Bayo: opponents will hate him and his goal stats will impress. The Run


I lost count on how many times Bayo was written off by people who had seen less than 10 minutes of him.  Even after the Cluj defeat, when he appeared as an 88th minute substitute, he was described to me as a ‘lamppost’.  Similar things could be said about the Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Callum McGregor, Odsonne Edouard and even Moussa Dembele.  It is almost as though players do not get better after they settle in the club/country and grow into the Celtic shirt.

For the best part of 30 years, Celtic failed to improve players compared to the average domestic or European competitor.  We also failed to convert often prodigious young talent into accomplished first team members.  Now there is a steady stream of youth players making the grade, Mikey Johnston being the most recent and players arrive at Celtic with a much better than average chance of improving.

I don’t know what Bayo is going to achieve, but his first start compares to any from a Celtic striker in recent memory.  He is quick, has good upper-body strength, and throws himself around in the air to great effect, something that neither Odsonne or Leigh Griffiths are suited for.  My guess is, opponents will hate playing against him and his goals stats will be better than anyone expects.

The Great Scottish Run is five weeks away.  If you are booked in and not yet linked with a beneficiary, or fancy a crack at the 10k or Half Marathon, there is still time to enter and run for the Celtic FC Foundation.

Running through Glasgow in a Celtic Foundation T-shirt is a life affirming experience.  You get to represent something special, something you believe in.  This is different from any other Celtic experience I’ve had.

If you are a runner, I can recommend it, details here.  I’m going to enter but I’ve hardly put my trainers on this year.  There’s a lot of work to do between now and then….


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  1. MWD



    It is still possible that we are signing, just not signing Taylor for £3m when Killie couldn’t find another club willing to bid £1m for him.



    I see NOT paying £3m for Taylor as a good thing



    I see NOT buying another 2 defenders, including a LB , as a bad thing.



    In those circumstances, I see patience as a good thing and I see any “Just give them what they’re asking for” approach as a bad and a mad thing.



    The window does not close till next Monday- if nobody has signed by then- I will beat you to the first rant about it on here.



    Do you seriously believe we won’t buy anyone between now and then or are you venting while the venting time is ripe?

  2. Timaloy



    The story in News Now is Man City have bid £1.5m for him.



    If we went in now, Budgie, would be asking for more than double that.



    Hickey is also less ready than even Taylor, to be a regular Celtic LB and would still need a long time to leapfrog Johnny Hayes.



    He would have been a good punt, before City appeared, to buy and loan out.



    It would have been even better if we had kept hold of him the first place before we let him go for being too wee- when will we ever learn the fallacy of that statement?

  3. SFTB



    I believe we will likely get a couple of last minute loan signings as per rinse repeat transfer windows of last few years.



    Whether they will be good enough will be a lottery as usual.



    But if we do sign quality then I will be the first on here to rant happily, however unexpected.



    MWD learns from experience though.

  4. “Some say Giraffes were created when Fraser Forster gave an uppercut to a horse”.




  5. MWD



    If they are loan signings but are better quality than Taylor, then it’s win:win.



    I share the concerns of Bolingoli (and Julien) as a defender, but I rate both of them as superior to Taylor.



    But we will have to go with what we’ve got to finish the AIK job and to play our first Zombies game of the season. If we do not get a decent result at Ibrox the “failure” to buy Taylor should not be used as an excuse or explanation. And , if we get a decent result, it should not be used as. a reason for not strengthening our thin defensive options

  6. Glasgow Derby officials


    Referee: Bobby Madden


    AR1: Graeme Stewart


    AR2: Frank Connor


    Fourth Official: William Collum

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