Bayo: opponents will hate him and his goal stats will impress. The Run


I lost count on how many times Bayo was written off by people who had seen less than 10 minutes of him.  Even after the Cluj defeat, when he appeared as an 88th minute substitute, he was described to me as a ‘lamppost’.  Similar things could be said about the Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Callum McGregor, Odsonne Edouard and even Moussa Dembele.  It is almost as though players do not get better after they settle in the club/country and grow into the Celtic shirt.

For the best part of 30 years, Celtic failed to improve players compared to the average domestic or European competitor.  We also failed to convert often prodigious young talent into accomplished first team members.  Now there is a steady stream of youth players making the grade, Mikey Johnston being the most recent and players arrive at Celtic with a much better than average chance of improving.

I don’t know what Bayo is going to achieve, but his first start compares to any from a Celtic striker in recent memory.  He is quick, has good upper-body strength, and throws himself around in the air to great effect, something that neither Odsonne or Leigh Griffiths are suited for.  My guess is, opponents will hate playing against him and his goals stats will be better than anyone expects.

The Great Scottish Run is five weeks away.  If you are booked in and not yet linked with a beneficiary, or fancy a crack at the 10k or Half Marathon, there is still time to enter and run for the Celtic FC Foundation.

Running through Glasgow in a Celtic Foundation T-shirt is a life affirming experience.  You get to represent something special, something you believe in.  This is different from any other Celtic experience I’ve had.

If you are a runner, I can recommend it, details here.  I’m going to enter but I’ve hardly put my trainers on this year.  There’s a lot of work to do between now and then….


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    Nice one D,glad your mum enjoyed her day……she’ll be after your ticket for next game.hh

  2. LENNYBHOY – A perfect day my friend, great memories made in Paradise. Big P showed me the photo at half time.







    Fantastic post . You’re a lucky boy to still have your mum around and in such good nick .


    A great day all round , the score ,the weather , beers and THE FAMILY !!! ;)))

  4. Brilliant D – glad the family had a fantastic day watching Bayo bang in 2 😂



    Did you tell big bad John you post as Lennybhoy 😂😂🤔

  5. SAINT STIVS on 26TH AUGUST 2019 8:18 PM


    I know you were joking mate. Pretty much it is out there, Taylor seems to be a shoe in, with Miller or Henry being the carrot. Andreas Perreira took in our game on Sunday. Gummy is a definite option but there is someone else ahead of him but don’t know who.


    Doc et al thanks for your kind comments.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. MARSPAPA on 26TH AUGUST 2019 8:40 PM


    Thank you for dropping by, great to see you B, could listen to you all day. Oh, why you couldn’t hear the singing, I had my earphones still on…:)


    You care my friend and take care of the beast as well.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  7. NORRIEM on 26TH AUGUST 2019 8:44 PM


    No I didn’t but thanked him for coming to us and not Oldco and reminded him of the only goal at the bigotdome, just after halftime that he scored.


    Oh my big pal was over tonight with K, still wearing those shorts…:)


    Keep the Faith!



  8. LENNYBHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2019 8:12 PM



    Brilliant long lasting memories.Cherish everyone of them



  9. Good to see you yesterday Lennybhoy glad your mum enjoyed her day out. I believe she will be 80 years young when we’re going for 10 in a row,now that would be a great day out!!!! H H Hebcelt

  10. Good to see you too L.


    You are spot on, a wee story about what she said about her 80th. I phoned her Saturday to tell her arrangements, told her no dress code, I’m not daft she told me, I’m not going to get dressed up and wear stilettos to go to a game. I told her had it been corporate she would need to get dressed up, minus the stilettos. Told her that would cost about £300, quick as a flash she said you can do that for my 80th…:) Whether we do 10 or not I know what we’ll be doing for her 80th if God spares us.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  11. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that, I’m away to bed with a big beaming smile. HH

  12. Superb post Lennybhoy HH



    Some really good posts about team selection too but remember before Sunday comes we have an important European game to come first.



    Without scrolling back there was a post that mentioned a tight defence for both teams. I totally agree and it got me thinking about this game.









    (HyperLink not working for some reason but copy and paste will – it is the correct address)



    2-0 at Ibrox Big Sammy played a blinder and scored 2. New Years game 2011



    Paddy Mcourt and Chas Mulgrew both had a great game too.



    Not many gave us hope that day but I had a brilliant feeling all that day, especially with the team selection.



    We had a good manager at the time😉 who got the team and tactics spot on. They also had Davis… 8 years ago!!



    We should respect them as we do with all opponents – we definitely should not have the fear that some do. Look at those squads again and ask yourself what team has the stronger squad then and now?



    Now to Thursday and all being fit, my team would be…









    Elhamed Julien Jozo



    Jamsiebhoy Broony \0/ Bitton Ntcham Boli



    Bayo Eddy



    Subs: Hazard, Kris, Hayes, Cal, Ryan, Johnstone, and Griff



    Keep it tight.



    Pack the middle and pace and power up front. Gives cover in defence, strong cover for back 3 and Jamsie and Boli to cover diagonals down the channels.



    Much needed rest for some key players before an important league game on Sunday.



    Let’s us try out the 3-5-2 and plenty of scope to change things if required.



    Hail Hail💚🍀

  13. Also meant to say, a few great posts tonight from Oldtim and the people responding… CQN at its finest with quality reasoned debate.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  14. Thank you all for responses to my post.


    God Bless every Mum, wherever they are.


    God Bless you all…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  15. So the SPFL website states that Bayo’s 2 goals on Sunday v Hertz are now Own Goals – well done BBC and that bitter, torn faced Levein !

  16. Reproduced verbatim to avoid ‘clicks’ for the The Scottish Sun (whilst being surprised at them reporting this!!).



    Fallout continuing from the events that first attracted me to this Blog via Rangers Tax Case.



    And I quote….





    “…A TOP cop sang bigot chant Billy Boys as he quizzed a Catholic witness in a Rangers fraud probe, it is claimed.



    Detective Chief Inspector Jim Robertson was accused at Edinburgh’s Court of Session today of “engaging in sectarian abuse”.



    The allegations against Det Ch Insp Robertson emerged as ex-Ibrox administrator David Grier sues Police Scotland for £2million.



    Philip Duffy, who has an Irish-Catholic background, said he found it “inappropriate”.



    Mr Grier’s legal team say Robertson “engaged in sectarian abuse”.



    They add: “That a police officer considers that it may be appropriate to sing sectarian songs (‘Hello, hello, we are the Billy Boys’) during a fraud inquiry defies belief.”



    The cop who led the Rangers takeover fraud probe was also accused of a “cover-up” — and of being “arrogant, unprofessional and malicious”.



    The court heard claims that the top cop sang the sectarian chant as he quizzed a boss at Mr Grier’s firm Duff and Phelps.



    The Court of Session in Edinburgh was told Mr Grier, 57, was one of six people nicked over the £5.5million buyout of the club in 2012. All charges were later dropped.



    His advocate, Andrew Smith QC, claimed cops “manipulated” the justice system.



    Referring to the detective in charge of the inquiry, he said: “What is clear is that Robertson is engaged in a cover-up.”



    Mr Grier’s lawyers claim there was no evidence and the Crown only prosecuted him “because of misrepresentation by Robertson”.



    They allege that the DCI’s conduct “displays an arrogant, unprofessional and malicious course of conduct towards potential witnesses”.



    It’s also claimed DCI Robertson ignored an email sent by Craig Whyte, 48, proving Mr Grier knew nothing of his £24million Ticketus loan.



    Mr Whyte used the cash — secured against season ticket sales — in buying Gers in 2011 from Sir David Murray, 67.



    The top cop’s behaviour is described as an “abuse of power” by Mr Grier’s lawyers.



    They have asked for a judgement at the two-day hearing, which continues today.



    Mr Grier’s colleague David Whitehouse, 53, has launched a £9million case against cops and the Crown. And ex-Light Blues supremo Charles Green, 66, is suing for £20million.



    Det Ch Insp Robertson helped protect Mr Green and Mr Whyte from fans when they appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court in September 2015.



    A Police Scotland spokesperson said of the “Billy Boys” song claim: “We have received no formal complaint about these allegations.”






    Can’t comment on an ongoing trial…but I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions.






  17. EMBRAMIKE on 26TH AUGUST 2019 10:43 PM



    Hurtin Huns ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    the best kind





  18. Saint Stivs on 26th August 2019 9:01 pm



    one for the portonions



    Woodhall co-op?

  19. Didn’t look to me that the tv footage of the Bayo goals was at all conclusive.


    However Thompshun decided they were own goals.


    I noted that Bayo has that special ability to hang in the air when going for a header.

  20. MONTREAL_BHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2019 10:58 PM


    Saint Stivs on 26th August 2019 9:01 pm







    one for the portonions







    Woodhall co-op?






    world class answer.



    got it in one.

  21. MONTREAL_BHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2019 11:08 PM


    Can’t take the Portonian out of the Bhoy






    aye but to recognise that in its dilapidated state, reveals an intimate knowledge of a bygone time.



    i know you told me before, but remind me who you are.

  22. and with education, it can be eridicated ?



    everybody should go to catholic schools ?






    Scotland manager Steve Clarke hopes a Uefa punishment for sectarian singing from supporters will help Rangers eradicate unacceptable fan behaviour.



    The club have been ordered to close part of Ibrox for Thursday’s Europa League meeting with Legia Warsaw.



    Clarke said he faced “sectarian” abuse from the “dark ages” at the ground last season while in charge of Kilmarnock.



    “Maybe it will make some people think about what they’re going to say in the future, hopefully,” he said.



    Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes said he was sent off in April at Celtic Park for reacting to sectarian abuse directed at him, and Clarke believes more must be done to tackle the issue.



    “There are other people get it from the Celtic fans,” he told BBC Scotland. “It’s not a one-way street. It’s two different sides, two different clubs, two fantastic clubs, but they have to do a little bit more to stamp it out.



    “Rangers have reacted very well to it. They’re trying their best, as I’m sure the people at Celtic are.”



    Uefa orders Ibrox section to close after ‘sectarian singing’


    Chants damage fans’ reputation – Gerrard


    Clubs need to self-police – Budge


    ‘Sometimes clubs have to try a little harder’


    Rangers chairman Dave King apologised publicly to Clarke after February’s 5-0 defeat in Govan. He also issued a strongly-worded statement in response to the Uefa punishment that means 3,000 seats on Thursday will be closed off, urging any supporter “unable to behave in a civilised manner” to “stay away from Ibrox and our club”.



    “I’ve been back at Ibrox since – no issues whatsoever,” Clarke. “I had some wonderful supportive letters from Rangers supporters and not too many disruptive letters.



    “I was actually very heartened by the response I got from a lot of people all over Scotland.”.



    The Scotland manager believes Hearts owner Ann Budge’s decision to close a section of Tynecastle last season helped the club tackle fan misbehaviour, adding: “The clubs have to clamp down on it. And the clubs do try, but sometimes they maybe have to try a little bit harder.



    “I thought the move by Ann Budge was brave and it’s worked well for them because it gives people a little lesson and says ‘look, you can’t go into a football stadium and behave like an idiot’. You have to go into a stadium, support your team, sing all the songs that are supportive of your own team, rather than try to be negative towards the opposition.”




    Closing sections helped Hearts tackle fan misbehaviour – Budge


    ‘Suddenly it’s not a crime’


    Clarke says he “lost it” in an emotional press conference after Kilmarnock’s 5-0 defeat back in February.



    “I’d come back to Scotland and you think times would move on, Rangers were much more inclusive,” said the former Chelsea defender.



    “To get that on that particular night, listen, the chants started, it was fine, I was whatever I was, I was a ‘W’, no problem, it was their night.



    “They [supporters] deserved their moment, I was happy to take that, but the sectarian singing, you don’t need. If it happens in the street, it’s a crime. If it happens in a football stadium, there are so many people doing it then suddenly it’s not a crime. That can’t be correct.



    “I would love to think that in years to come it won’t be an issue in Scotland and hopefully with education, with time, it will get better and become a thing of the past.”

  23. WEE BGFC on 26TH AUGUST 2019 10:52 PM



    who is the flagrant Jackie ONeil sidekick accomplice to this guy ?

  24. right bedtime.



    peaky blinders tonight with the arrival of the billy boys, singing their sectarian song, killing catholic gypsies, being fascists, could not be worst timed for the collective knowledge of the viwing public.

  25. SAINT STIVS on 26TH AUGUST 2019 11:16 PM


    WEE BGFC on 26TH AUGUST 2019 10:52 PM


    who is the flagrant Jackie ONeil sidekick accomplice to this guy ?





    Hiya – who’se Jackie ONeil? Sorry don’t know – found some photie’s on Google – but nothing obvious????

  26. in the late seventies I lived next door to (I Believe) your Uncle & Aunt, Jim & Faye. Devol. Went to St Stivs, Played for the Shammy, for a season. coaches, Shug and Andy took over from ???

  27. …and please don’t mention P Blinders without a big SPOILER ALERT :-))))



    Haven’t seen 1st episode yet so don’t (or didn’t until a second ago) know anything about it (saving up till end of the week).






  28. MONTREAL_BHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2019 11:42 PM


    in the late seventies I lived next door to (I Believe) your Uncle & Aunt, Jim & Faye. Devol. Went to St Stivs, Played for the Shammy, for a season. coaches, Shug and Andy took over from ???






    i do recall you telleng me that i think, you did tell me that before, a tough health year has me struggling sometimes to remember things.



    jim and faye are still going strong.


    uncle jim is probably the smartest man in the family , incredibly clever, great power of recall, faye is good. saint stivs and the shammy and a life in montreal, you did well port bhoy. i bet if we met we would actually know each other.


    i stayed in jim and faye’s most mispent new years, a wee bolthole.


    cousins jim and tricia, not often you get to sing rebel songs one minute . brass band tunes the next, then listen to the great composers.



    its a small world.



    but i wouldnt want to paint it.






    right really bedtime,



    i just took my tablets, i will be knocked out in 5 mi …..

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