Balance shifted to runners unconvincing with the ball


After so much slow build-up play this season, and so many misplaced passes, the sight of Roberts, Christie, Allan and Griffiths pinging the ball around the field was a revelation. I know the game was won before the three substitutes grabbed hold of things, and that there are vastly more challenging scenarios than Inverness at home, but the new blood have asked a big question of the incumbent three attacking midfielders.

The comfort on the ball the three substitutes brought was also contagious, Lustig looked less like a panicked fawn as he confidently back-heeled the ball into space.

The balance in the team has shifted damagingly in favour of players who can run, or perhaps jump, but who are unconvincing with the ball at their feet. So much so, Craig Gordon clears the ball up the field, instead of playing-in Bitton or a central defender, more than we’ve seen from a Celtic keeper in decades.

Christie, Roberts and Allan will not change this overnight (the latter’s misplaced pass against Ajax was costly), but they are doing enough to justify some faith in their selection. New Douglas Park should be an ideal opportunity to strut their stuff.

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    Credit where it’s due,pretty sure it was Ernie Lynch who pointed out that there were more societies against Catholicism in Glasgow than there were Catholics




    An eye-opener. As most boots in the baws tend to be.

  2. James Forrest – played well at the start of the season, plenty of dig and effort in the CL qualifiers.



    His problem – he’s fast, and he’s Scottish = ‘a winger’.



    I always thought he was best deployed right down the middle – that occasionally devastating pace can get you right between the lines very quickly; ideal for European football. He won us the tie against Karagandy when Lenny had to play him there by default through other injuries.



    I hoped there might be a conversion to that position for him a la Thierry Henry at Arsenal (full back to striker) with Jf turning winger to attacking centre midfield – absolutely ideal too for backing up Ronny Deila’s one-striker policy.



    But alas he now languishes, second/third choice to underwhelming GMS. And we don’t really play ‘wingers’ as such anyway – preferred tactical option is to cut in around 18 yards out rather than hit the byeline.



    His legacy will be of unfulfilled promise. Something that will please only his close family – his old man a dyed-in-the-wool Hun anyway.



    A shame. But best of luck to him.


    My sister just texted me to inform me that her friend has recently found a huge stash of record deck/turntable hardware.



    Belts,styli,the lot.



    Her friend’s recently deceased Dad had a business in that line.



    Sounds like a treasure trove-I’m scared to play my stuff for fear of wearing it out!






    If you are an addict in need,you know where to ask.

  4. See all you holy willies slagging all the Forrest doubters?


    Would you just give him a 4-year contract on his terms based on what he’s done in a Celtic jersey?


    Or are you still looking at a 25-year old for potential ??


    Don’t let the door hit yer bahookey on the way out Jamesey

  5. P67 – Allan will not change this overnight (the latter’s misplaced pass against Ajax was costly)






    Paul, if you’re refrencing the last-ditch Ajax winner at CP, the fault was never Allan’s – Armstrong played the most idiotic last-minute corner ever to him, seeing he was in imminent danger of being closed down by two Ajax players who stole the ball and shuttled it upfield and ultimately into our net.



    Allan’s error may have been in asking for the ball – but the real culprit was Armstrong who should have been focussed on fizzing a damaging, possibly match-winning corner right into their danger area.

  6. “I don’t give them hell. I just tell them the truth and they think it’s Hell. ”



    Harry S. Truman.



    Gaun Gary Harkins! But hopefully not yersel’.





    I still look at the occasional 25yo for potential daftness.



    Never know yer luck!

  8. BMCUW @12.05 .



    The drive belt on Mrs S of T’s Rega Planar deck will need replacing soon .

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Sciatica will limit any offers, that’s why clubs have medicals, to be as usual, brutally honest, I ‘m surprised any full time team would take a player with such a problem. I mean a simple background check will confirm he is a sick note. I can see from comments my stalker sniping again, its good to be out of its reach, now was a personal insult made :) should it be reported :OD))) We don’t need players to start the Mexican wave, we need players to fight for the jersey. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-inverness-live-updates/comment-page-38/#comments

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    When teams defend so deep and in numbers it is really difficult to play through them. Only saw the highlights of Arsenal v Hull, but that issue could not have been highlighted more clearly than in that game.


    The key is to move the ball quickly and to have players moving around a lot.


    This can lead to misplaced passes. Once these guys get on the same wavelength as one another I reckon we could be pretty hot.





    I don’t think he asked for the ball-he looked like he was positioning himself for it being headed out by the defence.



    Having said that,only the two players will know.



    It was a good play from Armstrong-if Allan had been ready for it!



    Sums up our set-plays,tbh…

  12. Nice one, Gary Harkins.



    Expect a banning order any day now from Police Scotland for his ‘Sevcotarainism’.

  13. Canamalar,


    clearly we were dumb enough to pay top $ for a sick note – Derk Boerrigter. Does anyone remember what he looks like?

  14. glendalystonsils on




    Of course no sensible club would sign a player who was a chronic sicknote.



    Derk B. csc

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I was in Barcelona at the time of his signing and drinking with a tim and an ajax supporter, we asked the axaj supporter, he simply laughed and said we bought a sick note. I understand he was famous in the Netherlands for it, I immediately posted the info on here and quite a few confirmed the same, that he was famous for it.


    You’ve got to wonder whoo does the background checks on potential signings.

  16. From previous



    AULDHEID on 22ND FEBRUARY 2016 12:12 PM












    Ard Macha @ 10:28

















    I agree. Our support is very black and white at the moment.

















    There are many possible reasons for the change in atmosphere at the ground and on here. Many factors can be considered but I feel that, underlying all the negativity, sits the demise of Rangers and the Establishment response to that demise. It may well be a subliminal effect but I am struggling to find any other valid reason (s) for the general apathy which sits over Celtic Park at most Home games.

















    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-inverness-live-updates/comment-page-36/#comments












    Sitting in the sun in a pleasant 19 degrees in a jersey over my Celtic short sleeve shirt watching Malaga v Real Madrid yesterday I was thinking the same, the thought being provoked by a very nice Canadian lady watching her first professional game.









    First the negative. I paid around £105 for the privilege of watching Real in the flesh, the first time since Hampden in 1960. It was a special occasion for me so I was ready to pay a special price. Prices for games against lesser mortals come in around £30 but having enjoyed the match day experience so much I’d go again.









    The bus picking my mate and I up (him eventually after typical cockup) was full of all nationalities. This was reflected in the ground where Barca, Real, Malaga tops mingled together. Then their was the wee lad in his Celtic strip that I took a picture of and posted on Twitter. The atmosphere was good humoured and happy.









    Now one of the ways to be happy is to be grateful. To cultivate an attitude of gratitude and if there is anything that would change the atmosphere at CP in the philosophical sense it is to be a lot more grateful towards Celtic and each other as part of that Celtic whole, than we currently are or appear to be.









    Take JF leaving. I’m grateful for what he did when he did it, wish he had done it more often but grateful he is now thinking about what is best for him whether that be to go or stay.









    I digress.









    The Canadian lady asked me if Celtic Park was like what we both were witnessing. I said on CL nights it was unique, where the hair on the back of your neck stood up but on Saturday as I watched on CTV it was cold and wet with the playing surfaces at all grounds suffering because of the weather which made the experience impossible to match.






    (I said to my mate as an aside it would be great if Celtic could play in a European league with Malaga and suchlike in the same division)









    Now we cannot move Celtic to the Costa but we can change the season and folk just are happier in the sun ( or what passes for it here) and the light.









    There were beer stalls and sweetie stalls around the ground as well as beer on sale inside.(1euro 50 for a can) Oh and there were kids. Lots of kids of all ages with mum and dad or friends.









    So how do we change the atmosphere at CP? We change our attitude! It’s a game of football around which we gather socially. If such a diverse mix can do so in Spain why can’t it be done round Celtic whether that is in the stadium, in bars or on SOCIAL media?









    I’d recommend that Celtic send a number of supporters with their own staff to a Malaga match as ordinary supporters to mingle separately or in small groups to find out what makes the occasion before the game even starts so enjoyable.









    OK having players of the calibre I watched helps during the game ( Malaga had a 24 year old guy called Juanpi who was in the lightweight class of our midfield but he stood out against the Galacticos) but Malaga fans got right behind their team and were well satisfied with a draw. However even had they lost I get the impression they would still have been grateful for a great day out.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-inverness-live-updates/comment-page-38/#comment-2781933

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Two days to go for the EBT appeal, I expect there will be sphincters twitching like kittens whiskers throughout the land and in the seats of football power eh :D))))

  18. AULDHEID on 22ND FEBRUARY 2016 12:29 PM



    A bit more on Malaga & Canadians.









    The Canadian lady I mention above was part of a group of guys who were keen football fans.









    At half time they disappeared and on their return I asked the lady and her hubby if they had been for a pie and boil.









    A what?









    So I explained.









    The Bovril is a meat extract, a bit like Marmite to which is added in a plastic cup boiling water. That I explained is to counter the frostbite in the fingers as you use the cup to warm the hands.









    The pie I then explained is made up of the stuff they won’t even use in the haggis but both are considered a half time must in Scotland.









    They were groaning at my explanation whilst laughing when I asked them if they knew the best bit?









    They fell over when I told them folk actually QUEUE up to buy pies and Bovril!









    Football should be fun.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-inverness-live-updates/comment-page-38/#comment-2781933

  19. We have a player who can’t sit in a car without aggravating “his chronic sciatica” and some on here are suggesting he should be given a 4-year deal on HIS OWN TERMS???



    And then giving out to those who have the audacity to suggest that wouldn’t be a good idea???!!

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I can just hear MacIntyre and Wilson saying the Harkins article will be one to “pin to the dressing room wall”.


    Maybe they could put it next to the one saying “RIP RFC”!

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Cults hoy,



    Ah, c’mon, ” management”?



    Do you mean “do a Bobo”?



    I’m sure you remember the reaction to that situation amongst the fans.



    What you are suggesting is constructive dismissal, where an employer contrives to make it intolerable for an employee to reamain in the company.



    That wouldn’t be my expectation of Celtic.



    Probably makes me a holy Willie in some folks eyes, though.

  22. Quick dip in.


    My tuppence worth on J.Forrest. Surprised he was offered a 4 year contract.His performances recently alleviate any disappointment about him leaving.I wish him well .


    How many spineless cowards take a cortisone injection while injured so they can play in a vital match for their club & manager.


    He did.



    Some folks are going over the top on here.HH

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    three simple reasons


    1. climate


    2. cultire


    3. govt in Spain don’t vilify supporting your team

  24. There’s a difference between a chronic (ie long term) injury like sciatica which Forrest has and being susceptible to injury like our Derk seems to be. Derk could in theory pass a medical with flying colours. JF never will.

  25. The least Ajax can do is buy James Forrest.



    After all, they sold us Derk!



    Fair’s fair!




  26. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Tell you what lads….up till i was about 42, i was better than JF.


    I could tackle like KT as well :)


    And i never, ever…allegedly flashed any part of my anatomy:)









    Cheaper than her shoes,probably!



    Mail me at






    and I will pass on the info.



    Good to see you back on board,btw!

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