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  1. The difference in Europe is – we really impress but don’t get the points- they are mediocre but get over the line


    Unfortunately the SPL table reflects reality not wonderful football – we scored more goals against a top German side than we have against Livingston- Aberdeen on Sunday is vital

  2. The debate is about substitutions, their timings and their quality, and a Celtic side winning in Germany remains like the proverbial s8yte from a rocking horse.



    Glorious failure is as good as it gets whether your Ange or Brendan, it’s all the same in the end. Unpopular Neil won our only group ever in the Europa and slayed Lazio, to boot. Replacing two of the players that had actually put us in the driving seat, is questionable at best, crazy at worst. Sub standard subs never had a chance of picking up the frenetic pace against a Bundesliga club looking for home goals. Maybe leagues apart, but Aberdeen is the the only game in town, the rest is away day trips which now take us no further than the new Conference league whoever came up with the silly name.



    Celtic will remain European also rans because we don’t have the quality to compete at squad level Johnston Ajeti Abada and McCarthy all flopped and couldn’t step up for a mere twenty minutes, when Bitton Jota Forrest Kyogo went off, the tea was out. Whether you be agree with AP, or not he’ll maintain he had to change it, maybe he already knows Aberdeen is indeed the only game in town.



    Thought Hart, Welsh, CCV and Ralston were excellent, Juranovic was too panenka casual and repeatedly gave the ball away, McGregor needs a new creative as Davis Turnbull is weak as a kitten at Europa level and would benefit from some bench time. Poor signings, and good signings same old Celtic always signing, roll on the January window.



    M.O.M Nir Bitton

  3. Rob in the commentary box crapping himself in case Prague score.The most Hun commentary team ever.

  4. Hart was my man of the match with Bitton a close second.


    I reckon his injury ultimately cost us the game but we knew going out they were better than us and most ghuys would have settled for a good performance,


    I think Ange is going in the right direction, it will take at least 3 Transfer Windows, this year its about winning the League.


    Nothing else matters.

  5. Gallant display, Joe Hart saved us a few times.



    Unfortunately Tony did what the hoof-it-clear gang have been advocating and hoofed it instead of a simple pass (in and across the penalty box) to Juranovic. That led to the second goal. Keep to Ange’s principle and play it out. Which isn’t the same as dribble it out, which Juranovic did a couple of times, lost the ball and put us in trouble.



    First goal. Header from a corner. Happens all the time to every team. Looking for blame is pointless. Was it Ralston who let his man escape – sure, but well done the attacker and perfect delivery. Was it Welsh’s fault? Not in my opinion. Later in the game Welsh was in the same place and cleared the corner – so it’s a good position to be in.



    Third goal was superb from them. That’s all.

  6. Some good signs tonight and some old lessons. Our first team is shaping up nicely, Hart has been a great signing and Jota has been a real find. Bitton played very well in his correct position and was a big miss when he went off.



    The drop-off in quality from our subs though was startling – neither Johnson or Ajeti are good enough and the squad definitely needs bulking up.



    One small thing that I notice – why do we call every team that beats us a “Champions League quality team”. Don’t want to sound pedantic but they’re Europa League quality teams and that’s why they’re in the EL. If they were CL quality teams they’d be in the CL.



    Last season, Leverkusen finished outside the top four and this season they’re currently 4th in a very tight league. They might be one of the best teams in the EL and might even go on to win it but ultimately, they’re a EL quality team.

  7. Geebee- I think Leverkusen would hold their own in the CL and that’s what makes them a CL level team. I don’t think it’s a case of every team of CL quality being a potential winner.



    Betis, maybe less so in terms of CL quality but a very good football team.



    In my opinion of course……

  8. geebee1978,



    Don’t get me started on the Closed Shop of the European Cup.



    I know what you are saying.



    The Love of Money ruins everything.



    Wanting Money isnae the issue.

  9. Hello again all you young rebels



    From a very humid and wet Melbourne suburbs.


    Missed the game would you believe, never made the early


    morning rise even though my roll and sausage and bottle


    of red was set up and ready to squaf.


    Probably exhaustion kicked in from last nights training with


    our young loons, never mind, looking forward to watching


    it later, well ! 80 mins of it, sounds as though I could turn it


    of then before the roof caved in.


    As most on here agree, we’re still a work in progress, and big


    Ange needs backing from everyone especially the board.


    Off to eat a roll and square. 🤪


    H H. Mick

  10. BOGNORBHOY on 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:37 PM


    Susie Dent Blue heart





    · 11h



    Word of the day is ‘struthious’ (18th-century): resembling an ostrich; avoiding reality or pretending it doesn’t exist.



    Nice one Bognorbhoy.


    So apt.:-)


    She has some crackers does Suzy.ta for posting.




  11. The difference in quality between our Europa group and the Huns is astonishing.



    Sparta we’re sure tonight. Brondby same last month.


    Even Lyon would not beat Leverkusen.



    It maybe a blessing though. A decent draw and who knows after Xmas in the Conference.

  12. Burnley78 on 25th November 2021 10:00 pm



    The difference in quality between our Europa group and the Huns is astonishing.



    Sparta we’re sure tonight. Brondby same last month.



    Even Lyon would not beat Leverkusen.



    It maybe a blessing though. A decent draw and who knows after Xmas in the Conference.







    Celtic is a Confident and Strong club.



    Matt Le Tissier (check his twitter) was the very best PK taker. Superb Josip having the balls to take it.

  13. very, very proud of the team tonight. They are aiming high; good win on Sunday and keep it going through to the 2nd please!!

  14. Their group is the among the worst in the competition with two home wins enough to guarantee last 32 with a game to go.



    If we get a kind draw then we can do some damage in the conference.

  15. martin o'seville on

    No wonder the slevvers are dripping off of


    big HunBillys chins as they long to meet up with Timmy’s


    and remind Timmy’s that this is the Badlands you live in.


    From the IRA, to Wham?? Feckin Wham?


    I know you sung that song to Brendan 2 years ago,


    Brendan must’ve been thinking,


    “Their dad’s didn’t stand in the Jungle or they wouldn’t be so soft n cuddly, no wonder the clubs fkd,


    irish free state owners with 30% of the shares = 100% power, and these muppets are serenading me with fkn Wham songs?”


    deary deary me!


    I fear for Timmy’s everywhere.


    There to be took, doesn’t even touch the sides of what Timmy has become?


    big HunBilly fae the Badlands will be thinking


    “Wham songs? Fkn Wham ?? Fae those with scarves saying ‘Spirit of the Jungle’ fkn Wham songs? Nae winner they vote for fkn weirdos??”


    No wonder cute guy Brendan bolted doon the EPL rabbit hole to get away fae thum!

  16. St Tams – I thought Welsh was amazing. Second half, Bitton was great.



    Juranovic made the most mistakes but we got away with them. Turnbull needs a rest but we are short in cover , even if Rogic comes back . Never replaced Christie yet.

  17. We can already see the Huns drawing the Moldovan champs league drop down team and we get Spurs or Roma in the qualification rounds.

  18. Petec



    Hope you are pleased Re the rules for going to the football in Scotland. Can get back legally !



    Tragic to see all these athletes and young footballers suddenly developing heart conditions and similar issues so suddenly. It must only be a matter of time before someone asks the obvious question.

  19. More than possible we finish the group with 9 points.



    Probably what would be expected.



    Inaugural winners of the Conference trophy. Seems like a Celtic kind of thing to do.



    First to 9-in-a-row, first to do it twice, Empire Exhibition Cup, Coronation Cup, first Northern European winners of the big cup – it’s kind of our thing. Just saying

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC Reporting Scotland just covered both tonight’s matches involving Scottish clubs.



    Sevco shown first of course.



    Their video segment was exactly TWICE as long as Celtic’s.



    Know your place Timmy.



    I honestly cannot see the benefit or logic of Celtic’s continued cooperation with this outfit.

  21. St Tams



    So funny.



    You will be trying to pretend you don’t look for their score ?



    You don’t care about their situation as you think it has no bearing on ours.

  22. Back to Basics



    They really are a disgrace.



    Apparently Celtic were knocked out of Europe tonight.




    Suzy has some cracking words of the day , I suspect they are pointing towards political figures , (see what I done there 😜) ,but do resonate sometimes .



    Mon the Hoops

  24. Look out Look out an even more dangerous (possibly) Variant is about.



    Get vaccinated asap. :D even toddlers.



    BBC News running with new Variant, not innoculating Every Human…… Yet.

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