Be straight with the people of Leicester, Brendan


None of us are particularly focussed on Tynecastle tonight, so you can imagine how players who have worked for and with Brendan Rodgers for over two years are feeling right now.  They have all the excuses in the world for a reversal, but they have to find it in themselves to put all off-field distractions aside and beat Hearts.

Brendan, Chris Davies and Kolo Toure have left the building.  Neil Lennon has been away less than five years but he worked with few who are likely to feature tonight.  The most important element of consistency we have is Scott Brown.  He has seen it all in his 12 years at Celtic and worked hand in glove with Neil during the latter’s four years as manager.

Yesterday I gave Brendan credit for his honesty, but something rankled in his later comments at Leicester, “I’ll give my life to make the supporters proud of their club.”  No, you won’t, Brendan.  It’s just a gig.  If Tottenham come calling you’ll be off.  We all know this, so be straight with the people of Leicester.

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  1. An interesting little snippet from the end of Stephen McGowan’s article this morning



    ‘Until recently, coach John Kennedy was in talks over a sporting director role with the blessing of Rodgers. The former defender will now become assistant manager, with reserve coach Damien Duff assuming first-team duties.’



    If role was at Celtic then maybe there’s moves afoot to change the structure of the ‘football department’ at the club come the end of the season

  2. traditionalist88 on

    Moyes is another phoney.



    The more you think about it, its hard to envisage anything but Lenny getting the job.



    Clearly if we lose the league with an 8pt cushion the job will not be his. But under what other circumstances would he not get the job? One is if we can afford and secure another high profile, experienced manager. Unlikely?



    Another scenario is if he doesn;t want it full time. Even more unlikely.



    I’d say its Lenny going forward long term. I’d be fairly pleased with that all going well over the next 3 months. There is no pretension from him and it was under him we last punched above our weight in Europe.



    Interesting times(when is it not!)




  3. Frankly I am totally focussed on tynecastle. I would hope the professional sports staff at the club are too. BR is gone. Celtic continue their unbroken history. For once the plc managed a terrible situation reasonably well in getting Lennie in immediately. I’d have been more worried if John Kennedy and Damien Duff were on their Jack Jones tonight.



    Pretty sure NFL will bring some focus. We owe tynecastle (players and fans) a doing on the field. If that isn’t the only focus of the team then I’ll be very disappointed indeed.



    There’s a league and a cup to win. No time for anything other than total focus. We need to be prepared for blood and snotters again tonight. And of course bent officials and violently sectarian supporters.



    Positive vibes needed.

  4. Melbourne Mick on 27th February 2019 10:16 am



    No to Moyes, o.k OGLACH.


    H.H Mick




    Well there is the start ;-)



  5. glendalystonsils on

    BR could not be straight ,even by accident. It’s not in his DNA . He is possibly the most disingenuous , patronising , selfish and egotistic man ever to sully Celtic Park.



    Leicester fans will find this out the hard way.



    Anyway….he’s history . Celtic’s future starts tonight with Lenny , an honest , committed ,brave manager. What a refreshing change.

  6. Pros of long term Lennon:



    He is more experienced now



    He is already a good manager



    He knows how to organise a team against superior opposition in Europe.



    He genuinely loves Celtic and understands Scotland



    He knows the Scottish league







    Potential pantomimes around the club as the media invent faux outrage about him



    His temperament could be tempered somewhat



    Is he good at bringing on youth ? (That is a question – I genuinely don’t know)



    There are many worse options out there. I’m sure there are better. But my limited knowledge of football outside of Celtic and our opponents home and abroad means I couldn’t start to guess at who……



    In the short term he will unite the club and support. He’s with us until May. No better man for this moment.

  7. From the Herald “Celtic duo Callum McGregor and James Forrest are high on Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester City wish list”



    And so it starts. No doubt we will be inundated by SMSM articles with players being linked with a move to various teams in the wake of Rodgers leaving. However If true we are in a good position. Both players having signed new contracts recently.

  8. A Liverpool fan I worked with (and for the record had a dislike for) did say to me when we employed BR that he’d blaze through season one. He’d start experimenting a bit season two. We would have to put up with some heavy defeats and dodgy defending at times. And then he’d leave.



    I argued at the time – said he must have learned from his mistakes and that Celtic was different to Liverpool.



    I don’t generally criticise managers while they are with us but those who know me will confirm that I had opined after a reasonably good first CL (2 draws with city remember!) that his tactics in Europe were wanting for a club with our personnel.



    Just some observations.

  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    The Sun, i know i know, already had KT linked this morning.



    Id like to think we’d rebuff any offers from Leicester on a point of principal, but we hoard cash so probably not

  10. traditionalist88 on



    Still we wait



    Kheredine Idessane



    BBC Sport Scotland at Celtic Park



    Loads of interest from the various media outlets but still no sign of Neil Lennon at 10:20…for a 10am media call.





    Hopefully nothing to be concerned about.




  11. I don’t often disagree with your posts Paul, but the opening sentence today could not be further from the truth regarding how focused I am. I’m well up for this tonight. Even more than I would have been… This is a massive, massive 3 points.



    Lenny and Broony won’t allow anything else from the players either.



    I’d much rather have a fully committed Lenny in charge than a half hearted want away Rodgers.



    The travelling support will be well up for it too.



    Bag the 3 points and move onto Saturday and a cup win over the hibees.



    Mon the Hoops ??☘️??



    Totally agree re Moyes too. Complete NO NO from me… In fact, I don’t k ow a single fan, either in person or online that does want him.



    Lenny to guide us to the rebel treble and onto 9 then 10 in a row… That will be the icing on the cake for this Tim.



    Hail Hail

  12. Meanwhile over at SFA offices at hampdump.




    ” what do you mean you cant find any out standing fines or bans for LENNON



    just make some up like when we banned him(only manager ever) for swearing at



    that f@nny for St Midden”

  13. Grrr…talking to masell on the last thread



    So, it’s the day after the day before and the The Clash of the Ego’s has Landed…neither the PLC or BR come out of this with their intergrity intact…and the losers as per usual are the lifeblood of the Club.



    Thanks for the memories BR…that’s all you’re getting from me.



    Welcome home NFL..let’s finish this season on a high…starting with smashing the minis tonight ;-))






    Ps. Please God not Moyes…ever…

  14. If Lenny is late for the press conference he’s probably just struggling to get one of his new suits on, tie straight etc.

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    BR has gone – WHY:



    May 2018 BR has been at Celtic 2 years and has won double treble and qualified for CL group stages twice


    He is feeling pretty good about how things are going and correctly – imho – feels he should get supported by PL


    But BR forgets there is only one boss and PL has doubts about him


    The China rumour did not help, Compper didn’t help, so PL sat on his hands during the summer transfer window



    I posted during that period that PL had denied BR McGinn for the sake of £0.5m


    Peanuts compared to the £60m BR had brought in for 2 CL qualifications not to mention filling seats


    The bottom line PL would not support a double treble winning manager for half a mil. – WHY ???



    BTW please do not look for answer here – as I have no idea



    But what does PL know that made him deny BR what made PL not back him in that summer transfer window


    Has PL become immune to who is a good manager and who is only good because they are managing Celtic


    Ronny as an example good record at Celtic but average anywhere else


    Even NFL good at Celtic average elsewherE


    But BR is in the MON category a proper manager


    Since PL has been CEO we have had a ew mistakes but also a few genuine top managers


    Im not sure PL knows the difference


    BR is not our manager today because of a break down in the relationship with PL – WHY??


    I have no idea but I get confused trying to understand our club



    But we will carry on supporting celtic even if we don’t understand her



    Hail hail




  16. Hail Glorious St. Brendan would have been the mantra of the unprecedented multitude of celtic fans that welcomed the new messiah to Celtic Park a short two and a half years ago. he may have arrived as a saint but he certaintly left as a sinner when he and his sidekicks stole away like thieves in the night leaving the team and us all in the lurch at this stage of the season.



    i was too busy yesterday with carpet fitting to pay too much attention to the story as I assumed it was the usual paper talk, anything to arouse controversy. Eventually the truth was revealled and i’m still kinda in shock. But then you think that’s professional sport. Did Leicester not sack a manager who won them the EPL Championship and progressed to the quarter finals of the Champions league against all the odds – an unfashionable club you could say – poor old Ranieri.



    Brendan did a lot of good things here but recently his halo was starting to slip and came in for some flaq over tactics and signings from some of the support. His English sidekicks are probably all glad to return to the home;land when the the take-it-or-leave-it chance to return to the EPl arose.



    Glad to see Lenny return and the club after this Rodgers shock is in a safe pair of hands and and will be no less a formidable foe to all opposition in the SPFL. Hope Bronny and the lads do the business to-night.

  17. traditionalist88 on

    Posted at 10:41



    Celtic manager Neil Lennon and assistant John Kennedy have now taken their seats for the news conference.

  18. None of us are particularly focussed on Tynecastle tonight, so you can imagine how players who have worked for and with Brendan Rodgers for over two years are feeling right now. ….



    I rarely if ever comment on a leading article or opinion in general. But that is utter Shaun Maloney! Everyone I know is right up for tonight’s square-go and I have absolutely no doubt that the players will on a personal level be motivated to show their class, secure a team place, earn their win bonus and even attract suitors.



    That’s the way……as for the supporters, fans and hangers on. Yes there is disgust, but its mainly directed at the Eurovision Song Contest voters for only giving Rodgers 4th place. I will never stop loving Clodagh and would love to be the Jack in her box!



    Hail Hail




  19. traditionalist88 on

    Neil Lennon apologised for his late arrival then said of his return to Celtic it was a “no brainer”.



    “very very grateful to be here,” he said. “The board, Peter and Dermot have put the faith in me to see out the season.



    “The most important thing is the club. We’ve lost a manager who will go down as one of the greats.



    “I’ve got big shoes to fill. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Neil Lennon is unsure whether he will be in the dugout for tonight’s match against Hearts at Tynecastle and thanked assistant John Kennedy for preparing the team.

  21. traditionalist88 on

    “I’m not even thinking about that,” said Neil Lennon after being asked if he wanted to keep the Celtic job beyond the end of the season, insisting that it was up to the club.

  22. traditionalist88 on

    Kennedy imperative to me – Lennon



    Neil Lennon says there will not be much difference in style from Brendan Rodgers’ time in charge, commenting: “It’ll be expansive and easy on the eye and hopefully some winning football.”



    And he said of assistant John Kennedy: John is imperative to me. I’m delighted he’s joining me in this.”

  23. I actually feel more confident about going to Tynecastle and Easter road with Lenny rather than Brendan. Going forward I’m worried we will lose the uber professionalism Brendan brought to the Club.

  24. traditionalist88 on

    Celtic manager Neil Lennon: “I’m looking forward to meeting the players and seeing them play.



    “Brendan Rodgers raised the bar, certainly in terms of trophies. Everybody’s talking about 10 [titles in a row], I just want to get to eight.



    “Tonight we’ve got a really tough game against Hearts. I know it’s an old cliche but we’ll just take it game by game.



    “I just want to adjust quickly.”

  25. traditionalist88 on

    Neil Lennon on Saturday’s Scottish Cup quarter-final against Hibernian: “I didn’t expect to be going back to Easter Road so early.



    “My only focus is on tonight.”

  26. traditionalist88 on

    DAVID17 on 27TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:54 AM



    One for you…



    ‘I’m not as volatile – I wanted to take on the world last time I was Celtic manager’

  27. traditionalist88 on

    Celtic assistant manager John Kennedy was asked about whether he had the chance to go with Brendan Rodgers to Leicester City but played down such a suggestion.



    “I’ve had a very good time here at Celtic,” said Kennedy. “Since I finished playing I’ve been given different opportunities. I’ve been here my whole career. This club does mean a lot to me.”

  28. Hi Paul67,



    For me Brendan does give his life for the Club. Whatever club that happens to be.



    For some a career is a wage, an inconvenience, a chore…



    For others their career us their life. I’ve met many a person for whom this is true.



    One may say that’s a sad state of affairs. Some think it’s a life fulfilled.



    Of course sometimes “life” forces us to make different choices… that’s life…



    What struck me most about Brendan Rodgers when he came to Celtic was this…



    He brought Scott Brown to his home for dinner to have a chat and get first hand input.



    He carefully watched every player, throughout the first team, development squad and academy first hand.



    Even taking in an away youth game (first half) the evening before a crucial UCL qualifier…



    He has a file and a development plan for every player.



    I remember thinking… here’s a guy that gives his life to his career.



    I don’t suppose his attitude will have changed at LCFC.



    We have enough “gig guys” round Celtic Park to know the difference.



    SFtBs @ 9:27 AM,




    Great post, which I agree with.



    I’m trying not to make assumptions over Neil Lennon. It’s just interesting looking at that interview yesterday and comparing it to the Lenny who was going to (and indeed did) bring the thunder back to Celtic Park.




    On the fiscal side of things it’s interesting, is BR the type of vainglorious person who would risk Celtic FC to achieve his aims?



    Yet that was never going to happen. Still we don’t know where the boundaries lie.



    We can say of course that Celtic Board failed to get players for the positions that BR identified as needing “quality”. We do know he left the Club with 30m in the Bank, a 17?m profit and that is owed tens of millions of pounds in outstanding transfer fees.



    We do know that the Club took in more on transfer fees than they spent during BR tenure. The same of course is true with Ronny and Lenny…



    …none were backed.



    For me we don’t have to wait until Peter Lawwel leaves in order to make a judgement call.



    We can compare and contrast…



    We are told that our unprecedented recent success is due to the way the Board operates the Club. If that’s the case we will sail on to ten in a row collecting trebles on the way.



    We are told that the recruitment debacle is down to BR. If that’s the case our squad management will improve hugely.



    “P.S. Would you change your views on the PL/BR blance of power if it emerged that, say, BR wanted to leave last summer for a job far less prestigious than the Leicester one, but was cajoled and offered additional rewards (a la Boyata) to stay on for a year by the PL/DD axis?



    No, not really.



    Brendan Rodgers had the ideal CV for Celtic. He had run a top academy, he had managed a Club important to the region with a huge rival and managed one of Britain’s great historic Clubs.



    He was from Ulster… So, got it!!



    Moneyball wise… is there a better developer of top football talent in Europe? Kerrrching!!!



    For the current Celtic FC and BR Europe was a learning curve… a challenge… but a lot of important boxes were ticked.



    How dud the DD/PL axis manage to screw that up, who knows!?



    My point, that I oft make is Celtic should be run as a football Club and not a PLC.



    The P/L Moonies on CQN have failed to change my views on that account;)



    Hail Hail

  29. traditionalist88 on

    Lennon ‘surprised’ by Rodgers exit


    Neil Lennon admitted he was “surprised” by Brendan Rodgers’ departure from Celtic to join Leicester City because of “the timing” but can understand it from a professional point of view.



    “He’s going to a very good club,” said Lennon.

  30. Brendan.



    At least 15,000 hailed your arrival in Paradise on 23rd May 2016. You didn’t have the courtesy to say goodbye to one. Its tragic that your legacy has been so tarnished by your sudden departure at such a critical stage in the season.



    I doubt very much you were a real Celtic man.



    For me, your post-match silence following so many on-field injustices spoke volumes.


    I doubt Messrs Stein, McNeill, Hay & Lennon would have been so silent.



    I gave your book to a friend to read a few months ago – I don’t want it back.



    We move onwards to Tynecastle tonight under the tenure of a genuine Celtic supporter.


    We’re up against the ropes but there’s no better MHAN to have in our corner.



    He will never throw in the towel.




  31. I’m focussed on CELTIC, which means I’m focussed on the game tonight. I couldn’t care less whether the snake is straight with the people of Leicester, that’s their problem now, but I’m willing to bet he’ll be looking after no.1 and selling them oil.

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