BBC article shows “writing on the wall”


Chris McLaughlin’s article on BBC last night had a style to it: informed, pointing the way things will go, but revealing no sources.  Null and void has “pretty much been taken off the table as an option”.

“Playing out the season is what everyone wants, but there is a growing realisation that this scenario is looking increasingly unlikely.”  Whereas ending the league now “is the outcome that most are now expecting”.

“Rangers [sic.] might argue that Celtic could be caught. Few in the game believe that would happen in reality, and it may well be that inside Ibrox they are already aware that calling the season is more than likely.”

Even Ann Budge at Hearts, we are told, “is also a pragmatist and if the writing is on the wall, she will get the best deal she can and get on with it.”  Before Chris added “for Hearts fans the writing is very much on the wall.”

The article is caveated, I know as much as anyone that even impeccably sourced information can be invalidated by changing circumstances, but we do not see journalists who have access to impeccable sources, which Chris McLaughlin has, use phrases like “taken off the table”, “the outcome most are now expecting” and “writing is very much on the wall” without those sources being consulted.

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  1. UEFA and the rest of the leagues except the Belgians, need to get real, there will be no football till August at the earliest.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Juries , as has been proved time and again , are infallible .


    As , of course , are judges.

  3. RobinBhoy on 7th April 2020 11:56 am


    UEFA and the rest of the leagues except the Belgians, need to get real, there will be no football till August at the earliest.






    UEFA should be challenged about their role in helping spread the virus in the first place.

  4. Just received what looked like a very serious document from Inland Revenue telling me I was due a refund. Started filling in the form till I turned to the section requiring me to fill in my Credit Card details. Began to feel uneasy about doing so. I phoned the person who helps with my submission to the Tax man. He informed me that this not the way IR do things. So I have taken his advice and sent nothing out to IR.



    Just watch out there ghuys and ghirls for those who are trying to steal from others during these very trying times.



    One and all keep safe.

  5. CaddingtonCommon on

    I see a certain team from Govan has announced its senior players and its outstanding manager are taking a 50% pay cut!


    I see another team from Govan has announced its senior players and its outstanding manager are taking a 50% three months pay deferral.!


    Are these two teams related ?






    Any refunds from HMRC are paid directly into your bank account. Online if you do a tax return online like I do.



    Great you never sent the details back and cheers for sharing.

  7. Celtic appear to be pushing for the League to be concluded according to various sources. I am very disappointed by this if true. As usual it’s all about the money.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I see the old bigot Alistair no surrender Johnston has been wheeled out,another who should have been banned by the SFA,cowards one and all.

  9. connaire12 on 7th April 2020 12:14 pm



    Received how?



    By email?



    Did you click on a link to open a document?



    If you did your computer may now be infected.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    D17- fake news, Celtic have smartly said,they want the league to be played to a finish,nothing else.HH

  11. Does anyone know what version of sevco’s wage deferment is true, is it the official statement, or the msm version of 50% ?


    So called journalism in this wee country is so poor.

  12. A very Hoopy Birthday to POG and mini BT…hope you both have a great day ;-))



    Can someone post a link to 242 Henrik…TIA




  13. Thoughts from a Covid 19 ignoramus.


    Unless some serum is found, then I do not see another ball being kicked in earnest this calendar year.


    IF ? and it is a big if, Celtic are advocating any resumption to the 2019-2020 season, then I would worry about their decision making process. Football is finished for the foreseeable.


    Crowds being allowed to gather for any event, will be way down the pecking order, in any Government’s priorities.


    I heard Bill Gates state the other day, that the ban on mass gatherings of all types, could last indefinitely.


    Government’s are struggling to get an exit strategy in place, which would allow the economy to function. Social distancing is with us until a vaccine becomes widely available.


    When we return, the football landscape will be so very different.


    I’m afraid the 10 will need to wait.

  14. Breithlá sona do Póg agus mini BT.



    Best wishes also to those suffering from Covid 19 or any other illness.

  15. Where’s Celtic by numbers when you need him. ?


    It would be good to crunch the numbers taking results over the season, and in particular results since the break then give the data based probability.



    Would it show Celtic circa 90% to win the league ?


    Would it show Hearts circa 75% to go down. ?



    Scottish football has previous deciding outcomes due to probability.



    HH to all, and keep safe.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Greenpinta- good shout,I tell the huns,if we did get it awarded,we deserved it and I don’t think Motherwell would have caught us.

  17. Neustadt-Braw on

    It was far across the sea,


    When the devil got a hold of me,


    He wouldn’t set me free,


    So he kept me soul for ransom.


    na na na na na na na na na


    na na na na na na na na.


    I’m a sailor man from Glasgow town,


    I’ve roamed this world round and round,


    he’s the meanest thing that I have found,


    In all mydays of wander.


    na na na na na na na na na


    na na na na na na na na.


    But I could see his evil eyes,


    Twas then he took me by surprise,


    Take me to your paradise,


    I want to see the Jungle.


    na na na na na na na na na


    na na na na na na na na.


    Here we go again,


    We’re on the road again,


    We’re on the road again,


    We’re on our way to Paradise,


    We love the jungilty,


    That’s where the lion sleeps, (yeeeaaaaahhhh)


    For in those evil eyes,


    They have no place in Paradise.


    graffiti on the walls…



    smiley welcome home Spirit thing




  18. Whenever football resumes, finish this season before we start the new season.


    Even if this means we have to curtail the new season.


    If this season is ended and we are declared champions I hope sevco go to court. This will give us an opportunity to raise the matter of the rangers cheating years in a court of law.

  19. BBC lied last week that Celtic “ rely on European money”.


    We do not.


    Sevco do. No mention of them.


    I’d be very wary of the veracity of a BBC reporter and wonder what was the underlying agenda.


    Sevco are in trouble, there has to be an angle, even if it is just a orchestrated attempt to undermine our 9 in a row.


    We’ve had, “it doesn’t count cause weren’t there”, now all guns blazing on a tainted nine.


    They cannot compete with us on the park, in the boardroom, on the terraces or financially.


    All they can do is ramp up the low life, bigotry ridden, sectarian, racist, anti Irish, anti Catholic, child abuse vitriol and bile to appease their orange order, loyal gullabillies.


    Celtic should be protecting our position of strength diligently and take no risks.


    We are 4-0 with 10 minutes to play.


    No need for a gung ho last 10. Lenny and Broonie at seeing this out.


    Just hope big Peter is also.





    We should celebrate our nine in a row like nothing we have seen before.


    Then the ten, then eleven, 12, 13 all the way to past our 55.




    Good post!



    We are years away from returning to normality.




  21. Since my da passed away in 2011 my views on the death of even those I despise has changed. I loathed Thatcher, an evil bastard of a woman but even then I couldn’t glory in her death. She was a nothing figure by then. Likewise I abhor BJ but I’m sorry I can’t wish death on him.

  22. Today is the anniversary of taking my grandson to meet OldTim, BT and TLT in the BV….. Oh, and then to his first competitive Celtic game, a not so memorable 0-0 against Livingston.


    Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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