Be like Martin O’Neill, not Alan Shearer


Ask anyone who has never played the game, managed, or run a football club, and they will tell you how easy it is.  In reality, success and failure on or off the field is determined by complex and interdependent factors.  You need to be a footballer to understand, that even in this modern time of sports science, how fatigue affects your performance late in a game.

You need to be a manager to know that scoring more goals is not just about putting two up front instead of one, or that encouraging players to pass with more urgency can cause undesired outcomes.  Few of us have the benefit of these experiences.

Then there are those who should know these complexities, and at one time, maybe did know, but are now lost in blissful ignorance.  Alan Shearer, you have been called out.

Martin O’Neill distilled his 31-years managerial experience into eight words for Shearer, who criticised Fulham’s Ireland international right back, Cyrus Christie, saying, “Maybe that’s why he [Shearer] only managed eight games”.

Alan, if you knew more about football management than you did, perhaps you would have recorded more than a single win in the business.  Your knowledge of management is not sufficiently useful to extend your game experience to double figures.  Worse than that, despite an illustrious playing career, you have forgotten that all those complexities and interdependencies exist.

There’s a debate to be had (another day) about who makes the better analyst, a former player or a  trained journalist.  The journalist will never know just how hard it is to make a 20 yard pass when you are so exhausted you can hardly see.  But too often, former footballers do not use analytical skills, which is pretty important when analysing.

Easy answers are offered for complex problems continually.  Why did Fulham ship five goals to Arsenal?  Maybe it was because Cyrus Christie took it upon himself to play as wing-back for the day, as Shearer suggests.  Or maybe it was a combination or several players actions, as well as tactics, counter-tactics, relative economic resource, the break of the ball and a dozen other things.

Martin O’Neill added, “[Shearer] should have prefaced things by saying ‘I don’t know what the manager has said’ because, at the end of the day, the manager has asked him to stay up the pitch and not worry about getting back.”

Be like Martin, not Alan.  People who offer simple solutions to complex problems usually have a huge knowledge gap.


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  1. Stairheedrammy on

    I remember chasing a rat up a close in the Soo side when I was a wean. Got to the top landing and realised I hadnt thought what I planned to do if I caught it, just as the rat realised that it could take me. It then chased me back down and out into the street. You were lucky it was dead.

  2. JIMTHETIM53 AND MIKE IN TORONTO.mike if you remember the last time I posted a photo it was hravtski jim that sorted it out for me I think I e-mailed the photo to him and he put it on here. so apologies to you both and if your lurkin hravtski jim please help.sos.com.hh.

  3. STFB



    Aren’t you the poster who told us that a recent CQN leader did not inform us that Celtic will win the league for the rest of our lives despite that being written in black and white?


    Well it was black and white for me and many others I suspect.

  4. See all you doubters, you really need to get a grip on things, Doncaster is now one of the good guys, the blazers are the enemy, in fairness they always have been, but the suits headed by Doncaster are the good guys, this has to be reiterated again and again, the club are doing everything in their powers to make it so, I think, silly things like Res 12 are a waste of the suits time, things like stripping ill gotten titles are kids stuff, put them to the back of you mind, just keep feeding the PLC with your money and everything will work out fine in the end, trust me it will, the powder is rather damp just now but they are drying it off as I type this, never fear they are on it.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    I would like to think that Paul is saying :



    Those who can run a football club , do run a football club.



    Those who can`t run a football club compensate for their inability by posting their thoughts on CQN , somehow imagining that they could run a football club.

  6. Neilbhoy






    I was the guy that asked what was it Paul67 had said and when supplied with the evidence of the quote said ” Do you seriously believe that Paul67 was promising you a title won in every year of your future existence?”.



    I was the one who doubted that anyone would be gullible enough to believe that was the meaning intended. Seems I was wrong.



    P.S. If you merely “suspect” it, then it cannot have been as “black and white” as you said.


    But when people want to believe that someone said that, then that belief can be hard to shift as the belief is devoid of evidence.

  7. FB






    Blank or blanks.



    Once you start a sentence with “it seems…”, you have given yourself carte blanche to go anywhere with it.



    e.g. “It seems to me that Fairhill Bhoy is talking mince”



    It may be an unfair statement but you cannot prove me wrong because i can always hide behind the view that no matter what you intended to say or mean, that is how it came across to me and my interpretation trumps your personal knowledge of what you meant to say.



    A terribly unfair wee phrase is “it seems” but there you are! that’s what it does.

  8. Eddie- another credible line of evidence, but the cowards in charge of the club have no balls to pursue anything…..

  9. My god ,I’m now getting a lesson on how to write something on a blog????????


    No promises but I will try harder??

  10. Maybe you should teacher Paul on what he means or what you think he means?


    Apologise if I missed a ,?!?

  11. Also, we have never been at war with Oceania, they have always been our allies.


    History will also be rewritten right before your very eyes, using spin and semantics, b y the people, the only people, who can interpret what is really meant.


    We’re lucky to have such people, who can put us right, when we seem to remember something previously written that’s contradictory or was written and now denied

  12. celticrollercoaster on

    Evening Bateen Bhoy



    The Serbia double looks a tasty bet :-)







  13. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH OCTOBER 2018 9:35 PM


    Eddie- another credible line of evidence, but the cowards in charge of the club have no balls to pursue anything…..



    !!BADA BING!!


    When i questioned what happened to the story that would bring it all down , the response was , due to Jimmy Calderwoods health issues worstening it was better left alone ( Dementia ) i think it was



    It might just be me but i get the feeling there maybe more than a few on here to be quite hapoy to move on ….nothing more than a feeling mind you , no facts involved .



    Give WEETS my best when you catch ip ??

  14. mike in toronto on




    If you dont mind, I will respond to your post to me later … when I have time, and when most on here are asleep, as I think most of my posts bore a lot of posters silly, and this one will really do it!



    But, I saw your jousing with FB… not that he needs me to defend him/put his case forward, but I think the point he is making (see what I did there) is that you are criticizning others for ‘seems like’ but your posts are replete with expressions that do exactly the same… Today’s post include such phrases as



    ‘I find it hard to believe that P67 intended …’



    ‘To me it reads more about being informed…’



    I think the point FB is making, and it is a valid one, is that you have been hoisted on your own petard.



    On this point, it is (not seems like) Game, set and match to Fairhill.




  15. celticrollercoaster on



    DId we ever get an update on the “Dunfermline developing story” ?






    Mmmmmm…..spoke with Winning Captains (remember him) on that afterwards. Complete bluster with either no backbone or follow through….If true, back of the bus stuff as an excuse not to follow up, but then again why different from anything else in this corrupt game that we sit within



    Hope you are good? Need to catch up for a post match beer sometime soon.







  16. FB



    Never have commented on your spelling, grammar or typos. They are of no interest.



    Will only debate your meaning and since your “hauners” are only wanting to exchange insults now- well that’s where it gets deeply boring, even by Dharma party standards, and I’ll give it a rest now.

  17. Naismith quite clearly hates Celtic players with a passion. Not only does he go about kicking lumps out of them, he also likes to stand over them, abusing them as they lie on the ground having just endured one of his assaults.


    And this all somehow gets forgotten because both players are now wearing a Scotland shirt?


    I don’t think so.

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