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Jock and BillyAt the front of Celtic Park on Saturday a statue will be unveiled to our greatest ever captain, Billy McNeill. Billy joins our founder, Bro. Walfrid, our greatest ever manager, Jock Stein, and our greatest player, Jimmy Johnstone, in being honoured in this way.

Achievers of this calibre are so rare I cannot imagine the circumstances under which another candidate for a statue will emerge. Even if we go on at some point in the future to win the Champions League, it will be nothing like what Billy and his team did. Modern European champions are the distillation of global scouting, money and big business. They don’t take the bus from the town they were born into training for years at the club they will collectively bring to the summit.

Without being distracted by contemporary issues, I have hope for the future, and for Celtic, but on Saturday we will peer through a telescope that looks back 128 years. Billy McNeill encapsulates the values and traditions which founded and nurtured Celtic throughout this period. Not only that, he is the man who led the team (in every sense of the word) to one of the most incredible sporting achievements in football history.

Get to the game early and be there for Billy. Be there for yourself. Our memories of Saturday will last. We’ll recall the first time we saw his statue, and that we were there to share his smile on the day.

Get your friends along.  Bring the kids. Tell them who he is and what he did. You or they will never again get a chance to honour Willie Maley, Jimmy McGrory, Jock Stein or Jimmy Johnstone, but you can be there to share an important occasion with Billy McNeill. That, my friends, will be a precious moment.


On Thursday morning, near Shawfield, Glasgow the Caring City are loading their latest batch of aid bound for migrants camped in Serbia. Much needed winter clothes are being shipped. They are looking for four volunteers to help load the container. Starting at 9:00 they should finish by 11:00.

It will be physical work but they are offering tea and rolls in compensation. If you can make it along to help these great people with such a worthy cause, email Ross Galbriath, and let him know. I bet you also get something out of the experience you’re not expecting.


Stocking fillers, books, DVDs and all sorts of wonders (actually, just books and DVDs, but they are great) are available at the CQN Bookstore.


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  1. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    techie help please


    cant login with ipad,wont except username or password


    everything else working fine



  2. Ok. So Speirs has an interview with Bill McMurdo that appears to have some negatives aimed at SDM. That’s something new, a sign of things to come?



    ““Put it this way, if I was ever asked to do a deal with either Fergus McCann or David Murray, and I had the choice, I would choose Fergus 10 times out of 10. I found him totally honest and up front.”



    Well, this is intriguing. On numerous occasions – and one infamously – McMurdo had dealings with Rangers and the club’s former chairman. However, McMurdo took a dim view of Sir David Murray, and it isn’t a view dressed up today with easy hindsight.



    “I never really took to David,” he says. “I felt he liked to score points over people. He would sometimes mock or ridicule other chairmen – I mean in conversation – and I didn’t like it one bit. I also had this feeling that I could never trust David 100%.



    “But there was another factor between us. Hugh Adam, the former Rangers director, was a friend of mine. Hugh was as honest and straight a guy as you could meet. He was also a thorn in the side of David as a Rangers director. He disapproved of the way David did things at Ibrox – and David knew it.



    “Hugh ran the Rangers Pools, and David hated the fact that it was a separate entity within the club. It was a successful operation, but Hugh took charge of the monies raised, not David. David didn’t like that. On top of that, as Hugh became more disillusioned with the way David was running Rangers, David knew he needed rid of him. So he finally got him off the board.



    “Hugh was a very decent guy who believed in doing things properly. I’ll maintain this to my dying day – if Hugh Adam, and not David Murray, had been running Rangers, the club would never have ended up in the grubber.””

  3. mike in toronto on

    burgas hoops …. looking at the face, I was going to say Tom Baker-era Doctor Who …. although the missing overcoat and scarf was confusing me. but now that you say DM, I think you might be right.



    have to admit … that is one of my pet peeves …. we can build a space station, and have people living in space ….. why, then, can we not build statues that look like the people they are supposed to represent?

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




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    And dont forget it this time




  5. mike in toronto on

    Burgas …. that is even worse! the home of michaelangelo and that is the best they can do!



    the sculptor must have been a juve fan!

  6. mike in toronto on

    all this talk about formations of late ….. I didn’t see it, but some commentators are saying that Chelsea played 3-6-1 ….. I cant say more, as I didn’t see the game ….



    but, what I have seen about Leicester is how much work and running they do during a game…. their work rate and fitness is something to aspire to.

  7. Loved Roy Croppies piece on Love Street, (Love a lot of things that Roy brings to the blog).



    I think every now & then we should have a nostalgia night, when ghuys who were there could regale us with on the spot memoirs of famous Celtic nights. Love Street, Stopping the ten in a row, Ten men won the League etc.

  8. Bamboo 2.02pm.


    Whilst I am with you on the Jinky statue I have to disagree with you on the Jock Stein one which I personally think is a great image. The untypical pose makes the statue in this case.



    The Brother Walfrid one is what it is.

  9. The funny thing about Leicester is that they have one of the poorest pass completion rates and one of the lowest possession percentages in the league.



    Gives you an idea of how direct they are when they counter

  10. CORKCELT on 15TH DECEMBER 2015 3:23 PM




    I think every now & then we should have a nostalgia night, when ghuys who were there could regale us with on the spot memoirs of famous Celtic nights.



    Thats me oot then i cant remember where i was last week. Athough i do remember the looks i got when i went up to the Astra game last november, i drove over the “friendship bridge” from Bulgaria to Romania driving a turk registered motor and there was no friendship smiles to be seen anywhere !!!

  11. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Anyone else get that Car advert coming up from bottom of screen from time to time? So bloody annoying as sometimes it takes ages to get rid of.



    BTW there is a collection this sat for the Celtic Foundation so start putting all that spare change to one side and get it in those buckets, some great charities being supported.

  12. I think the jinky one looks slightly odd because jinky was a man child. he looked a bit odd in reality because he was so small

  13. “Hugh was a very decent guy who believed in doing things properly. I’ll maintain this to my dying day – if Hugh Adam, and not David Murray, had been running Rangers, the club would never have ended up in the grubber.””



    “grubber” McMurdo speak, for Liquidation por cierto :)

  14. glendalystonsils on




    if Hugh Adam, and not David Murray, had been running Rangers, the club would never have ended up in the grubber.””



    McMurdo may well have been right. Without the Murray driven cheating they would have been the second most successful club in Scotland by a distance but at least they would have survived.


    They would still be leprous plague on Scottish society though, and an affront to decency.:))

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Ronny Deila is confident that James Forrest will be the next player at the club to sign a contract extension.



    Leigh Griffiths has been teed up for a contract extension by the Parkhead side but Deila is also keen to secure Forrest on a longer deal.



    Deila has revealed that talks have taken place which are agreeable to both parties and it is expected that a new deal for the 24-year-old is imminent.



    “Peter [Lawwell] is on top of these things all the time and he knows what is going on,” said Deila. “He has the right experience for these matters.



    “James is definitely the next that we would like to get in and sign a new contract and get it out of the way. James and I speak all the time and we would be hopeful that he will agree new terms to stay because he is another important player for us.



    “We have started to see the form he is capable of this season and when he is fit and pain free he is a great talent. We would love to get him signed up. Hopefully that will happen. He is happy here and we are happy with him.



    “He wants to stay and we want him here so it should not be a problem. He can be a big player for Celtic because he is very talented. We just need to keep him fit and injury free.”



    Promoted stories



    Recommended by


    Forrest himself had stated a few weeks back that he would be agreeable to a new deal.



    “I want to stay at Celtic,” he said. “Everything you do every day is enjoyable and I want to stay here. A lot of the boys feel the same because it’s such a big club.



    “I think I have a year and two months left and I am pretty confident it can be sorted. As I say, it’s a big club and you don’t get much better than the European nights here.



    “In the last year I’ve kicked on and I want to keep doing that. I really want to play more games and enjoy these massive games in Europe. I love them with Celtic and hopefully with Scotland as well. I just want to keep going.”



    Griffiths is expected to also sign up for the long term with the club and Deila believes the new deal has been well earned by the striker.



    “That is very good news that he is ready to give his future here,” said the Celtic manager. “He has been unbelievable for us and he is a guy who scores every week – but he still has the potential to get even better.



    “We are delighted that it looks as though he is ready to sign a longer deal here with us because he has been so important. He has shown that he is strong enough to play at this club and it is great news that he is ready to commit his future here.”

  16. glendalystonsils on

    Coolmore Mafia



    You’re right. The real Jinky looked more odd than the statue:))



    There’s many a defender who rues the day he scoffed at Jinky’s apearance though!

  17. mike in toronto on

    timaloy … interesting. A bit surprised to hear that, based on my limited viewings of them. I wouldn’t have thought them top of the table in that respect, but am surprised to hear they are at the bottom.



    A few of their players (Marez? and a few others whose names escape me at the moment) looked really good anytime I have seen them.

  18. mike in toronto on

    re: Leicester …. seems churlish to criticize him when he has his team at the top of the league….. but I have always wondered how and why Ranieri keeps getting jobs with big teams …. as far as I can recall, he has never won a league as a manager in 30 years … and lasts about a season or two before quitting or getting fired …. but has been repeatedly hired by some big clubs. dont get it.

  19. YogiHughes on 15th December 2015 12:58 pm



    King Billy played in a 2-3-5 formation – that’s how we managed to attack so well!



    I don’t think so. To me, it was more 4-2-4 with John Clark as ‘sweeper’, Auld and Murdoch in mid-field and the full backs as auxiliary wingers when required.

  20. BURGAS HOOPS on 15TH DECEMBER 2015 3:31 PM


    CORKCELT on 15TH DECEMBER 2015 3:23 PM









    I think every now & then we should have a nostalgia night, when ghuys who were there could regale us with on the spot memoirs of famous Celtic nights.


    One of the best was the night Johansen missed the penalty.


    The Jungle was quite literally jumping.




    – See more at:

  21. CELTIC40ME on 15TH DECEMBER 2015 4:02 PM


    it is diego maradonna in naples



    Can you sling another one up……………………………………..i’m on a roll -)))

  22. Should have added to last post. What made it even better was Bobby Lennox scoring in eternity that MIB Wharton added on to try and save their skins.

  23. CELTIC40ME on 15TH DECEMBER 2015 4:04 PM


    Burgas Hoops on 15th December 2015 3:31 pm





    was it a vauxhall by any chance?




    Opel -))) nae such thing as a Vauxhall ootside brit land mate.

  24. mike in toronto,



    It’s not really a criticism that they don’t have a great deal of possession or successful passes.



    They look to counter quickly and have plenty of pace. Vardy doesn’t want to come short for the ball, give him it over the top or down the channel and he will get to it. Mahrez wants to take people on, cut inside and score.



    Effectively, they are where they are because they take risks and play to their strengths. Counter-attacking football can be invigorating.



    Shame Celtic could never play that way domestically. Even when we are ahead, the opposition sits back and hopes to knick one (generally)

  25. Talking of great memories of Celtic, 2 games against the deid team come to mind immediately. One was a league cup tie about 67/68 when we scored 3 goals in the last 10 minutes (everyone a beauty) after they missed a penalty. The other was the New Year’s Day 5-1 in 66, when we scored all 5 into the Celtic End in the second half. We couldn’t see the other end because of the fog.



    Brilliant atmosphere at both games. I was in the Hayshed for the first and the Celtic End(one of my very few times) for the other.