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  1. A rewind frae last Boss Hog….




    maccargo on 13th July 2022 3:55 pm



    Teams up…




    Hart, Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, welsh, Taylor, McGregor, Turnbull, O’Riley, Forrest, Jota, Kyogo




    Theres goals in that team, as it is Pre-Season, there wullnae be as many as Celtic put past Aiberdeen on the first game of the new Season, IMO.




    I’ve always bet goals+ and I’m pretty sure over 2.5 first half Celtic goals won’t even give you any value after a handful (or even less) of games.

  2. MadMitch, he got a new contract and Ange is a Believer not a Monkey, defo with you that if we get Jamesie firing on Every cylinder, he is the old wan noo, that can make All the difference in Europe.



    Nae protection from the Health&Safety Officials must have done his nut in for Abdul Quadir’s.



    Jamesie isnae a hardman but he can create so much.

  3. Does CTV have issues with Samsung TV’s?


    Currently getting snow and an error message.


    Laptop is OK.

  4. RE. comments about facilities on-site for fans. My only ‘experience’ of same has been down at Newcastle FC (frequent visitor for family reasons).



    Throughout the ground down there there are bars and eating outlets. Some of them are fast-food outlets, some are bars with snacks, there are hospitality units of various standards (from basic sit-in, eat and drink to sumptuous three course pre-match packages). In other words there is something for everyone and ALL of these facilities are widely used, to the extent that the club rakes in considerable amount of monies.



    The other benefit, perhaps despite what Ernie thinks, seems to be that the fans want to be on-site, enjoying the atmosphere in the environs of their club and, of course, giving their money to the club. No matter how they get there and where they are coming from they know that they can get to the ground and be fed and watered, in the company of like-minded people. Then, they can get to their seats within minutes of deciding it is time to go. And the Club benefits, not surrounding outlets!

  5. BORGO67 on 13TH JULY 2022 2:59 PM






    Another thing I noticed on the newspaper cutting of my brother being the Celtic boy, is the score from our league cup game against Arbroath 3-3. I did a bit of digging, a hat trick from Derek Rylance, game played at hampden in front of less than five thousand. Had never come across that game before.






    Will get back to you as currently am sitting looking at Celtic125,all results up to then…..and cannae find it!



    Will put a shout out via twitter to some of the history bhoys and get back to you.






    Weird one:-)

  6. Got a reply from JPT.



    There are plans for a Sports Bar to be opened in the ground for the coming season . He doesn’t have any definite details yet.


    Nothing on a fan zone.



    As an aside. I have been invited to a fans forum in the Jock Stein lounge on July 26th.


    Might find out more then.

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    Mad Mitch @ ages ago



    Then you’re the chairman of the bottomless sump of Celtic negativity.



    Giving advice to the ‘failed Celtic board’ pick a board any board over 20 years of Blogging is a pure waste of time IMO.



    The stadium is what it is, you built it, the board only have Celtic supporters money to spend, its already clear that’s what Fergus McCann faced. The stadium never mind the footprint may never be what we really, really want selling Van Dyks and season tickets, only goes so far.



    The stadium catchment area includes East End generation money which has made tremendous strides in this ‘advanced ‘ Scottish society Celtic Walkway etc is better than a maze of clapped out tenements and factories that we’ve helped get rid of.



    Museums and destiny may be reserved for our grandchildren not today’s joyless Bloggers, me I’m just happy not to be ankle deep in urine watching my idols.

  8. Qadir, apologies.



    It is Important to give people their proper names. Qu. It beats me International so many times.



    Brave of Sir Mo to speak his Truth.



    Paul67 seems to think we wullnae be that Great this game, We will always be Awesome but I hear whit he is Danny McGrain.




  9. Hopefully the worriers, I’m the worst, urnae projecting their Abdul Qadirs, aboot the upcoming Season because of a misplaced pass.

  10. IniquitousIV on

    Bags of atmosphere in the stadium. Buxom trackside reporter up Bada’s street.

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the International Bar. Philbhoy to blow a fuse in first half 1/2. To spontaneously combust in second half 1/5.😂

  12. IniquitousIV on

    WTF? BBC Scotland say we are after young midfielder Edouard Michut for £2.5M from PSG.



    But the headline says it is the Orcs after him. I guess they don’t hire editors any more.

  13. bournesouprecipe on




    Enjoy the match.



    The green white and how did that happen gold corporation bus dropped us at Beardmores via Shettleston then Parkhead for Celtic at home, once an iron foundry that helped mother Glasgow and the United Kingdom repel the other forces of darkness. An industrial Glasgow that gave birth to some lions, later of some Lisbon fame.



    We used to walk up Duke St to Parkhead Cross in an age where you didn’t wear a jacket 10 months of the year, out-with sheer Glaswegian balticy conditions, it was a green Celtic knitted woollen garment dark bottle variation sometimes with gold hoops on the sleeve, or in summer with college neck’s of V? A Billy Connolly friction at the barbers, wrangler jeans, segs in your shoes, green and white ‘walk on’ scarf, and we were good to go.



    One of the guys I went with moved down sarf’ escaping nae jaiket winters, but him and his boy still support Celtic, he’s Celtic crazy, born 400 miles away from Parkhead and is his fathers image. When we went on a Saturday, Parkhead was one step from the city biz, but had its own community thoroughfare. It was as good and better than London town, earthy and alive, and where you went to see the Celtic by birthright from every street in Glasgow.



    Just another Celtic Saturday and always, always a Saturday up to Parkhead we passed there were women in a steady queue always, for that afternoon’s Granada experience all praying for a wee win, “ Look at that ” every week my down sarf mate would say ‘ bigger crowd at the bingo ’ he predicted. Arriving early on a Saturday by Janefield street he sometimes wasn’t far wrong. We’d progressed to the Jungle by that age, underneath the panoramic wee podium that housed Arthur or Archie in their second home, blasting a commentary that was fair, but bland.



    Sheep we were, all Tims because you did what your big brother did, and got yourself along to paradise to see that team they call the Celtic, there was no such thing as herd immunity back then, it was Parkhead for you my bhoy . Pick your spot, any spot 18,000 proclaimed the Evening Times, only on a good day, for the visit of real sheep the crowd went up. If it was verse the old Rangers, all bets were off, normal arrangements were abandoned it wasn’t a match day experience, travel was restricted and public transport was avoided.



    If ‘the cameras’ were there it was a weekend changing experience, fair made the day with the thrill of knowing you’d seen your team, win lose or draw and would see them again on television that same night, from the jungle you knew your voice was among one of the bhoys. Had there been a a Christmas without a Celtic present, it wasn’t Christmas at all.



    Hail Hail

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    IniquitousIV- i missed that….



    another reason for you to stay on these pages 😁

  15. IniquitousIV on

    If Joe keeps wandering 35 yards out of his goal, we will suffer 2 Keystone Kops comical goals in 2 games.