BBC article shows “writing on the wall”


Chris McLaughlin’s article on BBC last night had a style to it: informed, pointing the way things will go, but revealing no sources.  Null and void has “pretty much been taken off the table as an option”.

“Playing out the season is what everyone wants, but there is a growing realisation that this scenario is looking increasingly unlikely.”  Whereas ending the league now “is the outcome that most are now expecting”.

“Rangers [sic.] might argue that Celtic could be caught. Few in the game believe that would happen in reality, and it may well be that inside Ibrox they are already aware that calling the season is more than likely.”

Even Ann Budge at Hearts, we are told, “is also a pragmatist and if the writing is on the wall, she will get the best deal she can and get on with it.”  Before Chris added “for Hearts fans the writing is very much on the wall.”

The article is caveated, I know as much as anyone that even impeccably sourced information can be invalidated by changing circumstances, but we do not see journalists who have access to impeccable sources, which Chris McLaughlin has, use phrases like “taken off the table”, “the outcome most are now expecting” and “writing is very much on the wall” without those sources being consulted.

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  1. WDH at 2:03 & TLT


    It seemed strange, as a son of a publican who started working in the bar at 15, that this was the first time my grandson had been in a bar. He thought Bobby from The Clansman at Craiglang would be serving behind the bar and Jack & Victor would be propping it up.


    He was so relieved when the three amigos turned up instead. He really did have a grand day out.

  2. Thank you to everyone for their kind birthday wishes. Today is one of those landmark birthdays – 65.


    My best mate phoned me to wish me all the best and when I informed him I was off the drink for Lent he advised me that I was allowed one day off, his being Paddy’s Day, and if I didn’t have a drink today then I was a gobshite.


    Difficult decision considering the present situation.


    I also thought that this would be a good time to start the annual ‘When does Lent end?’ debate.😉 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


    People on TV keep saying ALL OF US.How do i get it across to them not to include me .???????????????????????????????asking for me masell.

  4. whitedoghunch on



    I started work in a kitchen at 15


    and have worked in and managed many a bar


    Love your grandsons expectations



    take care


    and Jack & Victor would be propping it




    and there they were sitting in the CELTIC END of THE BLANE VALLEY.

  6. Nice wee tale on fishul site.




    ‘The Story Of’ is a web series dedicated to small but special tales from Celtic’s illustrious history. Here, Nir Bitton reveals a message from Neil Lennon shortly after signing in 2013.



    This story is an excerpt from James Forrest’s Celtic FC biography, Homegrown Hero, out now.



    “I THINK I’d played maybe one or two games for Celtic at the beginning of my career here,” said Nir Bitton. “Neil Lennon pulled me into his office. Here’s how the conversation went:



    Nir Bitton: Hi gaffer, you wanted to see me?


    Neil Lennon: I did. Niro, I’m going to tell you something. From now on, you’re going to chase the ball, and you’re going to pass it back to Jamesy.


    Nir: Okay…


    Neil: If Jamesy loses the ball, you’re going to get the ball back again, and you’re going to pass it to Jamesy. You work for Jamesy now.



    “That’s what he said to me, I was only about two weeks into the job. Worse than that, I didn’t even know who ‘Jamesy’ was! I knew who James Forrest was, but who was this ‘Jamesy’ guy the manager was speaking about?



    “At that point, I didn’t know because I hadn’t mastered Scottish nicknames yet. I’ve never forgotten that since. Honestly, Neil Lennon is like James’ second dad.”



    Behind Scott Brown and Forrest himself, Bitton is the next longest-serving player in the Celtic dressing room, and the latter two have shared many memorable games on the pitch since.



    Interestingly, the Israeli put pen to paper at Paradise on the afternoon of the club’s 3-0 Shakhter Karagandy win in August, 2013 – where Forrest netted the 3-2 aggregate winner in second-half added time.



    While not involved that night, Bitton still considers it one of his fondest memories of the Celtic Park atmosphere to this day. And he’ll never, ever forget his manager’s directive just weeks after moving to Glasgow.



    “I’ve not stopped bringing that story up with James to this day,” continued Bitton. “If ever he loses in the ball, I say, ‘Jamesy, don’t you worry, I will get the ball back and I’ll pass it to you. If you lose the ball, I will get it back and give it to you’.”

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy Birthday Pog


    Thanks for the birthday wishes for not so mini any more


    Teenage years now behind her

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Covid 19 -Italy @6pm -7/4/20







    604 people died in the 24 hr period between 6pm yesterday and 6pm today.

  9. Usual 16:00/17:00 live liefest on BBC. So BoJo is still in control of the Govt.


    ICU – no visitors


    ICU with O2 saturation – definitely no mobile phones.


    So is he using a bookies runner with written messages passed on by the ICU staff? I’m afraid I’d prefer BoJo back instead of his deputy B’stard.

  10. a wee bit fitba for a moment my scottish p o t y french eddie young player of the year wee frimpong neil francis lennon manager of the year anyone disagree

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    The consolation.


    The prime minister is not a president.


    Cabinet decision making.

  12. Jimmynotpaul on



    Happy birthday.


    This one will never be forgotten.


    Enjoy, as best you can.

  13. Happy Hoopy Birthday to Póg and Miss (not Mini) BT.



    Congratulations to BhoyJoeBelfast on the new family addition.




  14. Póg



    I’m aff the juice also for Lent, albeit delayed by 11 days (till 24th April) due to future son in law’s stag.



    Our PP said before the lock down, that Sundays didn’t count – take that for what it’s worth…!!




  15. Frieddorfer


    Sundays are always feast day – however the spirit of abstinence (or the abstinence of spirit) is that it should be continuous – the only break being Laetare Sunday.


    Lent ends after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper.


    But don’t forget Good Friday – back to fast and abstinence.


    Anyway that’s my interpretation.

  16. Apologies if my observations are not correct.


    Here in Spain, like in Italy, we are in a severe lockdown. From what I can see, the UK looks more like a prolonged bank holiday. Public transport still busy, people outside with family exercising, parks full of runners etc etc.


    Spain and Italy think they are past the peak (for now) yet another three lockdown weeks to go (at least). After that the easing of restrictions.


    I’ve seen reports saying UK new cases now also starting to drop off.


    So similar results in more or less the same time frame but two very different approaches?


    England’s population is similar to Spain’s but much more concentrated in big towns and cities. For that reason, I expected it would be far worse in England (as well as the fact I didn’t think the UK police could enforce a lockdown like they do here). Yet the numbers in Spain and Italy of cases and deaths are much, much higher.



    No idea why, just an observation.



    Moving on from that, the lifting of restrictions will be fraught with problems. Spain is massively dependent on tourism – when will people be allowed to cram onto planes again and travel freely? Airports have to be the biggest danger to ever controlling the virus. Millions of people crisscrossing paths all over the globe.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    DB- Jet 2 have started taking bookings for June,where I am in EK,go out for a walk every day, no crowds,folk keeping their distance, Morrisons has nearly everything, no rammed trolleys which I seen a couple of weeks ago, stay safe.

  18. Bada


    No chance anyone will be flying off in June – I’m 70 in June and have a big family weekend booked at Centre parcs – it’s probably going to be postponed until next year.

  19. Site seems to be back up and running, thanks for the replies re the Belarus Premier League… Crazy!



    I’ve been thinkin, if (and its obviously a big if) we were able to start back playin games again, say behind closed doors, come the start of August, there’s a good chance we will be playing a team of players who haven’t been paid in three months



    I wonder how motivated they (and their manager) will be




  20. My friends in Celtic,



    I would imagine that most people on here know I’m not a great admirer of Nicola Sturgeon.


    However for the second day in a row I feel the need to commend her. Her tone and words about Boris Johnson were spot on. She put party politics aside and showed empathy for another leader trying his best for the country.


    When I see the doctors and nurses in the hospital treating him wishing him a speedy recovery ; I say thank you. I know that the vast majority of you didn’t vote for him and bluntly put have been “shafted” by previous Tory administrations.



    I really feel we will emerge from this a more caring, understanding and compassionate country.



    Once again I thank our wonderful NHS / all our key workers, and platitudes are great. However we will need to adequately fund this new compassionate approach.



    Expect your taxes to go up, and who can rightly complain if it goes to the correct sources.



    HH to all and keep safe.

  21. !!BADA BING!!



    Jet2 and every other travel company will do whatever the need to survive.



    Take yer money in the full knowledge there is no chance of you flying anywhere nice in June, July, August, September or October. Season over by then.



    Jet2 told be to pay the balance of my June holiday next week…………….oh and if it disney work out we’ll give you a voucher or rebook you for later. Very vague on full cash refunds.

  22. Philbhoy


    TUI has confirmed I should get a full refund within 4 weeks – they offered to rebook my holiday – I declined

  23. Gene


    I have taken the word of the PP as Gospel (sic)..!


    Seriously, though, I have researched the duration of Lent previously, and there seems to be a variety of answers depending on the information source. My own view is that it lasts from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday inclusive, meaning first drink on Easter Monday – lunchtime obviously! Not saying I am correct, but that’s my interpretation.




  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    The fact is that taxes will go up for the average working person whilst the mega rich will continue not dodge paying tax and fund their Tory friends


    This has come about after 10 years when we where all in it together when we all know that was a blatant lie




    I read recently that about 80,000 uk business were about to go bust.



    That was 2 weeks ago.



    Don’t know what that figure is now.



    The millions of self employed who meet the criteria for the government bail out won’t get any money for months.



    Banks are already knockin’ back businesses applying for this “aid”.



    When this virus has been conquered it will take years and years and years for the economy to make up lost ground.



    In the meantime there is only one class of worker who can bail this mob out and you know who they are.



    The working class will be expected to take the brunt.



    I hope Boris gets well soon so’s he can sort this mess out.






    Hope you are still good!

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