Ballymote, Barca and harsh rule for Paisley


Two things to cover today but important item first…

Mark Cameron, from the John Thomson Memorial Committee has been in touch to invite you to participate in the Ballymote to Glasgow Cycle next month to commemorate and promote our club’s important origins. I know there are several enthusiastic cyclists in our community so I hope you can participate in this magnificent venture. Message on the trip reads:

“Ballymote – Glasgow Cycle

As a supporters lead project to promote the charitable origins of the club we will be cycling from Brother Walfrid’s home in Ballymote, Co Sligo to Celtic Park to coincide with the clubs first domestic game in the clubs 125th year. The cycle will commence on Thursday 8th November and arrive at Celtic Park in time for the St Johnstone league match on Sunday November 11th.

We are seeking volunteers to take part in the cycle and raise funds for Celtic Charity Fund’s “1254125” campaign.

Draft Itinerary:

Leave CP after Barcelona game on Nov 7th

Travel overnight to arrive in Ballymote 09.30 Nov 8th

Thursday cycle 40 miles

Friday cycle 75 miles

Saturday am cycle 25 miles then Belfast – Cairnryan ferry

Saturday pm cycle 35 miles

Sunday cycle 50 miles arriving at CP prior to St Johnstone game on November 11th
There will be overnight accommodation on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

In order to meet deadlines for ferry and to ensure we are cycling in daylight hours we need to be cycling consistently at 15 mph. As most of the cycling will be on road then a racer / road bike would be better than mountain bike.

In addition to the cyclists we are looking for a couple of volunteers for support drivers (first aid experience would be an advantage) who will travel along the route with the cyclists and assist as necessary.

If you want any more information then please get in touch by emailing johnthomson31@live.co.uk.”

On other matters……

Most of Celtic’s international players will arrive back in Scotland today and return to training tomorrow and Friday ahead of Saturday’s lunchtime kick off against St Mirren.  They will fly to Barcelona on Sunday and have a full day training on Monday ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League game.

We know Scott Brown is injured and Neil Lennon will surely take no chances in Paisley with his captain, currently on the best form of his career and instrumental in the win in Moscow, but others will arrive from throughout Europe, Africa and Central America with varying levels of preparedness for the enormous task that lies ahead.  The first job of the backroom team will be to assess and compensate for any fatigue, stiffness or knocks before sending the squad out for a warm-up.  I would be keen to spare other travellers the rigours of Paisley, where possible.

The same is true of our opponents (I’m not referring to St Mirren here), who have endured the kind of injury run normally associated with a week at Lennoxtown and who have international players throughout their team.  Barcelona are away to Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday evening, who are currently languishing in 18th place after losing Lassad to Celtic on transfer deadline day.

The odds of something special happening on Tuesday night are long but we have profited against similar odds at the same location in the recent past – with a rookier keeper too.  We are in the Champions League on merit and have already surpassed one achievement of all previous Celtic teams in this tournament.  Plans for Tuesday start with how we prepare for Saturday.

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  1. Sftb



    Shortbread ignore THE biggest story in Scottish sport.






    Surely they’ve got to run with it later ?



    Make that ice cream a double scoop, please.

  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Dearie me, it’s time for some more Sevco revelations .. Further confirmation of the shadiness ..



    MSM will suddenly be interested in Scotland…



    Ha.. How poor and obvious are the bbc? Brilliant work by Phil Mac Gio and Rangers Tax Case..



    Oh what fun it is to be a Celtic supporter..




  3. It barely matters what Craigy says. The point is that there is a tangible connection between himself and Green, and that The Duffers are corrupt…….too.


    The never ending story opens a new chapter. Epic.

  4. Gordon_J, Neil… & Bada Bing



    Cheers for your responses, guys.



    My reading of it under Landlords and Tenants Act 1985 means the duty of care lies with the landlord, but she is trying to fob me off with a 2nd hand replacement tank…



    Problem with that for me is, having had the lot destroyed, I’m not sure I want to start the whole setting up and going out buying fish again, Buy I do feel someone should be compensating me for the loss



    I have been waiting for CA to call me back for a week, and the solicitor i spoke to wanted £700.00 deposit to provide with a yes you have a claim or no you dont have a claim answer.



    Not that I would speak ill of lawyers..

  5. tommytwiststommyturns on

    SFTB – further proof if we needed it, that BBC Scotland Sports department works to its own warped agenda.


    Who are the main producers and editors, who are the people who decided to make the place a Hun retirement home?



    We should be highlighting these people, not the ex-buns, presenters and journos, as they are the ones who set the agenda against our club.




  6. Does anyone remember talk of league reconstruction last year and then it all went quiet.



    Last October the SPL knew Rangers were going bust……. Last October the BBC aired “Rangers – The Inside story”.



    After reading this above now we know why.

  7. iPaddy McCourt on




    I would recommend that you pursue a claim against the electrician as he was the one who caused the loss and damage. He should certainly have insurance to cover such situations. You should write to him setting out details of your losses and ask him to pass the matter to his insurers. They will then contact you to discuss your claim. You will need to provide them with copy vouching for the value of the items lost/destroyed. If you don’t have purchase receipts then quotes for replacement items will assist. You will not get full replacement value for items that were not new, as there will have been a degree of wear and tear. I would also suggest that you seek say £200 additional compensation for the hassle and inconvenience you have been put to and the loss of enjoyment of the fish which were killed. After all, they were your pets and you had cared for them and may have formed a wee attachment to them!

  8. Just_a_Bhoys_game on

    Call it a long shot but I’ve got a feeling CraigyBhoy has been shafted by CG in some way and is now putting a spoke in the share issue wheel.

  9. Hen1rik



    I think our hero Craigy is sick of the dooing he he been taking and sick of being painted as the bogeyman and figure of hate.


    My opinion is that he is trying to curry favour with Sevconians by saying he is responsible for introducing Chuck and trying to say he is not responsible for the death of Oldco.



    Chuck is now a popular figure amongst Sevconians , he panders to their lowest common denominator. Our hero Craigy is trying to tag onto this and far from going against Green is claiming he is responsible for the Sevconian new hero.



    Little does he know that by letting that little cat out the poke he has probably signed Chuck’s death warrant and scuppered the share scheme .



    Just my opinion mind!

  10. Police taser a blind man because they thought his white stick was a samurai sword……how mental is the world getting?

  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    pigalle – cheers. Was it the main news presenter or their sports staff?




  12. iPaddy McCourt



    Cheers, Fella



    I think maybe I will write to them both.


    I would feel a bit silly claiming the loss of the fish had affected me such as one may feel attachment to a dog or a cat, but I have looked after them for around 6 years



    But I am pretty pee’d off that both of them seem to think its nothing



    Thanks for the advice from all who responded



    Let’s get back to laughing at Sevco gain :-)

  13. Any oz melbourne bhoys on ?



    Mate is going to melbourne cup next month is asking any bars/clubs to recommend ?



    Mid 20′s he is.



    Anywhere u would catch some unrependant songs of resistance and where does csc games be shown ?




  14. Alasdair MacLean on



    12:48 on


    17 October, 2012


    Alasdair MacLean 12:40 on 17 October, 2012



    If you need to be told then it’s not worth explaining.



    The BBC page has the story.




    A s far as I can see, there has been an advertisment for an interview about to be published.


    The effect of what has been said by Whyte is that:



    1) It might affect the upcoming The-Rangers’ shares sale.


    2) Green may be embarrassed by the fact he knows Craig Whyte.



    What have I missed?

  15. miki67



    12:50 on 17 October, 2012




    ……………..They must be going mental. All that green and white in their heads. Apoplectic paroxysms of confusion.


    Now there’s a sentence to conjure with for them.




    Indeed, miki.



    Or…. Apoplectic paroxysms of perturbation,

  16. Did I read that corectly SPL knew back in October


    that Zombies were doomed ?



    RTC predicted on line that end of Ocotber was D day when it never happened he revealed the non tax payment maybe November


    hence helping cash flow issues.



    So come Feb and Directors of Zombies pleaded we never knew a thing including wiggy it was all news to us Craigy kept us in the dark.



    Maybe there isnt a masonic masterplan and the guys in SPL or SFA never did ask other members of Zombie board “what the f*** is going on”



    PS I presume MSM knew aswell

  17. RRC


    The duty of care lies with the landlord and you should be compensated by her. It is quite simple and cheap to raise an action yourself at the small claims court, which usually ends up being resolved very quickly by the defendant as it shows your intent. If it goes to court generally the court is on your side.


    Hope this helps.

  18. Son of Gabriel on

    From the bbc sport:



    Scotland: SFA to discuss Craig Levein’s future within days



    Craig Levein’s future as Scotland coach will be discussed by the Scottish Football Association’s board within a matter of days.


    But it is believed that any meeting with Levein himself will not take place for a couple of weeks.


    Chief executive Stewart Regan refused to be drawn on whether he thought Levein would remain in charge for next month’s friendly against Luxembourg.


    Regan admitted disappointment at Scotland being bottom of their group.


    “I think that’s a decision for the board,” he said of Levein’s future.


    Continue reading the main story



    We’re all bitterly disappointed to find ourselves bottom of the group



    Stewart Regan


    Scottish Football Association chief executive


    “Now is not the time to be making announcements and decisions. That’s something that’ll happen over the course of the next few days.


    “It’s important that we just reflect on the start to the campaign, sit down with the manager and with the board and actually look at what’s happened over the last few matches and, in particular, what’s happened in the last two games and then decide on our course of action.


    “It’s important that we actually sit down, look at the facts and then decide on the next steps.”


    Those facts do not read in Levein’s favour following the 2-0 defeat by Belgium in their World Cup Group A qualifier in Brussels.


    The former Dundee United, Hearts and Leicester City manager has led Scotland to victory in only three of his 12 competitive fixtures in charge.


    Scotland lie bottom of Group A with two points, eight points adrift of group favourites Belgium and top seeds Croatia, despite having played what they hoped would be a beneficial set of opening fixtures at the start of the campaign.


    “We’re all bitterly disappointed to find ourselves bottom of the group after four games,” said Regan.


    “Looking back to the dates meeting, where we set out our fixtures, we were all hoping to get off to a much better start.


    “I think we expected a difficult match against Belgium, recognising the quality of their team and how many of them are playing at the very highest levels of the Premiership.



    Fletcher (left) is backing Craig Levein to remain as national coach


    “Probably the more difficult one to swallow was the match against Wales on Friday night, where we were 1-0 up with nine minutes to go then lost the match 2-1.”


    Levein admitted Scotland’s qualification hopes for the 2014 finals in Brazil are all but over but has insisted he wants to remain in charge.


    Scotland players, including captain Darren Fletcher, vice-captain Gary Caldwell and goalkeeper Allan McGregor, have all praised Levein and suggested a change in manager would not be beneficial.


    However, Regan hinted that present results are likely to overshadow the long-term strategy Levein has spearheaded to improve Scotland’s pool of talent.


    “We appointed Mark Wotte to come in and build the foundations for a stronger Scotland going forward,” said the chief executive.


    “The progress we’ve made with the Under-17s and Under-19s recently, including qualification for the elite round of the Under-19 Championships, shows there are some green shoots, particularly for younger age groups.


    “The national team is a different proposition. Craig’s got a set of players he’s been working with, he has those players for the European Championships and we came into the World Cup 2014 campaign with a lot of optimism and we all hoped that we would have started better than we have done.


    “That hasn’t proved to be the case and we now have to sit down and reflect on that and decide on the next steps.”


    Levein will, however, be given the opportunity to defend his record.


    “I think it’s important to look at the situation and allow those involved to actually put their thoughts across the table,” added Regan.


    “We’re a board of directors. It’s important that each of the directors gets a chance to have an input.


    “Not all of the directors have been on this trip and we want to actually sit down as a group and have a discussion with the manager.


    “When we’ve had a chance to do that then we’ll decide what happens next.”





  19. voguepunter



    12:40 on


    17 October, 2012





    I would have put my name down for Ballymote to Glasgow Cycle , but I ‘ve


    had my chopper clamped :O(




    Usually a pair of padded shorts and some calamine lotion takes care of that.

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Just like Arnie.



    Craigie ” I ll be back ” Whyte emerges in time for the pantomime season..



    Is it available in 3-D?




  21. kikinthenakas



    Thanks for that, and I will follow you advice and look into that small claims court method you raised



    Thanks again

  22. The Battered Bunnet on

    Odd timing by Whyte. No detail yet from BBC as to what he’s said, but I doubt it will be terribly helpful to Sevco’s IPO prospects.

  23. Craig whyte has come back after chucky green bumped him for his cash the whole 2 QUID he promised to pay him. Shocking you just trust anybody these days. Hail hail lets all laugh at sevco

  24. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    So a condition of the license being granted was that Green and Whyte werent linked?



    Will we hear a clamour in the media for Sevco’s license being revoked?



    Will other clubs in Scotland make a noise about this?

  25. So last October when the beeb broadcast their initial programme Whytey was going to sue? Why does the intrepid reporter not query this?



    Also what if SPL or SFA knew they were skint? They had no real power until they went into admin. They could of course have banned them from Europe but Fat Sally had already seen to that.



    Also the Zombie hordes think it is unjust that they are still banned even though they don’t exist in relevant form. Imagine the wailing about the Catholic Mafia if this had been some at the time.

  26. The Honest Cover-up on

    Craigy, you’re immortal son.



    Anyone with a brain has known for months that Chucky is Craigy’s dodgy wee pal but it will be interesting to see how the Sevconian hoardes take the news.


    Green had better get a move on releasing that Orange away strip to keep the rabble down and the cash coming in.


    Can’t wait for the inevitable official statement released from Sevco tonight after the interview.


    I’m guessing it will lash back at Our Hero and other “dark forces who seek to harm our club”. Maybe they’ll mention Juninho’s EBT again!

  27. The Honest Cover-up on

    tooheys new


    To be fair, wait till you hear the interview. Maybe he did.


    Ok, he won’t have as it’s Chris McLaughlin, but Craigy is hardly going to give an interview to Paxman is he?


    Pick the thickest interviewer out there to raise the points you want unchallenged. You can’t blame Craigy for that.

  28. Craig Whyte = Decoy.



    Gaggle of mindless, squawking ducks = Hun Hordes



    Duck-Hunter with shotgun barrels loaded = Chuckie Green



    Let’s play…

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