Barcelona v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.


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  1. Almore



    Here ye go..



    De Vries; Gamboa, Lustig, Toure, Sviatchenko, Tierney; Roberts, Brown, Bitton, Sinclair; Dembele


    Gordon ,Izaguirre, Armstrong , Rogic, O’Connell, McGregor, Forrest

  2. Gooooood afternoon CQN from sunny Toronto


    Heading over to the Irish Club on Ridgeway in 30mins



    Brendan and I picked the same team



    1-0 to the Bhoys will do, pace in our team to cause damage on the break



    Hail Hail

  3. Doc, I refreshed the other page at 7 not thinking aboooot podium on this momentous day :-)



    Right Celtic getintaethum



    Hail Hail

  4. I’m really looking forward to the game, I think the result is not the most important thing about tonight, it’s more how will our new and younger players cope with the cauldron that is the Nou Camp:))



    Come on Celts let’s be having’ ye!

  5. Exactly the team I wanted but my Lord playing Gamboa is some gamble. Imagine making your Club debut in a Champions League game, away to Barcelona. Brendan brought 5 in during the window, all 5 play tonight.


    Having seen the line up, I’ll have to be peeled off the ceiling.


    I hope it all works out Brendan. I’d settle now for a great performance & a narrow defeat, what am I saying, no I bloody wouldn’t, I’d settle for a draw.

  6. What is the Stars on

    Never been more relaxed before a game. ..


    It’s a sign ….of what I don’t know



    Enjoy. .This is what it’s all about

  7. Oh and for any of those humbled on Saturday and looking in, your no welcome


    In here or Barcelona


    Printed in El Mundo (Barcelona) 8/11/2007








    Dear Rangers supporters- never come back to Barcelona again. And not because your players themselves aren’t a legitimate team. No, it’s not because of that- the Nou Camp frequently hosts teams who are lazy, boring, who only defend, who run and kick their opponents, and who shouldn’t be in elite competition. On top of this, Rangers merely defend, run at the opposition and play dirty. Their defenders are butchers, their midfielders, heavy-footed; and their strikers just stand there like the furniture. Laughing




    But even apart from the footballing aspect, the best thing would be for Rangers never to return to Barcelona, because every time they do, they make a mess of the place. 35 years ago, you (the Rangers supporters) destroyed the seats at the Nou Camp. This time we have enjoyed no less than 48 hours of brawls, provocation, rackets, fights and common drunk women throughout the whole city, which you have fouled however you pleased.




    Stay at home and vomit in your own living-room, urinate in your sitting-room corners, fight with your neighbours, the Celtic supporters (who deserve a prize just for putting up with you) and foul the streets of Glasgow instead. Don’t come back here again, because it is not a laughing matter. And, by extension, don’t play in the Champions’ League either. You are not at that level neither in a sporting nor human sense.




    There are noisy groups of supporters who, although they drink vast amounts of beer, make friends at the same time. But you? Not you, because everywhere you go, you turn into a rubbish tip. You are undesirables. And so are those who fraudulently sell, or “rent out” their tickets. These people screw Barca over, because they trade their season tickets illegally. And in doing this they cause massive annoyance for other members of the club. A true Barcelona fan would not re-sell their ticket for the match. If you are not going to the match, give it to a family member, or you could even use the ‘Seient Lliure’ service (an automated ticket service used by some Spanish clubs including Barcelona).




    From now on, the responsibility lies with UEFA and the club itself to ensure who the ticket is sold to. The best thing for all of us would be that you as a supporter, in a moment of lucidity, decide not to travel if you do not have tickets. As that is never going to happen, those who sell the tickets illegally must be brought to justice. But the best thing would be if we never had to play Rangers again.





    (Printed in El Mundo, 8/11/2007

  8. CowieBhoy, same here, I’m in a curry shop in Cambridge, just popped in for a bite. Hope to find a bar to watch the game, or back to hotel on laptop.




    “It’s not the side-effects of the cocaine


    I’m thinking that it must be love”




    Serious man love for Brendan, just watched his interview there, excellent football man..

  10. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    I’m away behind the sofa,catch yees all on the


    other side.



    PS… how the eff some of yees manage tae post


    and watch amazes me.

  11. Mon the Hoops.




    Brendan has a plan with Gamboa in.










  12. I posted last night regarding the game tonight,the post said I fancied Celtic to get a result and I still do, At least a draw,Maybe the whole 3 points. Come on Celtic make my forecast come true.

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