BBC need to fortify or shut the doors


It doesn’t really matter to me how other people write their own history.  If Queens Park claim to be the same Club as the Queen of Clubs, they are welcome to, as long as they respectfully allow me to express scepticism.  Fortunately, Queens Park’s business model is not dependent on making such an outlandish claim.

A whole lot of nonsense has been written on the subject of a recently liquidated football club, “it was the holding company that was liquidated”, when it wasn’t actually a holding company, and then we have claims about advice from a “panel of the London Stock Exchange”, which was quickly withdrawn.

We are asked to believe that a football club cannot go out of business.  It’s an interesting thought, not one I subscribe to, but interesting nonetheless.  If you are happy with this belief, fair play to you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else believes.

I’ve met Jim Spence.  He’s a guy who emerged from the Dundee Untied fanzine world and established a reputable career in the game.  His affinity for United has never been hidden, nor should it be.  United, as all clubs, have gone through periods of turmoil but Jim has called things as he has seen them, with his own club, and with others.

This week Jim made a comment about a football club which went into liquidation.  It was more tempered than comments made by a former manager and director of the liquidated club, by the chief executive of its successor club, by all the contemporary newspaper coverage, and by the successor club’s current head of PR.  Despite this, Jim has been on the receiving end of a sustained campaign by the thought police.

Jim may privately think what those at the successor club once said, but if he also wants to express those thoughts, the consequences can be acute.

He’s not alone.  I know others in the media who have told me straight that they are not prepared to touch the Newco/Sameco subject, the resultant hassle is not what they got into journalism for.

Charlotte Fakes has given us a glimpse into how powerful people can manipulate and control Scotland.  It has given reason to pause ahead of next year’s big decisions.  The BBC and only the BBC are strong enough to stand up against bullying, you can forget the commercial media for one simple reason, this subject is the equivalent of commercial self-harm.

It wouldn’t seem like the weekend without Rangers International writing about going legal on someone or other, although I suspect they’ll be content having played to the gallery with this one and not trouble the BBC, but questions remain for the BBC, no matter what happens next.

I consume enormous volumes of BBC output every month, it is my first port of call for news, and often my last.  It is one of the best aspects of British life, but if it can be intimidated like the commercial media, there is no point in it existing in the first place.

Fortify your journalists or shut the doors.

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  1. .


    With All these New names on CQN Maybe we Should Prefix Al the Names with..



    I’ll No Go if……






    And they Hate being called Customers..Ha Ha..



    Summa of Celtic‘Supporters’Club

  2. Steinreigendsupreme



    From the previous article…..spot on…






    Great lead article sums up my thoughts…




  3. A Stor Mo Chroi



    13:24 on 7 September, 2013



    saltires en sevilla supporting wee Oscar:



    ”this is a new club we are talking about called The Rangers. What have The Rangers ever done to us that we would wish to protest against?”






    The tickets for this putative game.



    Celtic will print them.



    And their name won’t appear as ‘The Rangers’.



    I won’t be going, and part of the reason I won’t be going is the craven, pusillanimous way the board have handled the situation.

  4. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Another wee gold to add to my collection. .. historic :)






    Im no goin if your goin … :))))))

  5. acgr@hotmail.co.uk - Only four million free Zadok The Preist ringtones left to give away - Get them while stocks last. on

    What did Jim Spence say to upset the deid heids?

  6. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Spence said the cqn ringtone salesman was a braw lad




    And that mclelland was chairman of the club that died

  7. Duff n Duffer:


    Durty deeds done durt cheap.



    Bomber “show-us-ra-deeds” Brown was spot on.

  8. YOu make an important point about the BBC Paul67. It is the lack of commercial pressure that allows it to do what it can. It is far from perfect, it has allowed outrageous things to be said about Celtic and other clubs, it has employed a succession of people who hate Celtic to man the airwaves when we are playing, but apart from the very small cog in the large wheel that is Sports output in BBC Scotland, it’s really rather good.



    Radio 4 is unbelievably good.



    The tories would love to open the Beeb up to the ‘markets’…. heaven forfend.



    To the point though – Jim Spence, Mark Daly and others deserve our backing. Never underestimate the strength that even moral support gives someone to continue doing what is honest and right, even at personal cost. If any one has ever experienced such support you’ll know what I mean. It helps to know that although it is your voice, your thoughts – you are speaking for others too. There is great strength in that.

  9. On CQN there is a massive and emotive debate about something that hasn’t happened and may not happen.



    International week.

  10. Embdy who has had the time and fiscal knowledge to read Charlotte Fakes stuff – what is all this about ownership and so on? Is there anything we don’t already know in the documents s/he has presented last night?



    Away for an hour – I’ll be back to look for answers if any.



    Be happy folks.



    Just a thought – Norman Bates thought his Ma hadn’t died didn’t he? That didn’t end well either.

  11. ” John McClelland who was the chairman of the old club, some people will tell you the club, well, the club that died, possibly coming back in terms of the new chairman.”

  12. DJBEE



    13:45 on 7 September, 2013






    Davis school of defending.




    He learned nothing playing against Aiden McGeady it would seem. That was cringeworthy stuff…….. what ever happened to ‘stand him up’ ‘don’t dive in’………. basic technique? Or is Ronaldo just that good?

  13. Last thing – is McClelland allowed to be involved in Scottish football? Are there not rules against people involved in insolvent clubs being denied the right to be involved in football for three years?



    Or maybe he wasn’t there when they went in to admin and then snuffed it?

  14. Simple questions for Sevconians in denail:



    What does Liquidation mean?



    Tell me which documents say that ‘Rangers’ were ‘relegated’? (There are none because they weren’t)



    In the absence of such documentary evidence please explain how Rangers International ended up in the Third Division?



    Case closed your honour……

  15. RobertTressell



    13:49 on 7 September, 2013



    ‘Last thing – is McClelland allowed to be involved in Scottish football? Are there not rules against people involved in insolvent clubs being denied the right to be involved in football for three years?’






    The rules are discretionary.



    I’m on the edge of my seat wondering how the discretion will be exercised.

  16. AC Milan .



    A recent blog featured Paul 67 opining that AC Milan have a malaise .



    Here’s a recent example of that malaise



    A just in the door Kaka ,has told the Manager , Allegri , that he thinks Robinho should get more game time .



    Allegri had no involvement with the signing of Kaka . Berlusconi wanted him , Berlusconi signed him , Berlusconi is paying his wages .



    It is taken for granted that Allegri simply does what Berlusconi tells him to do . It now looks like Allegri has an additional Boss ——–Kaka .



    Great night , last night . I’m not a big fan but I like the betting opportunities . Last night was a real good one —-



    Belgium / Macedonia / Portugal/ Sweden . 4 singles and a quad .



    Buying money CSC – Way down south.

  17. The stupid huns protests against the truth,has put the BBC on the spot about finally nailing the lie and backing Jim Spence IMO.

  18. Sevcomedian response to the question, “What makes you proud to be a [Hun]”:



    “We are very special in what we do and we are admired worldwide for it, just not in this sh**hole of a country which is our glens, not the f***ing taigs!



    criminal to say the least, police should be called for theft of our country…”




    Slavering FFer on the fact that the BBC reply is from someone named Sean:


    “If this is all is the way it is looking, then forget just about Spence getting his jotters. There has to be a few others on their way out the door.



    That is actually incredible that they think they can get can get away with this.



    Rangers should demand political and police intervention in all this. They are publicly funded for crying out loud!!”

  19. Robert Tressell


    A key item picked up on tsfm is that the document that made Sevco Scotland the owners and not Sevco 5088 whom D&P had sold the remains to is missing.



    The term being used is novation which I assume means a change of name but all is as before.



    This novation took place on 29th (or thereabouts) at a Director’s meeting where CG was the only Director.



    This “novation” is likely the point in CW’s claim that Sevco5088 ie CW and not Sevco Scotland own the assets.



    Its not new news but new info that sets out when and by whom deeds were done.



    BDO should be asking questions on who novated what.



    My understanding from a few reads and open to correction.

  20. Just seen Laughatme’s red card,mirror image of the Hinkle assault…….only difference was he got sent off…..strange that.

  21. Is it too much to think there is a battle for Scotland’s soul going on at the moment ? There’s certainly an almighty media struggle being waged by several winkers

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