Be like Martin O’Neill, not Alan Shearer


Ask anyone who has never played the game, managed, or run a football club, and they will tell you how easy it is.  In reality, success and failure on or off the field is determined by complex and interdependent factors.  You need to be a footballer to understand, that even in this modern time of sports science, how fatigue affects your performance late in a game.

You need to be a manager to know that scoring more goals is not just about putting two up front instead of one, or that encouraging players to pass with more urgency can cause undesired outcomes.  Few of us have the benefit of these experiences.

Then there are those who should know these complexities, and at one time, maybe did know, but are now lost in blissful ignorance.  Alan Shearer, you have been called out.

Martin O’Neill distilled his 31-years managerial experience into eight words for Shearer, who criticised Fulham’s Ireland international right back, Cyrus Christie, saying, “Maybe that’s why he [Shearer] only managed eight games”.

Alan, if you knew more about football management than you did, perhaps you would have recorded more than a single win in the business.  Your knowledge of management is not sufficiently useful to extend your game experience to double figures.  Worse than that, despite an illustrious playing career, you have forgotten that all those complexities and interdependencies exist.

There’s a debate to be had (another day) about who makes the better analyst, a former player or a  trained journalist.  The journalist will never know just how hard it is to make a 20 yard pass when you are so exhausted you can hardly see.  But too often, former footballers do not use analytical skills, which is pretty important when analysing.

Easy answers are offered for complex problems continually.  Why did Fulham ship five goals to Arsenal?  Maybe it was because Cyrus Christie took it upon himself to play as wing-back for the day, as Shearer suggests.  Or maybe it was a combination or several players actions, as well as tactics, counter-tactics, relative economic resource, the break of the ball and a dozen other things.

Martin O’Neill added, “[Shearer] should have prefaced things by saying ‘I don’t know what the manager has said’ because, at the end of the day, the manager has asked him to stay up the pitch and not worry about getting back.”

Be like Martin, not Alan.  People who offer simple solutions to complex problems usually have a huge knowledge gap.

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  1. BANKIEBHOY1 on 10TH OCTOBER 2018 10:39 AM


    In ither news……………







    ” Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths…”







    oh aye…..







    Concerted Hun-Guffery at a whole new Level.



    Meanwhile, Laffatme sticks in a self cert line to Norn Iron…

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Thank you, chaps, for the kind remarks on our new granddaughter.


    She is the first of an October double header.


    Hopefully number 2 will arrive safe and sound at the end of the month, God willing.



  3. Re Paddy Crerand my schoolboy hero after Bobby Evans left. I was led to believe that he could not get a game for his school team due to a lad called Pat O’Connor who later played for killie.



    I met Pat out here several years ago, at the end of the day as we all sang the Celtic song he had tears in his eyes. Although he comes across a manure fan, he works for them and must big them up, at the end of the day he’s still Celtic through and through even though we shafted him selling him behind his back.



    He told me that day his mother and bhoy were both at Love Street in 1986.

  4. They are football players, very few of them have any talent other than that lucky freakish gift. Kris Boyd has absolutely NOTHING to say that I would find remotely interesting……….and he’s not the only one.

  5. TTT grandweans are the best, I had a half brother but was brought up an only child. I now have 7 grandweans who although Canadian know who the boys are. Best days of your life.

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH OCTOBER 2018 12:51 PM



    Fraud,money laundering and match fixing. Outrageous!, fortunately that could never happen in scoddland.

  7. weebobbycollins on

    Leftclicktic/wee Daniel and Thomthetim…I’m happy for you guys…grandkids are so precious.

  8. I don’t know Joe O’Rourke at the CSA




    He should change his latest statement on Milne growing a pair


    It is Murrayfield we are being sent to, and not Swinecastle


    Just across the main road kind you



    I also think Celtic should back Milner call – use some of this seasons refereeing decisions as examples

  9. TTT



    Great news! – Deo Gratias indeed.


    Congrats Granda.


    And as a fellow one myself – there’s no feeling quite like it.




  10. Good morning from a very warm Hamilton ON – Niagara falls are stunning and the ‘maid of the mist’ an experience not to be missed.



    I’m sure the media will be calling out Lafferty for his international withdrawal.



    Paul67 – pundits are just that paid to be glib and simple – we supporters are incapable of analysing the game on our own.

  11. FYI



    Leipzig AWAY



    My youngest just picked up tickets from ticket office first come first serve basis


    Need season ticket details and travel details

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    I see Lafferty has ‘opted-out’ whilst Griffiths has ‘turned his back in his country’.



    You struggle to make this stuff up.



    Elsewhere: ‘simple solutions to complex problems’ Otherwise known as populism designed to appeal to the hard of thinking.



    See Trump, SNP, Brexit etc.



    Charlatans are everywhere.

  13. Interesting article today Paul.in the tsunami of modern Meejah,info bout our game.i find the best way is actually Go in to a game.


    NO pundits needed,


    To much emphasis put on their word or critique,gimme the view of a fan any day.its mine to argue with.


    We are just at the start of this modern Meejah age,it will settle down.


    Keep up the good work Brendan!?



    MAH and Daniel your in my prayers



    Thomthethim congratulations




  14. Bada, snap! I always understood Police Officers had a panic button which when pressed immediatley got all officers attendance.


    Well some lunatic stabbing a fellow officer in front of your eyes is a panic button moment FFS.


    Coward of the lowest kind who should immediatley resign in shame.

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Thanks for the good wishes , lads.


    The Grandfather Union is a great club to be in.


    All the pleasure without the hassle.



    Heading out soon with my other two daughters to test some of Edinburgh’s finest ales.



  16. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH OCTOBER 2018 1:40 PM


    I heard the report of that on news and instantly thought HOW IS HE STILL IN HIS JOB.

  17. BadaBing/G-D



    Ease up a little there ghents.who knows how we react in that situation.i for one am glad it wasn’t me in there facing such violent irrationaliity


    It is an interesting inquest tho.





  18. An, you take the job you take the risks, this isn’t a rookie who froze on the job this is the second in command with years of experience behind him, as we speak he is drawing a huge salary with all the pension benefits included.


    Lead by example?

  19. ‘Sir’ Craig Mackey.






    Remind us again how you bravely lead the Police men and women of London in the fight against domestic terror.



    Enjoy yer quarter mill plus lavish pension when you retire in December, just as PC Palmer’s kids are wishing their Daddy was alive for Christmas.




  20. Betfred Cup


    Sun, October 28 2018


    Kick-off 13:30





    We are still awaiting delivery of the ticket allocation for this match.



    Once received, on sale date will be confirmed.



    Once tickets are on sale, tickets for this match will be available to STH who meet the following criteria:-


    attended one or two of the two domestic away Bet Fred Cup matches v. Partick Thistle (18th August 2018) and/or St Johnstone (26th September 2018)


    or on Home Cup Ticket Scheme as at 1st October 2018





    TICKETS ARE NOT CURRENTLY ON SALE. WEBSITE WILL BE UPDATE WITH ON SALE DATE ONCE TICKETS RECEIVED. We ask supporters not to contact the Ticket Office at this time as no further information is available.





    Tickets are priced as follows:-



    East Stand – £30 (no concessions)



    North/West/East Stand – £25 Adult/£10 concessions



    West Stand – £30 (no concessions )



    Concessions are 65+/under 16

  21. reading the stuff on the big chief polis.



    I am just interested to know if, well the polis is in charge of himself, or in that unknown situation, him and driver see one terrorist, but dont know the full context, and if big chief is a target, and then the driver, who may be personal protection, takes over and is allowed to lock the doors and drive away, and this might actually be the protocol.



    so what is the real story.

  22. G-d


    I see what your saying bout job position and pensions,risk etc.but it could be argued that if he lead by example(gettin oot) he would be dead for example.and this at point pc is dead. Sadly.


    Hope your good mate :-)

  23. Thomthethim – congratulations on becoming a grandfather (again, I think?). Your latest granddaughter shares her birthday with my only grandchild, Maria Rose whom I’ve been helping celebrate her 1st birthday today. I’ve just had the best year of my life which culminated in me taking partial retirement at the start of this month. The grandparent club is a great one to be in!



    Gary67 (at 3.16) – Not that I’ll be attending but the proposed ticket arrangements suggest Celtic are being given 3 of the 4 stands?

  24. AT- I would be amazed if the car carrying such a high ranking officer, did not have any protection equipment or firearms in the boot.He stood by as a ‘colleague ‘ was being attacked, or would he not see a foot soldier as a ‘colleague ‘? I would take a guess, what the rank and file feel about him?HH

  25. Under the radar – filthy animals



    UEFA have revealed they have awarded Rangers special dispensation not to give visiting European teams their full allocation of tickets due to safety concerns expressed by the police.



    Steven Gerrard’s side started their Europa Leaguegroup stage campaign with a fine 2-2 draw in Spain against Villarreal before defeating Rapid Vienna 3-1 at Ibrox.



    UEFA rules state visiting teams must receive around five per cent of the capacity of the stadium, which means Rangers should give up approximately 2,500 tickets to visiting teams.



    But Rapid landed only 1,400 tickets for their game and next visitors Spartak Moscow will get just 1,001 briefs.



    Spartak contacted UEFA to complain about their allocation as they wanted their full quota.



    But they have been informed European football’s governing body have given Rangers permission to slash the allocation of visiting teams because the police view the games as high-risk encounters.



    A Spartak statement said: “Rangers awarded us only 1,001 tickets for the game in Glasgow. This is significantly less than the quota stipulated by the regulations, when the home team must allocate five per cent of tickets from the stadium’s capacity.



    “Rangers have said it is because of local law enforcement agencies, who have made this match a high risk game and one that poses ‘heightened danger’.



    “We wrote to UEFA, who have informed us there is nothing they can do.”



    And a UEFA statement explained: “We took note of the exceptional decision of the local authorities in Glasgow to reduce the number of tickets for Spartak fans.



    “All parties involved understand that security issues are of the highest priority for UEFA.”



    Rangers have already slashed the allocation distributed to Celtic for just 800 for the first Ibrox Old Firm showdown this season on December 29 and Celtic did the same to Rangers for the Parkhead encounter in September.

  26. BSR- No mention of the 2 attempted murders on visiting fans at Poundland, embdae been lifted for that yet?

  27. mike in toronto on




    TH (not the blogger) was a Canadian hockey player who, in the early 60’s I believe, started up the TH Donut chain … his business partner took over the business after Tim Horton was killed in a car crash in the early 70’s…



    I have represented one of TH’s former teammates in a case, and one of my pals is a lawyer who was a former professional hockey player, whose father is a also a hockey player (who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame) and was a team mate of TH.



    Canadians love their hockey… and their Tim Hortons donuts and coffee!

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