Barkas and the Stevie Woods Academy


Vasilis Barkas does not enjoy too much appreciation among the Celtic support. It is not that he makes mistakes, more that he has failed to take the numerous opportunities presented by a largely lax defence to convince us he has the talent to become a mainstay in the team for years to come. What’s for sure is that he cannot perform the miracles we were treated to last year by Fraser Forster.

At 26-years-old, Vasilis should be approaching his prime years, but instead of building on a solid reputation gained at AEK Athens, he has seen Scott Bain and Conor Hazard chosen ahead of him this season.

There will be many changes this summer and if the manager (?) wants to move Barkas on he will likely find a taker, but there are reasons I would persevere with him for the rest of the season. First of those is the development we saw in Fraser Forster under goalkeeping coach, Stevie Woods.

When Fraser first arrived at Celtic on loan a decade ago the jury was out on him, some of the support preferred Lukas Zaluska, whom he shared the gloves with for a period. Fraser was 18 months into his load period when a penalty save against Hearts brought wider recognition of his improvement over that period, however, he continued to improve well into his third season at Celtic. There are few keepers Stevie has not improved in his years at Celtic, given time, Barkas will also benefit, although let’s hope he does not have too many opportunities to demonstrate that against Hamilton tomorrow.

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  1. Quick glance reading back.















    Uber Hun






    Joyless individual.






    Blogger who uses too many words when less would suffice.






    Genuine thought out post.



    Cool Celtic Story. 😊



    Moan (me)



    Discrediting post with no relevance or point lol



    It’a not easy, and I’m gutted as much as most. But presenting an inkling as hard fact is vexing.

  2. SQUIRE DANAHER on 26TH JANUARY 2021 3:29 PM



    MADMITCH on 26TH JANUARY 2021 3:48 PM




    You both think I am wrong with regards Frimpong?


    Of course football is all about opinions.


    For all the excitement of watching the young man when he burst on the scene.This season I have despaired at some of his showings.


    On this one issue I believe the club are correct .I believe they are getting an incredible deal for a flawed footballer both offensively and defensively.


    But time will tell clearly.Perhaps you are correct and he will flurish in a better team with better coaching.


    I just do not see it and of late I have been far happier not to see him start.


    And who is to say that he was not one of the ‘players who did not want to be here’ in october?


    He certainly appears to be the first regular first team player with any decent value that has worked his ticket….The deal has been in the background for some time according to our manager today and has not just come up in the past couple of weeks.


    Good by young man thanks for the profit.

  3. 31003



    Ye mate..a bit more strength will give him more confidence,which he lacks a bit,too

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’m not to cut up with NL presser, I wouldn’t hang myself out to dry either, on very few occasions you get the full picture of someone’s thoughts at a press briefing, think after last weeks outburst he might have been spoken to.



    As for the “dud” Frimpong, I always look at who a players suitors are, so roughly £10m from a team 3rd in the Bundesliga, that says it all, the problem is we’ve got good players who aren’t developing for whatever reason, personally I think it’s the “lack” of management team, those that don’t see that would be those you know would still be sitting on deckchairs on the titanic cause it hit a wee bit of ice

  5. onenightinlisbon on




    Good by young man thanks for the profit.




    Aye but where will the profit go?

  6. @cynic @ hail hail



    Have become better than the record for goss and echo chambering



    They are not telling you somethin tou dont know.






  7. PHILBHOY on 26TH JANUARY 2021 3:53 PM


    Celtic offered Jeremie a pay rise and an extra pair of shin guards…………but he declined.







    Good luck wee mhan!



    I am hearing also that Celtic offered him exclusive use of the club Nintendo Switch console when wee Dembele goes in may and he still refused to sign!…

  8. Selling Frimpong for anything close to £10m is a good bit of business.


    Unfortunately, it will barely make up for the self inflicted financial hits we’ve taken this season.



    More concerning to me is the mood in the camp. Established players will be expensive to sign and difficult to attract. If we’re now losing the ‘young and hungrys’ we could be in trouble.



    Still praying for white smoke soon

  9. What is the Stars on

    Great business getting rid of Frimpong


    absolute waste of space


    Good lad to have in your team for 5 a sides down the local gym….but jaysus never a professional


    11 million…Well done Peter Lawwell…Thank God we have someone like him at the helm.

  10. BSR @3:47


    Thanks for reply.


    Yes I’m well.thanks,hope you are too.


    Lockdown should have been spent reading positive news as we progressed towards the 10,instead it’s a non stop.tirade of criticism,mainly by supposed Celtic blogs.


    I hope they are well meaning but they sure are providing plenty of ammunition for our detractors.


    It’s ironic we have a list of suitors lined up for our players,yet those mega stars at Ibrox cant get a bid to save their accounts.


    Possibly they are only stars in this fish pond,talked up by the media,who in turn ignore the extensive level of favours they have received.


    This is what the bloggers should be highlighting equally with any concerns they have with Club.


    It’s a bummer,but I survived the nineties!!



    Stay safe,we will come again



    Semper Fidelis.

  11. I was a Lennon defender on here.My tipping point was actually the Aberdeen away game.


    Since then my desire to see a new coach has been incredibly stronger with each failing week.


    I have to be honest though.When I watch Lenny doing a presser [like today] I want to give him a chance ,give him more time.


    I know it dosen’t make sense at all .But that’s the way I feel.


    I love the man.It is so difficult.

  12. ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH JANUARY 2021 3:49 PM



    Can you give us an example of a football manager, anywhere in the world, or at any time, who has publicly criticised his current employers?






    Some guy called Brendan in relation to a Ukrainian bloke called Martin.

  13. squire danaher on

    LD 4:11



    No my point was that you had written JF off at the start of your initial post and almost had second thoughts by the time you had finished :)





    For my money I would sell frimpong for 3.5 million let alone 13.5 million.



    Brilliant bit of news from the club today.



    Most positive news in weeks.



    Completely flawed player who has been a huge part of our problem.






    He exasperated me too but he will clearly benefit for proper coaching and being taught in a specific position.



    All my Celtic life I have watched wee Midget Gem guys being stuck out on the wing as if to get the in the team but out of the road.



    He’s wee!! He’s fast !! He must be a winger!!!

  14. The debate on here regarding whether we should be selling Frimpong ignores one important fact – he wants to go.



    I’ve been saying all season we should sell those who don’t want to be here. He doesn’t want to be here.



    £11.5m for someone who has been ineffective for over a year can’t be ignored. Will he go on to be a top player? Is there potential there? Could a better coach get more of a tune out of him? Possibly but it’s irrelevant – he won’t get that here at Celtic. Take the money and let the new coach rebuild the back four.




    Good point



    My youngest son had a coach who in my opinion was not great at getting the most out of his players. By that I mean there was no individual coaching to bring out their best.


    He was however pretty good tactically.


    We had a winger in a Paddy Robert’s mould. Great to watch, but fouled regularly. He’d win, on average, 10-15 free kicks per game. All free kicks were on the wing though. In a particular cup game, said coach moved our tricky winger in field. He won the same amount of free kicks but all in a position that gave us a free shot on goal. We were comfortable winners

  16. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    NL said in his presser club or looking to bring in 1-2 players this window.


    Also said they will likely be loans.



    NL isn’t going to be here next season.



    I don’t expect club however to communicate any further plans until nearer ST renewal date.



    Expert lots of love from the board then, maybe PL will organise couple zooms given he can’t repeat his 2010 supporters club roadshows.

  17. garygillespieshamstring on




    If he’s six feet four and slow on the turn, he must be a centre half.

  18. What about Celtic offering Chris Davis 4 times his salary to come back and do the exact same brilliant job he did for us previously.


    If not as manager as Lenny’s assistant.?


    He must be sick of the daily sound of Brenda’s mince by now.


    Instead of getting rid of Lenny we would be getting him the help he clearly needs.


    Just a thought.

  19. There’s definitely a player in Frimpong.


    But wasn’t going to happen with us. I seen no improvement in his game in the last 18 months . In fact went back the way.



    Will the money be invested wisely though.

  20. garygillespieshamstring on




    Might be a good shout but the four times his salary could be a stumbling block. :)

  21. Why would we want to bring in loan players.


    The league is lost. Start building for next season.


    Firstly with a new manager

  22. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Plenty still to play for this season.



    Consolidate 2nd position and ensure we beat Der Zombie Huns.



    End this silly comparison to our all conquering treble winning invincibles from 16/17.

  23. Good luck to JF i enjoyed his time with us but will get the coaching he needs in Germany.



    We also lost a couple of the young lads to Germany and Man.City.



    IMO the coaching is not there at Celtic clean sweep required but not holding my brreath.



    We are in for a rocky ride.

  24. A surprising sale of one of our less high profile stars with a 10 million or so profit does further underline the financial advantage we still have over our neighbours.


    It will be more money than they make in their european campaign this season.


    Things look bleak for us at the moment but we have to stay positive and I am certain we will turn things around.


    Perhaps they will not convert their champions league spot into group stage football like everyone thinks they will.


    No doubt we have been making an arse of it , but it is also not easy to qualify and at best and despite their impressive european results I put them at 50/50 at best to be playing in the group stages next season.


    Who knows, against all the odds we might make it ourselves from a second place non champions route….now that really would be a sickner for them.

  25. MADMITCH @ 3.55



    Had JF on my punt list in the last article. We’ve bought loads of potential, most of whom are still


    there and unfulfilled.



    I think the JF sale was splendid value, but totally understand why some Celtic supporters will see


    it differently, IMO we need senior players no more developers for now.



    DD still in full oblivious control




  26. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    NL also said there has been no interest or bids known to club for Edouard or any other players.



    Seems unusual or otherwise his agent has a club/clubs lined up for summer move in plan to further reduce the transfer fee.



    I would like to see Celtic move Eddie, Ntcham & Christie on this window for maximum price. We all know they are going in near future anyway so why hold onto them now, start generating income for future rebuild. You need a buyer though so again likely clubs are holding off to reduce transfer fees.

  27. FANADPATRIOT @2:11Pm



    Bang on the money and the most sensible comment I have read on here so far today regarding Jeremie Frimpong leaving. 😊



    The real issue here is the Cowardice of the Club/Board in not calling out the MIB-Sanctioned regular assaults on our players. (Not to mention regular biased decision making, and NOT just in our games.)



    So, one of our best young prospects says to himself “I have a promising career ahead of me, but if I stay at Celtic any longer it is highly likely I will get a career-threatening injury! Oh my days! I’m out of here, first chance I get!”



    And who could blame him? 🤔 Forget lack of coaching etc., this is reason enough for not just Frimpong, but ANY OTHER Celtic player to want to ply their trade elsewhere. I would go further and say that this is a good enough reason for any other player wanting to further their Career NOT to join Celtic in the future.



    The future is not green and white, the future is black and blue (both meanings)… For as long as we put up with this and don’t do something about this…



    I personally wish Jeremie Frimpong well in his future career, and I applaud 👏 his bravery for not putting up with his situation any longer! Unlike the PLC/Board he is prepared to take action about his situation! Good Luck Jeremie! 😊



    Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless and Hail Hail,



    Yours in Celtic, 😊 🧣 🍀



    TB&F. 😊




    I do not agree.



    It may be a factor , but not nearly as much as money.


    The player and his agent clearly knew his worth and possibilities.


    I think time will show this sale to be one of Celtics better decisions this season.




    I reallly hope that next season’s Celtic highlight is Sevco not qualifying for the group stages

  30. If the level of season ticket sales do in fact go down, and we will know in 2-3 months or so, more players will be sold before June 30 so annual turnover does not collapse in the current financial year. Obviously we all expected some to leave at some point this season, let us see if we can keep both Soro and Turnbull if they have a good second half to the season. Then again we could always offer Scott Brown a 12 month extension.

  31. Martim1980 @ 4:09pm said:



    “But presenting an inkling as hard fact ”



    There is an AWFUL lot of that on here……….and it is seldom or never a positive inkling !

  32. Wow £12m for Frimpong is quite staggering. Going from Scotland to Germany. probably trebling his wages



    At any time that’s a staggering bit of business



    So much for the ITK bloggers , not been a sniff of this happening.

  33. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    JAMES FORREST on 26TH JANUARY 2021 12:59 PM



    Never thought I’d be saying this but that post was an excellent summary of where it all went wrong, well done James.