Beating Newco the only language they understand


After humiliation upon humiliation, Newco reduced Celtic’s ticket allocation at Ibrox from 7,000 to 700 tickets.  Prisoners to their own fans, their board took action, knowing Celtic would reciprocate.  Celtic issued a notice at the time saying they would rather not play silly buggers (I think that’s how they put it), but Newco boxed themselves into a corner (a bit like their idea of visiting fans), their allocation for Celtic Park was also reduced.

A new era and a new season, both clubs seemed keen to revert to 7,000 visiting fans but Newco were worried that come 2 January, a winter wave could be in play, reducing or eliminating fans altogether when the teams meet at Celtic Park.  Unable to face their fans having permitted 7,000 Celtic fans at Ibrox in September if the same number of Newco fans were not able to cross the city in January, they capitulated.

The only lesson they actually learn is being well beaten by Celtic, no matter who is watching or refereeing.  Attempting to communicate with them in any other way is pointless, they will learn nothing and I include financial responsibility in that.  Get back to scoring five against them as a matter of course, they understand that message clearly enough.

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  1. Happy Wednesday eve all!



    Is Glasgow a bit mental right now? It’s funny hearing ‘Glasgow’ on all the news stations over here. Saw the Charlie Nick pish CONNAIRE12



    Who’s on pens?

  2. What POTUS yesterday in his address to the COP26 “here in Glas-Gow” as in cow, Jesus wept, surely one of his staff should have kept him right. If they can’t do that, what else are they making a balls of? Makes you wonder! por cierto

  3. CONEYBHOY on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 12:00 PM


    CORKCELT on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 11:01 AM


    Anybody wonder why did that Livi guy give Kyogo a slap on the back of his head.


    Didn’t see Kyogo do anything and it was hardly something he said.




    Kyogo gave him a wee push. Big overreaction from the CH and also from Kyogo subsequently.



    Reminded me of the fan who ruffled the Milan keeper’s hair.



    Letter of the law it is a red card when you raise your hands, however, a Villa player forearmed a WH player at the weekend and also grabbed his collar in the same move – no red card



    England seems to have moved to allowing a lot more physicality this season but i was shocked at that one

  4. Re moving Celtic out of Glasgow



    As far i can see, there has always been a high percentage of fans who walk, get a bus or the low level trains to get to the game. Those who drive have always struggled to park near the stadium and it is getting harder.



    If you move out to Lanarkshire then the ‘walkers’ are eliminated, driving is encouraged and those who like to socialise before and after the game are inconvenienced as they now have to get a train or tram out of the city.



    Doesn’t sound environmentally progressive, would suit drivers/elderly/families only.



    Most people from towns within 20 odd miles of Glasgow can train or bus to the city and walk to the ground currently. The car use should be less than it is.



    The issue I have always seen is getting out of Celtic park. Hardly any buses (which get stuck in traffic due to lack of bus lanes/too many cars), no taxis, massive queues at Bellgrove, Dalmarnock.



    From a selfish personal view the egress has been a problem the last few years as i have been going with my elderly dad. He gets train from Ayrshire, meet for a pint and taxi to the ground. The walk back is out of bounds for him now. I fly in from Dublin so would now have to go to Ayrshire, drive him up early in his car to park, take him home, have to stay overnight etc.



    In summary; i think we stay and campaign for better trains/trams/taxis and block roads off in town for cars unless you have an elderly/disabled/child on board

  5. We have not beat them for 2 years so any kind of win at NY (or LC final?) would be a brilliant lift

  6. AIPPLE on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 11:52 AM



    I agree, seems weird to hear all the Glasgouw (not a typo) references, after so many years living here where the news cover is myopic and US centric.

  7. Sevco were desperate for cash, and sold STs for the Broomloan Rd stand ,paid in full up front, which started this nonsense.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Get back to scoring five against them as a matter of course”




    Maybe not too often. Don’t want to pull too far ahead of them again and risk the old firm rivalry…..

  9. TEXASTIM on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 12:22 PM



    Was just chatting to a few of the managers at work about it and they had no idea the conference was going on.



    Oh well.

  10. Coneybhoy


    Maybe if there was a level of coordination on supporters buses exiting after games, more would be inclined to use them.


    Our supporters bus parks in the Emirates bus park


    At end of games trying to exit, there is now a free for all, buses jamming up at exit gate


    Stewards used to control by lane for exit,no longer stewards there


    Then the Polis direct you to the right only, down towards Shawfield, for buses to pick up the motorway network


    This will take around 30-45 minutes sitting in queues of buses, polluting the environment, whilst stuck in the traffic



    Control buses out in convoy, ( both bus parks) to the motorway links and clear the roads in about 15 mins


    Would drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the city


    Oh, and get most of us home about 20-30 mins earlier



    I believe Police Scotland wanted paid even more to have their Polis clear the traffic lights and control traffic after games.


    Celtic stopped paying for this several years ago


    Based on hourly rate we have to pay for the Polis, I agree with Celtic


    Let Glasgow council show commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, in the city


    There’s a starter for them

  11. AIPPLE on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 12:37 PM



    Ha! The upside is if we are watching a game on delay and don’t know the score yet.



    No chance of someone saying “what about them Celtic(s), what a game eh?”



    Of course it’s all Astros in Houston just now – I hope they win for the city, bit I draw the line at watching baseball for more than 5 minutes…




    I hear you. Mondays in the office after a bad game not like heading in to the office in Glesgae.



    Dipped in to a few of the WS games. Tonight is Game 6?

  13. NORRIEM on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 12:39 PM




    that’s really interesting and, as you say, a quick win if the accountability was clear. The new Commonwealth road was supposed to help!

  14. I have a Hun mate,good guy ,who twice gave me and my Mrs,his,and his sons season tickets to go to the games at Ibrox.The Murray ban,and the Macari manager game.He has long since given up going,as he always had to leave with 30 minutes to go,or else he would not get back to Fife until 9.30 pm.Leaving Ibrox has massive problems as well.


    Inner City grounds are a throwback to the 50s of the last century.It will only get worse.No amount of extra trains,buses will ease the jams.More housing,more people,more cars.If the Hammers,Spurs,City,etc,can re-locate,why can’t we.

  15. FANADPATRIOT on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 10:44 AM


    All fans I talk to are sick of this Celtic board of directors .Some support the Green Brigade others think they should protest differently.



    Well here is something different,if you really want to embarrass this board .



    Bhoycott the New Years game against the scum,that would really create a world interest.




    I would love to see this happen, it should have happened the first time Sevco came to Celtic Park.


    Our board need to be told, in no uncertain terms that we have ………




    Nothing in common with them


    We do not need them


    There is no Old Firm


    Rangers died in 2012

  16. Coney Bhoy …………



    Regarding the letter of the law in relation to Saturday’s red card for the Livvy defender, the correct decision was taken as he had raised his hand to an opponent.



    However, a couple of weeks ago at Ibrox, a Sevco player raised his hands to an opponent and grabbed him by the throat.



    No Red Card, and no surprise either.



    And a media silence.

  17. Seems Stevie Clarke,thinks Patterson,and O’Donnell are better RBs than Tony Ralston,at the moment.


    One can’t get a game for his club and the other has never been that good.


    Very strange choices.

  18. Turkeybhoy – I’m not sure I agree. The environs around our stadia in Glasgow were far more densely populated in years gone by. I think better public transport to existing stadia is the answer. Relocating only moves the problem. The best motorway system on the planet does not accommodate a sudden influx of 60k people. A walk to celtic Park on matchday would indicate that alot of folks are still walking from the town and probably using the existing infrastructure of trains and buses, imperfect as they are. Moving that to an out of urban setting without those links would do little to make transport any better. I might be wrong about the examples you cite but I think they are still in built up urban environments?



    I’m in favour of sevco moving though. I would suggest the North channel. We could see if sh1t really does float.




    !!BADA BING!! on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 10:02 PM



    So you agree that “Rangers” were demoted and were treated harshly?



    Facts are facts no matter whether the person has had tea with the Pope or not….



    One night in Lisbon


    I think you are misinterpreting Bada.his dissent is to the blogger James forest, not whether the cheating hun got demoted/other squinty language/shatoot etc.



    Just seen your answer and I am interested in those posters who you suggest ‘move on’ but alas you don’t name them(normally) which is why I answered




  20. I always took it as a given that we would return whatever the huns did – they cut away support down to 700, we follow.



    They ban away supporters, we ban away supporters. Talk of doing anything except matching them was a nonsense.



    It’ll be interesting to see if the huns make an effort to build bridges come the next derby at Ibrox. I suspect they’ll stick to an away support ban, because, well because they’re huns.

  21. I would be loathe to leave Celtic park , although it is getting worse travelling from West Lothian.



    My journey back to West Lothian is 40 minutes longer than it was back in 1995.


    Most of that time is now spent trying to get out on to London Road from close to the old Parkhead Fire Station…..hundreds of cars stationary, with engines running.


    The recently added cycle lane makes things even worse .



    I think a possible solution to parking , pollution , congestion and time wasted, would be out of town car parks close to motorway links with free shuttle buses bringing fans to the stadium.



    These could be used every week by Celtic and the Zombies, international games, concerts at the various venues etc.


    Could also be used for commuters Mon Friday.


    Then you could have real priority bus lanes .






    Small note : Spurs relocated about 50 yards from their original site.




    The Onlooker

  22. MORAVCIK on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 1:16 PM




    they probably ruled no red card as the ball was not in play OR because the love the Sevco!

  23. Paul 67



    Not quite, the story.



    When the fixture disappeared in 2012 both at Poundland and Parkhead that should have been the end.



    Rangers died so did the fixture when the new club rolled up they got the same treatment as a mearly ‘demoted club’



    Old Firmism at its very worst and a missed opportunity by silent Celtic.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    AN TEARMANN on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 1:34 PM



    Any Celtic supporter who denies they were liquidated in 2012 and that the club playing out of Ibrox is a new entity is basically saying “”move on”.

  25. TURKEYBHOY on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 1:25 PM


    Seems Stevie Clarke,thinks Patterson,and O’Donnell are better RBs than Tony Ralston,at the moment.


    One can’t get a game for his club and the other has never been that good.


    Very strange choices.




    I sort of watched the first half of the M’well game while DIYing. The thing that stood out to me (apart from the space TavPen had) was how slow O’Donnell was and also his lack of back post ability in the air. Same as some of his Scotland performances (he has had some great ones too). Was not surprised he got sent off. I think it is too early for Ralston to get brought in though; Patterson is highly thought of through the Scotland underage and U21s and has already broke in so Ralston may have to look at getting a shout for the WC squad if we make it; at the expense of O’Donnell.

  26. The bhoys her in Ireland always have a laugh at people getting home 20 minutes later due to heavy traffic, oh to have it so good! Joking aside while the people have moved out of the environs of Celtic Park and the infrastructure has improved it really is for the most part down to proper traffic management; as others have said, blocked junctions/exits etc. No idea why Celtic should pay for traffic control surely that’s a function of the Police regardless of the reason etc.?


    Nothing worse than running out at full time, running down the stairs, out through the crowds, looking for your coach, waiting for stragglers (there’s always one!) and then moving an inch every minute to get on to the motorway. Tearing down the shocking road to Cairnryan and praying that you have not missed the ferry, or you’ll have to wait another 2 or 3 hours in sunny Cairnryan! Last European match one of our coaches missed the ferry and had to wait for the next one, ouch!

  27. MCPHAIL BHOY on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 2:09 PM



    That’s it there in a nutshell, no forward planning at Celtic PLC for their paying customers. Surely a separate car park for those travelling overseas should be available, especially for midweek games, and the right to go first and avoid all the quese, every little helps, por cierto.



    #Tesco CFC

  28. The cycle lanes outside CP,and along London Rd towards motorway links,are a shambles, and don’t help the current situation.

  29. !!BADA BING!! on 2ND NOVEMBER 2021 2:13 PM



    But that’s the point of them BADA, they’re not there to help motorists, green is best, as they say, por cierto.

  30. PC- a simple but effective solution right there,shouldn’t be that difficult to implement……you would think…

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