BBC documentary, Live updates


Live updates on tonight’s BBC documentary, Rangers – The men who sold the jerseys will appear below.

The article will be updated throughout the evening with further comment and analysis available in the comments section.

BBC Revelations:

Graeme Souness received £30k from Rangers in an EBT in 2001, 10 years after leaving the club and while he was manager of Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn bought Turkish international, Tugay Kerimoğlu, from Rangers in 2001.

Duff and Phelps partner, David Grier, attended meetings where Craig Whyte’s use of Ticketus to repay Rangers bank debt was discussed before the transaction took place. Duff and Phelps are now suing Whyte and his solicitors for this transaction. The BBC have seen email evidence that Grier instructed the invoice to Ticketus.

Roger Isaacs from the Institute of Chartered Accountants said, “given that [Grier] was a partner of Duff & Phelps, I’m surprised that that involvement wasn’t firstly disclosed, and secondly doesn’t give rise to the sort of conflict of interest that I would have expected to have precluded Duff & Phelps from accepting the appointment as administrators.”

Isaacs, “I would expect Duff and Phelps.. to be forcibly replaced”.

Paul Baxendale-Walker, Rangers tax advisor and pornographer: “If HMRC don’t win, then hopefully you’re going to come back and say Paul, all the Rangers fans in this country want to thank you because you single-handedly saved Rangers FC £50m. You’re a hero.” (raises eyebrows while saying “hero”, Smoooth)

Paul, you’re a hero.

Sir David Murray: “I personally have never received any payment from any trust from Rangers Football Club”.

BBC: Murray received over £6m.

Graeme Souness received £30k 10 years after leaving Rangers while manager of Blackburn Rovers, five weeks before concluding transfer of Tugay Kerimoğlu.

40% of all Rangers players between 2000 and 2010 benefited from EBTs with some receiving half their income this way.

The SFA president received £95k over five years.

Sir David Murray: “It was non-contractual, it was discretionary”.

Ronald Waterreus’ agent questioned the tax scheme and was told “in the interests of Ronald as it enables him to receive funds tax-free.

“I can confirm that we will not pay these amounts to [Ronald] unless they are made through the use of the remuneration trust.”

Murray: “There was category no dual contracts at Rangers”.

Barry Ferguson and Stefan Klos each received £2.5m from EBTs, not declared to the SFA.

The SFA president declined to be interviewed about the £95k he received. In short his statement was “I knew nothing”.

Rangers fan Sammy asks of Sir David, “Why didn’t you just play by the rules?”

Murray borrowed the £6m he used to buy Rangers in 1988 from the Bank of Scotland.

Graham Spiers “Everything about his first decade in charge made him feel a bit man”.

Murray: “Too many people go through their lives never taking chances”.

Roger Isaacs, “All the evidence I’ve seen suggests that the money invested in Rangers has come from the bank”.

Mark Daly: “Sir David Murray left Rangers hopelessly exposed”.

Andrew Ellis: “Whyte told me Prince Albert of Monaco wanted to invest in Rangers.

“I see him every weekend, he wants to get involved.”

Prince Albert’s assistant: “His royal highness doesn’t know this Craig Whyte. His royal highness does not want to invest in this club”.

Murray, “I was duped”.

Speirs, “I believe [Murray] was duped”.

Old Murray friend, “David Murray is not the type of person to be duped by anyone”.

Whyte leaked email, “I have forwarded the projected financial projections to Mike McGIll (of Murray Group). These are not what we will use, they are not sustainable, but they are what the independent board committee want to see”.

Aiden Earley, on money said to be paid from Rangers to Barnstead Athletic, “The £250k that you refer to did not come from Rangers…. In the politest possible way I would very much never like to hear from you again in the context of Rangers”.

Alastair Johnston, Whyte turned out to be “a blatant liar”.

Sammy’s angry.

Gary Whitey, emailed Whyte and David Grier of Duff and Phelps in April 2011, “the Ticketus agreements will become unconditional”.

Duff and Phelps are suing Craig Whyte and his legal team for not disclosing the involvement of Ticketus in repaying Rangers bank debt. The BBC have emails to confirm that David Grier attended the meeting on 24 April 2011 where the Ticketus funding was arranged.

Duff and Phelps claim they knew about “a” Ticketus deal, not “the” Ticketus deal.

Duff and Phelps agreed to be interviews and then pulled out 30 minutes before the arranged time.

Grier, of Duff and Phelps, emailed in June 2011 Ticketus to say “We’ll arrange to get an invoice to you ASAP”.

Roger Issacs, Institute of Chartered Accountants, “I would expect Duff and Phelps to stand down or be forcibly replaced”.

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  1. thehuddlehound on 23 May, 2012 at 23:51 said:



    If Graeme Souness could allegedly withdraw an amount of £30,000 from an EMPLOYEE Benefit Trust 10 years after he apparently left the club, does that mean, logically, that he was actually still an employee all those years later, or that he was re-hired for the period of that withdrawal? Or could ex-employees make withdrawals too once a trust was set up in their name?





    Yes, they can. But that then begs answers from the following questions:


    When, given he left Mordor in 91, was the trust set up for the beast?


    Were other trusts set up at the same time?


    If there were other trusts, were they used to pay players?



    The last bit truly requires an answer – I recall an article in WSC (or similar) many, many years ago regarding players in the (former) Soviet Union earning vast sums of money immediately post break-up and how many were reluctant to head to, say, Italy, Spain, England or indeed, erm, Ibrox.



    Kuznetzov and Mikhailichenko wages? Any guesses as to how much they earned? I understand that it wouldn’t pale significantly in comparison to the wages being paid out today. How’d they manage that?

  2. Sadly omorrow’s MSM headlines will all be about Prince Albert doing ‘walking away’….

  3. Or is it conspirators….so hard to tell amidst all the flummery & flimflammery.


    : )))

  4. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Yes I think Referees must be the subject of a future programme…



    Daly could have a daily slot!

  5. Paul – you are to be commended, excellent work today and every day, if everyone involved with Rangers (IA) don’t live in daily fear and dread of your exposes they really should seek urgent medical attention. ;o)


    Marc Daly and the BBC team, well done for joining the dots and simplifying a far from simple trail of convoluted and tortuous financial shenanigans so that even numpties like me could follow it

  6. The Lizard King on




    Blinder as always.



    Am I right in thinking the absolute best thing to come out of tonights jolity is that this puts the current administration process into absolute b*ggeration. There are many things RIA do not have, but most pressing is time and money.



    They are simply going to expire!







  7. thebhoyfromoz on

    During the blpgs downtime, went onto KDS where someone had posted a screeshot of Prince Alberts Wiki entry. The last line of which was “doesn’t know Craig Whyte”. lol

  8. Ghuys


    Just joining the dots…. If David Grier of Duff £ Phelps arranged for an “invoice” to be raised on Ticketus then it is not much of a stretch to conclude that this “invoice” is the self same “invoice” which the Shames Accountant referred to as being subjected to MS Clipart and had failed to be processed through the books thus avoiding VAT.



    Seems to me as a reasonable man, acting reasonably that on the balance of probabilities that Duff £ Phelps have a case to answer for master minding and committing a VAT fraud.



    Anyone know if you do a stretch for this kind of out of hours activity?




  9. Enjoyed the doc.



    Aftermath left a slightly foul taste. Focus appears to be on D&P and from what I viewed on news and Newsnight it appears D&P are now being blamed for their woes.



    Cue, smokin mirrors and deflecting attention away from the club to the administrators, we must not allow focus to change.



    Can just imagine meeting at ludge on what they should do to address problem.



    For D&P read ” a big man did it and ran away”.



    Mark my word focus with Scottish media over coming days will be D&P and not the cheats. That is the agenda.



    Despite the efforts of Paul and Co. I still believe that unless this story gets mainstream (ie outside Masonic Scotland) coverage then it will be a slap on the wrist for te boys from Govan with a ‘must do better’ report.



    AT has started the ball rolling but cannot do it himself.

  10. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    New hun T-shirt: ‘We Are All Sammy’.



    The choice of the Mechanic of Mordor as representing the average Hun says it all.



    Baxendale-Walker: Living Partridge. Astounding. Is he really made of cheese?



    Minty: Naughty, naughty lying android. 6 million? Where did all that go? Coincidentally, was that not also how much it cost to rebuild Steve Austin?…



    What a bunch of cheating, thieving, louche, irresponsible, mendacious, scheming, dirty, idiotic, egotistic, worthless, hapless, hopeless HUNS they were/are.



    Overall, notihng your average Tim didn’t know already but so sweet to have it broken down into some sort of comprehensible narritive for the public domain to digest. Although I’ll wager the average Sammy was lost after the 20-25 min mark.



    Now, HMRC.



    Enter stage left….

  11. angelgabriel on

    Congratulations to Mark Daly.



    In the aftermath of this programme will B.Dodds or N.McCann be asked about


    revealing what they knew about EBT,s ?



    The target will now move to the comical administrators instead of Ogilvie and Murray.



    The stinking stench of this blatant cheating would choke any sports journalist


    with any thought of the well being and health of football in Scotland.


    I await your outrage chico ,jabba,shug & jacko.Not.



    MWD….Hope all is well.

  12. eric_olthwaite on

    Nice to have the facts(which have been revealed and discussed on here for a couple of years) turned into truth by Mark Daly and the BBC.



    None of the programme was news to us and that’s thanks to you,Paul along with Phil and the masked avenger who writes Rangers Tax Case.I recall being shocked and amazed by BoS’s unusual relationship with Murray and the subsequent normalization when firstly Halifax came on the scene,followed by Lloyds.



    You also covered the EBT/dual contracts tax dodge extensively on this blog.



    The new scandal,revealed by e-mails acquired by Mark Daly,is the connecting of dots between Whyte and Duff and Phelps by way of David Grier.We’ve all been scratching our heads at the machinations of this admin process and the picture is becoming a lot clearer tonight(allegedly!).


    Quite revealing on Newsnight when Paul Murray quoted some Rangers directors as witnessing the only time they saw Craig Whyte panic was when HMRC were trying to appoint their administrators rather than Whyte’s preferred Duff and Phelps.




    However,two questions are rattling around my noggin just now.



    Did Mark Daly follow your lead,Paul?Is there a possibility that he is a contributor on here?



    Secondly,is there a Celtic supporter out there with the name Sammy?I reckon they have exclusivity on that moniker.Almost felt sorry for the guy, though comforting to know he’ll still have his tattoos to remind him of his first love when he goes to Airdrie games.

  13. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;- Not posted in a while but dropped in now and again to keep up to speed with things down Govan way. Questions :-


    1) Given the amount of information already in the public domain are BBC being cynical with their timing ie could this not have been broadcast during the playing season ?


    2) Did the programme produce irrefutable evidence of dual contracts?



    3) Given the serious allegations against Duff and Duffer should the SFA and the SPL not take precipitous action?


    4) Should the SFA president’s position now be deemed no longer tenable ?


    5) Can any normal well balanced football fan of any club now have any belief in the integrity or crediblity of the SFA or SPL CEO’s?


    6) Will it make any difference with regards to them being parachuted back into the good old SPL?




    Ceterum censeo Rangerinem esse delendam

  14. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on

    Por Cierto@ 23:54



    :))) there was a few new things, but nothing massive in the grand scale of this grand story of corruption (except mibbes the Souness payment which should surly end his career as it looks like bribery). Still an essential step though, as some have said. The concrete evidence in the hands of the BBC and all crammed into an hour, is not to be scoffed at. Personally, I’m was a wee bit disappointed as part of me wanted something NEW, eg, evidence of payment to Gallus et al. But am being greedy. Too much jelly and ice–cream. Twas a confirmation of all we new with hard evidence, and on the BBC. A crucial hour.

  15. TinyTim on 23 May, 2012 at 23:33 said:




    Very disappointed in the BBC exposé .


    If you have been following the saga there was little new revelation.


    I suppose those who are new to the saga are better informed.


    Sammy came across well IMHO.








    Very little new ??



    Souness paid 10 years after he left, and wes before the club he was managing paid yet another inflated fee for a Rangers player



    Murray trousers 6 million



    Duff and Phelps raise sham of a legal claim aimed at persuading creditors payout may be substantial



    absolute proof that Rangers “duped’ the SFA and SPL resulting in 10 years of matches where results should be reset



    tonights programme was historic, it was like watching the Berlin wall being torn down, brick by brick

  16. hell!, sorry!, pissed,! again! thus a proverible thinghy!, never mind, just think for a moment, even if you are multi-millionaire!!!!, who?, in there right mind would want “your good name’!, (“even bad name”) associated with such a club!!!!.



  17. Only gripe I have was that “succulent” wasn’t mentioned even once, didn’t even have to be lamb, a pork chop or square slice would have been equally acceptable.

  18. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Bhoys, CQN wasn’t the only place giving live updates through the documentary. Over on FF they devoted a thread to it.



    Been wading through it and thought that in the spirit of public interest I’d post some of their choice comments in chronological order.



    You’ll find it an often hilarious mix of Hun incredulity, outrage, denial, standard Hun paranoia and comedy.







    Off to a completely absurd start.




    The way this is being done is a piss take.




    This is completely taking the piss. Has it been put together by teenagers?




    porn star/tax advisor furfuxsake




    Anybody seen his work?




    Hugh Hefner ?




    This passes as investigative journalism?? A clown with a pipe??




    Baxendale-Walker looks insane




    A Porn Star advised Murray to bring the EBT scheme in! Give me a feckin break!




    What the **** was that in the build up to this porn guy. ****ing amateur hour here.




    What the f*ck is a porn star involved for? This is a pantomime




    A covert location outside Scotland; what an absolute bellend this guy is.




    I can’t believe what I’m watching here, a ****in pornstar wanting to be considered a hero if we win tax case I really am lost for words!!!




    Playing the Doors “this is the end” arseholes




    Does this nob presenting this programme think he’s doing an episode of blue peter…all that’s missing is the well children are we all sitting comfortably…then let us begin




    Allegations against Souness with NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!




    Was sure I seen that c*** outside Ibrox against Motherwell must of been him (about Sammy)




    Why the **** is souness being paid £30k 10 years after he left us?




    Thank **** it was only 30K to Souness.I was thinking £3-5M for a minute.This is a joke.




    Bain you rat.




    *** is with this daft robot voice in the “data room”




    (re: The doors, ‘the End’) Their earlier music was an insult to Britain too




    SDM on a big screen now in a f**king train station!?




    Has any staff not been paid this way!




    Surely Daly has breached data protection??




    Rangers need to get to the bottom of who is providing these documents, how these are getting into the public domain is extremely worrying.




    Hatchet job, scummy tarrier bastards.




    Here we go now calling for titles to be stripped




    here we go – gunning for the titles and other trophies. the whole programme is aimed at this. B*st*rds




    Even if they are legal, Rangers cheated. Basically what he just said there.




    Drop in wages replaced by ebt so feck no evidence! Guess work!




    BBC are showing their TRUE colours now.




    Why don’t they come out and say who is giving them this information and who they seem to be quoting? I could make any shi*e up and claim some unknown person said it




    Side letters, not contracts.




    These documents have came from HMRC.


    Daly quoted them regarding 30K to Souness and investigation into Tugay transfer .


    Disgusting from a government body divulging private personal details.




    If this is not watertight the bbc are going to be in court.




    this is looking scary




    Laughable trying to take trophies off us .That Daly is an obvious taig and his paymasters at the beeb are determined to undermine our club at every opportunity



    3rd division please !




    A truly biased attack…quelle surprise.




    This is awful viewing



    Where the fluck did they get all this inside info from? Absolutely unbelievable, if correct



    ‘certain that football authorities will be watching this’… No doubt they will and they’ll find us guilty as a result




    So far there’s no evidence at all against us. All ifs and buts, and letters were required to show they were non discretionary.




    Have to laugh at some of comments here about amateur etc. Daly has uncovered some pretty crucial documents which could mean more sanctions for the club, particularly from the SPL and they will now probably share some of these with authorities.



    Murray is a sideshow but cant see how Ogilvie survives at the SFA after this. No one has ever taken the gloves off to David Murray in such a fashion!




    not believing a word of this so far, how come the bbc get to see official documents before any other news agency, absolute speculation




    This guys a fanny! like watching a badly made cartoon!




    Know what? This is pure desperation. Nothing new so far. Allegations without evidence. I see a victory on the horizon r.e. tax.




    They are absolutely choking for titles to be removed, that’s all it is basically.




    Can we take HMRC and the Pacific Quay CFC to court over this surely they have both breached the DPA?




    Truely worrying if he’s right.



    Funny so many here are complaining about Daly and labeling him a taig, the only man I’m getting angrier at as this goes on is a certain Charlatan who ran our club.



    An absolute travesty he still has his knighthood




    Who is this Sammy character ?




    who’s this sammy clown???




    Where did they get him from…. Is that what a typcial male bear looks like – god help the poor bearettes right enough




    Sammy, what the **** are you doing/saying?




    Campbell Ogilvie will have to resign.




    Resign for what dont talk nonsense




    The repercussions this could bring are frightening.




    another stitch up by the corrupt bbc.




    I would take Murray back if everything was cleared up and he appolgised




    David Murray had a crack at Joanna Lumley – Shocker !




    The production of this programme is a joke, but if any of this is true then it’s bloody frightening.




    Sammy sleep in that shed?




    This is bad news for us!!


    I can’t help but think the tax case result will be out in days!! This prog almost sets it up!!




    spiers now holy phuc




    Fuc noo that cant speirs…… get that sammy tae fec




    Wondered how long it would take Britney to make an appearance.




    the presentation is amatuerish, I think is the point. It is like a programme for retards – retard with a taste for cheesiness.



    however, the claims are indeed serious and you are correct to say: “Daly has uncovered some pretty crucial documents which could mean more sanctions for the club, particularly from the SPL ”




    The President of the SFA can not be taking 100 grand under the table and not paying PAYE.




    A Rangers hating documentary, made by Rangers haters and mud slinging.



    If this guy has got access to players wages etc, there is something wrong




    forensic accountant is there such a thing!!




    Who next? A wee interview with Lennon calling for titles to be taken away?







    Utter Baws




    Major repercusions after this I feel, watch the clamour for us to be stripped of titles tomorrow.




    Murray not a benefactor – on record at last!




    money we had was basically all borrowed from BoS via MIH


    bank crashes


    what a huge mess




    Joanna lumley now trending




    Andrew Ellis doing his gangster/Frank McAvenie impression there!?




    oh ffs “Prince Albert of Monaco” – Ellis believed that FFS




    Prince Albert of Moaco!!!!!! fFS I’ve heard it all now!!!!!




    Prince Albert of Monaco now!! This is just surreal….



    ‘Ho, Prince Albert, is it true you’re ready for saving The Rangers?’




    Jesus christ almighty




    Prince Albert of Monaco – Whyte is a ****ing nutcase!




    Albert of Monaco ??



    If you’re going to tell a lie you’re best to make it a doozie




    prince albert?



    jesus wept buckets







    A genuine nutter.




    Ze preeence deeez not know Craig Whyte.



    A Scottish tart trying to do a French accent.


    This programme is a f ucking joke.




    just saw the Ellis intro




    the pose


    then the smile




    comedy genius


    best laugh i’ve had in years




    They can surely do a better voice over impression of Whyte than that!




    A lot of folk in this thread with their heads buried in the sand. One of the reasons we’re in this mess is too many people in complete denial. We are ****ed. The accusations would not be made if they weren’t bang on the money. Forget data protection and all the other pish. The evidence is laid bare for all to see.




    This surely cannot be taken seriously after that charade?



    Porn stars, princes, queersy, ellis and this clown presenting jesus ****in christ on a bike




    Read the same sort of comments during the NBC documentary about whyte and look what happened!!




    More leaked e mails on top of leaked documents all probably from taigs i ll wager !!




    Britney believes Moonbeam was duped!



    Thats why you keep getting the tin tack ya pr!ck




    David Greir introduced and f all said about him




    This twat wears a body warmer!!!




    Nice pink shirt / body warmer combo ya harry hoofter!




    Is this guy Sammy our version of Sean Lourdes ffs !




    Is Sammy hiding something under his oxters?




    Some of this stuff is insane. Everyone knows nothing of the 250k, lying to the takeover panel, Prince Albert of Monaco, Porn stars, just mind-boggling stuff.



    We may be guilty of Tax avoidance but we have been victims of some very questionable (maybe fraudulent) business practices at the same time.




    Every time i see whytes face my blood pressure jumps ,sc*m of the earth !




    A shower of lying, thieving bastards the lot of them.




    Thank **** i am working and have no access to the program, as by going wit hte posts i think i might have smashed my TV up.




    The vast majority of posts on this thread are very reminiscent of that thread when he did the programme that exposed Whyte.




    Sammy what a complete tool.



    Who in there right mind would would get in bed with BBC.



    I can only think he’s a plant or something as no normal Rangers would be infront of the cameras




    I wish daly would stop addressing the camera as if we are all fckin 3 years old!



    ‘hey kids can you find the gold doubloon’




    Bassa wasted an hour could have watched rest of men in black or a blue movie! This programme has not shown us anything that can hurt us imo!




    We rubbished the Whyte documentary, anyone doing this again is a moron. Its not good viewing but its all the truth.




    In fairness he has nailed duff and phelps here. They are up to their armpits in this!




    The interview is taking place in his (Sammy’s) work! Love what he has done with the place!




    I missed the Chelsea flower show on BBC2 for this drivel




    Duff and Phelps should have been got at months ago, once again we have sleepwalked into hell.



    They were complicit, they were involved and now they are in charge.



    Forget the bbc, forget daly, this is serious stuff, we have been raped not once twice or three times, we have been gangraped and we have sat back and done **** all about it.




    If only you’d given that disabled Scottish businessman a knee trembler we wouldn’t be in this sh*t!



    I hope you’re proud of yourself, Lumley you harpie!




    nice interview with the two red chairs, even though they were a wee bit wooden!




    Bury your head’s in the sand but some hard evidence there. Duff and Duffer should be removed now.




    Poor ending ! i was expecting the Thai Tims !







    More tomorrow once I get through the lunatics’ ramblings.

  19. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    savo01 on 24 May, 2012 at 11:44 said:


    I don’t know why my comments about double contracts have annoyed people I am only telling you what I have been told to say by Jack. These EBT’s are football’s version of cashing in and depriving hospitals and schools from much needed funding. Does this not go on every day of the week? And would you turn it down like Celtic did? Rangers have just been unlucky to have been caught cheating and totally exposed as the corrupt institution they really are but they are “the peepil” after all






    2010 Never Again



    I admire your honesty. You obviously have no connection to Media House

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