Bankier, Livingston and most plural club in UK


I didn’t see Ian Bankier’s performance today, but I watched his predecessor John Reid a few times. John wasn’t liked by a significant body of the support, largely for professional reasons (his role in government), but when he got on his feet to address Celtic supporters, he had an intuitive feel for what to say. No one ever needed to script him.

Ian Livingston has received a lot of criticism since voting with the government in the recent Tax Credits bill. I’d heard the nature of some of what was written online included reference to his background – appalling, without question. Nor would it surprise you or me, we’ve been online long enough to see just about everything, including those who troll others on account of their background or identity. Often with Celtic-related targets.

We are a plural club, with people from Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, and for all I know, other backgrounds, on our board, all these and more in our dressing room, and among our support. I’m proud of this. We are often caricatured as an exclusively Irish-diaspora club but few in the UK can claim such an ethnic panorama.

A club of immigrants founded 127 years ago has continued to attract new immigrants ever since.  It’s worthwhile reminding ourselves of this, it should continue to be a part of our forward strategy.  What correlates with this is that anyone with a prejudice will find a target at Celtic – such is the diversity of our club. Celtic fans, players and officials have been targets like this for a very long time.

Was Ian Livingston right to vote with the government on Tax Credits? No. I haven’t considered the policy’s economic merits (first pass suggested it had none) but I believe his voice should have been raised against the policy. The expectations of being a representative of Celtic, not just a board member, are weighty.

Ian Bankier could have read all inappropriate online comment referring to Ian Livingston’s background immediately before today’s AGM, but that forum was not the place to mark anyone’s card. The intuitive feel John Reid had on these occasions was missing today. Go complain about such comment to the appropriate authorities, or to whatever online facilities hosted the comments, tell Ian Livingston ‘You’ll never walk alone’ in a private moment, but address shareholders and Celtic fans on matters appropriate to them.

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  1. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on




    … P67 and the Board ( Lawwell in particular) are closely aligned in many respects it appears to me

  2. Not the first time a board member has a go at Celtic fans.


    Wish they were as proactive on our behalf.


    The gap is growing.


    This is a watershed season for me.


    If a level playing field is not sought then i will walk away while this board are still there.


    Unless they become supporters and worthy custodians i am finished.

  3. Paul 67…Have you saw Proof of Livinstone being abused online by Celtic Supporters…Asking on behalf ofTHE HUDDLE..

  4. Paul



    You have evidence of our being more plural than other clubs? My comment is not in relation to Celtic but other clubs. I suspect there are a number of clubs across the UK with plurality at a base level. However, without evidence either way it’s a bit of a lazy claim?



    I have no love of Dr Death, but I would have to say that unlike Bankier I know he has paid his own money to come though the turnstyle and so can claim to be a supporter.



    The question that should have been put to our CEO when he said our wage bill is the same as Seville year… ‘What was the CEO wage bill that year and how similar is it now?’




  5. quonno on 20th November 2015 11:07 pm



    personally consider Tories to be the scum of the earth.





    Me too



    A war monger or a Tory



    Support one – shout down the other

  6. Bankier made a gross error today. I seldom criticise board members and am reluctant to castigate individuals for their political views. However Bankier’s statement was a dream come true for anyone who wanted to link Celtic and the phrase “criminally racist”.



    As can be seen it was pounced on immediately. Regardless of what he meant, it was a crass error of judgement.



    On that basis alone he should resign.

  7. The Huddle The words our chairman used were ‘criminally racist’. If he cannot back that up he has to go.

  8. The Huddle



    I totally disagree with Paul67 on this.


    I don’t think he will be surprised or bothered.




  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowirbhoy, Pat was interviewed a few months ago, by Peter Maguire and Alan Rough on the STV Edinburgh channel. He said he preferred playing as a central defender and the only time he played there at Hibs was when Jock was their manager.



    Jock must have remembered this and in.the transfer negotiations, Pat was told if he joined us, he would be in the centre of our defence.



    The Hibs team on the early 70’s were a very good team.

  10. What about making a squirrel today re the Lord of Parkhead. MORE IMPORTANT TO ME IS THE RES 12 PROPOSAL.and the EBT.


    Whether you like it or not our PL is implicated.He agreed to the 5 way agreement.


    The whole game is corpt. So sad

  11. Gordon64 on 20th November 2015 11:25 pm



    The Huddle The words our chairman used were ‘criminally racist’. If he cannot back that up he has to go.




    I agree but no way he doesn’t have that proof.



    Do you really think there wasn’t plenty of idiots online abusing him? P67 in this article says there were.



    This site is PG rated compared to the rest of the world. You need a full body suit to protect yourself from the vile posted out there :O)

  12. If Bankier had any integrity he would resign now for the the good of Celtic rather than allow this sore to fester further.

  13. Gordon64 on 20th November 2015 11:32 pm



    If Bankier had any integrity he would resign now for the the good of Celtic rather than allow this sore to fester further.




    Why would he resign if he was right?

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, sorry I never replied to your post last night, I was in my zquarters

  15. You cannot have it both ways.


    How can you be a beneficiary of inclusivity while at the same time hurting people because of your ideological beliefs.


    Explain it to me.


    I don’t get it.





  16. The Green Man on 20th November 2015 11:36 pm



    You cannot have it both ways.



    How can you be a beneficiary of inclusivity while at the same time hurting people because of your ideological beliefs.



    Explain it to me.



    I don’t get it.




    Hats baby hats, simple as that put on the right hat you can be what ever you want.



    Not to be confused with a certain magic hat

  17. The Huddle



    Read the article. Paul says ‘I’d heard the nature of some of what was written online…’. He could have said ‘I’ve seen what was written on-line…’ Had he done so I would have been content that he had reviewed it and concurred. But, he is offering third hand evidence??



    I still have not seen any reference on line. Now I was fully expecting the full blast of SMSM, Level 5 and Hunsphere to have gone on full dig mode and to have produced said evidence before then end of the meeting.



    Still seen nada. Not saying it doesn’t exist or hasn’t happened but it seems rather elusive??



    Looking forward to FOCUS tomorrow spending the full game in camera with Bankier and Livingston instead of behind the camera aimed at GB to get to the bottom of the issue and bring forward soem prosecutions. That’s their job isn’t it?




  18. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    No other Club in the UK has had more unelected lords on their board ..



    Is that no summit ? :)

  19. Bankier Supports Livingstone, Livinstone is a Tory, The torys are unionists.unionists Adore oul lizzie, the huns love aul lizzie, aul lizzie hates Scottish Independence…Wasnt Hard…

  20. The Huddle Our chairman’s words today were ill advised and contemptuous in the extreme. I have seen no evidence to support his ludicrous statement. It was a desperate attempt to defend his fellow Tory board member which has backfired badly on our club. In fact it would be better for all concerned if they both resigned immediately rather than dragging this out further. HH

  21. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    THE_HUDDLE on 20TH NOVEMBER 2015 11:26 PM


    The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly




  22. The Huddle



    That cant be right.


    To bask in the advantages that inclusivity brings, so that you can punish poor people.


    There is a name for people like that.






  23. Dallas



    The Godson scored a 30 yard screamer for RC U20s against Sevco U20s at Dumbarton in Wednesday in a 4-0 win for RC. He phoned me to tell me sevco U20s are rank rotten. Magic. :)

  24. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Is the Celtic Trust a Political pressure group or Celtic supporters ?…..I have my doubts about them being Celtic supporters, since they seem to major in non-football orientated controversy, at every AGM ….as far as I’m concerned they are a bunch of political activists who should head for speaker’s corner if they want to share their political views …….or they could always join their local PTA if they have so much time on their hands ……and they seem to think they represent all Celtic supporters …. Pathetic really, I’m afraid……. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/agm-ahead/comment-page-24/#comment-2722041

  25. Dumbhoy on 20th November 2015 11:39 pm





    That’s a cop out, P67 wouldn’t have mentioned it unless he was stirring shit like the MSM.



    I read it like P67 knows of the abuse levelled at Livingston, if he doesn’t think it happened he should say so.

  26. Forget Bankier




    How much did the Cardigan




    How much did swally get


    Why did SOUNESS GET HIS ebt


    Whose else Hugh /JimT/ Sandy

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