Be like Martin O’Neill, not Alan Shearer


Ask anyone who has never played the game, managed, or run a football club, and they will tell you how easy it is.  In reality, success and failure on or off the field is determined by complex and interdependent factors.  You need to be a footballer to understand, that even in this modern time of sports science, how fatigue affects your performance late in a game.

You need to be a manager to know that scoring more goals is not just about putting two up front instead of one, or that encouraging players to pass with more urgency can cause undesired outcomes.  Few of us have the benefit of these experiences.

Then there are those who should know these complexities, and at one time, maybe did know, but are now lost in blissful ignorance.  Alan Shearer, you have been called out.

Martin O’Neill distilled his 31-years managerial experience into eight words for Shearer, who criticised Fulham’s Ireland international right back, Cyrus Christie, saying, “Maybe that’s why he [Shearer] only managed eight games”.

Alan, if you knew more about football management than you did, perhaps you would have recorded more than a single win in the business.  Your knowledge of management is not sufficiently useful to extend your game experience to double figures.  Worse than that, despite an illustrious playing career, you have forgotten that all those complexities and interdependencies exist.

There’s a debate to be had (another day) about who makes the better analyst, a former player or a  trained journalist.  The journalist will never know just how hard it is to make a 20 yard pass when you are so exhausted you can hardly see.  But too often, former footballers do not use analytical skills, which is pretty important when analysing.

Easy answers are offered for complex problems continually.  Why did Fulham ship five goals to Arsenal?  Maybe it was because Cyrus Christie took it upon himself to play as wing-back for the day, as Shearer suggests.  Or maybe it was a combination or several players actions, as well as tactics, counter-tactics, relative economic resource, the break of the ball and a dozen other things.

Martin O’Neill added, “[Shearer] should have prefaced things by saying ‘I don’t know what the manager has said’ because, at the end of the day, the manager has asked him to stay up the pitch and not worry about getting back.”

Be like Martin, not Alan.  People who offer simple solutions to complex problems usually have a huge knowledge gap.


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  1. Macjay



    Please see the addition below for accuracy



    Sid1888 replying to SFTB at 11.50 last night.





    As for your suggestion that we should allow workers to pay taxes sufficient to cover their dues as individual citizens plus their employers’ profits, Jesus wept. Literally. As he saw the rich get even richer and the rest being left to fight it out amongst themselves.



    HH jg

  2. Sid 1888 and James Gang



    I do not dispute that some people found that the sentiments in that blog, as interpreted by them, to be not to their taste.I t would be mad for me to dispute that you found it hubristic, hunnish and triumphalist.



    Which is why I dd not do so.



    I have merely asserted from the beginning that the claim being made that “Paul67 had said we would win the league forever and ever” (and that was the post that caused me to wade in at the start) was not meant to be taken literally. Which is why I posed the question to all posters with that opposing view, and it is a question that has been skirted by all, thus far……….



    Did you think that Paul 67 was seriously claiming that we would win the league in perpetuity?



    And, I have added a supplementary to that- ” Have you waded in to the Celtic support and, especially, the Green Brigade, for hunnish behaviour in claiming 10 iar in 2 seperate songs that we sing?



    Who will be the first to actually attempt to answer those questions- posed by me for around the 4th time on here?



    Now, I have seen disavowals of the song sentiments on here but I have not seen anything like the vitriol that Paul67 has received being directed at the singers. Why is that?



    My own view is that this was merely a reminder that Sevco are in such a state of disarray behind the scenes and in the courts, that we are in a highly advantaged position to win a lot of what is immediately in front of us. It was a gloat and not a prophecy- that I can accept.




    And, please note, Mike in Toronto, using phrases like IMO or IMHO or even “it seems to me” are so far from being the equivalent to “it seems” or even “it seems to me and all my mates” as to be damn near the complete opposite, It is acknowledging where opinion departs from fact and is trying to ensure that the reader does not mistake an opinion for a fact or something evidenced. It is disingenuous, bordering on twisted, to mistake one for the other.



    Work has started and I’ll catch any replies later

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 8:11 AM


    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 10th October 2018 10:24 p



    The blog in question was one of the worst things I have ever read on a Celtic forum. Arrogant, entitled, complacent and hunnish! There’s no need to second guess what the author really meant, it was utter bullshit and plenty of posters called it as such.





    Did SFTB post the above , as is suggested ?



    Don`t think so .

  4. Macjay


    No, SFTB did not.Your thought is accurate :-)



    Off out for a quick…no, make that `short`, cycle ride.


    Cheerio for now,



  5. Macjay



    No he didn’t. Nor was it my intention to imply he did. My iphones copy and paste let me down so I appreciate you pointing it out and allowing me to clarify. Which I thought I had erm???clarified…



    HH jg

  6. There are several versions of the Gordian knot story. They all describe a universal truth – that seemingly difficult and unsolvable problems can be solved simply and by someone who has no knowledge of the issue, by simple methods.



    As for the rest, I think you reinforced my opinion of your company at a party and of the type of person I think you are.



    Reply to me all you like, in as many screeds as you like; I won’t be reading them.

  7. SFTB



    I love how you interpret p67’s articles for us. Like a theologian or a Supreme Court judge!



    Why not the same opprobrium for 10IAR song?



    1. I think it gets moderately and appropriately called into question on here.


    2.its a song. You need to fit some catchy words to a tune. I’ll allow some creative license.


    3. Unlike ‘winning for eternty’ 10IAR IS actually a SMART objective. Uniquely achievable and providing an eternal stake into the heart of the rangers 1 and 2. The most fitting riposte we could could offer our 9IAR heroes whose achievement was matched through industrial scale cheating.



    Many external factors will conspire to prevent it. Our greatest internal risk is arrogant complacency. The kind that would see us signing squirrels instead of players; having countdowns to when we can sign other clubs’ players for free,screwing up CL qualification, having a poor start to the season.


    All of which was perfectly encapsulated in that smug leader.






    HH jg

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning Bhoys and Ghirls well Brendans not going to Villa so another MSM story bites the dust or is proven to be fake news.They dont half fill up the papers with rubbish and now they have moved on to trashing Sparky while once again talking up the sixth placed league club we are certainly not liked in this bitter and twisted wee Country.H.H.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 9:30 AM



    As if SFTB needs my support.




    I`m just a stickler for accountability.



    At the same time , I feel most strongly about support.


    Support of Celtic and support of the platform provided by our host.



    Thanks , James.

  10. I hope the huns are picking the tab up for the increased police and security presence at ” high risk” games @ Grayskull



    #Refuse the toxic tickets.



    Ps : Grayskull or Snake Mountain, a debate on CQN for longer than the ” moon landings “. If it’s good enough for Kirsty McCabe, it’s good enough for moi

  11. MACJAY…………



    I agree with you that our host deserves much more respect than is afforded to him by many posters on here.



    This is where I come to for my Celtic news, nowhere else.



    I wonder how I would react to the abuse he gets and dread to think what I will do if he gets pissed off with it.



    Hope you are well!

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PHILBHOY on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 10:31 AM



    Glad to her that.


    My source of Celtic news as well .


    Free gratis and for nothing .



    It just seems to me that insulting our host is the essence of ingratitude.


    That`s what he is . Our host .


    As you say………….where do we go if he downs tools.



    All good with me , mate.


    Family good. Celtic good.


    Therefore ……………..Me good.

  13. Resident malcontents try this; walk into your local boozer, get drunk, then start abusing the manager for selling you the drink. Let us know how you get on.

  14. Resident happy clappers



    Go into your local boozer or a CQN hootenanny and proclaim that Celtic will win the league this year and every year for the rest of everyone’s lives and don’t expect people to go ???



    And that’s not disrespecting any host or playing the man, not the ball. That’s just not letting moonbeams-type nonsense go unchallenged.



    HH jg

  15. I have never abused Paul on this or any other blog.I disagree with his opinions now and then,no harm in that .?


    And don’t we support this site every time we log on?

  16. Hi bhoys, can anyone help, I’m getting a pop up from WhatsApp telling me the version I’m using is out of date, it advised me to download another, newer version, I’ve been told this newer version could have a virus on it, can anyone give me any advice on this matter, thanks in advance.


    Hail hail,


    . C’mon the hoops,



  17. Philbhoy



    You mentioned that Paul 67 may get hacked off etc. It’s a few years back but I’m sure I recall a time when Paul did decide to close the blog down for the reasons you mention. I and a good few others hopefully talked him out of it, nut in retrospect, maybe he should have walked. Such a shame, he’s one of the good guys for sure.


    I know there is always difference of opinion, obviously, but we should not forget the very thing wich unites us all – -The love of CELTIC.


    Must admit I love good debate but sometimes on here it gets personal and silly name calling stuff which is totally unacceptable.



    Hail Hail and a’ that




  18. SOUTHSIDE on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 11:29 AM


    Resident malcontents try this; walk into your local boozer, get drunk, then start abusing the manager for selling you the drink. Let us know how you get on.



    PAUL and the MODERATORS (could be a new boy band )…is / are well within their rites to ban abusive customers / posters and i support that very stance .



    What happens in said boozer when you get a pint of Stella only to find out he’s served you McEwans do you just drink it and say nothing ?


    What happenef to the customer is always right haha …. anyway some take themselves far to serious .



    I’m used to being proved wrong .Thank you Paul67 and the moderators for allowing me to do so ?



    SFTB i’ll be in touch ?

  19. BADA BING!! on 11TH OCTOBER 2018 12:00 PM


    100 T- I think there was a warning a few weeks ago about a rogue WhatsApp update..


    Thanks for the reply Bada, yes I heard of that report, just not sure what to do, thanks.


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops,



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