so will the goals.






  19. Lennybhoy



    Doing well thanks, aye checked up on that Bamford guy when you mentioned him before – maybe a bit inexperienced for CL? Mind you we couldn’t afford an experienced CL, EL or EPL striker aha!



    Bada Bing



    Interesting point, because during his run of goals if anything he was too selfish yet obviously worked out better. As west end of East end said too much back to goal atm but his link up play is really good



    Roberttressell, herbo



    Agreed I would keep




  20. gsu



    Aye hopefully he’ll get his mojo back before the seasons out could end up at that 20 goal mark that realistically should be the bare min for a Celtic striker.

  21. Bada bing



    Agreed mate.. dont think ronnie should change his system but when league is wrapped up it be worth seeing for a few games.



    Guidetti and scepovic taking turns alongside another striker

  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    !!bada bing!!,



    Couldn’t agree more. A patsy, whose ego and vanity has overcome his self respect.



    Re Guidetti.



    On balance, not for me. I think he flatters to deceive.


    His early surge and popularity, owed as much to his crowd pleasing personality, as to his ability.


    As the season progressed, he regressed and does not look like a player who is seeking a contract, at Celtic or elsewhere.





    Perhaps he already knows where he will be playing next season.


    Besides, playing wise, he doesn’t give us any more than Anthony Stokes.

  23. balance returning, magnificent effort(celticquicknews) – quick news



    13:16 on 9 April, 2015



    Are you a hun?

  24. Lennybhoy



    Can’t argue with that assesment. I do love the bones of him so I’m perhaps a wee bit biased :-)

  25. Burgas Hoops on

    Aintree it is then -)



    13:40 Cash And Go



    14:15 Devilment



    14:50 Silviniaco Conti



    15:25 Arctic Fire



    16:05 Warne



    16:40 Next Sensation



    17:15 Apache Jack

  26. glendalystonsils on

    JG may not have been scoring freely but he has been prominent in assists lately. I think there is a lot more in him than we have seen.

  27. angelgabriel on

    Enjoyed the game last night.


    Fair play to Thistle who seemed to benefit


    from a good surface and passed the ball well.


    An observation from last night.


    My mate had a spare ticket beside him , high in the upper tier.


    Different view of the game.


    Why , when the Thistle keeper was hitting a bye kick does every Celtic player gather in an area around the half way line on the same side of the pitch as the kick is taken ?



    Obviously the ball should land in that area,


    but with the exception of Craig Gordon do we need the other 10 so close ?


    Even GMS was in the vicinity,when the kick was in the opposite side of the pitch.


    Why ?


    Celtic park is huge. Why not always use it’s width ?


    Will check after work for any replies. HH.



    Chris Bonnington CSC.

  28. leftclicktic on

    Seen on twitter & deadclub media


    If true Big Mike even owns Broxy Bear :)))))))))))))))))))





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