Bayo: opponents will hate him and his goal stats will impress. The Run


I lost count on how many times Bayo was written off by people who had seen less than 10 minutes of him.  Even after the Cluj defeat, when he appeared as an 88th minute substitute, he was described to me as a ‘lamppost’.  Similar things could be said about the Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Callum McGregor, Odsonne Edouard and even Moussa Dembele.  It is almost as though players do not get better after they settle in the club/country and grow into the Celtic shirt.

For the best part of 30 years, Celtic failed to improve players compared to the average domestic or European competitor.  We also failed to convert often prodigious young talent into accomplished first team members.  Now there is a steady stream of youth players making the grade, Mikey Johnston being the most recent and players arrive at Celtic with a much better than average chance of improving.

I don’t know what Bayo is going to achieve, but his first start compares to any from a Celtic striker in recent memory.  He is quick, has good upper-body strength, and throws himself around in the air to great effect, something that neither Odsonne or Leigh Griffiths are suited for.  My guess is, opponents will hate playing against him and his goals stats will be better than anyone expects.

The Great Scottish Run is five weeks away.  If you are booked in and not yet linked with a beneficiary, or fancy a crack at the 10k or Half Marathon, there is still time to enter and run for the Celtic FC Foundation.

Running through Glasgow in a Celtic Foundation T-shirt is a life affirming experience.  You get to represent something special, something you believe in.  This is different from any other Celtic experience I’ve had.

If you are a runner, I can recommend it, details here.  I’m going to enter but I’ve hardly put my trainers on this year.  There’s a lot of work to do between now and then….


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  1. Saint Stivs



    I’m sorry to hear of your health issues, get well soon fella, you have to get fit to enjoy and partake in all the success that NFL will deliver.



    I remember Jim Snr practicing the scale on the o’l Trumpet, what a racket that was. Happy to hear both Jim & Faye are well.



    Tricia was and hopefully still is as crazy as they come, last met up almost 10 years ago at my Mothers funeral. Jim Jnr really nice guy, solid bloke. Sadly I can’t recall the last time I was in Jim’s company.


    Incedently, My son Lived in Bishy for a few years, now in Montreal plying his trade.



    I will drop you a note the next time I make it over maybe a wee get together with the Higgies.






  2. Re prior video


    At 3:35 there’s a glimpse of a face that radiated pure joy.


    Ecstasy almost.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ‘GG on 27TH AUGUST 2019 3:24 AM



    Thoroughly enjoyed that.



    Cuffing them on Sunday is absolutely possible.



    Them cuffing us is highly unlikely.



    Lenny will inevitably be the object of ” hatespeach ” and baiting.


    Hopefully he stays cool and directs his troops to a victory.


    Any victory.

  4. Good morning CQN from a dry and sunny Garngad



    That was a short read back.



    Anyway bring on the AIK racists then the Sevco bigots, let’s put both back in their caves, where they belong.






    D. :)

  5. I see reports stating we have pulled the plug on Taylor and Melling.



    I will raise my head above the parapet and say that if Kilmasonic rate the player at £3 million and we need the player and are confident we could develop him then what is the problem.


    I know all about clubs holding us to randsome because we have a few bob, but with that attitude we will never sign anyone.



    I don’t know what Rosenburg wanted for their player, but if it’s within reason, (not PL reasoning) then same thought as above.



    Will we end up paying 3-4 million for an unknown foreign prospect, and because he is foreign he will be worth the cash????



    Whatever we are doing get it done, there is less than 1week left to bolster our squad with some quality and competition.






    D. :)

  6. INIQUITOUSIV @ 11:45



    Big Kris on the bench – we need him fit for Sunday and he’s taken a few knocks in the past couple of games.



    I think that team would be good enough to get a goal plus would be good to see 2 forwards start. They need to come at us so keep it tight and hit them on the break with pace.



    I was just throwing it out there as a possibility.



    According to the reports Elhamed is more a CB than right back, although from what I’ve seen so far I like him at RB too.. would make sense to play him right centre of a back 3. Strangely enough I think Ajer would be good as Left centre in a back 3.



    The other thing I got from tinkering with other formations is that we are definitely short on cover at full back on both sides although I still think there is a player in Ralston and certainly good enough for SPL if given a run of games.



    I also think we are more than covered in the middle unless we sell or bring back Vic.



    And there’s no place there for Schved or Sincy (who could also do a job up front in the League.



    2 big games in the space of a few days.



    Win them both and we take the pressure off that’s been relentless since the start of the season as it always is with the European qualification lottery.



    I reckon the fans need to support these 2 games in the same way they did the 2 Edinburgh games when Lenny took over. The intensity then was worse due to 8 and the T3.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  7. DAVID66



    If that’s true, then the whole thing is a farce. Taylor isn’t exactly unknown to us. Lennon had since February to assess the squad and inform the board.



    Taylor has been under our nose all that time. Why wasn’t this done earlier rather than just days before the window closes?



    We are now in a position where we are hoping Dinamo Zagreb win tonight so we can sign a left-back.



    I hope I’ve read this wrong but from how it looks now, things can’t get more ridiculous.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



















    See me. See happy. I`m no happy.


    Have they considered counselling , I wonder ?



    Onyerbikes , lads.


    Make way for Tims whose focus is on one crucial and one important game taking place this very week.




  9. My team for tomorrow: 4 – 5 – 1


    Gordon, Elhamed, Ajer, Jozo, Boli, Forrest, Brown, Bitton, McGregor, Christie and Eddie

  10. The best bit about our transfer cul de sacs, is we’re all free to speculate on who we’d suggest signing.



    One LB who we could be contacting is Croatia’s Martin Strinic (31) great pedigree, just released by AC MIlan.



    Yes, YES he has rumoured heart problems so he’d immediately fit in wi the rest of us…but serioso, his heart condition is described as non dangerous. Worth a look? A Danny Williams-like trial? A free agent bounce gemme?

  11. GG 3.24am



    Never will be forgotten indeed!




    I recall at the time reading of our raçe into a 3-0 lead smashed hun hubris when it was at its most arrogant and cheating.



    They had players playing got them who would not have played according to Mr Black(Sir cheat of the realm) in his tax testimony



    All under the same people and governors


    Of today’s game,




  12. DAVID66



    Sevco was actually charged with “racist” and sectarian mis-behaviour.


    BBC dont seem to like the racist charge so they just dont mention it.

  13. HeknowsWHOknows on

    The Kilmarnock defender is a project. That’s my view. Yes he has a Scotland cap. Whilst I believe he will become a player personally I would have Boli occupying the position.



    What is Bolis stats compared to all other current fullbacks in UK. I don’t know the answer but believe they would surprise a few including Andy DISGRACE Walker.



    Every player excluding Henrik (of course) have flaws but the team must combat these frailties together. That’s where the camaraderie stems from. This cannot be underestimated in any team.



    Brown is slowly becoming the whipping Bhoy. Who’s next……. Edouard again?



    I’m all for being critical of the board and there sheer ignorance toward the support however we need get behind this team and drive them to 9IAR.



    We are certainly more than capable of this.



    On a final note and again has me me laugh OUT loud 18 million for Moreorless……. Haha hahahahaha its nearly September boy April 1st.



    P. P. S name one player from that mob you would have in your Celtic team and wholm you would replace……..







    That answers that question then bhoys and ghirls.



    We are Celtic!!!!!



    Hail Hail



    The Kilmarnock defender is a project. That’s my view. Yes he has a Scotland cap. Whilst I believe he will become a player personally I would have Boli occupying the position.






    Celtic need another LB for pure numbers. Who’s available? Better players than Taylor?



    Celtic need somebody.







    ST TAMS on 27TH AUGUST 2019 9:01 AM


    I think Big Kris could play anywhere 🍀



    GER57 on 27TH AUGUST 2019 9:10 AM


    I like that team too. I was thinking what we could do if we rested Kris, Cal and Ryan



    Good posts after then too ghuys – can’t fight the page jumps to copy and paste, apologies for not mentioning you in name.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  16. HeknowsWHOknows on




    With you on that bud. However Lennon said at the weekend he expects it to happen. Whilst its a complete farce every year at this stage we have to respect his comments on incoming personnel. Only then should the daggers get sharpened for Peter and crew.



    Important few games and required total commitment and professional discipline from all players. I’m sure Broonie and Lennon will have this in hand.



    We are good enough and the new players will be absolutely fine. They have played the game before.




  17. Going for 55 !!!



    No, not the huns.


    Today I have achieved something the Govanians will never achieve.


    Today, I reached the ripe old age of 55.



    Oh for a repeat of my birthday present back in 2000…

  18. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Also the press and governing bodies have awarded Bayos goals as own goals.



    You would think the press think we care. He played well and created the goals. Good enough for me..



    Hail hail

  19. MEA CULPA on 27TH AUGUST 2019 9:47 AM



    Happy Hoopy Birthday to you!



    Great to have such a fond memory for one of your Birthdays. THAT. IS. SENSATIONAL!!!

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Watching that clip of The 6-2 game against the Stickies (courtesy of GG, ta) I spotted something that I hadn’t noticed before, which in itself is amazing, because I must have watched the short highlights of that game hundreds of times.


    After Sutty scores the sixth goal, there is a shot of the Celtic bench, with everyone in various dances of ecstasy. On the extreme left, TB is leaning against the end of the Perspex covering the dug out. It’s brief, but he just has a look of absolute joy and contentment on his face. Tommy is my own personal all time Celtic hero, and I am so glad that he got to witness, and was involved in, the highs of the O’Neill era, after his own stint as manager.


    Need to go now, got something in my eye.



  21. Big Week for Tims………..




    Given our upcoming visit to The Dilapidated Victorian Toilet Block…..Neil will be targeted with the racist, bigoted playbill………….but I’ll predict that Griff will get somehorrible hurtin’ guff given his circumstances too.



    This is a hugely significant opportunity for sleekit scoddland to wipe their feet on Timdom.



    I don’t know whats gonna happen with the Euro game – just as long as we’re no’ weak………….



    In ither news


    ……………………………….That Clarke interview……………….

  22. The 6 – 2 game changed everything. The huns have been in panic mode ever since. Sure they spent £12.5m on Flo 3 days after the game, and their EBT scheme went into overdrive. As W B Yeats put it; “All is changed, changed utterly. A terrible Beauty is born.”


    Aye was it!

  23. I’m surprised Desmond has never considered dipping his feet back into the Engish market. If there was some way to buy Bolton and agree some sort of CVA you could have a potential EPL club on your hands. You could share scouting networks and development players between Celtic & Bolton. Look at Udinese & Watford, Manchester City & Girona, Chelsea & Vitesse.

  24. And the Celtic transfer window saga goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…



    I don’t get the angst at all. Surely this pish is what we are used to.



    And accepted by the sloppy clappers who green tinted specs are in fact Green Blackout specs.



    and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…



    MWD loves the bonus collector and the sloppy clappers

  25. Scott Brown isn’t the whipping Bhoy,he like a lot of good players,age is his problem,slow in tackles,with him loseing that bit of pace,he has conceded a couple of penalties,he has been a good servant to Celtic ,but Father time has caught up with him,Whipping Bhoy never.

  26. “Black is Whyte, disinformation is everything, the rest is fake news……………”



    “The car park is fu’ o’ bad koffee”



    ” Nine is the magick numbar”






    a made-up snapshot of wind, pish an’ guff.




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