Bayo: opponents will hate him and his goal stats will impress. The Run


I lost count on how many times Bayo was written off by people who had seen less than 10 minutes of him.  Even after the Cluj defeat, when he appeared as an 88th minute substitute, he was described to me as a ‘lamppost’.  Similar things could be said about the Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Callum McGregor, Odsonne Edouard and even Moussa Dembele.  It is almost as though players do not get better after they settle in the club/country and grow into the Celtic shirt.

For the best part of 30 years, Celtic failed to improve players compared to the average domestic or European competitor.  We also failed to convert often prodigious young talent into accomplished first team members.  Now there is a steady stream of youth players making the grade, Mikey Johnston being the most recent and players arrive at Celtic with a much better than average chance of improving.

I don’t know what Bayo is going to achieve, but his first start compares to any from a Celtic striker in recent memory.  He is quick, has good upper-body strength, and throws himself around in the air to great effect, something that neither Odsonne or Leigh Griffiths are suited for.  My guess is, opponents will hate playing against him and his goals stats will be better than anyone expects.

The Great Scottish Run is five weeks away.  If you are booked in and not yet linked with a beneficiary, or fancy a crack at the 10k or Half Marathon, there is still time to enter and run for the Celtic FC Foundation.

Running through Glasgow in a Celtic Foundation T-shirt is a life affirming experience.  You get to represent something special, something you believe in.  This is different from any other Celtic experience I’ve had.

If you are a runner, I can recommend it, details here.  I’m going to enter but I’ve hardly put my trainers on this year.  There’s a lot of work to do between now and then….

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  1. I agree Paul67.



    Won’t be bullied, seemed to have a good work ethic and looks like he’ll create chances with that aggression the others just won’t (not their kind of game).



    Let’s play Bayo in the middle, Leigh 1 side and Eddie the other with a midfield 5 of Christie, Rogic, Forrest, Callum and Johnston behind it…



    The 2 of Kris/Chris mopping up any clearances…..:)



    In front of “the wall”.



    Cricket scores r us :)

  2. Good points about Vakoun, P67 – so many are too quick to rush to, well, ignorant judgementalism.


    Many folks, it seems, confusingly conflate their knee-jerk and often uninformed cynicism with some kind of reading-between-the-lines prescience or streetwise savvy. It’s ego windbaggery; and I’ve done it for sure.




    Be passionate about Celtic and by all means rail against proven ineptitude regarding the clubs success.


    Maybe don’t make it a default mode of being, or a perma tattoo of online point scoring, until its actually informed by facts.


    Gaun yersel big Bayo, ya dancer!

  3. WilliamKentigern67 on

    Bayo was strong, hard working and got into great attacking positions hence his two goals. Looking forward to seeing more from him.



    WK 67


    Rangers boss Steven Gerrard is only man to replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, says Dudek





    WELL you have heard it all now.

  5. Yesterday was magic. A scorcher of a day brought out a huge crowd, many wearing shorts and short sleeves. A near full stadium set the scene for a very important league game against the Jam Tarts our sworn enemies from Edinburgh. Lenny made some changes bringing in the Great Wall in goal and Bayo up front as well as Big Nir in defence. I thought we started slowly (something of a habit these days) but settled down and took charge of the game. There were a lot of good performances yesterday. Kris Ajer was imperious charging down the right, time after time, and delivering some great balls into the box. Bayo was a revelation. He had a fabulous game and really roughed up the Hearts defence. I bet Berra was sore going to bed last night. This is the type of player we have needed to replace the physical presence of Moussa. He really got the fans out of their seats.




    We played very well and I feel that we have a lot of great talent at the club at the moment. If we bring in two or three quality players before the window closes we will not only dominate in Scotland but might put on a few good shows in the EL if we prevail in Sweden on Thursday. Well done to the players, management and fans for a great performance and giving this Tim a very happy day.

  6. Garngad to Croy on

    I always thought Bayo looked a player but I said the same about Amido Baldé and Marc-Antoine Fortune !

  7. Paul67



    Bayo was bought eight months ago, and has more or less been injured or unavailable since, football fans are fickle not surprising some Celtic fans had written him off, besides one swallow a summer does not maketh.



    1. Close the transfer window by finally signing the quality we threatened to sign since the BR era, began to crack.




    2. Make sure of Europa League qualification.




    3. Put Sevco put back in their box



    With the BR side a mere memory, Neil Lennon has a Celtic side playing his way, with players and formation of his choice, with maximum points and more goals than ever, we face quite a week in the start of the road to NINE and beyond.

  8. Paul 67,



    Agree with what you are saying. We have the basis of a really good team.


    I hope and trust we get into the Europa group stages, where we have the potential to change it efficiently and dramatically from Thursday nights to hammer thrower Sunday’s.



    Just think what a few quality signings would bring to the table. Proper scouted and homeworked signings.


    It would almost certainly give us 9 and 10 with a European bonus before they departed for a tidy profit.



    Winners all round.



    It makes perfect football and financial sense.



    Catman / Lennybhoy, lend me your ears.



    HH. The journey continues.

  9. I like Boli’s quick feet and how it contributes to moving the ball quicker up the park.



    I like the vision and technique shown by Julien and Nir at the back with their passing.



    I like big Tam’s directness.



    I like big Ajer and Jozo’s ability to run through midfield.



    We look less predictable and some SPFL team is getting an absolute tanking some week soon.



    Get a stable defence made up of Kris and Chris in the middle, Forster in goal and a new LB/RB ideally.



    Would love to see a Cifuentes / Wanyama type in CM and a way to ease back on a declining Scott Brown (love the man but signs are there at his agre he can’t play that role much longer).

  10. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    According to Craig Beelin, Bayo didn’t score at all yesterday and the McGregor goal was a gift, so the Fartz actually won 1-0.




  11. CaddingtonCommon on

    Klopp and Gerrard, the similarity is obvious. Neither is fluent in the English language!

  12. I think you could tell by Bayo’s reaction to the two goals yesterday the probably didnt get a touch



    Nothing to stop him claiming them though




  13. True about player development .. 5 year ago, you would never have thought any homegrown academy player would be transferred for £25m..



    Still.. have to find a balance between making mega bucks and playing more regularly in the CL..



    So…. Lawwell oot! 😁

  14. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Yeah, fair enough Paul67- bayo is good.


    Cheque book please.


    FF very welcome. Don’t stop now.

  15. QUADROPHENIAN on 26TH AUGUST 2019 1:31 PM



    TIMALOY – are you his agent ;))






    Haha. Hopefully Celtic could find somebody better.



    Don’t shoot the messenger but Lewis Ferguson is a fine young player. Though he wouldn’t be cheap..

  16. HeknowsWHOknows on




    Was tha t a cue for a song :-)



    Anyone with any signing updates?



    Hail Hail

  17. now that bayo has been given his chance and taken it, is it not about time to release kouassi into our midfield add a bit of muscle and give our captain some needed rest time.

  18. Will be interesting to see what Lenny comes up with for Ibroke’s on Sunday.



    He rates Mikey Johnston very highly, and rightly so. But in the environment, I can see Mikey being sacrificed.






    Ajer Jozo Jullien Holy Boli



    ———-Brown McGregor————–



    Forrest Christie Ntcham







    Loosely this shape. However, I would expect the triangle on the left of McGregor, Ntcham and Christie to be inter-changeable. Ntcham and Christie in particular, rotating.



    If at any point 2nd half we are chasing the game, I would shift Edouard left, and put Bayo through the middle.

  19. For Sunday, if all defenders survive Thurs, I’d rather have Nir Bitton in midfield against them rather than Olli this weather; Olli is too mercurial, Nir has plenty dig.



    TIMALOY; would young Lewis survive the culture shock?


    And as someone else said…where’s the young ‘Lion’ Kouassi?

  20. QUADROPHENIAN on 26TH AUGUST 2019 2:22 PM



    No idea if it’d be too much for him.



    I’d like to see Kouassi get a chance. Noticed he didn’t line up for the reserves today.

  21. It was precisely because we’ve seen less than ten minutes of him that some started to have doubts.



    But I agree that if he can stay fit and get a decent run in the side, he’ll give us something different upfront.

  22. team against them on sunday , go for it.






    Eltham– Jozo—Ajer— Boli



    Christie– Brown—McGregor




  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Some necks need winding in, talking about transfers again but not considering the form, more likely to see departures than additions.


    But fickle is what fickle does I suppose.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Precious today on here, if asked I suspect Bitton would say he was a Jew.


    I seen nothing wrong or derogatory with 16s statement.

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