BBC documentary, Live updates


Live updates on tonight’s BBC documentary, Rangers – The men who sold the jerseys will appear below.

The article will be updated throughout the evening with further comment and analysis available in the comments section.

BBC Revelations:

Graeme Souness received £30k from Rangers in an EBT in 2001, 10 years after leaving the club and while he was manager of Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn bought Turkish international, Tugay Kerimoğlu, from Rangers in 2001.

Duff and Phelps partner, David Grier, attended meetings where Craig Whyte’s use of Ticketus to repay Rangers bank debt was discussed before the transaction took place. Duff and Phelps are now suing Whyte and his solicitors for this transaction. The BBC have seen email evidence that Grier instructed the invoice to Ticketus.

Roger Isaacs from the Institute of Chartered Accountants said, “given that [Grier] was a partner of Duff & Phelps, I’m surprised that that involvement wasn’t firstly disclosed, and secondly doesn’t give rise to the sort of conflict of interest that I would have expected to have precluded Duff & Phelps from accepting the appointment as administrators.”

Isaacs, “I would expect Duff and Phelps.. to be forcibly replaced”.

Paul Baxendale-Walker, Rangers tax advisor and pornographer: “If HMRC don’t win, then hopefully you’re going to come back and say Paul, all the Rangers fans in this country want to thank you because you single-handedly saved Rangers FC £50m. You’re a hero.” (raises eyebrows while saying “hero”, Smoooth)

Paul, you’re a hero.

Sir David Murray: “I personally have never received any payment from any trust from Rangers Football Club”.

BBC: Murray received over £6m.

Graeme Souness received £30k 10 years after leaving Rangers while manager of Blackburn Rovers, five weeks before concluding transfer of Tugay Kerimoğlu.

40% of all Rangers players between 2000 and 2010 benefited from EBTs with some receiving half their income this way.

The SFA president received £95k over five years.

Sir David Murray: “It was non-contractual, it was discretionary”.

Ronald Waterreus’ agent questioned the tax scheme and was told “in the interests of Ronald as it enables him to receive funds tax-free.

“I can confirm that we will not pay these amounts to [Ronald] unless they are made through the use of the remuneration trust.”

Murray: “There was category no dual contracts at Rangers”.

Barry Ferguson and Stefan Klos each received £2.5m from EBTs, not declared to the SFA.

The SFA president declined to be interviewed about the £95k he received. In short his statement was “I knew nothing”.

Rangers fan Sammy asks of Sir David, “Why didn’t you just play by the rules?”

Murray borrowed the £6m he used to buy Rangers in 1988 from the Bank of Scotland.

Graham Spiers “Everything about his first decade in charge made him feel a bit man”.

Murray: “Too many people go through their lives never taking chances”.

Roger Isaacs, “All the evidence I’ve seen suggests that the money invested in Rangers has come from the bank”.

Mark Daly: “Sir David Murray left Rangers hopelessly exposed”.

Andrew Ellis: “Whyte told me Prince Albert of Monaco wanted to invest in Rangers.

“I see him every weekend, he wants to get involved.”

Prince Albert’s assistant: “His royal highness doesn’t know this Craig Whyte. His royal highness does not want to invest in this club”.

Murray, “I was duped”.

Speirs, “I believe [Murray] was duped”.

Old Murray friend, “David Murray is not the type of person to be duped by anyone”.

Whyte leaked email, “I have forwarded the projected financial projections to Mike McGIll (of Murray Group). These are not what we will use, they are not sustainable, but they are what the independent board committee want to see”.

Aiden Earley, on money said to be paid from Rangers to Barnstead Athletic, “The £250k that you refer to did not come from Rangers…. In the politest possible way I would very much never like to hear from you again in the context of Rangers”.

Alastair Johnston, Whyte turned out to be “a blatant liar”.

Sammy’s angry.

Gary Whitey, emailed Whyte and David Grier of Duff and Phelps in April 2011, “the Ticketus agreements will become unconditional”.

Duff and Phelps are suing Craig Whyte and his legal team for not disclosing the involvement of Ticketus in repaying Rangers bank debt. The BBC have emails to confirm that David Grier attended the meeting on 24 April 2011 where the Ticketus funding was arranged.

Duff and Phelps claim they knew about “a” Ticketus deal, not “the” Ticketus deal.

Duff and Phelps agreed to be interviews and then pulled out 30 minutes before the arranged time.

Grier, of Duff and Phelps, emailed in June 2011 Ticketus to say “We’ll arrange to get an invoice to you ASAP”.

Roger Issacs, Institute of Chartered Accountants, “I would expect Duff and Phelps to stand down or be forcibly replaced”.

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  1. sparkleghirl on




    I chose the football like (top left of my links) then scroll down to time.

  2. voguepunter on 23 May, 2012 at 19:38 said:


    £30,000 for beast,the greedy bass,multi millionaire


    and still wants a back hander.


    Shame on them all.

  3. The Honest Cover-up on

    Live updates. Love it, Paul!,


    From last post,


    That table on BBC is dynamite.


    Billy Dodds, a shame he isn’t on Sportsound tonight.


    Neil McCann, interestingly went very quiet when asked about dual contracts/EBTs during his time.


    My favourite has to be Nacho Novo. £1.2m! Instead of having club crests inked onto his leg or doing “sponsored walks” maybe he should help his club by paying that £1.2m back.


    It was just a loan afterall, right?

  4. Ten years later Mr Souness was managing the English side Blackburn Rovers, and, just five weeks after requesting a payment from the trust, he completed the signing of Turkey international midfielder Tugay Kerimoglu from Rangers.



    The BBC has seen files which showed that HMRC suspected Mr Souness’s payment could have been illegal in relation to the transfer of Tugay, but it found no additional documentation to verify it.



    Mr Souness declined to respond to BBC Scotland’s allegations.







  5. Magnificentseven on





    slow down man…struggling to keep up here……hope this is as good as it sounds

  6. Holy Schmick Schmock!…..this is the fastest blog on the planet!


    Dizzy CSC!


    : ))))))))))))))))

  7. 31003 on 23 May, 2012 at 19:41 said:




    …………………back garden..check




    …………………lime slice in neck of said Corona…check


    ………………….I pad…………..check




    …………………tv tuned to BBC1…check


    Everything in my garden is oh so very rosie

  8. Must be a record for number of articles in one day.



    Youngest has Little Einsteins on the now.




  9. Paul67 re this leader ……. its going to be out of football governance hands soon…….. illegal payments, fraudulent tax evasion…..tic toc



  10. gebhoy is the taxmans tick tocking clock, tick...tock on

    SFA & SPL will be watching through crooked fingers tonight, after quickly scanning the BBC website there is no way back for RFCIA 1872, never mind a newco getting straight back into the SPHell.



    I expect one of the major creditors to move to get rid of Duff & Duffer through the courts as preferred administrators.



    The are dead, the jobby has eventually flushed, good riddance to the cheating orcs!




  11. ……remember when Kaunus knocked der Hun out of the Champs League……



    Cue Souness on Sky Sports crying that Ra Gers needed the money…….

  12. 31003 on 23 May, 2012 at 19:42 said:




    Jeezo…nice reminder!


    Emphysema csc



  13. Boumsong!!!!! Newcastle under new manager Graeme Souness, made an £8 million bid for him, which Rangers accepted in a deal that was finalized once the January 2005 transfer window opened.

  14. sparkleghirl on

    This stuff about Souness requesting loan then shortly after signing players for B/Burn.



    Not quite sure I’ve got it. Were Rangers ‘bribing’ him to take players off their hands? Flippin’ ‘eck I’d be raging if I was a B/burn fan. I assume the ‘loan’ was for him personally,nothing to do with B/burn?

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