Beaton threshold on kicking, stamping and the rest


We deservedly lost at Ibrox on Saturday, so it would have been inappropriate to apportion any responsibility towards referee John Beaton, for the free reign Newco player Alfredo Morelos had to kick Scott Brown, stamp on Anthony Ralston and assault the genitals of Ryan Christie during the game.

These things occasionally happen in football (although seldom in such quantities) and are picked up by the SFA review process.  What is exceptional about these circumstances is that the review process is unable to act as the referee claims to have witnessed each incident and determined no action was worthy of a caution or more.

Beaton will have mitigated his decisions with some or other explanation, perhaps with “It wasn’t that bad a stamp” type comment.  This is how the process works.  The system is rightly designed to protect referees and allow them latitude to make decisions, including the occasional mistake.

It is not always easy to view common assault for what it is, in fact, it is easy to get carried away with an occasion and raise your threshold for such matters.  It is only human to be affected this way.  But this is bad refereeing.

Beaton could have taken the easy route out and claimed he missed one or more of the incidents, each was off the ball, after all.  That would have allowed the review panel to dispassionately decide if such attacks are to be prohibited, or encouraged, in our game.  Instead, he affirmed that in his view, there was nothing in Morelos behaviour worthy of a caution.

I have no idea what Dedryck Boyata said to earn his red card from John Beaton against St Johnstone earlier this season but I defended the referee’s decision that day.  You have to trust match officials to competently carry out their duties.  Do I still trust John Beaton’s views on kicking players, stamping, genital punching and the like?  No.  His views and significantly out of line with mine.

I don’t see a conspiracy in what happened this week, just a referee who was not up to the job.  A good referee would have cautioned Morelos for the first incident (kick on Brown).  This may have prevented the more serious attacks on Ralston and Christie, but the Newco player was not even spoken to after any of the incidents.

These are not easy games to officiate but this was not a game full of controversy or incident, only one player and one referee lost the plot.


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  1. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    Can’t argue with that.



    I sincerely hope BR does not leave but I think he will.



    On his signings, I agree that we have not found the bargains that Lennon was able to (although Lennon did purchase quite a few players in the £2m range), but I don’t know how much we can really expect when often our transfer fees are £1m. A lot of signings have been bought to make up numbers seemingly.



    I think Congerton should be shown the door and Lawwell too, but I would only expect the former to leave this summer.



    It will be quite a feat for Lawwell if four very successful managers for the club: MON, Strachan, Lennon and BR all leave the club without heading to another job; I can’t think of a comparable situation for any other club.

  2. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    If Beaton gets demoted (I know) the headline should be Saving Ryan’s Privates.

  3. Has there been a definite timescale for when Beaton received his texts? Was it just after the game while having a quiet pint in his local, or about 10 minutes after Celtic’s bombshell statement?

  4. Team of signings who I thought would be good for Celtic but weren’t –



    Hedman, Gillespie,Henchoz, Lee Martin, Slater, Juninho, Gravesen, Ljungberg, Juarez, Martin Hayes, Ian Wright.



    Loads more – I’ve probably forgotten a few.

  5. CHAIRBHOY on 6TH JANUARY 2019 2:22 PM


    CELTIC40ME @ 1:41 PM,




    Well as I’m not an accountant I tend to go with Paul67s leaders as to our fiscal policy. Of course insight by fholk like TBB and BRT&H are also illuminating but these insights are few and far between these days and things move on.



    I am an accountant, at least a trainee but that’s by the by. You’ve misunderstood Paul’s articles if you think he has said we aim to break even without euro revenue and a profit on player sales.

  6. FAN-A-TIC on 6TH JANUARY 2019 4:22 PM







    The Beaton saga threatens huge financial consequences for spl teams.




    Will they be forced to build panic rooms and a tunnel to allow him to magically appear at the centre circle?




    Also the manufacturing of a bullet proof refs outfit and police snipers on roof won’t come cheap.






    Brilliant. ?



    Can’t wait to read the book.



    HH. ?

  7. If Beaton’s “work” phone is in the hands of plod. It could be beneficial for a Celtic minded (I know) officer to have a wee squint at his emails and texts between him and his “work colleagues”


    Probably nothing except boring meetings and enquiries about the age of his elderly relatives

  8. FFS, we’re only 6 days into the transfer window and it looks like we have another 3 on board but it’s the end of the world as we know it (REMQN) and Brendan is for the off. I seem to remember reading this guff at the last transfer window.


    Our priority is holding on to our league championship and we have the players who are good enough to do that without any additions, just need BR to stop tinkering. We need a couple of extra strikers ✅ and the defence needs some backup. If Catman and Lennybhoy say these deals have been done then that’s good enough for me.


    Year in, year out twice a year it is the same woe is me, the end of the world is nigh on this blog during the transfer window period. Let me see 7 domestic trophies played for 7 domestic trophies won – there’s yer tea.



    Sure I’d like to see the cash splashed but we need to cut our cloth to suit. What was the quote the other night for Koulibally €120 million? Obscene is not the word for it. We could maybe have made a bid for that Bluefin Tuna that went for £2.5 million in Japan the other day – a bit of a diver mind you ?






  9. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    SOUTHSIDE on 6TH JANUARY 2019 4:51 PM



    The whole think stinks.



    Started by a tip-off to the Press Associaton who put out an unattributed, unchecked snap and covered themselves by a sprinkling of “It is understood”s and “it is believed”s.



    I’ve dealt with PA for more than 30 years and I know how they work. They aren’t doing anything wrong; what they are saying to their subscribers in the press is ‘We’ve heard this, we’re not guaranteeing the truth of it, we’re passing it on and you can verify/prove/disprove it.’



    The first reaction in any newsroom must be: “Is this true? Get copies of the texts. What did they actually say?”.



    Obviously this hasn’t happened in Scotland. I wonder why.



    Very strange indeed that a man photographed drinking, grinning and posing for selfies in a Sevco pub hours after ignoring four straight red-card offences by a Sevco player, on the same night that he was allegedly the subject of these abusive texts, becomes a traumatised victim a full five days after allegedly receiving them.



    And about five minutes after Celtic issued a measured and reasonable statement asking him to explain his actions.



    Celtic can’t let this go.




    We won’t know until summer if the unhidden emotions of Brendan in summer of 2018 were repaired, depending of course on what wonderful new opportunities better than Celtic, he gets?



    Cynics and The Daily Record will always say he’ll go, he just got on with the job including winning the only winnable trophy in the BetFred.



    I’m one of the fortunate Celtic supporters that let whoever it is, get on with the job, and don’t share personal distrusts whether its Peter Lawwell Brian Quinn before him, or Bob Kelly, its just the Celtic budget to me, nobody is getting ripped off unless of course it’s the Rainjurz Bond holders with their seats for life?



    Celtic managers will come and go when they fall out about ‘the budget’ and three years is a long time for a modern Celtic manager, I hope Brendan bucks the trend.

  11. We now allegedly have a manager with one eye on his exit door,



    Allegedly.. BY WHO ? .but lets say he is. Had this in June/July/August….get real.






    HH & no fightin



    Until another time……







    Someone should tell that Brendan to reign yon eye in and focus both on the playing field.


    Who does he think he is?


    Dave king?

  13. Once again there’s talk of banning certain publications which I thoroughly agree with, as for the concern over them writing bad press if we do, they’re doing it anyway.



    The first one I would ban though is the lindsey graham clone chirpy chirp cheep cheep dung. The former was anti trumpet until his good friend John McCain died and then he was right up tangerines heids erse..



    So called friend of Lenny and buddies supporter was the creep that stood at the airport advising the pork and cheese refs tae return during the strike.



    This is the same weasel that stood there when naesurname humiliated him. Any other decent man would have gubbed him, cameras on or no.

  14. I think it is well k ow where the lad Mailer of the SFA allegiance lies. He worked at Hibs but I think he would have been far happier if they hadn’t achieved their historic Cup final win.



    Re SKY and cancelling subscriptions. I would be all for this. Despite loving the cricket and the NFL and the Basketball I have had enough of their blatant pro gun agenda led from the top. Cancelled from tomorrow !



    Re the BBC online. Please can everyone write to the BBC to complain about the outrageous agenda driven by their sports editor Richard Wilson since April / May when he was appointed. A seriously dangerous editor now that he has the power. For me the fact that the only stories re the King tax and other financials have been reported via the Scottish business section speak volumes. This needs to be highlighted. His Gerard agenda will have generated massive clicks and if it was a commercial entity he would be hard to reign in. The BBC is not and so it must be highlighted.



    As for those advocating we empty the stadium and hand it all over to them. Go and fester your bitterness somewhere else. The Celtic cause needs support to win this battle not malcontent sad folk with fond memories of being shafted by establishment and the whites and Kelly’s in tandem standing in the jungle.



    The prize is massive 8 will soon see us well beyond 10. King has his £11m challenge due to resolve any week now and Morelos departure might just reset some equilibrium amongst the hordes of Govan.



    Encouraging signs this window so far but a long way to go for us all to be feeling good. The spirit of 79 or 86 or 88 or 98 or 2008 ( my fav league wins out of 29 in my lifetime ) is what we need now with club, fans, team and management fully aligned.

  15. lets all do the huddle ? on

    bbc commentator just said



    “for the newly formed Newport County surely the greatest result in their relatively short history”



    i wonder if there’s an equivalent scenario in Scotland that a BBC commentator would state facts so openly ?

  16. Cue Duffield standing outside Hampden tomorrow, live on Sky,pedalling all sorts of Level 5 propaganda

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on



    I tend to agree with most of your posts – I box posters into categories – you are in the “sensible and wise” box


    Personally I am more of a “Happy Clapper” I prefer a positive spin on stuff – although my confidence was rocked last August


    As an example Burke – why only six months ??


    I think we have lined up Patrick Roberts but cannot get him til the summer


    so in the meantime !!!!!!!


    I know – optimistic to say the least



    But the reason for my thinking – I cannot believe that PL DD or even BR will gamble with this years league



    Given that they look to have signed 4 players who will go straight into their team – they think they have a chance – they are up for it



    I cannot believe we will simply sit on our hands – or will we



    August was a disaster


    If January is also a disaster – there is something seriously wrong with our football club



    PL has been know to f–k up before !!




  18. Burnley78


    What battle are the club in ?


    They have made a nondescript statement about a bent referee, woopy do, it will only matter if they follow it up, which they won’t.


    If they had any balls whatsoever they would follow through with the silver bullets supplied to them by the Res 12 boys.


    Celtic don’t want a battle, they only want your money.

  19. Lets all do the huddle


    Newport County Association Football Club is a professional football club in Newport, South Wales, which plays in League Two, the fourth tier of English football. They reformed in 1989, as a continuation of the Newport County club formed in 1912, and were founder members of the Third Division in 1920. 




    TONTINE TIM on 6TH JANUARY 2019 6:07 PM



    CHICK YOUNG .. please please………is there a prize.

  21. Anyone ever heard of this Union ???


    From Dickie Wilsons BBC


    Referee union wants action over ‘crisis’ after alleged threats against John Beaton


    John Beaton was escorted to his match on Saturday by police


    The abuse of referees in Scotland has reached “crisis point”, says a union representing match officials.


    Prospect wants an “urgent meeting” with the Scottish FA after becoming concerned about its members.



    Referee John Beaton was given a police escort into Ayr United’s Somerset Park on Saturday after allegedly receiving threatening messages.


    Beaton was criticised after Alfredo Morelos was not punished for incidents in Rangers’ recent win over Celtic.


    Assistant referee Calum Spence was struck by a coin in September and Prospect wants action to “deter” such incidents.


    “Our members are fully aware that criticism and commentary are part and parcel of the roles they carry out,” the multi-industry union said in a statement. “We are aware that it will always be difficult to prevent a tiny minority of individuals from engaging in appalling behaviour.


    “However, all professional football organisations have a responsibility to lead by example and to do everything possible to deter behaviours that affect the health and safety of officials.


    “One of our members this evening [Saturday] described the current situation as the worst atmosphere and environment he has seen for over a decade.”


    Referee Beaton given police escort


    Celtic call on referee Beaton to be allowed to explain Old Firm decisions


    Earlier on Saturday, SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell spoke of his “deep dismay” that Beaton and his family had become the target of threats.


    Police inquiries are “ongoing” after a complaint was made “regarding texts and calls received by a 36-year-old man”.


    On Friday, Scottish champions Celtic said Beaton should be allowed to explain his decisions publicly after no retrospective action was taken when the SFA reviewed incidents in which Morelos appeared to make contact off the ball with Celtic’s Scott Brown, Anthony Ralston and Ryan Christie.


    Celtic also want a meeting with Maxwell and the SFA said it would be happy to meet with clubs to discuss concerns.


    “Clearly all associations and clubs condemn appalling behaviours of a tiny minority, but they cannot afford to be passive bystanders when it comes to addressing the culture of personalised and aggressive criticism of those officiating at the top level of Scottish football,” Prospect added in their statement.

  22. Hadn’t realise it was that dick, wilson who edited iShortie pages. That would explain a lot.


    That most dour but diligent hun resolutely on The Journey and probably an autograph collector for his beluv’d rainjurz,

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