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Jock and BillyAt the front of Celtic Park on Saturday a statue will be unveiled to our greatest ever captain, Billy McNeill. Billy joins our founder, Bro. Walfrid, our greatest ever manager, Jock Stein, and our greatest player, Jimmy Johnstone, in being honoured in this way.

Achievers of this calibre are so rare I cannot imagine the circumstances under which another candidate for a statue will emerge. Even if we go on at some point in the future to win the Champions League, it will be nothing like what Billy and his team did. Modern European champions are the distillation of global scouting, money and big business. They don’t take the bus from the town they were born into training for years at the club they will collectively bring to the summit.

Without being distracted by contemporary issues, I have hope for the future, and for Celtic, but on Saturday we will peer through a telescope that looks back 128 years. Billy McNeill encapsulates the values and traditions which founded and nurtured Celtic throughout this period. Not only that, he is the man who led the team (in every sense of the word) to one of the most incredible sporting achievements in football history.

Get to the game early and be there for Billy. Be there for yourself. Our memories of Saturday will last. We’ll recall the first time we saw his statue, and that we were there to share his smile on the day.

Get your friends along.  Bring the kids. Tell them who he is and what he did. You or they will never again get a chance to honour Willie Maley, Jimmy McGrory, Jock Stein or Jimmy Johnstone, but you can be there to share an important occasion with Billy McNeill. That, my friends, will be a precious moment.


On Thursday morning, near Shawfield, Glasgow the Caring City are loading their latest batch of aid bound for migrants camped in Serbia. Much needed winter clothes are being shipped. They are looking for four volunteers to help load the container. Starting at 9:00 they should finish by 11:00.

It will be physical work but they are offering tea and rolls in compensation. If you can make it along to help these great people with such a worthy cause, email Ross Galbriath, and let him know. I bet you also get something out of the experience you’re not expecting.


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  1. Was thinking of a cruise for next Summer Europe med or Baltic



    After reading the man with eyes in back of his head will officiate at EUROS


    thinking of going further a field



    Say 3 games upset both teams being a Scotsman I might be unwelcome in


    a large percentage of it.




    : > (





    I see Gollum has been selected as one of only eighteen referees for the Euros next summer. Disnae say much for the refs ranked 19-100 does it?



    – See more at:

  2. Gary67



    Eusabio didn’t play in 61 final, that was the all Portuguese team




    Forgot they won it in 61 as well. I could wikipedia it, but this is more fun…

  3. In 66 Real had Aguero who was Paraguyan



    Eusabio is a classic trivia – played for Portugal but not born there

  4. Real 66 team ( according to Wiki)…



    GK 1 Spain José Araquistáin


    RB 2 Spain Pachín


    CB 5 Spain Pedro de Felipe


    CB 6 Spain Ignacio Zoco


    LB 3 Spain Manuel Sanchís Martínez


    RM 4 Spain Pirri


    LM 10 Spain Manuel Velázquez


    RF 7 Spain Fernando Serena


    CF 8 Spain Amancio Amaro


    CF 9 Spain Ramón Grosso


    LF 11 Spain Francisco Gento (c)

  5. jinkyredstar on 15th December 2015 12:55 pm



    The Lions – born within 30 miles of Paradise – nobody will get near that again





    Yeah I don’t suppose “how many Real Madrid players were born within 30 miles of Celtic Park” will return many Google results




  6. Philbhoy



    my mam came to mass on Saturday to see me and the boss retake our wedding vows,the 1st time she has been out this year (she dislikes coming out in her wheelchair) but said im a wee bit special :)))))))) talk about emotional,


    till later all this is CQN as i love it.


    i’m away to see the weemhan in his p1 nativity play:))))))))))))))))))))

  7. BMCUW,



    We dodged a bullet big style, but as the tax letters fall through the doors in Scotland hard reality will set in. Uncomfortable decisions still await. . Certain individuals were either economical with the truth or just plain incompetent.



    auldheid; :-)




  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Which three Celtic players were joint 5th goal scorers for the 1973 European Cup ?



    All three names and number of goals scored.




  9. celtic40me on 15th December 2015 12:59



    Bayern used to have a few Scandanavians in their teams. Hansen the Danish right back is the one I remember but I’m sure there were others

  10. not in ’76



    GK 1 West Germany Sepp Maier


    DF 2 Denmark Johnny Hansen


    DF 3 West Germany Udo Horsmann


    DF 4 West Germany Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck


    DF 5 West Germany Franz Beckenbauer (c)


    MF 6 West Germany Franz Roth


    FW 7 West Germany Karl-Heinz Rummenigge


    MF 8 West Germany Bernd Dürnberger


    FW 9 West Germany Gerd Müller


    FW 10 West Germany Uli Hoeneß


    MF 11 West Germany Jupp Kapellmann




    GK 22 West Germany Hugo Robl




    Germany Dettmar Cramer

  11. Once a year I drive my kids past the John Greig statue outside Mordor.



    My kids hate halloween.

  12. the european cup was brilliant in the 70s and 80s, loads of great players with great names that you’d never heard of. and bayern munich won the cup in 1974 in a replay two days after the first final

  13. Leftclicktic



    Congratulations to you and your good lady!



    Glad your Mum was there too.



    All sounds good!

  14. celtic40me on 15th December 2015 1:24 pm



    We were ranked 2nd in uefa club co-efficients in 73 & 74 behind Ajax. From 67 to 74 we were never lower than 6th.

  15. Roy C from last blog………quality as ever………even better for me as I know the characters that you mention.



    Hail Hail Big Bro

  16. BMCUWP ignores the bores,scrolls the trolls on










    my mam came to mass on Saturday to see me and the boss retake our wedding vows,the 1st time she has been out this year (she dislikes coming out in her wheelchair) but said im a wee bit special :)))))))) talk about emotional,





    till later all this is CQN as i love it.





    i’m away to see the weemhan in his p1 nativity play:))))))))))))))))))))








    You and your family deserve every pleasure,mate.



    I’m delighted yer Ma got out-give her a hug,tell her it’s from yon strange fella in Swindon-and enjoy watching your next generation just being a happy wee Bhoy.




  17. BMCUWP



    I agree. Oil production is only going to go one way with Shale gas and fracking



    Getting oil out of increasingly difficult and more costly areas is also the problem

  18. To have a sculpture that will do justice to the iconic figures in Celtics history the clubs needs to dig a bit deeper into their pockets or biscuit tin than has been done with the present collection. Havnt seen Big Ceasars one but the other sculptures are mediocre as work of art. Many clubs do have great statues that have vitality and capture the essence of the player.There are good and out-standing statues of quality such as Billy Bremner at Elland Road ,Berkamp at Arsenal and others at different clubs around Europe. Sadly our lot have been done on the cheap and it shows. Sorry to be negative but we deserve better.

  19. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Anyone know if Foundation collection is on this week?


    Are they still on look out for collectors?

  20. bamboo



    Manchester United’s one of SAF is a bit rubbish. Though the one they have of Best, Law and Charlton is a belter

  21. mike in toronto on




    Hey pal. Just saw your note from last night. Looking forward to catching up on Thursday.






    PS …. other CQN’ers welcome to join us for a pre-christmas dinner/swally … althought I realize it may be a bit of drive for most of you. But if you dont mind the drive, you’d be most welcome.

  22. did/do Fulham have a statue of Michael Jackson out side the ground? (or have i had too many Nurofen?)



    the pub question as far as I always told it was Celtic, Real, Steau all had local national players in footie terms but only Celtic had 11 born there. i think Argentinian and Russian born players were the issue on the other 2.



    I never heard Benfica named as another. Maybe Eusebio wasn’t the only naturalised citizen on the team in 61?

  23. DAVIDOPOULOS on 15TH DECEMBER 2015 12:40 PM


    Paul’s article got me thinking about how many other teams have won the European Cup with only players from the club’s native country. I think that Steaue, Real Madrid and Benfica have done it. Can anyone confirm those 3? Any others?




    Did anyone apart from Celtic win it with two players who went to the same school?



    – See more at:

  24. mike in toronto on

    coneybhoy …. they did (because of some connection between Al-Fayed and MJ, I believe), but it was removed a few years ago, I think.

  25. Commenting on the recent Alistair Carmichael affair, a letter writer in today’s Herald asks. Who would want to hire a proven liar.



    Any suggestions?

  26. Paul,



    Billy was both our greatest captain and player. On song, Jinky was a wonder to behold, but Billy turned it in week in week out for eighteen years.