Be more like Matt and less like Liam.


Last week we discussed the stalled career of Liam Morrison, who left Celtic as a teenager five years ago to go to Bayern Munich but having made no impact there has now grabbed a lifeline at QPR.

This should give Daniel Kelly (18) something to ponder as he stalls on accepting a contract offer from Celtic, with reported interest from Germany.

The Bundesliga churns through more youth players than anywhere outside England. It’s a numbers game where the best majority will make no impact on the first team (unlike Daniel at Celtic) before being released having missed crucial development.

Matt O’Riley is the role model.  Matt left the Fulham youth wilderness to play first team football. Be more like Matt and less like Liam.

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  1. garygillespieshamstring on

    Celtic game was a good watch.



    A cameo appearance from the lesser spotted Seigrist in the second half.

  2. carpe diem 63 on

    How sweet would it be should England lose by a last minute goal on Sunday or even better a penalty ? 🤔

  3. BRRB…How fuc*ing dare you….we sometimes resemble that remark….yourself included 😂




  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Huns going to Hampden, for how much,and what fine will they get?



    Yeah,I think we know…

  5. Bada….if the SFA don’t wring them for all they’re worth….I won’t be surprised




  6. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 10TH JULY 2024 11:04 PM



    If that was a penalty then I’m a Dutchman



    *kane goes down and rolls about in agony holding his foot and then gets up and slots the penalty home, thats when the tele went aff.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Thanks to those who responded to my earlier question re Daniel Kelly.



    Couple of things jumped out for me.



    He still might sign a contract of course but, I’d he doesn’t?



    The thought that a teenager could earn fantastic money while playing for Celtic … and still develop … with the prospect of moving to earn more money in a few years time ….



    …. but instead chooses even more money here and now at such a young age? Sad.



    Flip side of this – if Celtic are struggling to keep young players who are Celtic fans at the club despite offering them good money, is it any surprise it’s a challenge trying to lure players with no emotional connection?

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    B2B- been saying for a while, we need to up the wage structure at CP, or we won’t even stand still, we will go backwards, nobody is saying get a couple of guys in on 50k a week ,or give a promising youngster 10k a week, but it needs change .HH

  9. There are two constants in football…


    Celtic FC do not like paying footballers…


    And Harry Kane….. well is Harry Kane

  10. Good Morning Celts…



    Good game for the neutral last night.



    Of course not being an neutral it was much more interesting.



    6-4 To the good ghuys tells one aspect of the story but when looked at in the light that we played Browny’s Ayr Utd on Friday and offski to the USofA at the end of the week then we need to look how the preseason preparations are going?



    One could describe some of our play as turgid as one could expect pre-season, the fact remains Kyogo got a hat-trick, Capitaino O’Riley got on the scoresheet, the substitute Oh got a goal and an assist.



    Now for me seeing the youngsters feature and seeing little cameos like young Turley and his goal is what these games are all about.



    Yet the fact remains quality, like our goal scorers, looked head and shoulders and chest and waist above the majority of players on the pitch and with the exception of Lawal who looked the part in both games, there was no one knocking on the first team door.



    So really enjoyed the games, it is hugely important to give the lhads opportunities yet the gap between our UCL players are other’s was a chasm.



    A Huge Amount Of Work To Do To Get A First Team Ready



    Which brings me to a point I made on Monday Morning…



    Apologies for those who responded, of course I expected to have some time to reply before now.



    Moisey, BSR, SFtBs etc did some very good comments – thanks.



    Yet to the heart of the matter…



    AN TEARMANN on 8TH JULY 2024 11:18 AM,



    What is sunk cost fallacy paralysis?



    If there is denial about failed recruitment strategy,are you not showing your own bias and maybe confirming it by implying its implemented as a policy?



    Chairbhoy, can you expand on the above please,in laymans terms as i have come across 1or2 fiscal terms in my time but yours are new.






    Sunk Cost is money/resources etc that’s already spent.



    The fallacy is looking at these outlays when making current, future decisions.



    “The sunk cost fallacy is the improper mindset a company or individual may have when working through a decision. This fallacy is based on the premise that committing to the current plan is justified because resources have already been committed. This mistake may result in improper long-term strategic planning decisions based on short-term committed costs.



    My point is that failed recruitment strategy over the last four transfer windows and the time, effort, resources and money associated with that is being “managed” by Celtic as we sift through the bones.



    In actual fact, Celtic’s current priority is to get a squad together to embark on the US tour then carry on preparations to ensure we are ready for the season when it starts and peaking in time for our first UCL group stage match.



    Our failure to get Idah on a loan to buy, to get Bernardo’s situation “principally agreed” before he went and have 2023’s intake first team ready means we are flaffing about on yesterday’s issues.



    It effects everything and is equivalent to a recruitment paralysis.



    Example, our poor recruitment has little to do with the fact that Joe Hart retired.



    We knew that six months ago, yet here we are without a Celtic No1!?



    The same Monday morning comment was posted on SC – INIQUITOUS IV, sometimes of this parish is in DC and as per… had some clear insights into the situation, worth a perusal…





    Have A Grand Day Fholks



    Hail Hail

  11. Kane is a diving cheat always has been always will be , he said his foot is hanging off well his pain threshold must be extremely low, they will now play the masters of fake who I hope do them. I thought the referee was very poor who stood so far away from incidents hell knows how he could view things clearly.

  12. Dessybhoy,



    I dont recall Kane or any of the England team claiming for a penalty. Why would they, there was nothing to claim for.



    To be awarded a penalty was incredible and raises more questions about VAR killing the game.




  13. SAINT STIVS on 10TH JULY 2024 8:55 PM


    big jimmy you about




    NO I wasnt about last night mate, but Ive just logged on for a wee while this Thursday morning.



    What can I do for you …how can I help ?



    HH Mate.

  14. England Penalty ?



    That CHUMP IAN WRIGHT last night on TV claimed that the challenge by the Dutch player “DUMFRIES” on KANE was….” RECKLESS” ?


    He also immediately claimed that the Ref gave the Penalty because he ( The REF) believed it was ” RECKLESS” ?



    During the debate with GARY NEVILLE ( Who thought the England Penalty award was DISGRACEFUL), Neville was stunned to hear Ian Wright describe it as ” RECKLESS”….However….I was waiting on Gary Neville asking the Chump Ian Wright….” IF the Ref believed it was a ” RECKLESS” challenge by Dumfries, then WHY did the Ref only give a Yellow Card to the Dutch Player….WHY wasnt he RED CARDED for a so called ” RECKLESS CHALLENGE” in the Penalty area ” ?



    Sadly neither Gary Neville nor Roy Keane ASKED THAT Question ?



    It was CLEAR to everyone and their Dug…that KANE KICKED the Boot of Dumfries….and that once again Harry Kane rolled about FAKING INJURY to get the Penalty and to get Dumfries Carded.


    KANE has always been a CHEATIN HUN BASSA…For as long as I can remember.




  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    I saw only the last 20 minutes of England v Netherlands as I was watching Queen’s Park v Celtic.



    I thought Bosun Lawal looked good. I like how he is not afraid to run forward in midfield with the ball and he can make a pass. A fine prospect who looks ready for a regular run in the top squad.



    Kyogo looking fit and sharp. Surprised to see Siegrist on the park. Maybe Brendan read SFTB’s comment on CQN yesterday.



    On a negative note, Welsh was dreadful. His attempted headed clearance for QP’s first goal was embarrassing.



    Saw the England penalty. Another VAR disgrace. What were they thinking?



    Great striker’s goal to win the game.



    The winner came in the 91st minute, followed by a 2 minute delay due to goal celebratiins and a plethora of substitutions for both sides. The referee had indicated 3 minutes stoppage time.



    Commentator — The referee said 3 minutes added and we’re into 4 minutes now. What’s going on?




  16. Wee Sally shurely deserving a knighthood for service to the nation, last night😁

  17. Tom McLaughlin on




    England’s penalty incident reminded me of the Hearts award v Celtic at Tynecastle when Devlin kicked Cameron’s studs and went down like he had been shot.

  18. McPhail Bhoy on

    Didn’t see much of the England v Netherlands game apart from the last 10 minutes. When England went 2-1 up Netherlands plan was obviously to hoof the ball high into the England penalty area, they couldn’t even do that, were they that bad during the previous 80 minutes?

  19. MCPHAIL BHOY on 11TH JULY 2024 8:35 AM


    Didn’t see much of the England v Netherlands game apart from the last 10 minutes. When England went 2-1 up Netherlands plan was obviously to hoof the ball high into the England penalty area, they couldn’t even do that, were they that bad during the previous 80 minutes?




    The Netherlands were ok up till they scored. Engerland by far the better team in the first half. Netherlands were a bit better in second half but Sally’s boys deserved the win. Incredible that they’ve hafd one decent game and are in a final. Of course, their half of the draw was really poor. Here’s hoping the best football team in the tournament, by a distance, Spain, win it. Not beyond England to win it though 😨

  20. bournesouprecipe on

    Chairbhoy @ 5.12



    The one and only time that Celtic side will ever line up together was last night.



    If we don’t sign before the USA tour we’ll be deep in transfer wall punchers territory. Targets in any field should be hittable when they are set, the re selection of Ben Siegrist from nowhere last night, might suggest we won’t even have Joe Hart’s replacement on view any time soon? BR can poo poo recruitment and laugh it off saying ‘patience’ because he’s got his contract and is happy to work in the ‘failed transfer strategy’ and all its budget brings, or doesn’t. Was it irony when he said we could have signed ‘nine’ by now.?



    He did the same last year when he said Mark’s (Lawwell) and his team had done a great job gathering talent for Parkhead. He then sifted backwards shuffled the pack and discarded two relatively expensive CB’s, and even found the best winger at the club in James Forrest. You can’t describe the transfer system as failed when you’ve unprecedented wealth in a bank account, and in the last four years penned contracts for CCV Johnston Jota Hatate Kyogo or O’Riley. We might even sell ‘a Celtic dud’ or a massive profit, who knows.



    A sunk cost fallacy can’t be declared yet, it’s what happens next in the remarkable Celtic story.



    As ever




  21. I fully expect Southgate to be given a Knighthood after Sundays Final, irrespective of the result.


    Its also possible that Harry Kane will be given some sort of ” Honour”…..DESPITE being a Blatant Fitba CHEAT ?




  22. Harry Kane states that ” His Foot was HANGING OFF” after the challenge by Dutch player Denzil Dumfries” !



    I DON’T think so Harry…….NOT only are you a CHEAT, but you are also a LIAR !



    This KANE CHUMP didnt even need ANY Medical attention on the Pitch.


    I hope and pray that KANE and his team mates get GUBBED by Spain in the Final and that KANE is also SENT AFF for FAKING Injury.



    He is a DISGRACE !




  23. nig jimmy



    a tv recommendation , you might already be watching it,









    i know very little about the sport or indeed the gambling, but i thought the auction was just like our transfer window, andrew baalding sticking to a budget no matter how much he wants the horse, and the brilliant horse retiring at 4 because ultimately the owner decides



    great insightfull tv. imho

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