Be more like Matt and less like Liam.


Last week we discussed the stalled career of Liam Morrison, who left Celtic as a teenager five years ago to go to Bayern Munich but having made no impact there has now grabbed a lifeline at QPR.

This should give Daniel Kelly (18) something to ponder as he stalls on accepting a contract offer from Celtic, with reported interest from Germany.

The Bundesliga churns through more youth players than anywhere outside England. It’s a numbers game where the best majority will make no impact on the first team (unlike Daniel at Celtic) before being released having missed crucial development.

Matt O’Riley is the role model.  Matt left the Fulham youth wilderness to play first team football. Be more like Matt and less like Liam.

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  1. REGGIE on 10TH JULY 2024 2:23 PM



    Perhaps he should consider an unconventional approach. If he just listens to his agent it’s extremely unlikely he’ll be getting the best advice for his whole career.



    Stay at Celtic, play football and if you’re good enough you’ll get your move and big contract

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Was the reserve league not torpedoed by the huns, ostensibly to play against non Scottish ‘superior ‘ teams but in effect because they couldn’t afford it.



    Could be wrong of course and they came up with some other bullshite reason 🙃

  3. garygillespieshamstring on




    The fact that they couldn’t win it and Celtic were winning it every year was also a motivator.

  4. The Record had the minutes from the Sevco fan forum held in June yesterday. Here’s their “transfer guru’s recruitment vision”



    Nils Koppen’s recruitment vision for Rangers



    We prioritise high technical quality and athleticism



    Players need to need robust, reliable and focused



    Determined key markets where we can be successful, more active in untapped markets (still competitive)



    Eye for Scottish market and talents



    Retain our best Academy talents



    Use our “platform” more to give opportunities to young players and develop them.



    Buy at the right price, sell at the right moment



    Recruit players with ability to make a next step to Big five league



    Stronger contract management



    The club demands winners robust players that can cope with high amount of games & intensity Scottish game

  5. vinniethedog on

    The claustrophobic nature of the game here is undoubtedly a hindrance to the development of young players. If we don’t win they do …not good.


    If it were a league where other teams could win rather than just them, I believe young players would flourish.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on




    Fair point about the style of football we were playing.



    Around me, a few individuals were getting it tight during the game, Liam scales in particular after he had just come off the bench.


    It happens quite often if things aren’t going well.



    I agree that the reaction at the end was frustration at the football on display, but the getting at individuals during the game doesn’t help the players.

  7. CELTIC40ME on 10TH JULY 2024 2:47 PM



    Perhaps he should consider an unconventional approach. If he just listens to his agent it’s extremely unlikely he’ll be getting the best advice for his whole career.



    Stay at Celtic, play football and if you’re good enough you’ll get your move and big contract.






    Yep just listening to an agent if they are focusing purely on money and not development is probably not the best advice. But then if he just listens to Celtic fans it’s extremely unlikely he’ll be getting the best advice either as those fans telling him to stay at Celtic no matter what only care about what’s best for Celtic and not the boys’ best interest.



    Staying at Celtic is a pretty conventional approach and a well trodden path aside from a few high profile exceptions. Not many have made it. What if he stays at Celtic, doesn’t play football (116 minutes all last season) isn’t good enough, doesn’t develop and doesn’t get a big contract? You’ll just shrug your shoulders whilst he may have turned down life changing money.



    Whether he’s actually getting proper game time instead of being conned into it to sign a new contract as pointed out by STFB will be a huge factor alongside the finances. I wish him and his family all the best in whatever they choose as it will be a tough decision.

  8. the “best for celtic” is often “the best for the bhoy” , as soon as someone is offered a better contract elsewhere, let them go.



    who came through the youths, broke into another team and went on to be a euro superstar ?



    jack hendry mibbies



    or frimpong, scouted by celtic analyticsa team, given some games, seen to excel, sold on for a reasonable fortune, and about to earn us more.





    now we want


    a taller left back,


    an experienced first chice keeper


    a second expereinced keeper


    an expereinced centre half


    someone to give callum a rest


    two wingers better than yang


    another 2 strikers,


    succesful in europe,


    fortress parkhead


    an indoor pitch


    hot running water


    while playing the youths in a mythical glasgow celtic way.



    until morton puts them out the cup,



    i would day away with the transfer window, most fans cant handle the reality of it,

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Lamb Tavern, City of London. Fine ale and great company.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    !!BADA BING!! on 10TH JULY 2024 2:37 PM






    Totally unfair apples and pairs comparison. Matt O’Riley was promised precisely what we can’t offer Feruz Dembele Morrison Vata or Kelly first team football with a wage to go with it.



    Very few youths whether they go or stay make the first team, we are a buying club, hence the angst every year at this time.

  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    “Robust” is hun speak for cheating bassas who would kick their granny .

  12. Prestonpans bhoys on

    CELTIC40ME @3:16



    Videocelts also commentated on those minutes too. The following was a comment from a member 🤣



    “17th June – “Everything is going according to plan, at the minute”



    News broke of the delays on 20th June



    No point having a fan advisory board if they are just going to be lied to!”

  13. Stronger contract management






    experience of ordering steel from the far eastern market would be advanategous



    and a working knowledge of logisitics shipping lanes and inco terms

  14. Players having agents was the worse thing UEFA Sanctioned, possibly brown envelopes was the reason they allowed these spivs to operate, when I was employed the union you joined were the ones who negotiated wage rises,personally your employer which on here are Celtic Football Club should pay what they see as a player,does that make any sense,

  15. REGGIE on 10TH JULY 2024 3:21 PM



    We’re not him, his family or his agent, we’re Celtic fans so I’d expect any perspective to be biased in favojufvof what’s best for us.



    What would be your approach?

  16. Prestonpansbhoy



    Yup,it was Minty who ended it.sad day.i think it should be reintroduced for gap with league and B leagues as its to big a gap.




    Vinnie the dog


    Defo to claustrophobic,playin teams 4 times a season,minimum,there is no learnin in needs freshened for benefit of fitba instead of a crap sky contract.A 16or18 team league,playin twice.i think that would benefit all,clubs,players and national team.


    Just my view mate




  17. We should buy a club in the lower divisions in the North of England, or at a stretch, Ireland, for the benefit of our up and coming players. Though even that will not stop bigger clubs poaching them away, but it will get them competitive games, which will benefit the “poachers” even more :)) por cierto

  18. TheLurkinTim on

    Por Cierto….are you saying we should adopt a multi-club ownership model….whilst being wary of it 😂




  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Not a lot of changes through the years,the club tried to get Tommy Burns, Roy Aitken on cheap contracts because they were Celtic supporters

  20. Bernabei was on £2k a week. He was a first team pool player. What are our B team and youth team players earning?


    We earned £33m in profits last year. We had £72m in the bank at June 30th and £67m at the end of December.


    Something doesn’t add up.

  21. SS,



    You missed out digital connection fit for purpose.



    “Football fans, rejoice: Stadium internet speeds are set for a significant boost”



    This was a headline on Tech Radar in 2022 as Liverpool announced plans for increased wi fi in conjunction with 5G.


    It is designed to optimise the clubs digital offerings in addition to checking the half time scores.



    Without doubt this will enhance the match day experience.



    What is the purpose of amassing record savings and increased SP if a portion is not used to modernise the stadium experience.? Hopefully the domino effect of internet upgrades in stadia will land at Parkhead.






    PS : Playing football the Glasgow Celtic way is as factual and legendary as the Willie Maley record and is certainly not a myth.

  22. CELTIC40ME on 10TH JULY 2024 4:13 PM


    REGGIE on 10TH JULY 2024 3:21 PM



    We’re not him, his family or his agent, we’re Celtic fans so I’d expect any perspective to be biased in favour of what’s best for us.



    What would be your approach?






    I understand the bias in wanting the best for Celtic and that’s fine but just say that, today’s blog gives the illusion of objectively which it is anything but.



    My approach would be:



    What is his ceiling? Is he going to contribute right away? And I mean ahead of the likes of Iwata and Holm right now.



    If not get him out on loan to a team that’s likely to give him opportunities, a team committed to playing an attacking style of football at the highest level we can find. League One in England is probably ideal, Scottish Premiership or Championship is also a huge improvement on the Lowland League. There are the added benefits of loaning to Premiership sides and if playing well being able to play against der hun and not us. We have woefully underutilised this win-win scenario in recent years. Make it clear where his shortcomings are currently and what he has to do to improve. Bulk up, fitness, tactical awareness, whatever it is get him working on it. Whatever you think of the manager that is something numerous players say he excels at.



    If a contract offer is to be made, then it should be in line with his current status and what we view his potential to be. It shouldn’t affect the strategy as above, because that should be our development strategy across the board. If he signs it fine if not that’s fine too. Perhaps he’s overvalued himself or perhaps we’ve undervalued him, time will tell.



    In general, I would use the League Cup to blood to 2 – 3 of the most promising youngsters every game every year. Show them a pathway and see what they can do starting alongside senior players in pressure situations, as well as keeping some senior players fresh for the League and Europe. But I understand I may be in the minority in that, particularly when every trophy is counted to pile on the banter years. I think our ambitions should be beyond that, but I also find it amusing so not a hill I’m willing to die on right now.

  23. REGGIE on 10TH JULY 2024 6:20 PM



    “I understand the bias in wanting the best for Celtic and that’s fine but just say that, today’s blog gives the illusion of objectively which it is anything but.”



    I would have thought the article appearing below a big CQN banner would give away Paul67’s subjectivity.



    I’d agree with most of what else you’ve written, I don’t see anything materially different to what we do. We always have a lot of our youngsters out on loan in England Scotland and Europe, last season we had 9.



    I also agree that we need to play more youngsters in competitive fixtures and more important games than meaningless end of season games after the league has been won. That’s solely down to the Manager and I think a mix of ego, fan pressure and worry about what losing games would mean to our confidence is going to stop just about so of them from doing it. More bravery from everyone needed, be prepared to sacrifice another league cup and a few points in the league

  24. I’m not sure what the rules are on loaning players out these days. I remember there being talk of reducing it to six by now but I don’t remember the detail

  25. emhamce the wi-fi



    so the weans can get on to their gameswhile meant to be watching the fitba,


    so the teens can update their social media with a look where i am.


    so the celtic da’a can check the half time scores.



    is all that access not available on your mobile network provider ?



    remind me did liverpook get a trophy for that as the fans celbrated,



    the playing football the glasgow celtic way, can i get a manual for it ?


    is it available to download ?



    does it apply if we win , lose or draw , results dont matter as long as the fans were entertained and could post it on their blogs live.



    lot of guff.



    champions league progression will not be acheived with a mythical swashbuckling fast flowing football,



    it is a myth.

  26. AuroraBorealis79 on

    There are big stumbling blocks for celtic developing youngsters, the main being success. To break in to the celtic team you need to hit the ground running in 1 or 2 rare opportunities given. The alternative risking titles enabling the club to develop those players. I don’t think the fans or the club are prepared for that. The structure needs changed to allow reserve teams to compete at professional level. That is a change that will benefit all clubs, including those who feel it will demote them further

  27. fourstonecoppi on

    If the dutch don’t win tonight, i’m banning…ok ok its no their fault. However-:



    edam cheese






    ‘windmill in ol’ amsterdam ‘ max bygraves (song)




    van gogh






    Heineken..shite anyway


    red light district


    pan tiles




    van dyke





    feel free to add

  28. it would be a brave or stupid celtic manager who comes out and says he will only play an under group for cup ties (lets say under 23s).



    if you made it a season objective.policy. development goal, the fans will be revolting.



    only 30,000 turn up for the early rounds as it.



    the moderne day celtic supporter does definately not do getting beat as an outcome to any football match.

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