Ballymote, Barca and harsh rule for Paisley


Two things to cover today but important item first…

Mark Cameron, from the John Thomson Memorial Committee has been in touch to invite you to participate in the Ballymote to Glasgow Cycle next month to commemorate and promote our club’s important origins. I know there are several enthusiastic cyclists in our community so I hope you can participate in this magnificent venture. Message on the trip reads:

“Ballymote – Glasgow Cycle

As a supporters lead project to promote the charitable origins of the club we will be cycling from Brother Walfrid’s home in Ballymote, Co Sligo to Celtic Park to coincide with the clubs first domestic game in the clubs 125th year. The cycle will commence on Thursday 8th November and arrive at Celtic Park in time for the St Johnstone league match on Sunday November 11th.

We are seeking volunteers to take part in the cycle and raise funds for Celtic Charity Fund’s “1254125” campaign.

Draft Itinerary:

Leave CP after Barcelona game on Nov 7th

Travel overnight to arrive in Ballymote 09.30 Nov 8th

Thursday cycle 40 miles

Friday cycle 75 miles

Saturday am cycle 25 miles then Belfast – Cairnryan ferry

Saturday pm cycle 35 miles

Sunday cycle 50 miles arriving at CP prior to St Johnstone game on November 11th
There will be overnight accommodation on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

In order to meet deadlines for ferry and to ensure we are cycling in daylight hours we need to be cycling consistently at 15 mph. As most of the cycling will be on road then a racer / road bike would be better than mountain bike.

In addition to the cyclists we are looking for a couple of volunteers for support drivers (first aid experience would be an advantage) who will travel along the route with the cyclists and assist as necessary.

If you want any more information then please get in touch by emailing johnthomson31@live.co.uk.”

On other matters……

Most of Celtic’s international players will arrive back in Scotland today and return to training tomorrow and Friday ahead of Saturday’s lunchtime kick off against St Mirren.  They will fly to Barcelona on Sunday and have a full day training on Monday ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League game.

We know Scott Brown is injured and Neil Lennon will surely take no chances in Paisley with his captain, currently on the best form of his career and instrumental in the win in Moscow, but others will arrive from throughout Europe, Africa and Central America with varying levels of preparedness for the enormous task that lies ahead.  The first job of the backroom team will be to assess and compensate for any fatigue, stiffness or knocks before sending the squad out for a warm-up.  I would be keen to spare other travellers the rigours of Paisley, where possible.

The same is true of our opponents (I’m not referring to St Mirren here), who have endured the kind of injury run normally associated with a week at Lennoxtown and who have international players throughout their team.  Barcelona are away to Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday evening, who are currently languishing in 18th place after losing Lassad to Celtic on transfer deadline day.

The odds of something special happening on Tuesday night are long but we have profited against similar odds at the same location in the recent past – with a rookier keeper too.  We are in the Champions League on merit and have already surpassed one achievement of all previous Celtic teams in this tournament.  Plans for Tuesday start with how we prepare for Saturday.

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  1. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby


    13:28 on


    17 October, 2012


    So a condition of the license being granted was that Green and Whyte werent linked?



    Very good point,


    The media will do and say nothing, but the bastion of sporting integrity that is the SFA will instruct Campbell Ogilvie to issue a Press release fully explaining the licence position forthwith.


    Hes a man that can be trusted.

  2. Check the advert for the new away strip on the Rangers website:-



    “Everythings gonna be all White”, should that be Whyte??



    Away strip + All White, is there a feeling of surrender going on away from home.




  3. tigertim


    problem with that strip is it will clash with Real Madrids when they meet in the Champions League



    or maybe it wont be a problem after all.

  4. Didn’t the Chuckster claim to have never met Craig Whyte a while back??



    Sevconia in disarray…



    Whaur’s my special service ice cream scoop…

  5. tigertim



    13:45 on


    17 October, 2012


    Anyone know is Lassad or Miku got any game time over the last week??



    Miku got 20mins last night. I read on here

  6. Will scooby doo and shaggy pull off the Green and Whyte masks to reveal the Mint and Bain, while mint wails “we would have got away with it if it was not for those pesky Internet bam pots?

  7. Serbian FC statement is unbelievable ,they deny any racist behaviour and say England LB Danny Rose behavior was unsportsmanlike and vulgar…….wtf,they need banned for a couple of tournaments.

  8. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Oh what a tangled web they weave.



    I can’t wait to see how the latest installment of The Rangers plays out.



    Needless to say I can’t seen any positive action coming from the powers that run (tongue very firmly in cheek) our national game!

  9. Alasdair MacLean on




    Charles Green, the man in charge of the consortium poised to take over Rangers, has denied any business link to the club’s former owner Craig Whyte.



    A report on Saturday morning claimed that one of Green’s companies completed a £30m deal with Close Brothers 12 years ago. Whyte, under whose ownership Rangers plunged into administration, sold off future catering revenues at Ibrox to Close Brothers during his ill-fated reign.



    Green confirmed he had given Whyte £1 – the same value paid – for his 85% stake in Rangers, and said: “I gave him a pound out of my own pocket too, so he has made a 100% profit.”



    On any suggestion of a previous connection, Green said: “It was complete rubbish. I met Craig Whyte for the very first time a week last Tuesday in London.”


    Green has been afforded exclusive‑bidder status three months after Rangers entered administration. The former Sheffield United chief executive aims to take the club out of that form via a company voluntary arrangement on 6 June but such a move depends on the support of key creditors, HM Revenue and Customs among them.



    If no such agreement can be reached, Green will be forced to run Rangers as a new company in the controversial “newco” form. Green heads a 20-strong consortium, which includes investors from Singapore, and has promised to offer £8.5m to creditors, plus football debts of £3.5m as and when they are received by Rangers. “Every other bidder was ahead of us. But nobody could put cash on the table. I can,” Green said.



    On the likelihood of a company voluntary arrangement succeeding, Green said: “We can’t be confident. But my view and my upbringing in life is something’s better than nothing. If they turn down the cash, then the alternative is they will get nothing. I don’t believe it’s in the best interests of the people of the UK – which HMRC are responsible to – to turn down an offer where they get cash in order to receive nothing. It wouldn’t be logical. However we have all seen many things that are not logical.”



    David Whitehouse, Rangers’ joint administrator, was more positive about progressing with a CVA. He said: “That by some considerable margin is the best financial deal for creditors. We have been in regular discussion with major creditors for the last couple of weeks. They are aware of the nature of that proposal, they are aware it is the best deal and we have agreed it will be put forward at a creditors meeting.



    “Now we have a period of drafting and the intention is the CVA proposal goes out on 21 May. The headline detail of the proposal has been discussed. We can’t get a commitment until they have an opportunity to consider it at senior level. There is a backdrop strategy such that in what we believe is the unlikely event it is not accepted the deal would then revert to a newco strategy.”

  10. Honest cover up



    You are correct. I should not pre judge.


    Still can’t believe after all this time that MSM think revealing interview means prepared statement with no follow up. Even if they are not real journalists surely their editors should at least give them all copies of All the presidents men.

  11. Today’s Viz Top Tip



    Dont have access to Twitter?



    Want to know what’s happening in Andrew Little’s mundane life?



    Just tune into Sky Sports News.



    24hr updates available via the Sportsbar.



    What’s that all about then? Does his mum clean the offices down there?

  12. Jonny the Tim



    his brother is a presenter



    he who commented on the sevco /Linfield fundraising game ..describing it as a great atmosphere …..just like the 12th July

  13. Perhaps the huns..


    ….could just apply….


    to join a league…


    ..in Serbia?


    Not trying to kause a kerfuffle….it was just a fleeting thought. They seem such a good fit….

  14. Son of Gabriel on






    Read on here last night Miku got 15 minutes for Venezuela but dont know how he done.

  15. @Eeramacaroonbar: So the Cousin deal was nearly allowed to go through even though SPL knew they were facing admin and owed millions. Sorry but it stinks

  16. As Media House still represent Rangers, I can write Chuckles’ retort to this for you right now.



    He will be shocked and dismayed.



    He will remind everyone it was Craig Whyte who destroyed the club.



    He will remind them Whyte is a liar.



    He will make reference to him being the only one willing to stand up and save the club.



    He will make reference to the SPL knowing.



    He will attack the fact it is coming from the BBC.



    He will say legal action is forthcoming.



    We have seen this all before.

  17. Afternoon bhoys, hot again, but hun free as ever.



    According to some BDO are involved in the scam, allegedley, could this be the reason that Lord Hodge hasn’tsigned off D and P yet.



    If it’s true, the scam is across the board, not a hope in hell of getting any justice whatsoever.



    It ranges from the Government, to HMRC, to the justice system, the media, the masonic cabal, the OO, and some are holding on to getting justice.



    Fair play to you, but this is scotland, the signs are clear for all to see, nothing to see here Timmy, move along now.

  18. Anyone looked in on FF to see how our heros welcome is viewed



    I am a memember but NEVER log on from my work place incase



    I ever go jelly n ice cream bananas over there.

  19. I am with Alasdair Maclean on this one.


    In Scotland, the “news” so far concerning Craig Whyte does not amount to much. In a fair and honest football world, what was Rangers would be completely and utterly finished. Our glee in Strirling`s success last week shows that such is not the case.Sevco/The Rangers call them what you will, in the world that is currently Scotland, THEY exist all right and today`s Craig Whyte news will not alter that…..no matter how much we would love it to do so.It seems to me that every new bit of news that should see the end of that club, is simply met with more and more spin from an astonishigly compliant media.


    So, good fun to keep receiving the latest examples of how the end is nigh but they are still here…..and will remain so until The Establishment in Scotland changes. I won`t be holding my breath.




  20. hen1rik


    14:15 on


    17 October, 2012


    @Eeramacaroonbar: So the Cousin deal was nearly allowed to go through even though SPL knew they were facing admin and owed millions. Sorry but it stinks




    The Mervan Celic deal WAS allowed to go through even though SPL knew they were facing admin and owed millions. Sorry but it stinks!!!

  21. jc2 – the new consensus amongst the brains trust is that Whyte is trying to piggy back on Green’s popularity with them and that is what today is all about.

  22. If Our Craig has holed Chuck’s ship below the waterline, will this allow HMS Walter to sail to the rescue claiming salvage rights on the stricken vessel?



    Cap’nPugwash CSC

  23. philvisreturns on

    Son of Gabriel – There doesnt seem any point in competing when its not just to beat Philvis….










    Divitbhoy – Well Cameron just confirmed my vote will be yes, Salmond couldn’t have planned this better



    Salmond will lap this sort of stuff up in the hopes that he can manipulate impulsive voters. It’s what he does. It’s why, incredibly, 16 year old children are being allowed to vote in this referendum.



    He’s hoping you have the attention span of a 16 year old child. Salmond is counting on the electorate being easily manipulated and emotional.



    If Ian Paisley Jnr and David Cameron recommended brushing your teeth regularly, would you let them rot just to spite them?



    Do you think the bigots will be stronger in an “independent” Scotland, or weaker? Will it be a better and more stable society to raise a family in, or a worse one?



    I would suggest to you that Edinburgh juries, the SFA, intimidation of journalists, and the “fabric of the nation” tell you all you need to know about what sort of a place a separate Scotland would be.



    And as I keep pointing out, “independence” is a sick joke in this context. Nobody is offering independence to the Scottish people. Not a single one of those so-called nationalists has the courage or the honesty to advocate an independent Scotland.



    Salmond is offering the pig in a poke option of Scotland being a subservient region of a bankrupt political cartel run out of Brussels (ask the Irish or the Italians or the Greeks how “independent” they feel right now) with its currency controlled by the Bank of England in London.



    Some “independence”.



    Yet, the Scottish public will be expected to shoulder an enormous legacy of toxic debt as part of this ridiculous vanity project. What do you think will happen to this fledgling “independent” Scotland as soon as it tries to finance its debts as a brand new statelet with no credit history and no control over its own monetary policy? The markets will eat it alive.



    Scotland’s partnership with the rest of the United Kingdom has never been some form of perfect utopian bliss, but in an uncertain world it has served us well for the past 300 years, two world wars, recessions and depressions, and countless international upheavals.



    Together we built the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. We created the industrial age. We defeated Fascism. We invented football. We are stronger together as part of the UK than we would ever be apart.



    I am not ready to throw that away for the sake of Alex “fabric of the nation” Salmond’s back of a fag packet sums and smirking, wobbly-chinned promises about how absolutely bloody amazing everything will be if we just turn off our brains and let him play at being the Chief Pudding. (thumbsup)



    tooheys new – I was wondering the same thing. Surely Craig Whyte’s crack team of lawyers will strike at any moment? Maybe just in time for Sir David Murray’s investigation into bigoted chanting in the San Siro. (thumbsup)

  24. Rogue Leader at 12:57


    Didn’t Green assure the SFA he had no connections with Whyte in order to secure the licence?





    Did you receive an answer to this question?

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